Jan 26

Paranormal Portal: The Sasquatch Tracker – Michael Thompson

Paranormal Portal writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we are welcoming researcher Michael Thompson who hails from Alaska and created SasquatchTracker.com. SasquatchTracker.com is Michael’s website cataloging his research into the Boreal Sasquatch and Marked Homonids. Michael’s research has spanned over 40 years and he and I have a fantastic discussion about the Bigfoot Phenomena. ”

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  1. Ron S

    Brent has definitely been blessed with the gift of good humor. He sneaks in those characters and jokes like a light in the darkness. It’s so good to be able to laugh with someone, and when I watch his channel I feel like I’m laughing right there with him:)

    It’s even better when he has his son Sheldon with him. Sheldon has wisdom but also such an innocence he brings to the table. My favorite thing about Sheldon is seeing him discover something or realizing something for the first time through that innocence, and how he say’s “Ohhh my God!” … I love that😂🌞🙏🏼

    Such an honest show from the heart, it contains good things that weave people together like a loom… Such a contrast to much of the other content that’s out there that’s trying to be presented to me… Some of these other channels make me feel like I had an accident and shat in my algorithm somewhere along the line, and now I’m left with the oily stain of that bacon strip. Ewe!

    We can always use more honesty and truth in the world, and also know how to better recognize when someone is trying to sell you their own brand of dirty undies, or “Fruit of the Loons”😂.

    Keep doing what you do Brent! 🌞🙏🏼

  2. Ron S

    My fiancé and I just had something strange happen within the last half hour or so (depending how long it takes me to write this) that I’d like to share.

    I had just made a really late breakfast for the three of us (dog included), and we gave thanks to God for the food and other blessings as well.

    Now don’t judge me for the next part… But lately on occasion when I eat, sometimes (at least one bite) I like to close my eyes just for a few seconds and eat slowly, consciously and really taste the food while internally processing the eating experience and flavors and projecting it to any heavenly spirits.

    My thinking is, I have an intuition there are spirits who watch over us and help guide us that were once like us with these human bodies… And who knows, maybe they miss the joy of eating delicious things because they no longer need that function anymore, or maybe they already experience the most delicious things far better than we could comprehend.

    I really don’t know myself how it all works and probably never will in my lifetime… But I do it anyway because what harm could it do? If I ever get accepted into heaven or”level up” it’s something that’s either going to be appreciated or make for a very good laugh, I’m good with both:)

    It was mere seconds after taking my”spiritual bite of food” while her and I sat across from each other at the little dining room table in the midst of having good uplifting conversation… After my bite of (soul food) I wonder as I always do if I’m being a fool or not in this new practice I came up with😂

    Suddenly this little, thin neutral colored wisp of a smoky looking thing 3-4” tall quickly floats by between us and then sharply up. A second later I felt it, it was like a gentle cold breeze across my knuckles (which was the closest part of myself to it).

    I said to my fiance “Did you see that?!”

    She says “Whoa, you saw that too?!”

    Then proceeded to tell her I even felt it as well.
    It wasn’t steam from anything as our food or coffee wasn’t really hot, the blinds were closed etc., trust me I tried to debunk it.

    I’ve seen my fair share of strange things from, potentially face to face with the demonic or feeling the presence of divine things or even unexplained phenomena like orbs of light, Sasquatch or even shadow figures a few times, but really nothing physically observable for months now after finding more and more faith, trust in God and feeling protected by him.

    This didn’t look or feel dark at all, just kind of an acknowledgement.

    I just had to tell you all this as although I wasn’t surprised to experience something that most don’t, it was really cool to physically and externally feel the presence of something coinciding with the visual, and as an added bonus to have it validated by someone else.

    When I saw it, it was almost touching the table moving horizontally and then shooting upwards, when she saw it, it was already going up.

    It was thin and remained in an upright position the whole time almost like if you took a section of thin smoke from what initially comes off an incense stick in still air… It was pretty neat and something I (or her) hadn’t seen before.

    When I went to the store this morning after commenting to Brent in this blog, it was (and is) foggy out, but the energy felt really good in the world today.

    I’m sure there are people who know much more about these things than I do. So yeah, take it for what you like. It’s just the truth in my personal journey and an almost live update for you:) 🌞🙏🏼❤️ Peace and may God bless you all.

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