Feb 23

Massive Fireball Lights Up Sky Across Nearly A Dozen States

Residents across nearly a dozen states and Canada reported seeing a fireball in Wednesday night’s sky that some described as an event they’d never seen before. The American Meteor Society started receiving reports shortly after 6:45 p.m. of a glowing object that quickly transverse the sky.

Fox News reports “Based on the number of reports, the society said what was spotted is believed to be a fireball and triangulated its possible path as being over the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Link to video

Video provided to FOX Weather from a security camera in Linden, Virginia, showed the bright meteor that was only visible for a few seconds.

“It seemed very large in the sky with a long trail,” an Ohio observer noted.

A State College, Pennsylvania resident stated, “It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

NASA says meteoroids that enter Earth’s atmosphere are called meteors, and if they strike the ground, they earn the designation of meteorite. The space agency estimates that 48.5 tons of space matter strikes Earth daily, but much of the material burns up and is not visible. Less than 5% of meteors survive the friction and speeds of greater than 25,000 miles per hour to strike Earth’s surface.

Link to the video

So far, the American Meteor Society has not received any reports that Wednesday’s space matter struck the ground, but if it did, southwestern areas of the Northeast appeared to be in its trajectory.

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  1. Ron S

    I hate even mentioning anything about strange lights in the sky because my intuition is that it’s tied to technology in most cases, and I don’t really want to feed into the media hype of it in case it’s backed with a dark fear based agenda… But under the circumstances, I’m gonna let’er rip this time.

    So Wednesday evening my fiancée and I are walking. Plenty going on in the sky with satellites, planes drones etc but it seems like more than usual. Must’ve been around 7pm at the end of where we turn around and see 3 red lights spaced apart maybe 1/4 mile apart if they were 5-10 miles away heading East, then faded to nothing in under 10 seconds…weird right? Well that wasn’t all…

    Halfway back home we see a formation of three jets flying overhead also spaced apart roughly the same (which I didn’t make a connection to until just now actually), ok, no big deal… until we watched the last or trailing jet approaching. Before it got overhead maybe a mile up and out to the SE we both saw a small bright white constantly illuminated light drop straight down from either the jet itself or its vapor trail directly behind it, it fell maybe 5-10 times faster than gravity (which would appear very slow at that distance I’d guess)… it probably dropped 100 meters under the jet before it fizzled out in a second or so (jets were heading NW, each with slightly different lights but all having wing lights and one light at the tail (like a triangle flying flat side first with lights at the points).

    I’d never seen anything like that fall out of a jet like that before so I didn’t know what to make of it. So anyway, the next evening, my fiancé notices a strobing light from her apartment in the same general area and looks at the starmap on her phone… No star is identifiable. She messaged me about it and I used a spotting scope on it, looked to me to be strobing red to gold and rising ever so slowly over the next hour in what appeared to me as the same area where the light shot downward from the jet the previous night.

    It must’ve been around 9 or 10pm when I looked at it last and was getting hard to see rising higher in an oncoming weather system. Strange… has anyone heard of a light or drone being deployed from a jet to hang out for over 24hrs? Maybe two different things, no idea.

    So today I realized “Flash of beauty” was a whole series of different encounters so I’ve been watching and really enjoying a few of those. At the very end of the latest one “Bigfoot revealed is live”, they go over a clip of an unexplained light and it looked almost identical to what we saw yesterday. A little snow storm last night with some wind after I last saw it, I had prayed for God to knock it out of the sky, might’ve worked, wasn’t there this evening 😂

    Idk what to make of it, just thought it was interesting.
    Personally, the only invasion I’m worried about is everyones freedom from invasion of privacy… bad enough you can’t say hardly anything around a cell phone without it being linked to wifi then giving you adds or recommendations for videos on YT about the same random things. Anyway, I’m done ranting now:)
    Have a wonderful weekend SC fam!

    • Charles R

      Very interesting sighting Ron. Could it have been a flair that it dropped, though it does not seem like it. Could it have been a UAP orb? The 3 red lights in quite unusual I would think. Sounds like your fiance is a good fit for you. Congratulations.

      I would hope everyone would get to see an amazing fireball meteor in their life. It is quite a sight. I was lucky enough some 20 years ago. Heading north at night on the I-75 a bit north of Sydney, OH. All of a sudden the sky lights up and I look out an up through my windshield and see what appears to be an enormous ball of light and some trailing fire. It is so brilliant, I thought it to be no more than a couple thousand feet above and thought this is going down soon in Ohio. The next day I find out that it landed on the far eastern side of Pennsylvania, about 500 miles to the east. And where I saw it, it was still outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

      • Ron S

        Charles R, no I don’t think it was a flare unless they have something that shoots a small white star looking thing downward at probably 300 to several hundred mph.

        I don’t even know if these jets were passenger or military but they were about a mile in elevation and I didn’t even hear the first roar of the lead jet until it was just past being directly overhead. I did look into the speed of how far and fast sound travels this morning and it was roughly 750mph and 1 mile in roughly 5 seconds, so my gorilla math tells me these jets were likely going not much under that speed.

        And yes, Her and I are a good team, thanks!

        She saw what she thought was a large pale green meteor go by low over town… I asked her just now and she had it written down that it happened Sept 2nd of 2023 around 1am NE part of sky.
        The way she describes it, it’s like the one caught on camera in Vegas with the Aliens in the backyard video… What a thing to compare it to, I tell ya. 😂

        Funny that nobody else around here seems to report any of this stuff, at least not to my knowledge, but it’s also cold and most people stay inside at night I suppose… Maybe many people just aren’t very observant between natural versus unusual things or maybe they’re scared, no idea.

  2. m99

    _those dad gum aliens’ are at it again! I wish they’d find a different hobby because there’s more to life than tricks. Besides, tricks are for kids!

  3. Ron S

    The latest Flash of Beauty is really good. Rich definitely understands it the same way I do. Kindred spirit for sure.
    With all these different unexplained phenomena it’s generally all the same thing whether Sasquatch, ghost, UFO etc.
    It’s all trying to take your attention away from God or true spirituality… I guarantee it’s God allowing all these things to happen to people because I think he wants us to make choices in our life as to who or what we follow spiritually, and it has something to do with trust and salvation.

    The same goes with all my experiences with orbs, UFOs or strange lights… I really don’t care about it at all if there are “Alien” or spiritual natures to it, it’s not getting fear from me and I won’t waste my time intentionally looking for it, and if it’s technology it only gets my attention as to warn people or give them a heads up… In either case it’s sneaky in nature and can’t possibly be anything good.

    I know people are waking up to knowing the difference between something stemming from good or evil sources now more than ever. The world is so full of transgressions at the moment that need to be righted by these individuals themselves IMO.
    Idk if sightings of strange things are actually ramping up across the board now but it sure feels it.

    Like I’ve said before, I don’t believe in coincidences, and I don’t believe I’m here saying this right now for no reason or that all my strange experiences have been for nothing.
    I haven’t lied one single time on SC but as you might’ve noticed it’s sure been a wild ride over the years so far.

    My theories have constantly evolved and I’m sitting pretty good with where I’m finally at. That’s about all I can say, there is a missing piece to the puzzle, there’s one key that starts unlocking all the answers. Took me years to figure that out and go from skeptic, to believer to then some incredible things that made me a knower or witness of all kinds of things. What a journey… I hope you’ve paid attention so far.
    God bless and keep you all

  4. Ron S

    I found something but is too much for me to read and comprehend. I get directed to things for answers, that’s all… It’s up to people smarter than myself to figure it out.

    Here I believe is the link to understanding our UFO’s.
    IMO It isn’t E.T. it’s humans and AI with science, NASA, and Chinese among who knows who else building and likely testing satellite and space propulsion systems, such as: EMdrives (electromagnetic), microwave and quantum drive systems. I skimmed through it and it even specifically referenced the importance of early design shapes such as “Cube” and “pill”… yeah, pill or you could also say “tic-tac” I bet.

    I’ve heard an aggressive refute lately about the “tic-tac” UAP not being tic-tac shaped but actually being a “saucer” shape.
    I’m telling you guys I smell a bold faced lie a mile away, and you can do this too when you live by the truth. I mean, why even bring that up when nobody is even talking about that anymore?… Well, this makes more sense now, a lot more than extraterrestrials or Grey Aliens or mystery intelligences I think.

    AI is the manufacturer of these different technologies IMO, that’s how whistle blowers weave around words saying they don’t know where certain intelligences come from… Because it’s partly true when your tech is smarter than yourself and you don’t realize how it’s coming up with certain things on its own. It’s still directly related to evil and sin though ⚡️. I guarantee you God is going to spank some hineys for taking away the free will of his children… I hope as many as possible will buckle up and get right with him sooner than later, just my advice.

    God knows I don’t like being lied to, and I don’t like anyone else being lied to either. I love my Country and freedoms that so many give/gave all for. Please check out this link and subcategories. It’s looking to me like there’s certain organizations who loves their money and power more than it’s people, and is scared of the people and the good Lord too.

    My intuition and guidance tells me groups have perfected these propulsion systems with the help of AI (maybe some spiritual darks things as well).
    Time for additional intelligent people to get acquainted with what people in the rabbit hole are aware of and then quickly get out with some comparisons to what is actually happening and gain some real answers for the greater good.


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