Jan 27

Strange Audio Captured In Kentucky

A listener writes “Hey Wes! I was wondering if you could give this attached audio file a listen and tell me what you think? I received this third hand, my friend is friends with the guy who recorded this and passed it along to me because we are supposed to go investigate some recent reports in the area within the next week or so.

The quality isn’t the best because I think it was captured on a cellphone but it’s definitely interesting.”


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4 Responses to “Strange Audio Captured In Kentucky”

  1. william Y

    I live on Long Island, New York. At the end, and a realtor, I do work for his wife is from Kentucky. I took a chance and asked her has anyone in her family ever had any weird encounters in the woods, and she said what do you mean and I said have you heard about the boogers and she looked at me like I was completely nuts. And then I said, do you have any Greeks in Kentucky. And she said yes why. And I said I’m GREEK. And she said you don’t look GREEK. And I said we are not all black and hairy.

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