US Navy Admits That Leaked Videos Of UFO Sightings Are Real

Three videos appearing to show encounters between US Navy aircraft and UFOs are real, the Navy’s Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare spokesman Joseph Gradisher admitted. However, he also insisted that the clips merely show so far “unexplained aerial phenomena” and were never cleared for public release. “The Navy designates the objects contained… Read more »

Into The 400 Teaser

Ozark Mountain Sasquatch will be presenting their movie on Amazon prime next month called Into the 400. Check out the preview:

Strange Sound From The Woods

A listener writes “(Location NW Louisiana) (Time Frame: Fall of 1990 or 1991). I believe I was probably in 8th or 9th grade at the time in high school or around that time period when this experience happened. My family (great aunt and uncle) had wooded property in the country, outside of the small town… Read more »

The Case Of The Subterranean Sasquatch

We are IF writes “Bigfoot living underground The case of the subterranean Sasquatch The search for Bigfoot and his hairy hominid cousins continues. Scores of people search the backwoods of North America and other locations in the hope of finding the elusive cryptid. We have seen some video and photos that may have a captured… Read more »

Did You See That?

A Listener writes “(Location NW Louisiana) (Time Frame: Around Fall 2010) My Father and Brother about 1.8 miles from my parents home. I was home for Thanksgiving one year and my Dad shared this story with me. One night around 11:00pm, my Dad and Brother were driving to a local Walmart. As their vehicle was… Read more »

Mysterious Amazon Rainforest Discoveries

Unexplained Mysteries writes “5 mysterious Amazon rainforest discoveries that cannot be explained. We take a look at these 5 mysterious Amazon rainforest discoveries that cannot be explained. The dense jungles of our world are perhaps some of the least explored places. Over the years researchers have made some incredible discoveries however some of these are… Read more »

The Glimmerman

Ben miller writes “The Glimmerman is quite a strange being and I am not really sure what it should be classified as. This is why it doesn’t carry the normal cryptid spotlight title. The Glimmerman is basically the real life reports of a Predator ,yes from the movies, like being. Although it doesn’t have fancy… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: Searching For Sasquatch

Brent writes “Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, Don and I welcome Stephen Major of Extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC to the show! Stephen is active in Bigfoot Research and his team have been all over the nation and more pursuing the elusive #Sasquatch. His team is also the creative force behind “In Search of the Port… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Random Encounters

I love encounters like these when someone looks back at moments in their life and thinks, I wonder if that is what it was. David and I will be discussing different events that happen to him including a scary night on his friends farm. His friend told him “I do not what “it” is but… Read more »

Bigfoot On Private Property

Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team writes “Joe… Bigfoot On Private Property. Location will be kept private”

I Saw It Standing Just Outside The Trees

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I recently started looking around to see who I could share my encounter with, this happened in august of 2011. I found your show online and began listening to it recently. The guests you have on there seem genuine and thats what i was looking for, didnt want to be… Read more »

Mothman Festival

18th annual Mothman Festival SEPTEMBER 21 , 22 2019   Mothman Festival is an annual event held every third weekend in September that commemorates the 1966 Point Pleasant, West Virginia Mothman sighting, which gave birth to the infamous red-eyed winged legend. People from all over the world gather around our charming Main Street to celebrate… Read more »

SC EP: 581 HorrorHound Weekend Interviews

I was able to do a show with several guests while I was there. I wanted to include everyone who was unable to attend. My mic was damaged in transport so my voice sounds hollow. Several people sat down with me on the final day including Bob Gimlin, Travis Walton, Amy Bue and many more…. Read more »

Why Dan Aykroyd Is ‘All In’ On Bigfoot

Daniel Edward Aykroyd, is a Canadian-American actor, producer, comedian, musician and filmmaker who was an original member of the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” on Saturday Night Live (1975–1979). A musical sketch he performed with John Belushi on SNL, the Blues Brothers, turned into an actual performing band and then the 1980 film The… Read more »

Chimpanzee On The Loose In Texas

A chimpanzee is on the run in Texas and not letting anyone get in its way, officials said on Tuesday. The animal, which has been on the loose since Monday, has been harassing people and dogs, as well as trying to take cats in the Santa Fe area, according to Houston ABC station KTRK. However,… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Encounters with The Other III

Tim writes “More paranormal potporri! We hear Flannel Man stories from two witnesses – one includes a Flannel Man accompanied by a black dog! – and then we hear about a haunted property in Nicaragua with a very interesting history.”

The Bridgewater Triangle

“The Bridgewater Triangle” documentary featuring Bigfoot witness and paranormal investigator Joseph DeAndrade and his fellow investigator, Richard Fields.  

The Diary Of Elkanah Walker

If we are to believe the Diary of Elkanah Walker, pioneer American missionary in Washington State to the Spokane Indians, he wrote: “Bear with me if I trouble you with a little of their superstitions. They believe in a race of giants, which inhabit a certain mountain off to the west of us. This mountain… Read more »