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SC EP:1034 The Boston Bar Creature

Luke writes “My sighting happened in British Columbia Canada in a small town named Boston bar where I was staying while I worked. This was maybe 2012-2013,I love the outdoors always have hiking camping anything outdoors I would do it.

In the town I was staying in there where a bunch of side roads that would go up into the mountains where you could get to the top and walk the trails near the snow line. I wanted to check it out so I drive up there. I park get out and start walking this trail at the base of the snow line I see deer tracks moose tracks and as I’m walking I notice that these deer tracks have bare feet next to it following them. In my mind I’m thinking your crazy for walking up here bare foot.


I didn’t even consider the size of the prints at the time. But as I’m walking I’m noticing it’s super quite which is weird and I start to feel very uneasy like I’m being watched. So because I’m alone I decide to head back to the car and I leave. I didn’t go back up there for maybe 3-4 days finally I get the day off of work and I go back up this time I bring my buddy Dave with me.

I park in the exact same spot as before when I get out Dave even notices how quite it is I told him the same thing when I came up 3 days ago we start walking and we get to this small hill on the road and I notice again these deer prints going the same direction as where going as we get to the top of this small hill this rock goes flying past me and Dave it went past us like a fast ball being thrown. I’m like what the hell was that no sooner do we stop talking we can hear this deep deep guttural growl coming from the tree line now this tree line is thick and very hard to see in so we couldn’t see anything Dave is nervous and I’m starting to shake a bit cause there’s cougars up there and grizzly bears.

My biggest fear seeing a grizzly or a cougar so as where standing there we start to hear it again this time there’s a huge knock coming from behind us about 60 feet away now where really starting to panic cause now there’s two of whatever it is I have the flight or fight starting to happen but I’m to scared to move so Dave says to me we need to move like now as we start to move slowly back towards where we came we hear the growl again this time it sounds closer then before now I’m really scared cause whatever it is is now on the move.

We start walking at a good speed and we can hear these heavy foot steps in the tree line walking at the same pace as us. So now I’m starting to shake and panic is setting in. Dave is white as a ghost scared out of his mind. Where about maybe 4 mins from the car I’m out of breath at this point trying to catch my breath cause I don’t wanna stop.

Another rock goes flying past us from behind this time so Dave stops and yells if someone is messing around if I catch you your F**king dead as soon as he says that this growl came from those woods that was so heavy and deep I knew this wasn’t someone messing around with us I turn my head to see how much farther we had to the car when I look I can see this dark black figure standing at the tree line by my car now where maybe 30 feet from the car this thing towered the tree it was standing next to.

It looked like a hairy body builder it stood there for maybe 20 seconds and then it walked past my car went down the side of the road and was gone you could hear whatever it was that was in front of us in the tree line walking away the thunderous foot steps where so heavy it was breaking tree limbs as it walked the second we got the nerve to run we took off towards my car got in and took off down the hill me and him both didn’t say a word to each other the whole drive.

I always believed in Bigfoot but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever encounter one. Since that day happened I never go into the woods or hiking unless I have two or more people with me it scared the hell out of me that something that big lives in the woods.”





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95 Responses to “SC EP:1034 The Boston Bar Creature”

    • Dana B

      Claire, Thank you for your story. I love Wes has your story in the opening. Your fearful voice is authetic. My daughter always repeats your part in her best British accent with respect. Your episode is one of a few I encourage new listeners to hear as you saw behavior, interactions, then the after effects in your life. Seeing these things was the beginning of a journey. Your dealings with the “guy in the plaid shirt” and your employer at work detailing how this changed your life.

  1. Ricky G

    I’m not sure of the Yeti’s color origin. But like Joby Ogwyn said on Mike Tyson’s podcast 3 years ago. He saw a super black dogman in the mountains of Tibet I believe. He called it a Yeti, but he described a black werewolf. So the color in reference to the adaptation of the environment these things are seen in doesnt really follow either. Even just having blacker than black fur/hair doesn’t make total sense, because some of them are orange like orangutans, some are just run of the mill brown, some have well kept flowing hair that seems like they just came out the salon.

    I dont think it has much to do with religion, as these things are seen all over the world for thousands of years of written history. But something about it must break the paradigm in a way that it has to be actively hidden, but also not that active considering we have podcast all about it. Tv shows all about it. Theories of it being anything from a forest ape to an inter-dimensional alien species. Maybe its just actively suppressed when it can be just on some basic human instinct to not rile up the tribe so to speak, because the masses can barely eat healthy, let alone deal with the reality of 10 foot tall 1300 pound human like primates in the woods that can sneak up on you without making a sound.

    • Ricky G

      Just looking at that episode now too. Its crazy that on that mike tyson episode with Joby when hes telling his yeti (dogman) story, all the top comments now are not the ones that previously popped up years ago that were telling him he saw a dogman/werewolf. HAHA. Thats crazy. Holy ish. You have to really really scroll just to find one. They were at the top of the comments for a while when this episode first came out. Maybe just time pushed those comments down, and I have to get out of my conspiracy brain. LOL. There were at least 1 but maybe 2 comments that were officially liked by the page that hey I think you saw a dogman. I have a great memory, and I could be wrong, but I remember seeing these comments at the top for so long.

  2. Karla G

    I’m surprised that the guest he hasn’t heard of the theory that the government keeps this under wraps due to religion before now. That idea is not new by any means. I mean that’s one of the most supported theories out there. Probably second only to the economical impact theory. Personally I would say it’s a combination of both, plus something else that we can’t fathom at the moment.

  3. Maria G

    Wes if you see this why when I click onto picture I have to sign in on a different format.. which is what I’m referring to in my earlier post..also I posted a Thx Wes I think 3 ppl after Brian and that’s not showing up at all. Is anyone else experiencing these issues also. I swear I’m sober..no lemon drops tonight

  4. Kirk D

    Good story. I don’t see where the disagreement was though. Wes, I wish you’d made your opinion more clear here because when you said you disagree, I didn’t understand how you disagree exactly. I’ve heard a lot of episodes and I still don’t have a definitive summary on your views honestly. Anyhow, great episode!

  5. Stacey C

    lol poor guy, it does not prove evolution, he’s obviously never heard the true description of Esau or the wstchers!!! To each his own…
    Unnerving encounter for sure.

  6. Chad W

    Episodes 620 and 515 are two of the very most vivid SC episodes. I re-listen to them from time to time, and they each make the hair stand up on the back of my neck every time. Winston’s encounter occurred about two hours away from where I live, and I’d like to visit the location some time, preferably in the daytime, lol.

  7. Conor O

    evolution is not a theory. all governments/religion want/need control… if aliens or other humans are confirmed then leaders and to whom we owe our aligence to comes into question ie our local tribal leader or earth….. but God created all and evolution is his guiding hand at work… there are many things in this universe under the sun and beyond it……. children of clay…. children of light…. and children of fire……

  8. Linda B

    It’s better late than never. Emptied the basement (still emptying out the hoarder crap from previous owner) and stained the deck. Looks like a super cool show. Thanks Wes and Luke!

  9. Connie F

    Michael Mazzola, director of 411 the UFO connection, is currently working on another film featuring some GoPro video captured by researcher Scott Carpenter around 2011. Michaels crew took Scott Carpenter back to the Tennessee National Forest to the spot where Scott’s rear facing camera captured a portal form behind him. They found no EMF readings until they were in the spot where the portal opened before, with readings in the dangerous levels. Scott made a joke about being dead in a week. He died around a week later, Aug 5, 2023 of a brain hemorrhage. If you google Scott Carpenter portal you will be able to see Scott explaining and showing the portal. Mazzola stated in an interview with Jimmy Church, that you can’t research bigfoot for 15 minutes without “many, many” credible witnesses coming forward with bigfoot/paranormal encounters. I have seen some portals captured on photos and videos, once high in a tree, also with beings in them. If you watch Scott explain his film, you will know what to look for. Mazola said the debate now is bigfoot a “mundane” great ape or an interdimensional being. Should be an interesting film, not sure when it will air.

  10. Daniel C

    Well, I’ll say one thing is for sure. SC has the kindest comments section on the internet. Makes what Wes has built here that much better. Everyone should be heard and everyone can take it for what it is. Wish the whole internet behaved so curtious.

  11. Blanche D

    Homosapians didn’t evolve from apes or monkeys that are around today- i think that’s an important distinction to make. I think the cover up is a mixed bag. They are rare enough to be thought of as mythical and dangerous enough to become a problem for those with vested interests. I think the interests are complex issues of wanting to have access to control of the land and what it can or could produce for financial benefit both above and below ground. It is possible that the national parks were set up as a means of providing the cryptids with space enough to keep them concealed from populated areas. Right, good luck with that. The cover up is bafflingly but in other countries I think they just don’t have the governmental infrastructure to manage wildlife, so sightings are not recorded. Or simply not thought of as any import. Look at America with the Missing 411s, the national parks don’t keep a record of missing folk and if Paulitey is to be believed you can’t even get data on recorded missing. Everyone wants to keep their job, so they perpetuate the mystery of them.

  12. Connie F

    Wes, thanks for leading by example…how to listen to everyone’s opinions with kindness. Everyone is at different stages trying to make sense of what happened to them. By you including all topics through the blog and guest interviews witnesses can go on their personal road to discovery.

  13. Linda B

    When you look over to your car running from something to your car for safety, and you realize there are two and one is by your car, you’re running, not stopping……stop. No body breathe. There is a SCREAM. Omgosh. You poop your pants unless you’re tough like Luke.
    Meanwhile, with wine, in the safety of my backyard deck and hot tub…….geez. go hiking? Nah, I’ll pass.

  14. Nickolas P

    Just purchased membership for SQ’s! Best money I’ve spent in a while, I tell everyone that’s close to me how amazing this show is. Keep up the great work Wes, so many of us look forward to this show!

  15. Dovie D

    That’s what my husband and myself did in the mid 1980s when we found foot prints on a game trail in Estacada Oregon. I don’t believe it would shatter religion. I do think it would cause outdoor activities to decrease for many people not everyone.

  16. Rene P

    The gov doesn’t want us to know about Sasquatch because of their super natural power. They can careless about losing money if we stop camping or what not. they print the money so that doesn’t really matter. They once roam the forest side by side with us. We’re capable to do what they do, that’s one of the reasons The gov doesn’t want to admit they actually exist. Can you imagine if we were to have the super power they have? the gov wouldn’t have any more modern slaves. They be hiding more stuff about our original origin and our capabilities.

  17. Tye H

    So Luke the first time out when you seen the footprints how big were they? Were they as big as your boots were they larger? Also, how long were the strides? The thing that would’ve weirded me out the most other than a long stride would be how they walk,, they walk in a straight line. I’ve listened to your story twice and when I heard it the first time and you talked about barefoot prints. That is the first thing that I wanted to hear how big the footprints were. It

  18. eric w

    I’ve been thinking the past 2 weeks that Wes would ask me these questions. This guy went the opposite way that I think. I believe Government cover-up Sasquatch because of genetic manipulation and there’s the elephant in the room, the small percentage of Woo cases. There’s a reason orbs float through forest and not metropolitan cities, cloaking, eyes light up, etc. Aliens/demonic entities/nephilim gave a small percentage of Sasquatch these abilities. Therefore, it would be that much more proof story of angles falling from grace is true. For me, in nutshell Christianity is proven. This is my condensed hypothesis

  19. Katherine B

    Wes there is a man named Nathan Reynolds on utube and he was in bloodline family Reynolds and got out of family now a true teller
    for God ❤️. Anyway he has mentioned just in passing about Bigfoot and that Bigfoot is evil but not sure if it’s a creation of cabal or if it’s part fallen angel ? I bet he knows a lot because he speaks a little about DEEP UNDERGROUND Military bases , and the things the satanist families do down there , along with a lot more information on satanic elite families running the world With the help of Satan and evil things going on .
    Just waiting to have him say more about Bigfoot .. Never caught him on live to ask. However , he has been on a lot of talk shows speaking truth ! Maybe he could come on here? ! Thank you for all of the great shows !

  20. Dave A

    LUKE…..Bro your encounter impacted you the same way that my first encounter impacted me…..so I totally empathize with everything you’re saying. I started investigating these things in 2016 after my first encounter and I’ve learned a lot since then……but I just wanted to tell you that I would love to help you in anyway I can as you start to figure out where to look and what to look for and all of that. I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out how to find these things and I’ve even helped people find them on the other side of the country by looking at the area they live on Google Maps and then telling them where to go look to see if they’re around. There are several behaviors that these things exhibit extremely consistently no matter which part of the US or Canada they are in and we can take that to our advantage to find them and gather evidence on them in a particular area. If I can help in any way or if you just wanna chat……I’d love to talk. You can email me anytime! SasquatchOmega@gmail.com 🙂👍🏼💪🏼🦶🏿🦶🏿

  21. Sue M

    Nope. God is not defeated by another humanoid species. Government is anti religion anyways. Religious people are not creationism or nothing. This guy does not know what he is talking about.

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