Tonight’s Show: Physical Effects And Symptoms

The show will be posted at 6pm PST. I will be inviting Ken to the show and he had an encounter in 1962 in Montana while hunting. Ken said “I thought it was a man but I knew it was impossible for a man to move like that.” Damien Nott will be returning to the… Read more »

Upcoming Witness: 1962 Montana

I will be inviting Ken to the show and he had an encounter in 1962 in Montana while hunting. Ken said “I thought it was a man but I knew it was impossible for a man to move like that.”

Strange Familiars: It Walked in Front of My Car

Tim writes “Rick tells stories of an encounter with disembodied legs, a disappearing truck, strangeness in Okinawa, a dream of cowboys come to reclaim their tombstones, an encounter with an odd dog-like creature, and more.”

Beastly Theories: Nimbinjee Close Encounter

Andy writes “Join me as I catch up with Gary Opit; Australia’s awesome expert on the unknown animals that may inhabit the endless pristine wilderness of this enigmatic island! Gary details the history of Nimbinjee sightings, folklore and photographic evidence of tracks, handprints and stick structures in New South Wales, and recalls a very detailed… Read more »

Missing 411 | National Park Disappearances

SuperbowlPants writes “Missing 411 is a profile of mysterious commonalities among seemingly unconnected missing persons cases in national parks and forests. It’s been estimated that there are over 1,600 mysterious national park disappearances, and that number is increasing.”

Missing on a Cliff: The Strange Disappearance of Gaia Pope

Top Mysteries writes “For those that have been here awhile you might recognize Gaia’s name because I’ve covered her disappearance in the past, but we’re going to do something different today and really dive deep and have a thorough look. Gaia’s disappearance was actually the case that got me interested in reporting on disappearances in… Read more »

The Confessionals: The Mysterious Egress Industries

Tony writes “We are joined by Kyle and Steve from The Holosky Podcast. A couple of months ago I was contacted by a mutual listener, informing me about some of the crazy things that were happening on their show. Boy, they were not kidding! It all started when Steve was doing some research on Reddit… Read more »

Surviving Life with Les Stroud: Bigfoot

Les Stroud writes “This is basically a three part running monologue of myself answering questions about Bigfoot.” Les writes “Part two of my running monologue interview about Bigfoot while sitting beside the majestic Rogue River in Oregon.”  

Modern Explorer: Sasquatch Investigation Day: Recap In a Snap

Modern Explorer writes “Here are the rest of the 5 days, from night 2 onward. This trip was incredible, got new encounter stories from the area and found something I thought was going to take a lot longer to find in that arid landscape – that was water; and plenty of it! This will help… Read more »

Cryptid By Region: Chile

Ben writes “In this entry of Cryptid By Region: Chile we are diving deep into the areas creatures. I assure you that this video is jam packed with all types of cryptids and I actually could have made this a two part video.”

Hidden Existence: Patrick Vaugn

Hidden Existence talk with Patrick Vaugn and discuss his Bigfoot Encounters. This is an open discussion about the existence and behaviors of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Tonight’s Show: The Visitor

I will be speaking to Bruce who had an encounter in 1979 in Oregon while cutting wood with his family. Bruce said “I stepped away to go play in the woods before my family got setup to cut wood. I came up on this rock bluff and this head popped up and was looking at… Read more »

The Proof Is Out There

History writes “Evidence of a supposed Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina causes experts to draw conflicting conclusions based on its legitimacy.”

Chased By Sasquatch

All was going well for Derek Randles and his friend during a camping trip, until they were chased by Sasquatch.

Military Whistleblower Comes Clean

UAMN TV writes “During his military career, Clifford Stone was tasked with the recovery of bodies and technology from crashed alien craft. It was an especially stressful duty that was compounded by his special psychic abilities. Emery Smith has direct experiences with such operations himself. Together they share many commonalities of their experiences, working to… Read more »

Astonishing 6000 Year Old Sumerian Texts

Matrix Wisdom “The origins of the Sumerians with their seemingly ready made society has always been a problem for researchers in the field of ancient history. But, since the discovery of thousands of cuneiform text from the Nineveh library, this start to get a lot clearer. Who were these people and, more importantly, who built… Read more »