I Noticed This Small Being Looking At Me

A listener writes “Not sure if you’d like to hear this story, but if so I’d be happy to share it with you. About a year and a half ago my dog (English bulldog) which for the most part doesn’t chase animals took off after something which I didn’t see. He ran straight into some… Read more »

The Green Lights

A listener writes “Wes, I’ve been listening to the show for about 4 years and I have to say that I am really impressed with the platform you’ve built and the community you’ve brought together. I’m currently a desert rat living in Las Vegas, NV and I wanted to share my personal story of encountering… Read more »

We Locked Eyes

A listener writes “Just want to share an encounter I had when I was younger, this experience changed everything. I grew up in western Canada, I was born in Grand Forks, BC and moved to the north end of Vancouver Island when I was 12 and lived there for 8 years. When I was 13,… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Something Lifted the Car

Timothy talks with Jeff who shares some compelling stories of weird encounters. Jeff tells about a harrowing night of fishing with his father where frightening sounds and heavy footfalls issued from the dark woods around them. Was it ghosts? Bigfoot? Both? Jeff then relates more tales including UFO sightings, some green-eyed nighttime invaders, and a… Read more »

‘Crazy’ raccoon dog terrorizes villagers

A wild raccoon dog has been terrorizing a U.K. village, terrifying locals and attacking pets. SWNS reports that police were called to Clarborough in Nottinghamshire this week after some residents were subjected to a two-hour standoff with the strange-looking animal. Villager Mandy Marsh was woken by a “blood-curdling scream” early on Tuesday morning and her… Read more »

The Faces of Ancient Hominids

Several years ago, a team of scientists from the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, set out to put a human face to ancient hominid species that once walked the Earth. Using sophisticated forensic methods, they created 27 model heads based on bone fragments, teeth and skulls found across the globe over the last century…. Read more »

Saturday Night Live: Sasquatch

Campers (Sterling K. Brown, Heidi Gardner, Melissa Villaseñor, Mikey Day, Pete Davidson) try to befriend a Sasquatch when it invades their campsite.

Strange News: Phantom Airplanes

Ben miller writes “After a long break in content I am back and we are looking at the phenomenon of Phantom Airplanes. Some stories involve planes landing by itself to ones that vanish into thin air.”  

Beastly Theories: Ken Gerhard – In Search of Monsters!

Andy writes “Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist and field investigator for The Centre for Fortean Zoology, as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute and consultant for several research organizations. He has travelled the world searching for evidence of mysterious animals and legendary beasts including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra,… Read more »

Genetically Engineered Animals

We are IF writes “Genetically engineered animals. What the post-natural future holds? Many see the future as an apocalyptic hell. Pick your ending natural disaster, manmade catastrophe or an alien invasion it seems that the future of the human race and the planet is not something many are looking forward to but this is nothing… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: The Forgotten Graveyard

Tony writes “Today we have Norm coming on the show to share his many experiences from The Confessionals home start of Pennsylvania! He shares different things including a haunted graveyard he explored back in high school. It seems this haunted graveyard have a very unusual effect on animals in the area. Home with us as… Read more »

The Untold Truth Of Finding Bigfoot

Grunge writes “The show Finding Bigfoot and its various spinoffs has introduced us to some of the weirdest creatures in existence. Of course, we’re referring to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, who we’ll now call the B-FRO, a group dedicated to, well, finding Bigfoot. The B-FRO’s quest to find a single, solitary Sasquatch has continued… Read more »

“I WILL NOT Go Into These Mountains ALONE”

The Paranormal Files writes “This tour guide won’t step FOOT in these HAUNTED mountains alone. Watch this video to hear the stories of the Superstition Mountains, some of the most haunted landforms on the planet. It’s paranormal story time, people.”     The Superstition Mountains, popularly called “The Superstitions,” is a range of mountains in… Read more »

Memorial Day Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering and honoring people who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The holiday is observed on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day Facts You Probably Didn’t Know 1. Multiple cities claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. According… Read more »

Native American Tribes Will Not Enter This Forest

Unexplained Mysteries writes “Native American tribes will not enter this ancient forest because of this. We take a look at this ancient forest and why people won’t enter it. Going back several years ago a low budget horror movie was released. The movie was called the blair witch project and was based around the legend… Read more »

SC EP:545 Shots FIRED!

A listener writes “I shot one in 1995 deer hunting in the area around Oregon caves out of cave junction where I live. Have had a few other encounters and photos of footprints while hunting wild mushrooms, let me know if you are interested” Spoke to the eyewitness and he has agreed to come on… Read more »

Genoskwa: The killer Bigfoot!

We are IF writes “Its collab time once again and we have another great subject covered in depth by Ryan Tremblay, Ryan wrote the Wendigo story I looked at a few videos ago, and is back with a cryptid related to the Bigfoot. This Sasquatch cousin is a little different to its kin, a lot… Read more »