Missing person Clint Walker a bigfoot hunter

From a listener – We have a missing family member who is an avid day hiker who also enjoys hunting for Bigfoot and following tips of sightings. This is a post I’ve been sending out on social media sites. If you know the sites of fellow Bigfoot hunters/hikers or hiking enthusiasts, it would be appreciated… Read more »

Photo: Baby Bigfoot In Backyard?

This photo has been making the rounds on Facebook. Apparently, it’s some kind of “monkey” or possibly a baby Bigfoot. Our question is: What’s it doing in someone’s backyard? Doesn’t make any sense. See photo below:

Watch: Neanderthal: Profile of a super predator

Danny Vendramini draws on the latest scientific evidence to show that Neanderthals ferocious ape-like creatures who hunted and raped early humans to the brink of extinction before the humans fought back and eradicated the Neanderthals. Watch The Video Below

The story of Jacko

The story of Jacko – that of a small, apelike, young Sasquatch said to have been captured alive in the 1800s – is a piece of folklore that refuses to die, despite a superb investigative article published in 1975, co-authored by John Green and Sabina W. Sanderson. The investigation into the Jacko story did not… Read more »

Vocalizations From Tuscaloosa Alabama

We don’t get many vocalizations from Alabama these days, so these vocalizations are a treat. It’s hard to tell if it’s a coyote or some other animals, but the Alabama has a pretty good idea. “One of our investigators was able to capture these Bigfoot yells on audio just a few days after our retreat,”… Read more »

Wyoming authorities warn of dangerous wildlife predator on the loose

Wyoming authorities on Thursday warned residents of a sprawling Indian reservation to be on the lookout for a dangerous predator suspected in the death of a 40-year-old woman who died after being attacked by at least one unidentified animal. The warning from Fremont County Chief Deputy Coroner Mark Stratmoen said an examination of the woman’s… Read more »

Battle in Ape Canyon with Sasquatch Chronicles

“First of all, I wish to give an account of the attack and tell of the famous incident of July, 1924, when the “Hairy Apes” attacked our cabin. We had been prospecting for six years in the Mt. St. Helens and Lewis River area in Southwest Washington. We had, from time to time, come across… Read more »

Dazed and Confused Bigfoot Crossed California Highway 101 During Fires

OCT 29, 2008   Today, The Willets news reported there was a Bigfoot sighting on Highway 101 north of Willets, near Shimmins road during the Mendocino Lightning Complex fires last summer. Willets is a small town in Northern California between the San Francisco bay area and Eureka.   According to reporter Linda Williams, Chris LaPinto… Read more »

Union County Ohio, 1980-Bigfoot Stalking Farmland?

The Telegram, July 2, 1980   Union County, Ohio-June 29, 1980     “We don’t know what is out there, but people are seeing something.  You can’t make up that many stories like this,” said Union County officials of the reported Bigfoot sightings in Union County. Residents of Logan and Union counties have been both… Read more »

Gallia County, Ohio 1869 “Hairy Man Attacks”

Fight with a wild man…   This is one of the earliest Sasquatch encounters published in a mainstream newspaper.   The city of Gallipolis is located on the Ohio River in Gallia County.  Gallipolis lies 40 miles up river from Huntington, WV, 109 miles Southeast of Columbus, OH, and 156 miles east of Cincinnatti. January… Read more »

Slipperyskin-Bear, Bigfoot, or Indian?

During the 1700’s, in the Northeast Kingdom area of Vermont, lived mostly woodsmen, trappers, hunters and fishermen and their families, mostly of the Wabanaki tribe.  It is told that it was also inhabited by Slipperyskin, a “bear” which is supposed to have caused great misery among the settlers.  He earned this name because he managed… Read more »