The Jersey Devil Legend

UAMN TV writes “Some people think that modern day monster and ghost accounts are merely due to overactive imaginations or a case of fear of the dark. That is until they see the real thing right before their eyes. Naysayers turn into true believers in an instant when faced with full body apparitions, entities and… Read more »

Survivorman Bigfoot Episode 8: Texas & Utah

Les begins his search in East Texas, invited onto private land by a local who claims to have experienced Bigfoot phenomenon for over 35 years. For Les to succeed, he has to find concrete proof. He collects DNA samples, analyzes tree breaks and plants hidden cameras to lure Bigfoot into his frame. Combining low-tech with… Read more »

Bigfoot And Beyond: Craig Woolheater

Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and Bobo is a weekly podcast hosted by Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot”.

VideoCast: Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Duane Ollinger has sunk everything he has into hunting for what he believes is a vast fortune of gold on his property. But with each step he takes closer to finding the treasure, the land seems to hold on tighter, stopping him in his tracks.    

The Confessionals: Demon Sex

Tony writes “In Episode 371: Demon Sex, we are joined by Jimmy, who shares his experiences with a succubus in his youth. He goes into great detail about when and how his encounters with this demon would happen, and what kinds of baggage it brought into his life as he grew older. One of the… Read more »

America’s Book of Secrets: The Expedition to Find Bigfoot

History writes “Bigfoot is everywhere you look, but why are so many millions of Americans obsessed with this mysterious man-ape? This episode sheds new light on some of the nation’s darkest Sasquatch secrets, in Season 2, Episode 9, “The Mystery of Bigfoot”.”

The World’s Deadliest Snakes

Simon writes “By some estimates, between one and five million people are bitten by poisonous snakes around the world every year, and around one-fifth of them end up dying. That number is definitely a lot lower than most of our history – as snakes have always been dangerous for our species – though it’s still… Read more »

Cryptid By State Delaware

Ben writes “Fate kept me from uploading last week but I have returned with your favorite series. In this Cryptid By State we look at the highly requested location of Delaware. This area certainly has some weird ones.”

Paranormal Portal: Former Skeptics Believe, Ghosts and MORE

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we are embarking on another crazy journey into the Paranormal Portal! From the world of ghosts we explore some incredible Ghosts that still spend their time in the land of the living, skeptics that have changed their point of view after coming face to face with the impossible… Read more »

SC EP:789 I Thought It Was A Large Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Scott. Scott was a small boy in the 70’s and he lived in Ohio. Scott describes running into a creature he thought at first it was a large man with a fur coat. We will also be speaking to Jennifer. Jennifer was with her family on vacation in Georgia…. Read more »

California family found dead on Sierra National Forest

The couple had backpacked in the Himalayas, ridden camels through the Gobi Desert and checked off Burning Man, even creating their own hashtag, an amalgamation of their first names: #jellonadventures. So a day of hiking in the Sierra National Forest, even with the demanding switchbacks and triple-digit heat, would not have been unusual for Jonathan… Read more »

Goat Walking With Two Legs

A video from TikTok where a goat is seen walking on two legs has gone viral on social networks. The original 14-second video shows the black goat walking on its two hind legs inside a pen, accompanied by other farm animals.

Paranormal Portal: UFO Encounters

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we are embarking on another crazy journey into the Paranormal Portal! From the world of UFO, Extraterrestrials , and other strangeness, we’ll take you on a safari of the mind into the depths of the Paranormal Portal.”

From The Shadows: Australia’s Yowie with Sarah Bignell

Shane writes “On this week’s episode of the #FromTheShadowsPodcast, we are proud to bring to you Sarah Bignell. Sarah Is the host of the Yowie Central Podcast. Yowie is one of several names for an Australian folklore entity reputed to live in the Outback. The creature has its roots in Aboriginal oral history. You won’t… Read more »

The Anakim Giants of South Africa

Ancient Secret Discoveries writes “Archaeologists in South Africa are faced with a huge problem… literally! Gigantic humanoid fossils have been found. They have trans-mutate into rocks generally referred to as Hornfels and Dolerite. There are a number of these types of fossils that have been discovered and the biggest question that remains is, how did… Read more »

I Saw A Large Figure Looking Over The Camp

A listener writes “My encounter dates back to 2017. I was 14 then and as a Boy scout we were going on a week long camping trip. From the get go things were very disorganized as the leader didn’t go to check out the area we would be trekking through ahead of time. The snow… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Entities of Smoke and Cloud

Tim writes “We present the first installment of our new series, High Strangeness in Hellam with Dillon, a witness who has encountered multiple oddities in the area. Next we talk with Kaene who saw shadow figures which seemed to be composed of black clouds and Frank who saw simian-like entities which seemed to be composed… Read more »