Search Scales Back On Missing Idaho Toddler

I want to thank Kent C. for posting this update in the forums. The continuing search for missing DeOrr Kunz, Jr. is being scaled back while the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office explores other avenues in the case. The 2-year-old boy went missing in Idaho 10 days ago while camping with his parents and grandparents. Local… Read more »

Watch: HopsSquatch Bigfoot Town Hall

You have seen the format on Finding Bigfoot, now you can participate yourself. You can share your Bigfooot encounter with true believers. Or, you can listen to the most amazing encounters told first-hand by witnesses who have had close encounter. Visit Link for the video

Unknown Calls

Nathaniel G sent me this video. I want to thank him for taking the time to send it to me. I am thinking coyotes but how the sound traveled to the recorder bouncing off of the canyon gave it a really creepy sound. Nathaniel writes “I have a small video clip of some strange calls… Read more »

Backpacker sighting in the Marble Mountains Wilderness

I want to thank Papa Yeti for posting this to the forum. It was a great encounter, I have never read this encounter before. The credit for this encounter goes to the BFRO. The witness writes ” In 1998, I was backpacking by myself in the Marble Mountain WIlderness in the Klamath National Forest the… Read more »

Del Norte BigFoot Sighting

Christopher C. shared one of his favorite Sasquatch videos. The title of the video is Del Norte BigFoot Sighting and the YouTuber writes “Interesting Bigfoot footage filmed in Del Norte County CA in 1995. The video shows a large black and gray Bigfoot walking through the woods. This video was recorded by teenagers Daniel Fearing… Read more »

SC EP:128 It moved like a crackhead

  My guest is Dustin from Missouri and he has had a lot of strange things going on around his property. He has been stalked while hunting by “something” walking bi-pedal. He talks about a time he killed an deer, pulled the gut pile out and ran back to his house to get something and… Read more »

Heard “chatter” coming from behind my stand

Date: 11-04-2006 Weather: Clear, cool, dry Time: 5:30AM Nearest City: Cross Roads State: Texas I arrived at the site on the opening day of deer season at about 4:30 a.m. I parked my truck about 1/4 mile from the deerstand. At about 5:30 a.m. I left the truck and walked to the deerstand with my… Read more »

Sundays Show

I am moving Sundays show to tomorrow night. I just returned from HopsSquatch and videotaped people discussing their encounters. I will be posting that this week.

“It moved like a crackhead”

I am going to push to get EP:128 out tomorrow. My guest is Dustin from Missouri and he has had a lot of strange things going on around his property. He has been stalked while hunting by “something” walking bi-pedal. He talks about a time he killed an elk, pulled the gut pile out and… Read more »

SC EP:127 The road crossing

The podcast will be in the members section shortly. I moved around the show for tonight due to scheduling. Tonight I speak to Mike Hall, Mike has been researching the Sasquatch for the last 15 years. He has had two visual encounters and has captured many audio recordings of the creatures. Tonight Mike will share… Read more »

HopsSquatch Bigfoot Town Hall

I will be there, I am going to see if I can get permission to film the event. I will update you on what I find out. DATE: Sunday, July 19th TIME: 12:30-3:00 WHERE: NW Quimby Lucky Lab  | 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209 WHO: Multiple Bigfoot Witnesses

Missing 411 – The Movie

The popular book is about to be turned into a movie, and they have a trailer. It’s only been a couple of days, and already the Kickstarter campaign has gotten over $21,000 out of the $100,000 goal. Watch the trailer and check out their Kickstarer below: Kickstarter:

Watch: Trailcam video

Editors note> I want to thank Gail for sending this to me. NvTv is the YouTuber who posted this video and NvTv writes “Here is a clip of what some people call a Bigfoot caught on camera! However the skeptics state the follow: 1. Its CGI 2. Its Fake/ Hoax not Real, A man in… Read more »

Only in the Pacific NW

I was out talking to a witness on the coastal range yesterday. The witness reported seeing two large upright creatures walking on the outskirts of his property. The wife was also witness to this daytime encounter. The husband stated “It was not a bear, these creatures walked upright along the edge of my property then… Read more »

Search for missing boy leads back to reservoir

Editors note> I always try to post missing people on the site. I find it strange this little boy just vanished. Lets hope they find him alive and well. My heart goes out to the family. SALMON, Idaho – It is day five in the search for an Idaho Falls toddler. And now divers are… Read more »

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting Police Scanner

Editors note> I looked into this case a long time ago. I always thought it was interesting when John said “I shot a bigfoot” the police officer chatter on the radio was of a joking nature. When John said he had a body, all police chatter stopped and a military helicopter was brought in and… Read more »

Visiting another property

I will be out today taking a look at another property here in Washington State. The people have had a lot of activity on their property and I have been invited out. I am working on getting my gopro camera fixed so when I go out to these properties I can bring you guys back… Read more »