May 18

Man Has Family Of Sasquatch On His Property

Kelly Kleinman writes “This Bigfoot “on site” investigation is being handled by Troy Hudson, law enforcement professional of over 3 decades on both the State and Federal level. Via his organization (Native Oklahoma Bigfoot Research organization), he is fed cases by other law enforcement officers in his region of the country. The subject here is a family living on an 88 acre site that has had repeated experiences with some very secretive, hard to record creatures – likely a family of sasquatch with small juveniles as well…you be the judge.”

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    • m99

      @Mary ~ I heard that and thought Exactly the same thing! IT IS TIME for everyone to know these creatures exist. My little kids and I used to live out in the boonies backed up to the National Forest. I had absolutely NO idea these things were real, and possibly living in East Texas. OMG. I had a little dog that whimpered and cried a lot after we moved there. She was accustomed to me taking her on the leash to potty like we did in town. Once she was done, she hastened to go inside. There’ are so many nuances about Sasquatch that I see in these encounter stories. I could go on and on.

  1. Rick B

    Very interesting. I’d sure be uncomfortable with the fact these creatures were focusing on my kids. Losing the dog is bad enough, but them scoping out my little ones would be about 12 bridges too far.

  2. Christopher A

    Finally home from AFG but it was for neck surgery and still recovering. I was eager to check out the East tx hot spots. There is a big push for private land sale just past Huntsville between a national park and state park very deep wooded area. With no tower coverage, I would have to test a old sat phone out there once I heal up, but that seems a likely location for traffic and a trail found some long recon.

  3. Terrence B

    Thanks for sharing this. I find the witness and investigator to be very truthful. I believe what was said. Wish pictures were better, but I do not feel they are fabricated, and distances/conditions/time are always factors. What an interesting situation. Juvenille BF’s are known to be attracted to children, as are adults. I would be nervous about the kids. The way these beings move, they could snatch up a kid before you could do anything. Kids being “in sight” is not enough. Keep them very close to you, IMO. Please keep us updated on this situation, and please send any future video, pictures, sounds. Also good luck, and be very careful.

    Thanks Again for sharing!!!!!!!!!

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