SC EP:117 Christmas tree farm sighting

The show is up for members in the podcast section. Tonight I will be speaking to researcher, Tim Sermons from Texas who will be giving us an update on a recent encounter they experienced while out setting up audio recorders in the woods. Tim also will be sharing some audio that he has captured. Tim… Read more »

Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

I enjoyed having researcher, Randy Savig on the show. Every year the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, puts on the Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium. Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium – Oct 03, 2015 to Oct 04, 2015 Here is a description for all of you in Oklahoma: Explore the lure surrounding one of Oklahoma’s most mysterious creatures at the… Read more »

Sasquatch Sounds from Texas

I spoke to one of our favorite researchers in Texas Tim Sermons this morning. He will be giving us an update on the show. He told me their website is back up and running. The website is If you get a chance check it out. On the show Tim will be giving us context… Read more »

Years of South Florida Skunk Ape stories

Reports of the skunk ape were particularly common in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1974, sightings of a large, foul-smelling, hairy, ape-like creature, which ran upright on two legs were reported in suburban neighborhoods of Dade County, Florida. Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell has written that some of the reports may represent sightings of the black… Read more »

Watch: Eyes In The Dark – The Sasquatch Experience

This is a documentary created by Todd Partain. In 1975, five-year-old Todd Partain is terrorized along with his family members when an unknown creature attacked their trailer on a dark Arkansas mountainside. Now as an independent film maker, he brings you the stories of others who have had…The Sasquatch Experience. In the dark, there are… Read more »

HopsSquatch is looking for local witnesses

HopsSquatch is a Bigfoot and Beer event dedicated to the latest Bigfoot news and research.Shane Corson and Gunnar Monson will be hosting the event July 19th and are looking for local witnesses to come forward and who are willing to be on camera to share their Sasquatch encounter. It always hosted at The Lucky Labrador… Read more »

Woman describes a childhood encounter outside a tent

YEAR: 1970 STATE: California COUNTY: Shasta County Witness Observed: I was on a family camping trip. There were a lot of us. I was 13 at the time and I had never heard of Bigfoot. The way our camp was laid out was that all of us girls (two sisters, their friends and a friend… Read more »

SC EP:117 Christmas tree farm sighting [Upcoming]

On Wednesday night I will speaking to a witness that had an encounter with a Sasquatch while stacking wood on a Christmas tree farm in Silverton Oregon. Years later he had what sounded like gorilla vocalizing at him in Greenwater, WA.

Bigfoot Screams Recorded From Washington 2015

These recordings were posted by youtube user ziggyfree 123. The poster says they were recorded in Greenwater, Washington on June 13, 2015. It is interesting I just spoke to another witness yesterday who had an encounter in Greenwater, WA. I will be having that witness on the show this week. Greenwater is a tiny town… Read more »

Bigfoot Spotted by Two Fishermen

This report is from I really like the work these guys are doing. Location: Ohio County, KY Date of encounter: 6-12-15 Time of encounter: 4:00 PM City: Beaver Dam Witness Observed: My fishing partner and I went fishing to a local lake in my county on the evening of Friday, June 12th, 2015 at… Read more »

Listen: 911 bigfoot call

I know all of the listeners have heard this many times especially since it is in the intro of the show. With all of the recent people contacting me saying they have “prowlers” on their property, it makes you wonder what is going on in someones mind when they call 911. This is a real… Read more »

Watch: Indiana Bigfoot Witness

Dave has been a registered nurse for 7 years and a chiropractor for 23 years, thus he is very familiar with human anatomy. The most interesting observations with this sighting were the creature’s gait, snout and ears. It walked with a bent legs, not heal to toe, with a slight bounce, leaning forward. The snout… Read more »

Natural disasters and Sasquatch

This has been on my mind with all of the recent flooding in Texas. Gary W. wrote on facebook “Trinity river in Texas is still flooding. Driving all the Bigfoot and dogmen to higher ground along with everything else!” I anticipated having people report a rash of sightings from the area. I assumed that people… Read more »

SC Forums

I am working on bringing back the SC forums, possibly this week. I am also working on getting some good moderators to overlook the forums. I like the idea of the forums being a place where people can share thoughts and ideas but I refuse to have it be a cancer on the site or… Read more »

Watch: The Hoffman Film – A closer look

I want to thank Anthony Martin for posting this in the Facebook group. The YouTuber CryptoWatch writes “I have decided to take another look at the Hoffman video. It’s one of the top videos but does it show a Bigfoot or something else?”  

Listen: Sounds From The Bennett Expedition

This is the full audio from the Bennett Expedition that Randy spoke about. The chatter I played on the show is about 9min in. Randy writes “This years Bennett Expedition was a huge success. Here are some of the unknown audio clips that were captured using the new parabolic and a dropbox. For only 40… Read more »

Listen: Grunt Comparison

This is the Grunt Comparison audio that we discussed on the show. Randy writes “Here is some audio of what appears to be the same type of critter grunting last year and again this year. With everything that has happened in the area and the available evidence I suspect it is a Sasquatch. This is… Read more »

Listen: Mimicking Does it Happen?

This is the Mimicking audio I played on the show. Randy writes “It has been discussed in the bigfoot community for years of the ability to mimic of these critters. Here is some audio that may help confirm it. Headphones are needed or good speakers as the replies are distant. The second part of this… Read more »

Listen: Missouri Scream

This is the Missouri Scream I played on the show that Randy and I discussed. Randy writes “For the last couple of years I have recorded vocals that I call the Missouri Scream. These are usually recorded with recorder setups left in the woods. Earlier this month we lucky enough to be able to hear… Read more »

Listen: Bigfoot Sounds Compilation

I will be posting Randys Audio shortly but since we are talking about Sasquatch vocalization I wanted to post some of my favorites. Bigfoot Sounds Compilation – 10 Clips 1- Mississippi Sounds. 2- Sierra Growls. 3- Puyallup, Washington Sounds 1973. 4- Snohomish County, Washington Sounds 1978. 5- Moaning Howl From Columbiana County, Ohio 1994. 6-… Read more »