SC EP:176 Hunter watches Sasquatch from ridge

  I will be speaking to “D” and he writes “I was walking to my hunting spot late one afternoon and I saw a creature break a tree. This thing was wounded in the shoulder and it’s left arm hung limp. I don’t know if it was shot or hit by a car but it’s… Read more »

East Texas Sasquatch Expeditions Update

Bob Garrett will be coming on the show tonight to talk about some of the things they are planning for their East Texas Sasquatch Expeditions. You might be interested in some of things they are planning including having a commercial drone pilot on site during the expeditions. I may even make an appearance in February…. Read more »

Listen: Howls Recorded in Kentucky

The Youtuber writes “These howls were recorded in Breathitt county Kentucky on December the 12th o f 2015. They were recorded early in the morning. Of course we can not say for sure what is making the howls but it is an interesting capture”  

As soon as it stood up, something inside of me told me to run

i want to thank the listener for sending this to me. I have not gotten permission to use the listeners name so out of respect the name has been removed. “I would first like to thank you for your amazing podcast. Your podcast is seriously therapy for those who have had encounters but could never… Read more »

Fossilized Femur Suggests Ancient and Modern Humans Overlapped

I want to thank David S. for sending this to me. After reevaluating a thigh bone found in 1989, researchers suggest ancient “Red Deer Cave people” could have overlapped with modern humans. (Photo : Peter Schouten) A fossil thigh bone creates a plot twist in the story of human evolution. This partial femur — found… Read more »

“The Bigfoot Researchers Journal” Episode 1

New Bigfoot Show, “The Bigfoot Researchers Journal” Chronicles A Florida Bigfoot research team’s efforts to document Bigfoot evidence in the sunshine state. This Bigfoot show reveals real Bigfoot evidence caught on film by team See what it takes to be a real bigfoot researcher with real behind the scenes bigfoot reality tv. You’ll be… Read more »

SC EP:175 That feeling of being watched

Is now available in the Members section. How many times have you been somewhere and all of a sudden you have a feeling of being watched? Have you ever been in a situation and you feel like something is not right but you cannot put your finger on it? Why do we get tunnel vision… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: That feeling of being watched

How many times have you been somewhere and all of a sudden you have a feeling of being watched? Have you ever been in a situation and you feel like something is not right but you cannot put your finger on it? Why do we get tunnel vision in high intense situations? Have you ever… Read more »

Large log tossed into Des Moines River

I like to go to Gotch Park and watch the Eagles. I used to stand in the middle of the bridge for a cigarette before I went home from work. I had done this a few days in a row. That day I got out of my truck and felt like I shouldn’t be there…. Read more »

Oregon Man Sees Bigfoot Near Government Camp

The Bigfoot Evidence reports “Ore. — An Oregon driver says he came upon a Bigfoot creature on U.S. Route 97 in the northern part of the state. Orlando Gutierrez, a 35-year-old operator, told Cryptozoology News on Tuesday that the purported animal was standing in the middle of the road as he drove through a “government… Read more »

Upcoming show on Friday: That feeling of being watched

I have spoken to many witnesses and have experienced that feeling of being watched but what causes this? “The feeling that other people are staring at you is hard-wired into your brain, even if no one is paying you the slightest bit of attention, scientists have found.” I am sure most people have experienced this… Read more »

Huge Footprints

Bigfoot Evidence reports: “A couple were fishing in the Forks, WA area inside the Hoh Rainforest when they noticed these large tracks on the river trail. They aren’t sure what made the tracks, but they are quite large, and barefoot. They also mentioned that it was currently 38 degrees. It’s difficult to believe someone would… Read more »

The Paul Freeman Film in 1080p

I want to thank Suzanne C for posting this to the group. I think Paul filmed the creatures that day. The YouTuber writes “Paul Freeman filmed a Sasquatch in 1994 crossing a path in the Blue Mountains of Washington. This was the best film (video) since the 1967 PG film. It confirms on many points,… Read more »

Homeowner shoots a Sasquatch

  Stark County Man shoots at what he describes was a sasquatch. Investigated by Paul Hayes (The Genoskwa Project – Ohio Division) I received a report of a gentleman shooting at what he described was a sasquatch that was in his backyard. I contacted the gentleman and completed an investigation on his property located in SE Stark County… Read more »

Watch: I think i saw a skunk ape

I have posted this before but I have been getting several requests from listeners to report it so here you go: Josh Highcliff says “Here is exactly what I seen, I’m not sure what it is but can someone please tell me? Is there a person who can do video analyses or something? I got… Read more »