May 17

Something Is Happening In National Parks

Many hikers have reported that something is happening in National Parks. Today, many hikers have reported that this is happening in National Parks across the world.

Something strange was reported a while back from the Santa Fe national forest. Officials reported that mysterious wood structures were being found by hikers. What’s strange is that not only are they tall but they appeared seemingly appeared over night.

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  1. Tim R

    So many other things are happening in our National Parks as well . Many of the obvious go unreported and no records or data can be made public ? Clearly CanAm 411 does a great job trying to report accounts as best he can … It’s all about the $$$$ i was told , “ Think of the Funding and luxury jobs that would be jeopardized if the Public thought for some reason our Parks weren’t safe “ . That was a Quote from a former Senior POWERFUL , US Senator staff member . This guy worked for a Senator who’s brother was a President that was killed in Dallas Texas ( Yup that Family ) … It’s always about the money …. stay safe and vigilant ppl . God bless … Another Quote from this gentleman was “ Control the information, control the narrative …

  2. Kathy B

    I find this very interesting to see these structures. They look like they are skillfully put together. No bark is used for the shelter just the poles. The Federal people see someone working on a shelter like this they will be fined !
    This is Federal land. Then doesn’t the land belong to the people ! It was stated that the structures are a fire hazard.
    I don’t see that a structure made out of wood like the trees surrounding it is any more flammable than the trees. Even if the structure is disassembled you still have the same wood laying around there unless you remove it from the woods. I find this very unlikely.

  3. Denise F

    Concerning the stick structures, I don’t feel humans would overdo it the way the creatures would. It’s always SO many sticks layered…..even little ones.

    I’ve found hut type things that are ‘overdone’ and they have an extra area attached to it (I call a porch, lol). Usually smaller and less precise.

  4. Janetta V

    So what is unexplained about them? Any body knows that a squatch did this. A 5000. dollar for anyone caught doing this. Laughable. Why do the athorities act so dumb.

  5. acrylic sand artist

    Speculating sasquatch create those structures, if not the creature then who?
    Everything’s a guess lintel proof provided.
    It’s mystical, it’s fascinating and frightening.
    They are one hell of a fire starters!

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