SC EP:819 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles IV

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The Biggest Space Discoveries In 2021

V101 Science writes “2021, a year that many of us would like to forget. But despite a worldwide pandemic, amazing astronomical discoveries were still made. From bizarre exoplanets, one of which is outside the Milky way, to launching the most complex telescope ever sent into space, the James Webb Space Telescope!”

From The Shadows: Goodbye 2021

From The Shadows podcast writes “Ladies and Gentlemen, DISCLAIMER: this episode is not for the ears of children and may contain some foul language and adult subject matter, the Skeptic of the FromTheShadowsPodcast crew, aka, TheOzarkHowler , shares a story for all our fans. Just a little midweek humor to brighten your day. We like… Read more »

I Thought It Was A Bear But I Was Wrong

A listener writes “It was august 18th 2019. Me and a long time friend of mine decided to get away with a retreat into the park for a day or two. We had picked a spot a quarter mile or so off trail next to a meadow so we could lay put on a blanket… Read more »

Disappearance Of Skier Jim Carter And Mountain Devils

Joe Carter disappeared on May 21, 1950, while skiing with friends near Ape Canyon on Mt. St. Helens. The only evidence he left behind was a trail in the snow indicating he was running away from something at a frantic pace. Ape Canyon has an interesting history dating back to 1924 when a group of… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Riddle Me This

To close out 2021, Alison and Timothy field a range of questions from listeners. We discuss favorite bands and albums; items from our collections; playing music for The Other; cursed antiques; advice for research; parenting theories; ideas on recording The Other on digital vs analog equipment; and much more.

Encounter In The Shenandoah Valley

A listener writes “I am from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, was raised on a large sawmill/junkyard. Been hunting since I was old enough to carry a gun with my family, had a encounter with a sasquatch in 1984 when I was 15. It was about 35-40 yards away at its closest, it stood still… Read more »

Mystery Of Portlock, Alaska

The local Natives started talking about a creature, a hairy Big Foot type Yeti monster and it was called the Nantiinaq or big hairy creature as it was called. At that same time, the villagers talked about seeing a spirit of a woman dressed in black clothes that would come out on the cliffs above… Read more »

True Monsters: Terrifying Mythical Creatures

History writes “Real monsters are behind our greatest legends. Stories of giants and beasts permeate our past and fascinate us in the present. From the Bible’s Goliath to the Cyclops of Greek mythology. See more in Season 1, Episode 4, Giants and Beasts.”  

The Confessionals: Moon Man

Tony writes “In episode 403: Moon Man we are joined by the legendary Bart Sibrel. Over the years Bart made a name for himself by being a no-nonsense kind of person when asking the hard questions about the moon landing’s authenticity. He has confronted the astronauts themselves in person many times to get answers but… Read more »

Prehistoric Europeans: The First Native Americans

The Solutrean hypothesis on the peopling of the Americas claims that the earliest human migration to the Americas took place from Europe during the Last Glacial Maximum. This hypothesis contrasts with the mainstream view that the North American continent was first reached after the Last Glacial Maximum, by people from North Asia, either by the… Read more »

Bigfoot and Beyond: Q&A

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay answer your questions in this new Q&A episode! If you would like to submit a question for a future Q&A episode, click here:”


Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we’re going to welcome the holiday season with stories of ghosts and other nightmares. There are some esoteric traditions that state the veil between our world and the next is not thinnest at Halloween, but rather the Yule season bears the thinnest of the veils. Could that be… Read more »

Legend Hunters: Graham Philips

Legend Hunters writes “Does an eight-foot-tall ape run wild in North America? Witnesses say they’ve seen it- even captured it on film. Yet many still claim it is only a myth-a monster story. In this episode of Legend Hunters we investigate the well known, yet strictly secret, “Monster Central” where our hunters lead us in… Read more »

Merry Christmas

Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us. Merry Christmas everyone!  

The Proof Is Out There: Shocking Footage

History writes “Researchers believe they have captured Australia’s very own Bigfoot on camera, but experts have a different option, in this clip from Season 2.”

1972 Full Movie : Bigfoot Man Or Beast?

“People go and search for the legendary Bigfoot creature. Watch Robert Morgan’s expedition into Bigfoot country (in the shadow of pre-volcano-blasted Mount St. Helens).”

Haunting the Wild West

Janson Media writes “Across America’s Old West are deteriorating ghost towns filled with reports of the paranormal, spirits of the dead that still roam the empty streets leftover from a time of lawlessness and violence.”

From The Shadows: Akron Ohio Bigfoot

Shane writes “On this week’s episode of the FromTheShadowsPodcast, we are proud to bring to you Heather Moser from Small Town Monsters. And after the episode, leave a comment on our discussion page called After the Shadows on Facebook. Make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel called From The Shadows Podcast. Thanks for… Read more »