18 Responses to “Upcoming Show: Two Police Officers Encounter Creature”

  1. theresa m

    I appreciate all the stories and when an officer or any other representative of our society comes forward to share, knowing they are exposing themselves to comment, I am all ears! Thanks, Wes! Hope your dental issues are resolving.

    • Brian L

      I remember a 911 call from a homeless couple living in the woods next to a state highway in San Antonio.
      The woman called and said I know this is gonna sound crazy…but me and my husband are watching a “creature” that was on 2 feet devouring a dead deer on the side of the road under a street light.
      She said the carcass was rotten and this thing just started ripping it apart and eating the innards…..
      Yeah….Barf O Ramma…

      • Chad W

        Yes, that was near the intersection of Hwys 151 and 1604 on the Far West Side of San Antonio, a little more than a decade ago. That area has built up almost completely since then, but there is still a several-acre patch of woods on the SW corner of the interchange that is basically undisturbed. We live just a few miles west of that interchange, and drive through it frequently. I often make it a point to look toward that patch of woods as we drive by, just in case there’s something to see…

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