Lost Cities Discovered In The Amazon Rainforest

LiDAR technology has made it possible for archaeologists to peer beneath the dense foliage. Lidar, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth. Jay Silverstein: A valley of lost cities has been discovered in… Read more »

Marais des Cygnes River Monster in Kansas

Randy Harrington writes “Witness describes unusual behavior of bigfoot viewing cat fisher men on a Kansas river.” The Marais des Cygnes River is a principal tributary of the Osage River, about 217 miles long, in eastern Kansas and western Missouri in the United States. Via the Osage and Missouri rivers, it is part of the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Bear Hunters And Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking with Bradey. Bradey writes “I have an encounter story from Yakima Washington area during bow season 2001. Still can’t get my brain to admit what it may have been. It was a bit different then most reports. Id love to chat about it. I’m a long time hunter from Yakima… Read more »

From The Shadows: UFOs, an Abduction, and Psychic Abilities

From The Shadows writes “Author Dev Rugne joins us to share her lifetime of paranormal experiences. As an Assistant State Director of Northern California MUFON, she has spent years as an investigator. She also shares her personal journey of discovering what happened to her as a child. Dev’s story is explored in her book, “UFO… Read more »

Strange Audio Captured In Kentucky

A listener writes “Hey Wes! I was wondering if you could give this attached audio file a listen and tell me what you think? I received this third hand, my friend is friends with the guy who recorded this and passed it along to me because we are supposed to go investigate some recent reports… Read more »

SC EP:1026 America’s Boogeyman And Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to John. John writes “In 2017 we took our cadets out to an FTX (Field Training Exercise) near Tenino, WA. On the 1st night we heard what I now know to be tree knocks, which was curious but nothing unnerving, so we really paid no attention to it. But the… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: The Sasquatch Tracker – Michael Thompson

Paranormal Portal writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we are welcoming researcher Michael Thompson who hails from Alaska and created SasquatchTracker.com. SasquatchTracker.com is Michael’s website cataloging his research into the Boreal Sasquatch and Marked Homonids. Michael’s research has spanned over 40 years and he and I have a fantastic discussion about the… Read more »

Preview Of Tomorrow Night

A preview of tomorrow nights show. I will be welcoming John to the show. John is a Marine Veteran. Here is a link to the preview “In 2017 we took our cadets out to an FTX (Field Training Exercise) near Tenino, WA. On the 1st night we heard what I now know to be tree… Read more »

Lansing Kansas Sod Layers

Randy Harrington shares encounters from Kansas. Randy writes “When you thought the job was done, and a possible bigfoot decides there is food underneath.”   Link to video

Our Most Mysterious Extinct Cousins

PBS writes “There was a group of hominins, those creatures more closely related to us than to chimpanzees, that did take a different, parallel journey from our ancestors. Our paths ran beside each other – and potentially even crossed at times – but while ours led us here, theirs led to extinction.”   Check out… Read more »

Upcoming Show: ROTC Camping Trip Encounter

A listener rites “In 2017 we took our cadets out to an FTX (Field Training Exercise) near Tenino, WA. On the 1st night we heard what I now know to be tree knocks, which was curious but nothing unnerving, so we really paid no attention to it. But the 2nd night… around 0130 (1:30 am)… Read more »

Strange Familiars: The Witcher Diggers Return

Strange Familiars writes “Tyler Strand and Jon Darby join Timothy and Alison as they revisit a story we originally featured way back in episode 4. The Witch Diggers were a family who, in 1892, were besieged with strangeness. Weird witches, hairy bigfoot-like creatures, giant snakes, and more. The encounters eventually seemed to drive the whole… Read more »

Strange Events While Hunting

This last hunting season I was at a state park in Lupton Michigan. It is called The Rifle River Recreational Area and is around 4,450 acres of land that is near the Huron National Forrest. Most of the land surrounding the park are woods and corn fields. About 25 minutes from there is West Branch… Read more »

Was Goliath A Nephilim?

Legends of History writes “The biblical story of David and Goliath is one of the most famous tales found in the story of the Old Testament. The narrative reflects our own individual struggle throughout life, not just necessarily from a religious point of view, but in a more human sense. We all have challenges to… Read more »

Thermal Sasquatch Documentary 2024

Brothers Jonathan and Ben Brown capture a Sasquatch on their property in Washington state. Jon put together this short film, check it out here.

The Confessionals: Future Hybrid Warriors

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 619: Future Hybrid Warriors, we discuss the harrowing experiences of Karin Wilkinson, author of “Stolen Seed, Evil Harvest”. Karin shares her lifelong encounters with alien abductions and the creation of a hybrid human army. From her earliest memories of being taken by non-human entities to her struggles with PTSD and… Read more »

I Heard Voices In The Woods

A listener writes “I live in Washington State in a small town called Sedro-Woolley. I had an experience in 2022 with a friend of mine. I never really talked about it with anyone till late last year cause I felt crazy but I think about my experience all the time. Anyways my friend and were… Read more »

I Could Hear My Heart Beating Through My Ears

A listener writes “I had an encounter with what I think was two Bigfoot’s at my property in desoto parish Louisiana (very close to Sabine national reserve) when I was 16. I was hunting a bow stand one evening and I was sitting about 30 feet in a tree on a slight hill overlooking a… Read more »

Solar System Size In Perspective | 3D Universe Size Comparison

Data Playz writes “Solar System Size In Perspective | 3d Animation comparison. In this video we made 3d animated Comparison of Solar System Size and this is true scale comparison of Solar System.” Makes you realize how small we really are.   Link to video

Maine Encounter 36 years ago

A listener writes “First, I want to thank you for everything you do. You really listen to everyone and make people feel so comfortable. I have never spoken to anyone about what happened when I was 5 years old. My husband of 21 years has no idea and he knows EVERYTHING about me, he just… Read more »