Strange Familiars: Goat Castle

Strange Familiars writes “Alison presents a true Southern Gothic tale of recluses, decaying mansions, a herd of goats, an embalmer named Edgar Allan Poe, and murder.”

Something was circling the house

A listener writes “To give a little more detail I had went up to my uncles log cabin on North Pond in Woodstock ME. We were up there using his place to go snowboarding at Sunday River Ski Resort about 20-25 minute car ride away. My uncles place is on a dirt backroad and situated… Read more »

It’s hair was flowing off of the back of its head

A listener writes “My grandparents ran a summer camp out in the mountains in New Mexico about 40 miles east of Albuquerque, so every summer I’d go out there and spend the summer with them, living up at the camp. It’s a pretty big piece of property, about 150 acres, and butts up against the… Read more »

Gorilla Vocalizations And Behavior

In one of Dian Fossey’s papers, she described 16 different vocalization types which she classified into 8 vocalization categories. The vocalizations in these categories serve different purposes for communication, ranging from infants communicating distress to their mothers, to silverbacks showing off how strong they are. -Aggressive Calls: Roar, Growl, Pant SeriesMild Alarm Calls: Question Bark,… Read more »

Helicopter Films Trackway of Giant Footprints

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch posted this video. Not a lot of information was given but from what I understand it was taken on the Wasatch Range or Wasatch Mountains. It is a mountain range in the western United States that runs about 160 miles from the Utah-Idaho border south to central Utah. It is the western… Read more »

Giants and Ancient Civilizations – James Vieira

Paranormal Portal writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we are highlighting another amazing interview from our incredible time at “PHENOMECON” in Vernal, Utah. This time, we sat down with Jim Vieira of History Channel’s “Search For The Lost Giants” as well as appearing on several other programs such as “Expedition Unknown”, “Ancient… Read more »

The Science of Animal Mutilations

Jeremy Corbell writes “Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., is a biochemist with a fifteen-year research career in cell and molecular biology. Following his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Dublin, Trinity College in 1983, Kelleher worked at the Ontario Cancer Institute, the Terry Fox Cancer Research Laboratory, and the National Jewish Center for Immunology and… Read more »

Hidden Existence: Biomechanical Study Of Patty

Hidden Existence writes “Biomechanics is the study of the structure, function and motion of the mechanical aspects of biological systems, at any level from whole organisms to organs, cells and cell organelles, using the methods of mechanics.”

The Confessionals: Uncovering CIA Satanic Ritual Abuse

The Confessionals writes “In episode 522: Uncovering CIA Satanic Ritual Abuse we are joined by Daniel Duval. I stumbled across Daniel years ago when I was still driving semi trucks in Philadelphia. He operates Bride Ministries International and would talk about SRA victims and how they tie into CIA activities. He would have people on… Read more »

Legend Meet Science II with Doug Hajicek

The Bigfoot Influencers writes “Doug has been involved with over 270 TV features, his work has been nominated for three Emmy Awards, a Telly Award and best product award. His long running MonsterQuest series set many new Ratings Records on The History Channel and to this day is considered the gold standard for its genre…. Read more »

A.I. piloted F-16 can dogfight

Over a two-week span in December, a heavily modified F-16D Fighting Falcon took to the skies no fewer than a dozen times with an empty cockpit and an artificial intelligence (AI) pilot at the stick. But while pilot-less aircraft aren’t all that uncommon in the skies over warzones today, this Fighting Falcon was packing something… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Guy In The Tree

A listener writes “I had an experience in my early teens on my grandparents’ farm in Central Illinois. I would stay at their home often, spending nearly every summer and some holidays (this was in the mid to late 80’s and well into the 90’s). They lived in rural Argenta, Illinois on several acres of… Read more »

Image Captured In South Dakota

A listener writes “Hey Wes! I’m a big Fan! Here is a pic of a Sasquatch my Buddies dad saw in South Dakota while truck driving. He said it was in the side of the road and by the time he stopped and got his phone out it was this far away.”

I Know What I Saw

A listener writes “I grew up in a very rural area of York Co Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River. If you look it up, it’s an area between New Bridgeville and Greenbranch. The river was less than a mile from where I lived. I remember the season was fall, but not sure the exact month,… Read more »

Hoodoo Tall

Undisputed Visual Media writes “HOODOO TALL – Documentary about the Bradshaw Ranch, Bigfoot, UFOS, Paranormal, and Anomalous activity. Take a journey into the unknown with filmmaker Damien J Bartlett where he takes a trip to Sedona to visit the fabled Bradshaw Ranch to investigate strange tracks a creature has been leaving and meet with Monster… Read more »

Cryptozoology Documentary – Other Northern Wildmen

Hammerson Peters writes “For centuries, the Dene of Northern Canada have told stories of frightening wildmen who prowl the boreal wilderness. A follow-up to my previous video, ‘Nakani: The Wildman of the North’, this video showcases more Northern wildmen of native lore.”

From The Shadows: Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project

From The Shadows writes “Glen Bourassa, the N.E. Regional Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project, joins us to share some of his own paranormal experiences. From UFOs to Bigfoot, Glen has had some intense encounters with the unknown!”

Ufo’s Over Metaline Falls

Grassman58 writes “I got to hear a couple UFO stories from the Metaline Falls area.” Take a listen to the eyewitnesses describe what they saw.

Hidden Existence: Eyeshine – Why & How

Eyeshine occurs when light enters the eye, passes through the rods (light receptors) and cones (color receptors) of the retina (image surface), strikes a special membrane behind the retina, and is reflected back through the eye to the light source.

SC EP:928 Sending Hot Lead Down Range

Tommy writes “I am a retired lawman/judge still in my 50’s and going strong, when you become a cop at 18 and get your 30 you get to retire early and then go enjoy life. I own a cattle ranch in Texas. One got real up & close to me in the Sabine National forest… Read more »