Sep 16

SC EP:989 Two Police Officers Encounter Creature

Tonight I will be speaking to John. John is a police officer in 2003 in Louisiana was traveling with his training officer and when came upon a strange creature on the side of the highway eating roadkill. I misheard John during our phone conversation I thought he said 2013 but this encounter happened in 2003.








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50 Responses to “SC EP:989 Two Police Officers Encounter Creature”

    • cyndie r

      Shelly B: tell us about yours (and your family’s) connections. My sister and brother in law moved to southern Oregon about 5 years ago. They said it does seem like everybody there has some sort of connection to an encounter or two. But I can tell they are still skeptical.

      • KIM L

        Hi Wes! We’ve had weird things here in Nebraska, too. There was this thing walking up by our lane, toward our minimum maintenance road, that we always called that ‘hyena’ looking thing. It didn’t seem to have a tail or much of a snout. At first, we thought it was a coyote with mange, because there wasn’t a lot of hair on it. It walked like it’s front legs were way longer than the back legs, like a hyena. It just kept turning its head and looking at us in our van real creepy like. Other things happened at that time, too. Our fearless great pyrenees dog wouldn’t stay out at night anymore. (She use to patrol our farm at night to keep the coyotes away). When it got dark, she wanted in the house. We always thought it was because of a cougar that lived around our area, but, who knows?

  1. Spanky

    For anyone who hasn’t heard the episode on Sasquatch Odyssey, Kerry Arnold’s site, it is from around Lafayette Louisiana which is near the Atchafalaya basin. It’s back from when Kerry did on interviews. It’s a family that had these things coming into their neighborhood. It’s really good

  2. James G

    I’m sorry, but in my opinion, these beings are NOT a normal animal. We have to start thinking outside the box or we’re still going to be on the 5 yd line in 2083, still arguing over the PG film, and still knocking on trees and casting footprints

    • Connie F

      James, I agree. And a good example is the famous Sierra Sounds, Ron Morehead’s encounters and recordings. Ron by his own admission did not talk about the lights and the paranormal things they encountered because he was told people would not believe the vocals captured were legitimate. But then he wrote a book about it using Quantum theory to explain their capabilities people are hesitant to bring up. I have gotten beaten up about 99% of the time on this forum for putting Sasquatch in the ET category, but I told the full truth about what happened on my property in my episode and I submitted the pictures to show the paranormal aspect and audio as well. I had the audio analyzed. Unfortunately if people have compelling evidence they put themselves and family at risk. Its just easier for people to say its a natural animal, because if it was a brief sighting, most of the time thats how it appears. If you have 5 plus years of them on your property, you discover there is a lot more to the story.

  3. Laurie V

    Missed you this week Wes! Very much looking forward to listening to this one! Thankyou! Very hot and a little smokey in Alberta today! Love harvest time. Had about 40 hawks flying around the place. Was really odd to see so many clustered together? Anyone have a clue?

  4. Benji P

    Coffee (check), spliff (check)…….new episode of SC…… ( CHECK !!) evrytime feels like Xmass morning to me……………Gmorning y’all, greetings from Amsterdam……Love & Light <3

  5. Janetta V

    Thanks John for telling us of the experience you had along with the stories from your other friends. I could tell they were very heart felt times and went a long way back I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be in that patrol car with you that night, that would scare me to peices. Also thank you Wes for another great show. Just a little add on here, but I’m in OKC area and we have had 1000’s of starlings and other birds flocking together towards evening, on highline wires etc. You would think something big were about to happen. Thanks

  6. theresa m

    Great share, John. Thank you so much. Wes, another one for the cold winter nights ahead to relisten to. Gosh! Watching it fill its mouth with deer guts. Besides it being a quick way to feed, it must have a lot of nutrition in it. I wonder if the stomach juices of the animals it eats helps it to further digest the food it eats. The only ones who really know are those who have gone before us like John Bindernagle and Kerry Arnold and now, sadly, John Carpenter among others …

  7. John P K

    If two officers refuse to investigate this incident when unfolding before them, there is no hope that this mystery will be soon solved.
    Not even a photo, much less a video. But John should be praised for coming forward with this story. It took strength and confidence on his part.

  8. m99

    I love the police officer encounters, and the ones in Louisiana as well. Those woods are very spooky, and the swamps are too. Le Rougarou is real. Thx so much for all your good work. You are really the best at interviewing.

    Cheerio ~ m99

  9. Shawn R

    Brother Wes- I hope your recovery is a speedy one. I just emailed you, hope it makes the cut 😉 Either way, thank you for all you do, please keep up the great work. -Shawn

  10. Holly G

    Wes, hope all’s well with you! “You don’t get that big from eating fruit, berries, leaves, grass” Just don’t say that to a cape buffalo, hippo, elephant, giraffe, ….brachiosaurus, LOL. Just having some fun, but diet, multiple stomachs, metabolism, and chemical cycles don’t relate to your statement. Fun show.

  11. Jesse D

    I could listen to this guy John talk and talk and talk. Like seriously.

    Also I was thinking right as Wes said it, even the alpha predators take a protective stance over their meal. So if it didn’t square up at them; is that because he didn’t consider them a threat? That. is. terrifying.

  12. william Y

    Wow, what an incredible encounter. I just typed in a number. I said to myself 89 and see what comes up and this episode came up really enjoyed it. At the end when he said he was blessed to see this thing. I believe I’m blessed too to have this knowledge. It’s such a unique knowledge of something so incredible and fascinating. I am blessed to. A lot of churches have closed and become dwellings, but the magnificence of God’s creation remains the same.

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