The Sighting – Official Movie Trailer 2016

I am starting to see a lot of these movies coming out lately, here is the newest one: “One year after seven local students are inexplicably murdered at a lake house party near the Canadian border, recent high school grads Travis and his buddy Nate plan a celebratory road trip to Canada. While cutting through… Read more »

Tonights Show: Attacked in the woods

Tonight I speak to a hunter who says his friend was attacked in the woods by a monkey. The gentleman who was attacked is a current law enforcement officer and has declined to come on the show due to his job. His friend was there when it happened and walks us through what happened. The… Read more »

Update on the property

A couple of shows ago I talked about a witness talking about finding prints around her property. Her son was getting off of the bus and saw a very large orangutan looking creature looking at him. This is her update: “Hi Wes, I just wanted to give you an update on what has been going… Read more »

White polar bear like figure on the side of the road

On the last show I talked about a witness I spoke to who said he saw a large polar bear like creature. After hearing his description it sounded like a white dogman type creature but very large, large enough for the witness to think a polar bear escaped the zoo until he got a closer… Read more »

The creature would sway from one position to the next

A listener writes “Early June 2005. I was with my brother and a friend following a remote tributary that links the estuary of the salmon river chasing steel head that were dropping back into Lake Ontario. As we got farther back in the woods roughly a mile down essentially a game trail that paralleled this… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Attacked in the woods!

I just spoke to a listener who talked about his friend being attacked in the woods by a creature, while they were hunting. His friend started getting dragged off and his friend shot the creature in the shoulder…..more to come.

The creature was looking at me intently

A listener writes “It was very early in the morning, maybe 1 or 2 am, day 3 of a five day backpacking trip, and I got out of my tent to relieve myself. I walked ten or 15 feet to go behind a tree, when I felt dizzy and had a strange urge to walk… Read more »

Huge rock thrown and terrible smell

A listener writes “For some time I’ve wanted to send this to you about an experience I had with a group of my friends back in the early fall of 1983 south of Mt. Shasta, CA. For many years I never gave much thought about the incident, but watching shows like MonsterQuest and Finding Bigfoot… Read more »

Repeated encounters by Native American family

This location is in Oregon, I was just there a few weeks back and the local Native Americans are very open about the subject of Sasquatch. Some areas are very open but not far from the location is heavily wooded area. The report says “I have lived on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation all of… Read more »

Three horrifying true hunting stories

I want to thank Aine for sending this to me. Aine writes “Hey Wes..if you have a couple of mins,These stories are apparently true and I don’t think the guy who sent in the first story knew what he had..sounds like a really weird Sasquatch encounter 0.00 – 4.57”

The Bigfoot Outlaws are back

Bigfoot killing hogs and harassing homeowners. Are they really trying to get inside? Will sasquatch belly crawl to stay hidden? We finish up with a bunch of questions and talk about some personal experiences in our part 2 Q & A with Dan Ricke.

SC EP:213 Dark Waters

YouTuber Dark Waters will be joining me. You can find his channel here, I highly recommend subscribing to his channel. We spoke last night and he was sharing some terrifying Sasquatch and Dogman encounters he has been investigating. What is a dogman? Have they ever attacked anyone? DW talks about what he has learned looking… Read more »

Show catalog on the site

Since I upgraded servers I noticed some older shows not showing up. I am digitally remastering some of the older shows and putting them into a YouTube format and a player format. Please be patient as this is very time consuming. I am going to get through as many as I can just making sure… Read more »

Watch: 3D Project Bigfoot

ThinkerThunker writes “What would Bigfoot look like up close and personal? I took descriptions and even sketches from eyewitnesses, claiming they’d had encounters, and made this 3D model.”  

Game warden has encounter with a creature

A listener writes “My name is Corey and I am from Oklahoma. I have a friend who is a game warden with the Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Department. He has asked me not to give his name, so I will not. My friend recently has had an encounter that he shared with me and I… Read more »