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SC EP:1026 America’s Boogeyman And Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to John. John writes “In 2017 we took our cadets out to an FTX (Field Training Exercise) near Tenino, WA. On the 1st night we heard what I now know to be tree knocks, which was curious but nothing unnerving, so we really paid no attention to it.

But the 2nd night… around 0130 (1:30 am) we heard a LOUD, chilling, otherworldly yell, that got all the staff out of our tents at lightning speed and on immediate high alert.

The length… of the howl / screaming growl; NOTHING I know of has a lung capacity that large. I’m a hunter & fisherman, so I spend a fair amount of time in nature (or at least, I used to) and I’ve never heard anything like that, ever, in my life.

A sustained vocalization of approx 25-30 seconds in one breath. It was chilling. Almost paralyzing.
What truly stood my hair on end, was some kind of infrasound reverb passing through my vital organs that accompanied the yell. Like a lion’s huff. I Felt the sound waves ripple through my body, vibrating my guts.

The voice was strange too. As if multiple sets of vocal cords were overlaid, activating all at once. Like 2 or 3 voices of different octaves and pitch, but altogether, wrapped up in a singular voice.
I know that sounds insane, but it’s difficult to describe.

The 2nd vocalization had us back in our tents drawing our firearms… but for the first time, I had no confidence in my weapon against whatever made that sound. It was so intimidating. I felt thoroughly vulnerable, despite being armed. I mean Utterly helpless.

We heard tree knocks again shortly after, and then another vocalization from the other side of the field in the opposite tree line and then tree knocks from that location as well. I don’t know if there were two of them communicating across the field, or if it was the same one circling and repositioning around our perimeter. Whichever it was, it sounded aggressive. It certainly wasn’t happy we were there.

Like I said previously, we never saw it, because it was in the darkness beyond the glow of our bonfire in the center of camp. On the other hand, I hated being so exposed because we were at a tactical disadvantage. We were illuminated by the fire, so it could see us, but we couldn’t see it. I wish I had brought NVG’s. (I certainly will next time)

A rock was thrown at our campfire where we, the staff were in befuddled conversation, about just what the hell to do. A few more rocks were thrown at us periodically but eventually it got quite. Obviously, we couldn’t go back to sleep. We stayed up, and remained on watch until sunrise. We packed up and left the following morning.”






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91 Responses to “SC EP:1026 America’s Boogeyman And Sasquatch”

    • Carrie S

      Happy Saturday Wes! Wow, that was such a scarey encounter! I was finding myself glad that John was a Marine because who would be more perfect for the job of dealing with Sasquatch than a man in the military?! What a bad nite they had. I was wondering if any of the kids had heard the vocalization of these creatures and if so, what did they say? Kinda curious about that. Great show as always Wes! John is now a believer in this world of Bigfoot 👣

  1. James G

    That’s hardcore, I always take note of military personnel and the fear they feel. Most say they feel fear worse than combat. Almost a primal or projected fear, almost like they can input fear

  2. m99

    A servants heart, that’s it John. Serving others on behalf of the Lord. Personally, I would expect those creatures could see the real Holy Spirit inside of you. Alive, alert, and ready to go, with the Lord standing right there. Good show. Thx for your service John. You are the salt of the earth, so please don’t lose your savor.

    • Wade D

      Good stuff Wes! I have friends in Tenino….
      Even nowing different caliber capabilities and firearms abilities, you do not know where the other creature is. Seldom they seem to be alone in situations like this…This could be very not advantageous for the shooter.
      I have no doubt a modern rifle ‘asolute minumum 270 win cal.’ would put a 1000+lb. Animal down, happens every year in alaska with bears and moose. Problem is keeping a cool head and and steady, efficient hands to make a shot that will anchor a potentially very dangerous animal immediately, then maintain that composure when the second one decides makes its move.

    • Steve W

      Kimberly, perhaps it might help mitigate SOME but not all infra-sound. It hits every organic part of the body. Ears and all unprotected mucous membranes , all unprotected muscles and organs can go down for the count. It is a VERY unpleasant and frightening experience

  3. Dan A

    So a 12 gauge and you are scared? Listen 12 gauge buck or a slug will stop many things. I would have all faith in it stopping a squatch. get real. spec ops here. close range you would take its head off!

      • Brian L

        Ohhh Man…. that’s so scary… knowing what a 12 gauze slug can do.
        I’ve heard guys say a M1 tank wouldn’t be enough, but always felt that was an exaggeration….
        I think a .50 BMG M2 ‘MA Deuce’ would have to get er done….

        • Darrel R

          Yep, People make these things out to be unstoppable if they are 8 feet tall and weigh approx 800lbs is the size of a medium-sized Bull elk, anything from a .270 up can take them out and if you decide for a head shot I would estimate a Squatch head max out 45lb a high powered deer rifle would turn it into cottage cheese. obvious that the so-called hunters that face these things don’t know and are not familiar with their rifles, and that is a big no-no even if you go hunting for squirrels.

      • Jason G

        The thing is, if you don’t hit the central nervous system, the brain, you have no hope of stopping one of these things from pulverizing you before it bleeds out. Chances are that under stress you will miss, piss it off and be killed. Even if a person is fortunate enough to make that shot, what about the others that are most likely around?

        • Brian L

          When I was a kid… maybe 13 to 15 years old, we had a White Spruce forest behind the property that had been planted in close rows many years earlier, for pulp wood I think. Anyway, the trees were all anywhere between 6 to 10 inches in diameter. My buddies and I would line up the trees and shoot 12 gauge slugs straight through even the 10″ trees and hope to hit the tree behind it, so we could dig the mangled slug out of the tree with our buck knives and check it out…. then put it on a windowsill or wherever. So, if a 2 3/4″ 7/8 ounce slug can go right through the middle of a 10 inch spruce… it’s gotta at least tickle a Squatch…..

        • Darrel R

          lol well, I served 2 Duties in Vietnam As a sniper, and as a member of a special forces unit, that had dealings with Laos, Cambodia, in South Vietnam, Known as the “Viper unit” I have shot everything under the sun at one time or another. but you’re right I don’t know what the hell I am talking about,

          • Steve W

            Sorry. I meant DAN A. Or any of you guys throwing shade at Wes & John, what’s your personal experience with SASQUATCH ? I can’t wait to hear from ALL of you. Might make a great show !!! 👀🤞

  4. Carlos M

    4570 300 grain 100 yards would do the dirty work. that’s why they call it the freight train. even a hundred pound head loaded with all the related tendons etc. would not withstand this type of impact I’m positive it would anchor the beast ! .

    • Chad T

      I was laughing myself. I thought he was like Jessie Ventura or a Richard Marcinko (Seal Team six) spin off. I kept telling myself, If this guys says “I ain’t got time to bleed”. I am going to shit a brick laughing. He is definitely a good storyteller. Good Stuff. He took an incident where they went camping, heard some scary stuff and got some rocks tossed at them into an entire episode. It was fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. theresa m

    John! You are the cream of the crop! You are one of the best of the best! Such a good share. Honest and detailed. I feel privileged to be able to listen to you tell us what happened, how you felt, what you were thinking of as the event unfolded. Truly epic! Wes, as always, you are such a good man! Appreciate you!

  6. Ron S

    Bless those that serve and those that follow the instinctual desire to protect others. Thank you John for the excellent recount of your experience.

    My first experience outdoors with this “creature” was similar in what was heard by John… The Ohio howl comes as close to it as anything else and gave me chicken skin upon finding the recording in the search to look for my own answers.

    I wasn’t even into Sasquatch back then and my encounter and subsequent finding of the Ohio howl was what initially brought me to becoming a member here many years ago. SC still remains as the only subscription to anything I’ve had in my life since my own initial experience. (Other than phone or tv obviously, I think you get what I’m saying)

    But yes, what my friend and I heard was more drawn out and sustained but I wouldn’t say 25 seconds… John may agree when he watches 25 seconds go by on a timer and realizes how long that really is (just a guess). We had “the sound” of large trees falling in close proximity as well following the roar/howl but didn’t actually see those either.

    The only strange visual we had during our encounter was a large luminous and humanoid shape in the middle of our only exit route as we scurried to get back to the car (which caused us to stop dead in our tracks but evaporated as I encouraged my friend to just keep moving forward regardless of what it was).

    Johns story is a classic example of an encounter. John obviously has a big wonderful and powerful voice that evokes leadership and confidence, he has a love for the outdoors, a desire to protect and educate young ones. There’s so much good he could do with life experience and voice… That is what this encounter took from him personally, and I’m sure it made several of the other witnesses that night lose faith in some part of their own faith, confidence or blessings that they have to discover for themselves as well.

    What people who haven’t had an experience need to understand is that in these more aggressive encounters you can be armed to the teeth like Rambo but weapons only work to give you confidence for your survival against natural things.

    Say what you will and think what you like but the fear these things project goes deeper than physical, it’s like a fear that touches your soul… You instinctively know this but you might be in denial or not familiar yet with the power of both good and bad spiritual things or truly acknowledge the reality of them.

    It’s one thing to say you trust in God (that’s a good start), but it’s altogether something more when you realize/know Gods power and have faith.

    John is on his own journey, I don’t know what’s in store for him or what life decisions he will choose. I would truly love to someday hear that this man found true faith and wisdom through the divine mercy of Christ. And those words coming out of my mouth (“I believe in Jesus”) use to be so foreign to me and not possible… Just as odd as the day I realized (many years ago) that I was actually telling myself “I believe in Bigfoot”. Before my encounters with either I didn’t truly believe in either one.

    I like to believe I’m older and wiser now… My faith has been tested. I go back into the outdoors again, a success story perhaps. I still sometimes carry some form of physical defense for myself, for the rare occurrence that Mother Nature may want to test me or give me a lesson, and I have to scare something off or whatever… But my best weapon for defense is through faith.

    When you truly have it you’ll feel like you’re rolling through the woods in the ultimate armored vehicle that leaves no tracks or trace, doesn’t confine you, only allows you to be free to enjoy creation and live again to follow your true destiny or appreciation for good things. No BS.
    Thanks again Wes and John!

  7. Jennifer B

    John, you spoke real and from your heart! What a terrific experience, I can’t imagine what thoughts went through your head! Thank you for sharing, these are the ones we need to here! Raw emotions and spiritual backing. God bless you.

    Thank you Wes! God bless you too!!

  8. Darinda B

    This was a fantastic interview. I know they can see at night and they believe we can too because they hide behind trees and such at night. They assume we can see them at night just like they can see us at night. Interesting right? Thanks so much for telling this encounter 😊

  9. deborah f

    Wes you rock! This was utterly compelling and really inspiring. To listen to this guy and hear of his dedication to service and doing his duty to his fellow man
    wow I have huge respect for him
    I hope (and suspect) that there are many, many other men that exist that are like-minded because I think we are going to need men like that in the future.

  10. Matthew W

    Glad for the kids that no shots were fired. Once the kids were home, I would have driven straight to that land owners house and given him a very bad day. He knew they were there and that John and company were bringing 30 kids out there! No warning, that’s totally not right.

  11. Brian D

    🤣 No offense intended John, but I have to agree with Case M, “You have to twist it, twist it, to simulate kindling!”
    Joking aside, it was a reviting experience. You displayed an intestinal fortitude that is quite extraordinary. Thank you for your service John and thank you Wes for another great episode!

  12. Gerald D

    For anybody and I do mean anybody that’s never been in the military and in the real SHIT. Please keep your DEROGATORY comments to yourself. I’ve did my 10 years Marine Corps, Semper Fi. Until you’ve seen or been there it’s quiet time for you. Good account John. Thanks Wes.

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