That’s When It Stood Up

A listener writes “In 1991, we moved back to Ohio. It was a your typical warm night in August sometime. The corn was fully grown. Me, my cousin and her friend were out riding in my 66 Chevelle. We started down the hill on county road 1281. The road dips into a shallow valley where… Read more »

Strange Familiars: I Caught You Now!

Tim writes “Emily shares stories of weird encounters throughout her life. An intense bigfoot sighting from her youth, alien contact, a gargoyle sighting, orbs, Flannel Man, and more.”

Giants And Fallen Angels Chained Up Underground

This video has been sent to me numerous times. It shows what sounds like human like noises coming from the ground. You can also hear the sound of chains. This video in particular is a reaction video. The video, I believe was taken in Iraq. I have my doubts on this one. If I could… Read more »

A Listener Report: Large Figure Standing

Dawn writes “Lading in Memphis, Tennessee Sunday May 29th (then heading to north east Mississippi) looking out my window as I’m listening to SC podcast with my earbuds in and see this large figure standing on what looks like a sandbank. I’m not saying it’s a Bigfoot but it kind of looks like one.”

Paranormal Portal: Nightmares With The Unknown

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, Don and I are bringing you face to face with Nightmares with the Unknown. From Cryptids to UFOs to Ghosts and so much more, hang on…cause we’re leaving the “known” waay behind!”

Baby Orangutans Learn How to Crack Coconuts

The Smithsonian Channel writes “It’s fruit-gathering time for these orphan orangutans – one of their favorite pastimes. But can they follow the lead of their human carers and learn how to crack open a coconut for themselves?”

Capuchin Monkey Tool Use

A Capuchin Monkey uses a a rock and a log as hammer and anvil to crack palm nuts for food in the cerrado of Brazil.

It made me nervous

A listener writes “I live in Washington state in the Graham/ Eatonville area, and have had property here and have tromped through the woods many times. My husband and brother are avid hunters, so I am familiar with the sounds of different animals tromping in the woods, as well as their noises. (They, along with… Read more »

The Confessionals: Tennessee White Bigfoot

Tony writes “In Episode 448: Tennessee White Bigfoot we are talking with Casey about his bigfoot experiences. Have you ever imagined being out in the woods at night and running into a giant monster that shouldn’t exist? Well, Casey and his family had that very experience. When he was a young kid in East Tennessee,… Read more »

The Chapman Account from 1941—Northern Mysteries

Northern Mysteries is a Canadian documentary-style TV show which began airing in 2005. The segment featured in this video is titled “Bigfoot” and mostly focuses on the 1941 Chapman family incident near Ruby Creek.

Cryptid By State Kansas

Ben writes “We are continuing our Cryptid Family Road Trip as we venture to Kansas. Granted there aren’t a lot of creatures to be found here but there are some ones of nightmares.”

Tonight’s Show: Sighting by Wildlife Biologist

I had an interview run late but I am working to get the show up as soon as possible. The show should be available at 5:30pm PST. Spoke to the eyewitness and she has agreed to come on the show. Her encounter happened in Utah on May 6 2022. Take a listen to the preview.

Ötzi the Iceman and the Copper Age World

Over five thousand years ago in the Tyrolean Alps, a hunter was shot to death in a high mountain pass. His body would be covered by a glacier and preserved until its discovery in 1991. What can this unprecedented level of preservation tell us about not only Ötzi the Tyrolean Iceman… but the Copper Age… Read more »

The White Monkey

A listener writes “A little background to put things in perspective…. I grew up very poor with a very abusive father. Growing up I would stay out as long as I could and would go into the woods and lose myself in nature. I taught myself to track animals and learned all about game trails… Read more »

Do Ouija Boards Work?

The Paranormal Scholar writes “Do Ouija boards work? I rarely discuss my personal opinions about the paranormal. However, a lot happens behind-the-scenes. I do a lot of personal research and hands-on exploration, and so, on this occasion, I wanted to give you an insight into some of that, specifically my recent explorations into Ouija boards…”

How Ice Age Wolves Became Man’s Best Friend

Mankind Decoded: How Ice Age Wolves Became Man’s Best Friend. History writes “15,000 years ago man and the wolf form a partnership that shapes the future of Mankind. With the help of man’s new best friend we domesticate more animals, sowing the first seeds of farming and civilization.”

The Albert Ostman Account—Northern Mysteries

Northern Mysteries is a Canadian documentary-style TV show which began airing in 2005. The segment featured in this video is titled “Albert Ostman Bigfoot Tale” and recreates his alleged kidnapping by a Bigfoot, and features Dr. John Bindernagel, John Kirk, and Christopher Murphy.

SC EP:859 I Thought They Were People

A listener writes “My name is Michael, I am a retired 67 year old man. One night I got to my favorite camping was accessible to my old truck and just far enough off the paved road to be unnoticeable to passerby.     I would park in middle of this circular clearing in… Read more »