Eyewitness interview

YouTuber darthbill68 writes “Welcome back folks for the Episode 10, on this episode we are with Matthew Delph, to talk with him about his aggressive encounter.”

Strange Beams Of Light

A listener writes “This is going back twenty or maybe twenty-three years now. I was standing on the neighbors porch at around 1 or 2am. Me and four other people were there, we all saw the same thing. These strange beams of light seemed to shoot up from the ground, in a small patch of… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: They are on the property

Tonight I will be speaking to James. James talks about growing up on his grandparents property in Lapine, Oregon. He said “These creatures were on my grandparents property, the whole family had seen them, the neighbors had seen them. All of this took place in the 1960’s. My grandparents met Roger Patterson at a local… Read more »

“What was that?”

A listener writes “I really enjoy your podcast and wanted to tell an encounter I had in 2013 in laurens county, South Carolina. My 10 year old son and I were deer hunting about a mile from our home. We were hunting on a small cattle farm on the edge of our town. We planted… Read more »

Video from SC EP:353

Here is a video Matt recently took of the location of his second encounter. Take a look. Matt writes “Here’s a quick video of the location of my second encounter. My encounter happened at in the fall of 2013.”

The creature walked out

A listener writes “Hey Wes, Just noticed your website and wanted to mention a sighting we had back in 1998. We were on our way out of fishing at a lodge on the Babine River BC in mid November that year. We we were only 30-40 minutes down the logging road in a in a… Read more »

Man recalls hitting and killing a strange creature

A report from 1986 from Dodge County, Georgia: “My father-in-law hit and killed a creature 30 years ago in his car. He called DR they took it away. He has never heard anything back from it. 6-7 ft tall covered in hair walking on 2 legs like a man. This is the interesting thing… snout… Read more »

Bigfoot, Little People, Lights and more High Strangeness

Matt shares his Bigfoot encounters from Kentucky. Not only Sasquatch was around Matt’s house but also little people covered with hair. This activity led up to these pyramid type UFO’s chasing him and ending in a hospital visit.

SC EP:354 Hey look! A Monkey!

I will return on Sunday for the members. I have a great show planned for you. I had to move some guests around so I am releasing Sunday’s show early to you. Tonight I will be speaking to Josh who had a strange encounter while out camping in Canada. Many shows ago I had Josh’s… Read more »

Monkey Woman, Southern Big Foot or Something Else?

The RatFiles says “Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Hairy Man, Yeti – names spanning the globe for a giant primate thought extinct but still seen. Grover Krantz said it was ‘Gigantopithecus Blackie’, but what if beneath that title there are dozens of sub-branches and there are many types?”

I fired three shots in its chest

I am trying to reach out to this listener. A listener writes “Hi wes, back in 1985 my best friends and I decided to drive up to Rainbow River to spend a weekend camping out I was really excited to go spend a weekend in the woods when I was packing, I also grabbed my… Read more »

The three scariest non-Bigfoot cryptids in the USA

Mattsquatch Presents writes “I’ve been into the paranormal for a long time. I always found cryptids to be really fascinating. I’ve heard of hundreds creatures from across the world. Here are three from the USA that frankly really scare me. These are way on the supernatural side, but people still see them.”

“Do Your Hear How Loud That Is?”

A listener writes “Hi Wes, Gonna start out with the usual and say I love the show and can’t wait to listen to it every week. I’ve been an “enthusiast” for as far back as I can remember and have had a few experiences and one definite sighting when I was 15. I’m an avid… Read more »

12 clips of great audio

Everyone has heard these before but I thought it was great to have all of these in one clip. If you do not believe in Sasquatch than explain to me what animal could make sounds like this. Bigfoot Sounds Compilation – 12 Clips 1- Sierra Growls. 2- Whoops & Howls – Puyallup, Washington 1973. 3-… Read more »

Chasing black shadows: Hairy Man

I want to thank Michael for sending me this video. Michael writes “Hi Wes thought you might like this fella. With the aboriginal’s stories think back 50 to 70 thousand years. They walked and battled other hominids” Yowie is one of several names given to a hominid reputed to live in the Australian wilderness. The… Read more »

The 10 types of Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Mattsquatch Presents says “Most people know about the four basic types. My research has found more like 10. Pease enjoy and remember this is all speculation, I could be way off. In the future I plan on making a video focusing on each type.”

Watch the Solar Eclipse Live Across the US

I know it is not Sasquatch related but I live in the direct path of the solar eclipse so I get to see it in person. I wonder how many members are waiting for the eclipse to happen. For those of you not in a position to see the solar eclipse check out the link… Read more »

This is a guide for casting

Youtuber LordCryptid writes “This is a guide for casting possible Sasquatch prints in the field with minimal gear and preparation. Presented by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).”

Bigfoot Outlaw Radio: Scary Bigfoot Encounters

The Outlaws write “Bigfoot can be scary at times, and nobody knows that better than our long time friend and guest on the show, Dan Ricke. Dan started his search for bigfoot answers in Oklahoma, and over the decades have collected tons of amazing sasquatch stories.”