Tonight’s Show: New Brunswick Encounter

A listener writes “I had two encounters in the 70s in New Brunswick. After decades of introspection…I can only assume that they were Bigfoot. I recently discovered your podcast.” Spoke to the eyewitness he said his encounter took place in the 70’s. He was building a fort with a friend of his when they heard… Read more »

Marmot Recreation Campground

A listener writes “Good afternoon Wes. I had an encounter at Marmot Recreation Campground on the western slope of Mt Hood last week. During this encounter a whole round of wood that had been cut was projected out of the tree line like a cannon ball. This thing must have weighed hundreds of pounds. It… Read more »

What An Ex-Border Patrol Agent Saw In The Desert

The Paranormal Files writes “He was a Border Patrol Agent for over 20 years… and he saw GHOSTS while on the job. You won’t believe some of the scary stories that Leon is about to tell you so buckle up, and welcome, to THE PARANORMAL FILES.” Link to the video

This Is An Alien Canvas Etched Into The Desert Floor

Matrix Wisdom writes “All over the Earth, there are enigmatic ancient anomalies that defy rational explanation. One of these peculiarities is situated in Nazca, Peru. For many years, these geoglyphs have puzzled researchers, but it seems that we may be on the brink of uncovering the answers. We believe site could be seen as an… Read more »

How Bad Would The Impact Of An Asteroid On Earth Be?

Quest TV writes “In this simulation about the impact of an asteroid hitting the planet, scientists draw comparisons with the Barringer Crater in Arizona, the last major asteroid strike from 50,000 years ago.”   Link to the video

Upcoming Show: Battle Mountain Sasquatch

An upcoming guest writes ” I’m a wildland firefighter. I had an encounter when I was about 15. But I also have info on the Battle Mountain Bigfoot story from when I worked on that distract. Then I have numerous stories I’ve been told from wildland firefighters across the nation.” In a letter to BFRO… Read more »

Bigfoot Using an Island to Ambush Prey

Randy Harrington from The Sensible Bigfoot Project writes “As a young Man, Jeff stopped at an Island while fishing in Canadian Lake, All Hell breaks loose and his life is changed forever.” Link to the video

Raised both Hands to communicate

Randy Harrington from the Sensible Bigfoot Project interviewed Ernie Davieau who had an encounter in 1986, he said during his encounter “the creature raised both Hands to communicate.”   Link to the video

Constant-Velocity Subluminal Warp Drive

Could warp drive one day enable long distance space travel ? One group of physicists certainly seems to think so. Anyone who has ever watched Star Trek will no doubt be familiar with the concept of warp drive – a futuristic propulsion system that can enable travel through space at faster-than-light speeds. While scientists have… Read more »

Travel Channel: Bigfoot Spotted in Tennessee?

Travel Channel writes “A man is shocked when he spots a large bipedal figure in his backyard.” Its a short clip from the Travel Channel, I do not have information on the details of this but take a look below. Link to the video

DNA test confirms presence of an exotic big cat in British countryside

Reports of large predatory cats such as panthers have persisted across the UK for years. While it has long been suspected that a population of these animals has been roaming the British countryside, conclusive evidence of their existence there has remained stubbornly thin on the ground. Now, though, new evidence analyzed by Prof Robin Allaby… Read more »

Extreme Mysteries: Anunnaki Aliens | The Real Story

Extreme Mysteries writes “They are the most mysterious of beings. Gods. Angels. Aliens. Or ordinary men with incredible knowledge and wisdom. Nobody is sure, until now. Explore and uncover the secrets of Ancient Mesopotamia to learn the mystery of the Anunnaki.” Link to the video

The Confessionals: Super Soldier’s Teleportation

The Confessionals writes “In episode 653: Super Soldier’s Teleportation, James Szubski, from episode 591: The Secret Guardian of Hanford, shares spine-tingling tales of paranormal encounters in the region. Inheriting Margie’s Outdoor Store, James has collected over 300 reports of strange phenomena, including sightings of Sasquatch, UFOs, and a mysterious black panther creature. Notably, there are… Read more »

Grassman58: Investigating Active Location

Grassman58 is located in Washington State and writes “Got a report from some campers that had an active night with some Sasquatch. So I headed up to the location to have a look around.” Link to the video

Seeing that thing stand up, I froze

A listener writes “I had an encounter in 2005 about a week after hurricane Katrina. I’m from a small town about an hour north of New Orleans called Ponchatoula. We didn’t get any structural damage but we did get a lot of downed trees. I was about ten years old and living with my grandparents…. Read more »

Bigfoot and Beyond: Q&A – May, 2024

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay answer your questions in this new Q&A episode! If you would like to submit a question for a future Q&A episode, please use the contact form or voicemail link here:

New Bigfoot Documentary! Behind the scenes – Bigfoot Throws Rocks

Kelley Lockman writes “In this Behind the scenes look at the new Bigfoot Documentary, “I Believe in Bigfoot: A film for believers.” We look at a few instances where Bigfoot threw rocks at us. Sasquatch or Bigfoot are often reported throwing rocks at people. Many Bigfoot eyewitness I spoke to recounted this happening to them…. Read more »

The Mystery of Old Green Eyes

Kelley from the I Believe in Bigfoot Project writes “I interviewed Bigfoot researcher and author Joshua Cutchin about bigfoot and the paranormal for the making of the new Bigfoot documentary, “I Believe in Bigfoot: a Film for Believers. In this clip we discuss the phenomenon of Bigfoot and the mystery of a creepy ghost like… Read more »

I Believe in Bigfoot Project: Disturbing Bigfoot Story

The I Believe in Bigfoot Project writes “Bigfoot eyewitness Steve and Carolyn Allen share their disturbing Bigfoot stories. Steve witnessed a Bigfoot on two occasions. Carolyn’s family had encountered the terrifying creature for years. Bigfoot even seems to be responsible for the killing of her family pets. Her description of Bigfoot drinking the blood of… Read more »

SC EP:1057 I Believe in Bigfoot Project

I will be interviewing Kelley Lockman. Kelley is an American actor, director and screenwriter. Born and raised in Georgia, Kelley’s passion for film eventually led him to film school and then to acting. Kelley has appeared in various TV shows and films, including Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace.” He has written and directed his… Read more »