Interview with Dr. John Bindernagel Wildlife Biologist

Missed but not forgotten. Bigfoot Okanagan writes “This 3 part casual visit with Dr. John Bindernagel was held at his home in his research room. In this video Dr. Bindernagel talks about: the importance of quality evidence, How he started being interested in Bigfoot, what has motivated him, thoughts on the woo or supernatural ideas… Read more »

International Bigfoot Conference & Film Festival

It is coming up again this summer. The International Bigfoot Conference & Film Festival this year is held on Aug 31st – Sept 2nd in Kennewick, WA. I hope to see everyone there. The International Bigfoot Conference (IBC) is an annual symposium which brings together the top scholars, researchers, and professional investigators studying the… Read more »

Inside one man’s quest to prove Bigfoot exists

Thank you Pam for sending this to me. Scot Violette has searched for more than two decades for one of the world’s most notorious “cryptids” — Bigfoot, a legendary species also known as Sasquatch.

It stopped and looked directly at me

A listener writes “What I saw was about 25 years ago in Bristol Tn. This creature was running in a field next to this little trailer park I once lived in. It was in the middle of the day in the wide open in a somewhat populated area (weird). It stopped and looked directly at… Read more »

When the giants would come down

I want to thank Nicole for sending this to me. From Bigfoot Encounters “Rummaging around in old files, I found this one unusual report about “fighting” from a man by the name of George Brusseau who claimed his grandfather Elliott told him about an encounter with two sasquatch due west of Nighthawk, Washington off what… Read more »

World Bigfoot Radio: Round Table

Duke writes “A round table discussion of details about Bigfoot only close-up observation could ever uncover! With KEVIN (Glagg Saga) Khat (Khat and the Ki’Hosa Clan) and TAYLOR (Careful what you Wish For!) all joining in a panel discussion comparing their observations”

Sending Condolences to the Bindernagel Family

If you have a moment please send your thoughts to the Bindernagel Family. John touched so many of our lives if you have time please send the family your thoughts and feelings about John.     Condolences can be sent to: Bindernagel Family 920 2nd Street Courtenay, BC V9N1C3

Mountain Beast Mysteries: Dr. John Bindernagel

Mountain Beast Mysteries writes “Very sad to hear about the loss of the greatest and kindest man in the world of Bigfoot research. Dr. John Bindernagel will always be remembered for his unique energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the study of the Sasquatch. Rest in peace.”

ThinkerThunker: Throwing a Tree

Alberta Canada, a dark shape comes out of the trees and throws a tree, seemingly in protest of a oil crew being there on his turf. Here is ThinkerThunkers breakdown.      

The Confessionals: Eye To Eye With Dogman

Tony writes “Tonight we speak with Alicia and she tells us about her dogman encounter when she was a little girl in Michigan. One night she heard apples from the apple tree dropping onto the roof and when she looked out the window she was eye to eye with dogman!”   If you get a… Read more »

Beachfoot: Dr. John Bindernagel

The late Dr. John Bindernagel generously produced a video address for the guests at Beachfoot 2017. Originally scheduled to speak in person, John was diagnosed with cancer, and was unable to attend the event due to ongoing medical treatments. His 21 minute address was recorded in his home in Courtenay, British Columbia. In it, he… Read more »

SC EP:399 Remembering John Bindernagel

John A. Bindernagel (born 1941 – January 18, 2018) was a wildlife biologist who sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published a book in 1998 entitled North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch. Bindernagel grew up in Ontario, attended the University of Guelph, and received a PhD in Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He… Read more »

Devil Monkeys

Mattsquatch Presents writes “People across the nation and up in British Columbia are seeing something not like Bigfoot or Dogman. These Devil monkeys are much smaller and more simian like then a great Ape. Often reported having a long tail, a snout with pointed teeth and bounding around on all fours. They seem to be… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Remembering John Bindernagel

I have invited many friends of the Doc to come on and talk about what John meant to them and share memories of him. I will be playing some clips of past shows with John. Tonight I will be joined by Bob Gimlin, Russell Acord, Derek Randles, Ron Morehead, Paul Graves, Marc Myrsell, Thomas Sewid,… Read more »

Remembering John Bindernagel

I hope everyone can join me this weekend as we remember our friend Dr. John Bindernagel. Its going to be a tough show for me to get through personally but I want to remember John in the classiest way possible. John wouldnt want us to mourn him but it’s impossible not to mourn such a… Read more »

Sasquatch Illustrated Lecture

Dr. John Bindernagel, a professional wildlife biologist, uses a series of eyewitness drawings based on sasquatch observations to illustrate consistently-observed anatomical features of the sasquatch. These illustrate the differing appearance of adult males, adult females, and young adults or subadults.   Sasquatch illustrated lecture- Part 2: Sasquatch Tracks and Track Casts   Part 3: Skepticism… Read more »

This Weekend: Remembering John Bindernagel

I am canceling the show tonight. I am switching gears this weekend the show will be a tribute to my friend John A. Bindernagel or as I called him “doc.” John meant so much to so many people. He had been really sick for the last couple of years but didn’t want it public. I… Read more »

John A. Bindernagel 1941-2018

Rest In Peace my friend as you always said to me “bye for now, because it’s never really goodbye” you are missed my friend. John A. Bindernagel 1941-2018. I am not really good with this sort of thing and I am too upset to write anything long….but John meant so much to so many people… Read more »

Bigfoot sighting in Belle Valley, PA

Valley, PA., a suburb of Erie, PA. I wanted to take a break from walking, so I decided to go into the woods along the tracks to find a fallen tree to sit down. As I was sitting on the tree, I noticed a black, upright figure standing (approximate) 30 yards away from me in… Read more »