May 19

Fossils Of Tiny Humans Found In Antarctica

The remains of what appear to be tiny humans have been found in the Whitmore mountain range in Antarctica, an area not thought to have been habited until recent times given the location’s remoteness and frigid temperatures.

The most puzzling thing about these fossils, however, is that they predate the dinosaurs, hundreds of millions of years before anything resembling hominids first appeared. The two near perfectly preserved skeletons are thought to be 600 million years old. Older than any previously discovered vertebrates. Older than any land-living organism yet discovered in the fossil record. Much older than anything even resembling a creature complex enough to be a biped.

The shape of the bones also indicates that they are human rather than primate and the completeness of the remains also suggests that they are from adults rather than infants. Whether these are some advanced civilization that visited and possibly lived on the Earth long before complex life evolved is

While the discoverer of the bones insists that they are not extraterrestrial in origin, there is a distinct lack of any other explanation given the age of the fossils. At a time in history when life was evolving in the seas, and nothing even lived on the land, let alone advanced species such as mammals, human remains are definitely out of place.

Even if such a species were native to the earth, there would have been little for them to feed on outside of very simple life forms in the seas which would have to have been collected and harvested in huge quantities. The land was completely barren and without any shelter or means of making tools or avoiding weather or extremes of heat or cold. In short, the land t that time was completely uninhabitable.

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    • Michael M

      I agree, fake. Something about the “fossil” doesn’t look right. For one, it looks too perfect and complete. It also has a flat, two-dimensional look, like it’s carved on the surface of the stone (if it’s stone – the whole thing could also be molded).

  1. Denise F

    I love a good Antarctica story. I always get the feeling that there’s so much more to the South Pole….tiny people, older than dirt? I’m not so sure about that but who knows!?

  2. paul w

    being i dont believe in evolution at all and all these fossils are actually captured in time by the flood of noahs day…ide say this is legit. it is even in a terror pose of being suddenly covered by (sediment, dirt, water) If you know your bibles it said “ALL” flesh had been corrupted how much is “all”? well ALL. So they had giants due to angels and they also were mixing animals with human dna and so i think thats where you get these tiny people. It was a real living tiny human. probably vicious too since God gave them no mercy only noah and his wife and sons and their wives were pure and righteous. If ya get a chance read the book of enoch its online for free. Goes into great detail about this corruption.. I do believe this is legit.

  3. Danial K

    “The Thing” with Kurt Russell takes place in Antarctica. For a good scream and a case of the heebie – jeebies, watch that movie on a Saturday night!

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