May 17

SC EP:655 An Anthropologist Encounters Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to two guests. James writes “When I was younger my family would have reunions in the summer at my grand parents house and the kids would camp out in tents in the early morning hours before day light a few of us would wake up to howls in the distance not really loud but like they were far away we heard this almost every night.

When we visited our parents just played it off and teased us that it was the boogie man eventually my parents was transferred to Pennsylvania from Virginia we moved to the next county over from the one my grand parents lived we lived in a very rural area.

I made a friend that lived about a half a mile from me we met at the mom and pop store it was early summer, school was out he asked if I liked to fish and said yes so we rode our bikes to a dnr service road about a mile up the rode was a train trestle that went over a good size creek.

We explored all day, we did this for about two weeks everyday. We decided to do a weekend camping and fishing trip and go deeper into the woods to find a better place to fish. The first day was good we made camp got fire wood then started to fish things got really quiet no birds or squirrels we could here pebbles hitting the water from the ridge above where the gravel road we heard something moving around we thought it was a black bear because we have seen one earlier that week about a mile up the creek.

We started to holler go away bear and make noise to let it know we were there so we had a radio and turned it on we built a fire pit and started a fire it was getting dark so we ate about 11 pm we went to sleep we were woke up a few times that night to what we thought was a bear snooping around the camp.

What I now know as wood knocks we woke up that morning and our fire pit was wrecked and our fishing poles were scattered around but we just really didn’t think about it but later that day was going to change our lives again pebbles started falling from the ridge above the movement now was like something was pacing back in forth above us every now and then we heard a huff and rocks would land behind us in the woods we still had no clue what it was a bout an hour later this thing starts coming down the ridge like a tank through the woods about 20 yards up from us and walked right into the creek.

It looked at us growled then 2 strides to the other side and went into the woods on the other side we both was shaking all over and both peed our pants could not move then my friend hollered let’s get the the F out of here.

We ran and left everything we ran all the way to my house my parents was like what’s the matter we were white as ghosts. We told them and they wanted to go there the next day I didn’t wanna go so they called the dnr office and they sent a officer to talk to me and my friend.

We reluctantly took him there and he found foot prints and cast them but told us it was a bear but I know what I saw and it was no bear I have only to my family about this and got teased alot about it so im so glad for you and your show thank you wes for what you do .”



I will also be speaking to Kathy Strain. Kathy is a West Coast investigator who studies the role of bigfoot and Native American cultures.

She holds a master’s degree in anthropology from California State University, and is employed as the Forest Heritage Resource and Tribal Relations Programs Manager for the Stanislaus National Forest, located in Sonora, California, where she continues to study sasquatch.

She has worked in archeology, and is an author who in 2008, published the book “Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture,” a compilation of stories about the “hairy man” phenomenon in North and South America.






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96 Responses to “SC EP:655 An Anthropologist Encounters Sasquatch”

    • Dennis F

      I have an answer to this nice lady’s theory’s, every one of them. It’s wild to hear you guys talking about needing to kill one for proof. I just wish Wes knew what I knew and his channel would blow up,……. KA-BOOOOOOM!!!!!!! I’ve seen it, I’ve slept with them, a family of seven. I’m of the very few who’s had the opportunity do these things. I feel like one of the chosen ones!!! Peace to every one of you Bigfootr’s out there! Does Wes ROCK or what???

    • Joyce A

      Anyone from Sasquatch chronicles office please listen to my problem. I have had a membership with you for maybe someone can help. months. Up until a few weeks ago I have no problem listening to membership only shows. Now I can’t get in to hear the shows so I even paid for a second seven dollars yesterday. And I still can’t get in to hear the shows. I can get everything but the membership shows. But I’m a paid member. What is going on? My husband wants me to stop the membership anyway. He says it seems like everybody can get the members only shows plus the other shows. I don’t know.?‍♀️

          • Joan h

            I came to SC in 1985 and NEVER LEFT..? I’m a dam yankee Transplant ! ??
            I don’t actually live in Myrtle Beach, it’s too much People,Traffic the Spring and Summer!
            I live in southern end of the Grand Strand and I wouldn’t live on the beach because of Hurricanes!
            I’m close enough to enjoy year round actually 5 miles as a Seagull fly’s to the Ocean ? and that’s close enough!
            We still get Mandatory Evacuations because we are on the beach side of the intercostal waterway!
            I’m closer to Surfside Beach then Myrtle but address is still Myrtle…go figure..
            How come you left ? SUMMERVILLE NOT TOO FAR FROM HERE!! I LOVE THIS WEATHER….. NO SNOW … My body can’t take the cold anymore!

  1. Melissa P

    Thanks Chief! Appreciate another great episode from you. I am so grateful for all your hard work. Best part of my Sundays are listening to your Sasquatch Chronicles. I hope you had a great weekend. Stay safe n sane…

    • Danny D

      Yes thanks chief Wes, James and Kathy!! I’ve known about Kathy for a while..AND I really enjoyed James encounter. .What a great show!! Melissa I call people chief a lot. .Habit I guess.. It tickled me when I saw you say

    • Lisa B

      @Denise I realized a few days ago that the year 2012 was a “surge” year in the astrology/astronomy world. It only happens every few years or so. But supposedly, a lot of weird and strange things happen during them. I’m going to listen to your encounter tonight!

    • ERIC H

      Ok one question, why did Kathy and other investigators at area X chase/run at the BF? That makes no sense to me. Watch observe photograph or video. I’d be concerned that a rush or charge at BF could trigger a violent response. Great show Wes!!!

  2. Lisa B

    Great show Wes, and thank you to James and Kathy for sharing their encounters! The tracking device Kathy spoke of is fascinating! So much information to be learned from it!

    • F S

      Do you realize you say something derogatory about OTHER Sasquatch Researchers every week?
      Like EVERY week.
      This week was something about them not being qualified to make you a sandwich.
      There are rumors and facts about everyone in this genre – re: moon calendars ? ? ?.
      I thought we were all supposed to raise our game? No F-bombs from me this week, at least – but I’m sure I need to do better too!

  3. Leann G

    Wow both interviews were so good! The suspense from James’s encounter and I really enjoy listening to Kathy and her humor along with her knowledge.

  4. david b

    Great show Wes, I really enjoyed listening to Kathy. She sounds like she knows what she is talking about. As far as the endangered species list, I don’t agree. They have survived for eons without “our” help or protection. I believe one reason the bigfoot population is expanding is because the population of all the prey species is also growing. All wildlife species need successional growth in our forest to survive. All prey species need cover. In old forests that cover is very limited, many species like elk, are grazers, the eat grass and forbs. Deer are browsers, they will eat grass and forbs, but they prefer different vegetation such as leaves, blackberry leaves, and mast. These cannot survive in a old forest because of the overstory. I am not looking for a argument just stating the facts that I witnessed being in the woods for 45 years. THANKS WES!

  5. Steven S

    I am sorry. I have to comment on this. You want to prove they exist . You want to protect something that has out smarted you for centuries.Is it just me? Doesn’t that sound stupid? They are safer if we leave them alone in my opinion . Nothing we humans try to help ever does well . Just an observation . Good show Wes. No offense to any one.

  6. Jay Carlsen

    …………….. I understand that these things are all over the Planet. But where do the Majority of Sasquatch Encounters come from but the Americas ?

    They steal children because there is NONE Understanding in them. They do not understand things as we do. Because of Their Sloping Forehead , which indicates they do not have the Development in the Frontal Lobe of Their Brains.
    Which is where we do all of our Higher Thought Processes , and gives us the ability of processing the information RIGHT NOW.

    ….. And isn’t it funny Native Americans from Northern California foretell these things being dragged into the Public’s Eye before the World Ends ? ( I would just leave them alone , personally. ) James Bobo Fey told Joe Rogan that in His Interview with the Sceptic.
    I wish those people all the Luck , but hope they are ready for the one that they do not see … when they take that shot.

    WOW ! …….. Could you pull the Trigger , if something is asking you not to inside your Head ? …… Something to think about. That
    ‘ Foreign Voice ‘ has been discussed on the Show.
    I have not heard them in my Head ( but I did hear mumbling Voices from the Woods one night ) If they do Bag one , the Atmosphere will change for the Worst real quick. Do they realize the Whole Group will be in danger of the repercussion of that fatal Shot ? Will the rest of the Toup suffer them to take the Body ? I don’t know ? ……. But I wish them Luck !

  7. Matt T

    Wes I just drove back home from key largo (I live in NJ) and your shows made the drive possible. Idk what I would have done without them man….like seriously. Thanks man. I listen every night.

  8. Kathy B

    James what a scary experience for you and your friend.
    The Officer must have known the footprint was not a bear print but did not want to let on that it was something else.
    Thanks for sharing this episode.
    Kathy thanks for sharing your information from the native americans view….some are protective yet others it is a must to keep away from them. I hate the idea a body is needed but I understand. I will check on your book.
    Wes thanks for a wonderful and interesting evening.

  9. Debbie S

    Great show, thanks Wes. What a scary experience James thank you for sharing it. I believe you. 🙂 I don’t 100% agree with Kathy but the interview was very interesting….that tracking device in particular. Thanks all three of you! ?

  10. Cristina J

    I really love the witness accounts. But I also really love the ppl studying them like this. It’s fascinating! I have listened to this one twice and Mat’s twice. Would love more like this. So interesting

  11. Celia

    Great episode, Wes. The interview with James was fantastic and I especially loved your chat with Kathy. I would love to hear more from select, high credible people who spend a lot of time in the field. The North American Wood Ape Conservancy, Olympic Project, and American Primate Conservancy are all good examples. I’m sure there are others that I’m not yet aware of. Folks who are serious, science-minded, and not in it to make money off YouTube clickbait videos.

    • Cathy S

      I believe the government already has all the evidence they need including bogies. They don’t want us to know about them because they themselves do not know where they came from. They already have dna which proves they are human mother and father unknown. People need to leave them alone as that is what they want. They have families and loved ones like we do.

  12. theresa m

    With time on my hands I’ve had a chance to listen to some of the other cryptid style shows and Wes, yours is the best. I enjoy the guests and their stories. Thank you to James and Kathy both. Keep up the good work and thank you for the quality guests.

  13. Jay T

    Enjoyed James’ account and wonder if the creature was acting in anger response over perhaps its clan getting too close to the humans. I do not agree with Kathy and/ or NAWAC. The group has already wounded one or perhaps others and impacted that/those family unit(s). How many other NAWAC are there out there? Not good news for a supposed endangered species.

    Kathy notes that their group has kill procedures and will remove people that violate their policies. Good luck on that and again I’m in Bigfoot’s corner. I take exception to Kathy’s reference to non-kill bigfoot enthusiasts as “Disneyland crap” that is not worthy of comment. I’ve sat in woods in BC alone in dark after rock thrown and tree pushed down and had other sightings and encounters and am not a grape nuts guy. We should be able to share opinions. It’s likely that 40% are “kill and body”, 40% are “non-kill” and the remaining 10% are not sure which is ok too.

    Thanks Sasquatch Chronicles and Wes for providing the best forum for discussion of bigfoot encounters that let’s all of us better understand these creatures, people or hybrid thereof.

  14. lyonflyin

    There are bodies already, but the Gov has them. What is going to prevent a calculated take of one, be mysteriously disappeared after sending it to “science”? Do these scientists have that in mind so they don’t LOSE the body forever? Will there be protection to prevent the body from being stolen and locked away by the Government?

    • David C

      I was thinking the same thing! Assuming they shot one and upon dragging the body out are apprehended, debriefed and left dejected with their evidence confiscated. There are so many accounts which suggest an infrastructure is in place to prevent disclosure to the public. I hope that Kathy and her group are aware of this and are taking precautions, though it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if her party included a government mole or is at least under surveillance.

  15. lyonflyin

    I agree with other post (s) about:

    If you shoot one you will have the whole tribe down your neck including females which will protect one of their own and this has been proven in supposedly secret military termination operations that were exposed due to the problem they had with the ethics of it and the fact that we are being kept from the truth and these unwilling participants want us to know of it.

    That we already have all the DNA needed to prove they are not us, or any other known primate, but ARE human, with the female side known as us, and the male side completely unknown in the world. We already have proof of every kind needed to assign that it exists, but I agree we need a body to classify it, understand it, its food intake, how closely human it it, since it does have a language as proven by the most imminent linguists and former secret government agents in languages. But…unless we can safely take one without having to kill more that come to its aid, we will forever be in the hands of the deniers of the government who have some reason to not let us do what we need to do to protect them: get it out in the Big Open so those gov entities who keep it secret, will stop killing those that do cause an uproar, or go “rogue” and are hunted down. That will stop once the cats out of the bag. Its too bad but the powers-that-be will continue to tell the same story unless a body can be secured. The trick is to keep it secure and not allow it to be stolen from us. Because at that point it becomes property of us, the taxpayer, since it will be studied “properly” with our tax dollars for our parks and forests and so they will belong to all of us like other protected mammal/primates.
    Sorry this was so long…………..

  16. lyonflyin

    Both parties were great learning talks. The first backs up so many other account experiences; the second fascinating Native Indigenous culture and facts of psychology habit and dispositions.

  17. lyonflyin

    Does anyone remember the incident where a runner in N California Sierras, who after getting kinda lost and ran out of time, decided to cut up this mountain looking for a Forest Service road, and was accosted by a BigFoot who jumped from a tree onto him (it had straddled him while he was on his back, on the ground, terrified) and it began to sniff his face, his chest one arm and when it moved over to the other arm it quickly snapped at the forearm and snapped it off and the creature jumped away from the guy with his lower 1/2 of the forearm including the hand and took off???? This guy had done nothing to precipitate this attack except be in the BF’s territory.
    The guy continued up the steep hill and hit a road and stayed there hoping someone would come along as he didn’t know which way to walk and WAS picked up by Forest Service personnel and taken to a hospital???????
    Anyone remember this ?? Did it get “scrubbed”?
    There are too many stories that show these beings are not to be thought of as “warm fuzzies”.

    • David C

      I remember that story. It sure would be interesting to interview the guy with one arm. It seems obvious to me that these creatures’ behavior ranges from compassionate to vicious, just like people. Thank you for your insights. I’m thinking about a lot of the same things. My encounter is in SC episode 516 btw.

    • T Q

      I’m not a doctor..although my daughter is..but wouldn’t the guy bleed to death running through the woods with his forearm ripped off…just sayin`…

  18. Danny W

    Very good show. Kathy brings a very level head to the cause. Everyone should hear her views on the subject. Maybe more of the “community “ could get on the same page.

    • MONTE M

      Who are the protectors of the forests then? Until the white man showed up in North America Natives were the protectors of everything taking only what they needed and wasting nothing or very little. Most white man and modern people of all varieties are the new and improved destroyers of forests, ecosystems, water and most everything else they can exploit for their own gain pushing all that down, all that Natural resource that had been left in its pristine natural state so they might climb and walk all over and destroy its purity and natural goodness for their own short existence on this world, thinking little if any of future man, nature and animals, insects fish etc. If man decides to build a road into the natural old growth forest and Sasquatch is not happy with it and uses their superhuman strength to destroy the road building equipment, tossing stuff down hillsides, showing they are very displeased with this assault and destruction on their home, the natural forest, I guess that would be considered acts of aggression trying to impede therefore protect the forest. That takes a bit more intelligence and strength than a mountain marmot could muster. So yeah I think it’s fair to say they are the protectors of the forest because we surely do not appear to be that protector for the most part.

  19. Zigo

    I don’t agree with her about killing one for science. There way to many stories by people in government jobs, that said the government all ready knows about them. If they do manage to shoot ( 1 in a million chance), the government is going to take it, and they’ll just have a story with no more proof than you already have.

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