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Strange Incident On Mount Adams

A listener writes “I live in Washington in castle rock in 2009 I took a friend turkey hunting. We drove up to Mt. Adam’s to a camp spot I selected while scouting we set up camp and went to sleep.

Around 230 am I woke up in my sleeping bag with overwhelming fear I knew that something was looking through the side window of my canopy into the bed where I was sleeping. I pointed my pistol at the window and told myself if something touches that glass I’m shooting.

After a few minutes the feeling left and it was quiet I didn’t hear anything outside of my truck. I fell back to sleep when we both got up in the morning and were getting ready to head out to setup Wayne says I heard you get up last night and walking around I didn’t say anything just thought this is strange, we both started to walk out into this clear cut to glass for birds at sunrise.

As we were looking out into clear cut we heard a large branch break to our left. I looked over to see this large dark thing moving like nothing I have ever seen I asked Wayne what was that we both speculated maybe a bear but we could here the steps and clearly see the back of head and shoulders above the reprod that was easily 6 feet tall as I’m 6,1 we both watched this thing move away from us in a fluid motion down the hill.

After chatting we decided to go to another blind about 1/4 of a mile from camp it took us about 30 minutes to get there I put out the Decoys and got into the blind I had constructed we botched leaned against a tree and listened after a few calls we heard two different turkeys gobbling. We sat and waited and waited calling every so often to keep the Tom interested.

Things got quite so quite it did not feel right a few seconds later it sounded like a cop car turned on it’s siren but just the first part kind of high pitched but loud and long it sounded like it was right behind me standing on the logging road on the other side of the tree we had leaned against I got out of blind with my pistol in hand only to catch the same one or type of creature go over a ledge breaking trees like a heard of elk sounds.

My friend looked at me and said wtf was that I said I don’t know I grabbed the decoys and we left I have not been back to that spot since. This was in April. ……… now in September we are now hunting elk just on the edge of trout lake we go out in the morning and do our normal walk after moon Wayne calls me on the radio and tells me I need to make it to him to see something I look on my GPS and he is 2 miles from me we chat over the radio and he just keeps telling me I need to get to him so myself and another friend Vance walk and get to the river cross over in our boxers get our gear back on and walk to Wayne who is maybe 20 feet from where we came out of river he points down and we are all looking at a foot print in wet soft sand it was clear as day you could see the toes the bend of the foot as it pushed into the sand during its step all three of us where in disbelief we are all hunters and have spent our lives outdoors none of us have ever seen anything like this before.

At this point I start telling Vance about the turkey event. We all still hunt and fish just not in that spot that track was in the middle of nowhere and in a nasty draw no one would walk barefoot down there especially with a foot that big. I missed some details about the camp and hunt trying to keep this kind of short. Thank you for your time, Wes.”

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