Audible and Inaudible Sounds

Audible and inaudible sounds are two of categorization of sound according to their frequencies and capabilities of humans to hear or detect them. This video covers the characteristics of audible and inaudible sounds are explained along with their explanations. What are audible sounds? Audible sounds can be simply defined as the sound which humans can… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Forestry Workers Make A Discovery

I worked for the government back in the 70’s. I was part of a team that went to harvested sites in the forest and we would reforest the area by directly planting tree seedlings. There was a whole crew of us that worked that area of Canada. The foreman of the crew went ahead of… Read more »

I Saw This Head Poking Out

A listener writes “I am a new listener; I was put onto your show by my younger brother. I’ve been listening for about a month and I think what you do is extraordinary. I want to tell you about my encounter that happened to me about a year ago out here in the Key Peninsula… Read more »

What Happened To The Dinosaur That Was Found In India?

Unexplained Mysteries writes “What happened to the dinosaur that was found in India with flesh still on its bones? Today, we take a look at the dinosaur that was found in India with skin still on its bones. Going back a few years ago it was announced that a creature resembling a dinosaur was discovered… Read more »

Expedition Bigfoot: Travel Channel

Travel Channel’s new eight-part investigative-adventure series Expedition Bigfoot will premiere December 8th at 10 p.m. with a colorful quintet of researchers and an advanced algorithm as their guide. Travel Channel Bryce Johnson (Expedition Operations), Dr. Mireya Mayor (Primatologist), Russell Acord (Ex-Military/Survivalist), Ronny LeBlanc (Bigfoot Researcher), and Ryan “RPG” Golembeske (Bigfoot Investigator) seek out the legendary… Read more »

It Sounded Like Backwards Talking

A listener writes “It was early May, 2003. I was taking my younger brother on a camping trip in Northern Michigan. We were camping in a large section of land on the Huron National Forest off a rarely used two-track. We setup camp late in the day, ate dinner, and started a small campfire just… Read more »

Had The Crosshairs Right Between Its Eyes

A listener writes “I’ve had many unexplained things happen to me in the woods. I started hunting at a vary vary young age. I’m in wood 365 days a year even if the season isn’t open I’m training hounds. I’ve always thought something could be out there. How can you discredit so many people saying… Read more »

Paranormal Portal Podcast: Incredible Paranormal Encounters

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we discuss many people’s encounters with the paranormal. Some of these experiences have made skeptics believers. Others have made believers very afraid. While the Paranormal has no schedule, many people have absolutely had their lives changed by the appearance of the impossible into their lives…. Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: Bigfoot Outside the House

Tony writes “We have two guests joining the show! First, we speak with Jason, a former police officer who has always been fascinated with bigfoot and eventually became an investigator. Though he never really felt that he would ever see a bigfoot, that all changed when he walked right up on one! After we talk… Read more »

Celebrating Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States observed annually on November 11, for honoring military veterans, that is, persons who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It coincides with other holidays including Armistice Day and Remembrance Day which are celebrated in other countries that mark the anniversary of the end… Read more »

Cryptids and Monsters: Toronto Tunnel Monster

The city of Toronto once had numerous streams and waterways that, as the city expanded, were built over and became a network of underground waterways, buried beneath the city and merging with the sewer systems. The Algonquian tribes of Canada spoke of man-like hairy creatures that thrived in these rivers before they were hidden away… Read more »

Varginha Alien Encounter

Ben miller writes “With our video today we look at the Varginha Alien Encounter and see if there is any truth behind it. This case is really odd since it is almost a mirror image of the famous Roswell UFO Crash. Complete with alien passengers and military cover up.”

Stunned And Absolutely At A Loss For Words……

A listener writes “Me and two of my friends, Albert and Isaac went fishing yesterday to Eleven Mile Reservoir. We are from Pueblo Co. We went out there about 10:30 so we fished the whole day until about 5:30. We were on our way back to Pueblo and about 10-15 miles out from the lake… Read more »

Mountain Beast Mysteries: Strange Ape-like Woman Captured

The year is 1850. The place is the Ochamchir region of Georgia in Russia. A group of local hunters are prowling through the forests in search of whatever they can find – What they DO eventually find, shakes their beliefs to their foundations and leaves the world with an enigma that has yet to be… Read more »

SC EP:599 I Was Looking At This Creature

Shiloh writes So I’m writing this because my uncle has urged me to do it. I had a big foot encounter when I was 17-18 driving home late one night. It was literally right in front of our farm. I’ve also had three other incidences where I’ve heard monkey sounds in our words and have… Read more »

The Bennington Triangle Unexplained Disappearances

Top Mysteries writes “In Southern Vermont, northeast of Bennington lies a vast, beautiful, yet mysterious area of backcountry. It’s approximately 36 squares miles of unbroken wilderness with 12 peaks of over 3,000 feet in its Mountain range. The area is encapsulated by the Green Mountain National Forest; the forest itself is incredibly dense and supports… Read more »

I Was Looking At This Creature

A listener writes “In December of 2017 I saw a being from my back porch. I have told no one but my husband and I only told him because I wanted to protect him, make him aware to be on guard. And then I didn’t even tell him exactly what I saw, just to be… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Confused Sasquatch

A listener writes “I’m from the Bath, NY area and in the late Fall of 2012 I got up about 2-3am to go outside and have a smoke. About 100-120 yard from me by a home next to a thick hedgerow I seen what I thought at first was a person as it caught my… Read more »