May 18

Classic Sasquatch Documentary

This an older documentary about Sasquatch from the Pacific NW.  The documentary interviews wildlife experts and eyewitnesses who had encounters.



3 Responses to “Classic Sasquatch Documentary”

  1. Charles R

    Very well done film, not sure I have seen this before. Some really heavy weights in this documentary. That skookum imprint was an extraordinary find, and all because fruit was left out ( which they like ) and the Bigfoot instead of just reaching down to pick the fruit up, decided, as they often do, to go stealth to remain hidden. It surely knew this was a trick by the short people. It may have crawled up to that spot. Nice find Wes.

  2. Colleen B

    How many of these experts are still alive? It’s sad we seem to not be much farther in our knowledge of these creatures then when this was filmed. It’s too bad that those that have now passed and spent so much of there lives searching for answers , left this earth with many questions unanswered.
    And on a side note; thank you Wes for all the time ypu spend on your website. I’m laid off and would be going nuts sitting at home if it wasn’t for you and Tony! And makes my eliptical time go by faster.😁

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