Family Farm Bigfoot Activity

Randy Harrington posted a video called “Family farm bigfoot activity over 2 year period in 1980’s In Independence Missouri.” Randy writes “Church friends who lived on a 100 acre farm in Independence Missouri, lived through 2 years of bigfoot activity witnessed by the family in multiple occasions, 12 children of all ages in this family.”

It Had The Shape Of A Man

A listener writes “Hope you are doing well. I have been listening to you for the last several years and been fascinated by the stories told by others (especially when they seem similar to my own) who have witnessed/experienced these creatures. Several years ago I submitted my story to BFRO as I didn’t have any… Read more »

Sighting On The Tickfaw River

The Tickfaw River runs 113 miles from Amite County in southwest Mississippi to Livingston Parish in southeast Louisiana. Its mouth opens into Lake Maurepas, which conjoins with Lake Pontchartrain. The name Tickfaw is thought to be derived from the Choctaw phrase meaning “pine rest” or “Rest Among the Pines.” A listener writes “I discovered the… Read more »

SC EP:983 Like It Was Running On A Escalator

We will be chatting with Mike. Mike and his family were on a vacation traveling up and down the west coast. On August 3rd Mike and his family were traveling through California when a large creature jumped up on two legs and took off running up the hill. Mike said “As we rounded the corner… Read more »

It Was Definitely Not A Bear

A listener writes “I would like to tell you about a very unusual and scary occurrence in my life that occurred in the summer of 2004 or thereabouts. My boyfriend and I traveled to a location near the Big Bend area named Devil’s River State Natural Area. We wanted to find an extremely remote area… Read more »

Members Shows Are Moving – Members

I am moving the members show to Saturday night. I am trying to open up more time during the week for an additional member show. I am working to get that going as soon as next week. It is a work in progress but I will keep you updated. Also the known sound game, I… Read more »

It Was Not A Sasquatch

A listener writes “I live in northwest Pennsylvania. And this is a little difficult for me as I never really believed in “big foot” or Sasquatch, or anything like that. I live in a town called Franklin but I grew up in cranberry township which touches. My dad, big hunter! Always said there were other… Read more »

Strange Familiars: white Things, grey Things, Unknown Things

Strange Familiars writes “It’s a double on-site episode! First, we make a short but intense visit to Site 7. Something grey moves across the trail. Next, we accompany Lon Strickler on a bigfoot investigation in Maryland which seems to be not so much bigfoot as it is other unknowns.”

I Saw The Way It Moved

A listener writes “I was traveling from Gresham Oregon to Gardnerville NV. I exited Hwy- 5 to Hwy 89 south of the town Shasta CA heading east on Hwy 89. I passed the little towns of McCloud CA and Bartell. About 15 minutes after passing the town of Bartel at a speed of 70 MPH… Read more »

I Couldn’t Break Eye Contact With The Creature

A listener writes “I am currently 31 and live in Cottage Grove Oregon however my encounter happened in the summer of 2005 or 2006 back when I was in middle school. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I was always into supernatural/paranormal shows, I had heard of Sasquatch at a young age but did not… Read more »

Were small-brained early humans intelligent?

The field of anthropology was turned somewhat upside-down last month when it was revealed that Homo naledi an early human ancestor with a brain no bigger than that of a chimpanzee – had seemingly been capable of sophisticated burial practices, tool carving and artwork some 250,000 years before modern humans. “We now face the prospect… Read more »

A Big Flat-Faced Creature

A listener writes “Hi Wes, Unfortunately, I wasn’t present for the actual sighting, but my (now deceased) husband and two daughters clearly saw what I (only now) know must have been a Sasquatch. One day, while I stayed home at the cabin and napped, the three of them went for a hike on the property’s… Read more »

We Pulled Over Thinking Whatever Hit Us Was Dead

A listener writes “I did have an encounter about 20 years ago in Oklahoma down by Lake Texoma.. My friend and I were returning at night from duck hunting, driving about 70 mph down Hwy 70 south of the lake. Saw something out corner my eye standing in trees about 50 feet from hwy..It crouched… Read more »

Strange Incident On The Clackamas River

The Clackamas River is notorious for sightings. A listener writes “I live in Clackamas county Oregon and have been up the Clackamas River many many times in my life. So my ex boyfriends friend had went up to skookum lake and was telling us about it. So we decided to go scope it out for… Read more »

It Was A Huge Man

A listener writes “I’ve always been a believer and a big fan of your show. My boyfriend Dave has never been a believer and would always tease me about watching Bigfoot shows and listening to your podcast. He’s been in the forest his whole life from working falling timber to living in forest areas to… Read more »

Ryan Graves shares airline pilot’s UFO testimony on Twitter

The former Navy pilot and UFO witness has started to publish the testimonies of other pilots who have had UFO encounters. Graves, who is certainly no stranger to UFOs having witnessed a mysterious object with no visible means of propulsion around 10 years ago during his time with the US Navy, has now started to… Read more »

Russia’s Luna 25 probe destroyed as it crashes into the Moon

This latest mission, which aimed to land a probe on the Moon’s south pole for the first time, had been a risky endeavor from the outset. This area of the lunar surface is of particular interest to scientists because it is thought to be home to frozen water and precious elements that could one day… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: Another Mothman Chronicle – Travis Shortt

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Travis Shortt back to the show. Travis is one of the people responsible for the production of the first feature-length documentary on the Mothman Phenomena called “Darkwings: The Mothman Chronicle”. Travis has been a key figure in the ongoing research into this incredible… Read more »

The Confessionals: Military Base Portals and Glitches

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 574, we are thrilled to have Nick, the curator behind the renowned Instagram page “Tales From The Gridsquare,” back on the show. As a soldier himself, Nick runs an account dedicated to collecting and sharing spine-chilling accounts from veterans about their eerie encounters on military bases and battlefields worldwide. You… Read more »

The Freeman Footage

In 1994 Paul Freeman took compelling video footage of a possible Sasquatch while researching in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon.