Mysteries To Search: Bigfoot and Dogman

Brenton writes “Jody tells his Bigfoot stories. His Sasquatch encounters are interesting. He then shares his Dogman encounter where he ends up shooting this monster.

There it stood, looking into the house over the deck

A listener writes “I have listened to you for two years, while I do janitorial work at night and listen on my phone. So in 1982 in Catawba County NC on Molly’s Backbone rd., the house that we lived in was on Lake Norman and it was very isolated then, not now, there was an… Read more »

He roared so loud

William writes “It was around sept or oct of 1970. My battalion had been activated to go to Vietnam and we were doing some intense training to get ready. The training was taking place in the heavy forests of Fort Jackson SC. It was very dark that night and my platoon was on the left… Read more »

Its head was huge

A listener sent me his encounter that he submitted to the BFRO. It happened in 2008 in Spencer County, Indiana. He writes “It’s taken me a long time to share this story (about 7 years). My family, friends and I use to ride atv’s very often, usually on the weekends. I had the biggest 4… Read more »

Wolf-like animal killed near Denton

A Denton ranch family had a scare Wednesday morning when a wolf-like animal was spotted in a pasture with livestock. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks warden Sgt. Kyle Andersene of the Lewistown Field Office details the Wednesday morning encounter with the animal. Results from the state laboratory on the type of animal killed won’t be… Read more »

News of the strange: Baboon escaped at San Antonio airport

I sure hope animal control has more than a burlap sack and a dog catching loop. God speed animal control. Here is the article: San Antonio International Airport officials say a baboon that escaped it’s cage Monday afternoon is now in an isolated area. Officials said it was running around an isolated baggage area where… Read more »

The Mothman of Point Pleasant

In 1966, the residents of Point Pleasant, WV and the surrounding areas reported multiple sightings of a large, winged creature with red eyes. Dubbed “Mothman,” the sightings were accompanied by reports of UFOs and strange visitors.

The Beast of Gévaudan

The Beast of Gévaudan is the historical name associated with the man-eating gray wolf, dog or wolfdog that terrorized the former province of Gévaudan (modern-day département of Lozère and part of Haute-Loire), in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France between 1764 and 1767. The attacks, which covered an area stretching 90 by 80 kilometres (56… Read more »

The counselors said it was a wild animal

A listener writes “Hi Wes, after much self debate I firstly want to thank you and your brother for helping me and many others. It’s taken me most of my life I’m 63 to get the courage to face what happened when I was a child 7yo and 13yo. Now with your and Woody’s giving… Read more »

911 call in Washington 1990

This episode features a well known 911 call of a man in Washington state calling the police after he sees something in this backyard. This bigfoot eyewitness describes the beast as all black and very tall. The witness states that he does not believe in sasquatch and wants nothing to do with bigfoot stories.

Creatures hit the side of the camper

Dogman Narratives writes “On a weekend trip to up state New York four people encounter disgruntled Sasquatches in the High Peak Wilderness Area. After buying an Airstream camper for his girlfriend’s father he decides to put it to use and camp out in the nature perverse. Little did they know that their one night out… Read more »

SC EP:436 Hell itself opened up and unleashed a beast

Here is an early release for you guys and gals. A listener writes “I sent you an encounter that has left me terrified and I look to your show for answers and my experience was in freaking Iowa. I’m a rational man,this display of what I’m trying to this day to grasp was unlike anything… Read more »

The truth about orbs, strange lights and Sasquatch

St. Elmo’s fire is a weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created by a coronal discharge from a sharp or pointed object in a strong electric field in the atmosphere (such as those generated by thunderstorms or created by a volcanic eruption). St. Elmo’s fire is named after St. Erasmus of Formia (also called… Read more »

Strange encounter

A listener writes “What I saw was about 25 years ago in Bristol TN. This creature was running in a field next to this little trailer park I once lived in. It was in the middle of the day in the wide open in a somewhat populated area (weird). It stopped and looked directly at… Read more »

Tomorrow Night: Hell itself opened up and unleashed a beast

A listener writes “I sent you an encounter that has left me terrified and I look to your show for answers and my experience was in freaking Iowa. I’m a rational man,this display of what I’m trying to this day to grasp was unlike anything I can compare. I have listened to many of your… Read more »

National Geographic American Paranormal Bigfoot

“Sasquatch. The Wild Man. Bigfoot. Believers in the massive creature claim he’s half man, half primate and roams the Pacific Northwest. Join a team as they use advanced scientific analysis to investigate the phenomenon to reveal what’s science, and what’s science fiction. Follow along as we break down one of the most controversial pieces of… Read more »

International Bigfoot Conference

International Bigfoot Conference & Film Festival August 31- September 2, 2018   Three Rivers Convention Center 7016 West Grandridge Blvd Kennewick, WA 99336 First and foremost; we are an event that supports Military families with a percentage of every single ticket going directly to the gold star families. Each year we will auction off the… Read more »

Bob Gimlin and Russell Acord Podcast

Russel writes “Bob Gimlin and Russell Acord are going to the sound waves…. who’s ready?” Here is a small clip of their announcement, I will post the full video later.