Global Cryptids Creature Families

We have heard of cryptids, and heard the skeptic line against even considering them, but few consider the worldwide span of the impact of cryptids. So, even if you doubt the existence of Nessie, how about Champ, or Chessie, or Tessie or, well, you get the idea. At what point are there enough national or… Read more »

Mysteries To Search: Greg Yost Interview

Brenton writes “Greg Yost has real Bigfoot pictures. These images are the best out there and he share them. Sasquatch is real and Greg proves it. If you wondered if Bigfoot or Sasquatch is real then tune into this broadcast of brenton sawin Mysteries To Search and find the truth.”

Neanderthal and Denisovan Genomes

This symposium brings together researchers at the forefront of ancient DNA research and population genetics to discuss current developments and share insights about human migration and adaptation. The Denisovan or Denisova hominin is an extinct species or subspecies of human in the genus Homo. Pending its status as either species or subspecies it currently carries… Read more »

Growling and grunting as we drifted downstream

A listener writes “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outlet you provide for people from all walks of life to tell their story. I reside in Western Pennsylvania at the base of the Chestnut Ridge that is well known for many Sasquatch sightings. My girlfriend and I had a class… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: I heard laughter

Tonight I will be welcoming Dave T. who is a member of the site. Dave went out with Nathan Reo and had an encounter when the creatures started to surround them. Dave says “I heard a language and laughter and we were in the middle of nowhere. The creatures started wood knocking, I felt like… Read more »

It just stared at me

A listener writes “When I was in the 4th-5th grade I was living in Southern California where I was born and lived until I was 14-15 years old then my family moved to Oregon in 1973. Anyway we moved around a lot when I was a kid but I recall one place we lived which… Read more »

What or who is that?

A great report from Malo, Washington. The city of Malo had an estimated 29 people, 10 households, in which 7 were family households, as of 2014. Average household size was 2.5, and an average family size of 3. The population density was 251 people per Sq mile. Here is the report: “My sighting was back… Read more »

World Bigfoot Radio: Assault of the Pukwudgies

Duke writes “Robyn Moonshadow joins the show for a conversation on the different types of Little people in North America, including the Albatawitch, Puckwudgies, Gnomes, Nimirigar, Duende, and more, as well as a quick peek at the legends of the wee folk in Cornish and German legend.”

Road crossing seen by twin sisters

Here is an encounter from Levy County, FL. September 11, 2016 at approximately 11:20AM “My sister and I were traveling on CR 347 north of Cedar Key, a little north of SW 61st St. We were coming out of curve when we both saw something in the road ahead. It was a large creature, approximately… Read more »

SC EP:362 The eyes and face looked very human like

I will return on Sunday for the members I had to move my guests around this week. Tonight I will be speaking to Erin who had an encounter in Washington State and Erin writes “I had a sighting years ago that was witnessed by many other people 30-50 maybe more, I have been researching a… Read more »

Cryptid Con: Bigfoot Monsters And Legends

Brenton writes “From day 1 vendor area cryptid Bigfoot Monsters And Legends. Hope you enjoy. I will have good Bigfoot pictures and cool interview for you when I get to the computer to upload. Next update soon.”

The Gugwe

Mattsquatch Presents writes “This is a short video about the type 3 Bigfoot otherwise know as the Gugwe. Thanks for naming it Duke. Not much is known about this type other then they are reported to be very aggressive and have a protruding snout like a baboon. The body is reported to be like a… Read more »

Strange occurrence with a Sasquatch?

A listener writes “Wes: listen to your show quite a bit, and thought I’d send you a bit of info about a strange day my 17 year-old daughter and I had just over a year ago. Full disclosure: I am an avid sasquatcher, and a member of the BFRO. Anyway, the two of us were… Read more »

Upcoming Show: The eyes and face looked very human like

Great encounter from Washington State. Erin writes “I had a sighting years ago that was witnessed by many other people 30-50 maybe more, I have been researching a bit lately trying to find out if anyone from that day had posted the same sighting because how can you ever forget seeing bigfoot? My husband and… Read more »

Jerry Cline Bigfoot and Dogman; 911 calL

Brenton Sawin writes “Jerry tells about his Bigfoot attack on his camper. The LBL story about Dogman has more to it than you think. Sasquatch stories and other research stories you must hear.”

I saw a huge figure staring at me

A listener writes “First off I would like to say thanks for doing your show. I came across it a few months back and have been liking it ever since. Thanks for sharing your story it has given me the courage to speak about mine. I have told the BFRO about it years ago needs… Read more »

Bigfoot Sightings Volume 2

YouTuber This Modern Age posted the Bigfoot Sightings Volume 2. It is a collection of news stories and sighting reports.

CryptidCon Bigfoot, Monsters and Legends

Brenton Sawin writes “Pictures or proof Bigfoot is real as. Sasquatch man shows his pictures at the cryptid show. Bigfoot eyewitnesses also share their stories at the town hall meeting.I brenton sawin gets this proof for you fans at the CryptidCon meeting in Frankfort Ky. Enjoy the show.”

The Craven Bigfoot Footage

By Adam Bird: “A family out for a drive in Craven, Saskatchewan, were shocked to see a hair-covered biped walking on a hill beside the road. They quickly took out their camera and filmed the creature as it walked into the bushes. This is their footage. It is clear, showing a biped, brown all over,… Read more »

Man recalls hitting and killing a strange creature

A great report from 1986 in Dodge County, Georgia. Here is the report: “My father-in-law hit and killed a creature 30 years ago in his car. He called DR they took it away. He has never heard anything back from it. 6-7 ft tall covered in hair walking on 2 legs like a man. This… Read more »