May 19

Rat and Cat: The Best Survival Stories Of April 2020

Rat and Cat writes “Hi, I’m Nikia. Here on Rat and Cat, we search for people who have gone missing, learn how to survive and explore boldly. Here’s how it started: When I heard people in my own county had gone missing in the wilderness without a trace, I decided to look for some of them. What might have went wrong. What was their blind side?

What could others do to avoid a similar fate?”

In this video:

• Mom saves son from cougar attack in Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island
• Young man gets lost trying to sneak cross the border into Spain
• Two men attacked while picking fruit near Siem, Pang Cambodia
• Man fights of grizzly in Dupuyer Montana
• Two men get lost in the Mee Canyon area; one survives
• Florida man gets attack by an alligator in canal


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  1. Jon C

    This man is dedicated to sharing safety tips and so much more. Check out his videos related to the Big Lava Bed missing persons cases. Rugged lava landscape in Gifford Pinchot National Forest …this is between Mt St Helens & Mt Adams.

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