Tonight’s Show: “You are not welcome here”

Tonight I speak to Wolfgang and Randy as they explain what happened to them the night they went camping. Here is a small portion of what Wolfgang wrote: “That’s when it happened. I heard the most blood curdling scream (or shrill) I have ever heard, to this day. It sounded unnatural. This “scream” will never… Read more »

Sundays Show: Dark Waters

YouTuber Dark Waters will be joining me. You can find his channel here, I highly recommend subscribing to his channel. We spoke last night and he was sharing some terrifying Sasquatch and Dogman encounters he has been investigating. Get ready for a night full of encounter stories! DW will be sharing some encounters that are… Read more »

Very up close encounter

Duke writes “Join World Bigfoot Radio as we talk with our guest who has had a Dogman encounter along with a very up and close encounter with a sasquatch!”  

The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man

I have spoken with Lyle in the past and he is a really nice guy and great author. Bill Brock interviews Lyle and Lyle explains The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man research that he has done. Bill writes “Team Rogues Bill Brock Interviews Lyle Blackburn about his books also his role in Cryptozoology…. Read more »

Sometimes you need to unplug!

I am working on some behind the scenes for you guys of the actual show, this is just B reel footage I shot, having fun and getting away from the computer. I am working on my video editing skills or lack of because I want to do more video interviews with people. Hope you guys… Read more »

Sasquatch around the property

I just spoke to a witness who lives in West Virginia and she said that she has been hearing strange sounds at night and dark shadows in her windows. The witness has also been finding large tracks around her property.The witness was unsure of what to make of this and decided it was best to… Read more »

Watch: Dogman of Bayou Sauvage Lousiana

YouTuber Dark Waters writes “True Horror Story| Dogman of Bayou Sauvage is a story submitted to me by a man I will call Mr. White. We met at a local cigar bar and he shared his story with me. Mr. White is a former Army Ranger. However while sharing this story with me he as… Read more »

Interesting traffic stop

A listener writes “First and foremost I can not have my name associated with this, do to my job. I work in —–Removed—— as a Law Enforcement Officer. I have been listening to your show since last year. I had never really put too much thought into the bigfoot/sasquatch thing, since listening to your show… Read more »

Friday Night’s Show: You are not welcome here

I will be inviting Randy and Wolfgang to the show, Wolfgang writes “It was late August 1991 in a small town called East Canton in Northeast Ohio. I don’t have an exact date. That never seemed very important to me at the time.  I know it was during that month. I grew up in East… Read more »

The creature made a series of long hissing type sounds

I found this report interesting, I just had a witness on a few shows back and he was describing this same type of sound. The report is as follows: “This was a long time ago. In the summer of 1972 in Washington State. My cousin and I were spending a weekend fishing on the South… Read more »

Strange encounters reported

Most of these reports date back many years and yet they are consistent with reports I get today. People are seeing something but what type creature is this?   WISCONSIN SIGHTING Mark Schackelman was driving east of highway 18 near Jefferson, in southeastern Wisconsin on an evening in 1936 when he saw a figure digging… Read more »

Watch: 10 Mythical creatures that could exist

Via the bigfootevidence, Dragons and unicorns mythical creatures that have been reportedly sighted all throughout humanity’s history! But, is there ever any truth behind these legends? In today’s video we’re going to be counting down a list of the Top 10 Mythical Creatures that may actually be real.  

Has the Spottsville monster returned?

A listener sent this to me and said that Barton Nunnelly is looking into this: “One week ago on the morning of Monday, April 11, 2016, something paid a visit to the henhouses of two neighboring farms in Spottsville, KY, just a stone’s throw away from where my family lived back in 1975. Whatever it… Read more »

The head was entirely canine in appearance

I am posting this in hopes that the listener who sent it to me will contact me back. I tried to respond to his email and I received a “return to sender error.” I removed the first portion of his email as he did not want to be identified. I agree with the listener there… Read more »

Sasquatch walks across road near major forest fire

Via, in July 2002 a friend and I were driving from Vancouver, WA, to Eureka, CA, at about 11.45 pm late in July of 2002. We were lucky enough that the road opened on the same day we planned to travel as it had been closed much of the week before because of the… Read more »

1944 Two large sasquatches fighting over a deer carcass

Rummaging around in old files, I found this one unusual report about “fighting” from a man by the name of George Brusseau who claimed his grandfather Elliott told him about an encounter with two sasquatch due west of Nighthawk, Washington off what is now Log Camp Road, (or near there) …this was during the war,… Read more »