Could a Bear Keep You Safe in the Wild?

Did a bear help a 3-year-old boy survive in the woods? That’s what Casey Hathaway says. Casey went missing last month after he wandered into the woods while he was playing at a relative’s house in North Carolina. His disappearance prompted a massive search that made national news, with hundreds of searchers joining in to… Read more »

Hidden Existence: Sasquatch Encounters

Daniela from the Bigfoot Odyssey has a new channel called Hidden Existence. Daniela writes “My guest describes her experiences with sasquatch, including being abducted by one when she was 5 years old, then a few years later a paralyzing moment, seeing one at her window.”

KCTV5 News: Lenexa Company’s Drone Joins Search For Bigfoot

State of the art technology, and mythical creatures are two terms not typically used together and when a Lenexa, Kansas, based software company was approached by the Travel Channel to use their one of a kind drone built in the metro area to track down Bigfoot, they too were surprised.  

Tonight’s Show: It Was Massive In Size And Height

Spoke to the witness and he said “The only thing human-like about this thing is the face I guess. They have expressions and it was not happy. I have never been so terrified when this thing stood up in front of me. It was not human that much I know.” The witness writes “To begin… Read more »

Sasquatch Chronicles

I have been working on a new intro for the show and Rictor Riolo was kind of enough to make a video out of it. Check it out.

Monsters Of Folklore: Wendigo

Monsters Of Folklore writes “WENDIGO : The Misrepresentation and Folklore Surrounding This Evil Cryptid ( Algonquian Folklore ) Today we are diving back into some Algonquian Folklore about the cannibalistic creature known as the Wendigo that comes from Northern America & Canada. The Wendigo is often misrepresented in Folklore & Mythology.”

The Paranormal Portal: FlatEarth and Beyond

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Crrow777 to the show. Crrow777 takes us on a journey into his work surrounding the idea that the earth is not a globe at all. Our discussion takes us from his accidental start after recording the “Lunar Wave” and into how this journey… Read more »

SC EP:625 Dragged Off By A Monkey

Happy Valentines Day! A listener writes “I have a few encounters myself with something I can’t explain but my ex-girlfriend had a monkey thing try and drag her to the woods when she was about two years old. Her uncle came outside when she started screaming and it let go of her then it grabbed… Read more »

Encounter While Fishing

A listener writes “I’ve been listening to your show the last few months after I had a sighting while fishing with my 7yr son, I live in Longview wa, I like to fish all over the area, but mostly near the coast I’ve grew up knowing about Sasquatch. My family is from warm springs Indian… Read more »

Chimp Sound Music Experiment

Dave Norwoods writes “I got permission and consent to film these chimps at chimpeden rescue in South Africa and we were all amazed at the responses and emotions we all had to see this for the first time ever.”

Strange Familiars: A Human Paradox

Tim Writes “Alison takes us back to the circus where we discuss several sideshow performers with albinism. We hear about Nellie Walker who was exhibited from childhood; the mysterious Unzie with a six foot globe of white hair, and the beautiful mindreader, Millie Lamar.’  

Bergen, NY Swamp Monster

A listener writes “Wes, I have been thinking about writing you for quite some time, first I’d like to thank you for what you do. Your show is outstanding and I enjoy listening whenever I can. The encounter I want to write about isn’t mine and honestly I hadn’t thought about in 35 years but… Read more »

Who Were The Mysterious Sea People That Wiped Out Ancient Egypt?

Who were the mysterious sea people that wiped out ancient Egypt? Today, we take a look at who were the mysterious sea people who managed to wipe out ancient Egypt. Though there were many ancient civilizations that had existed during the 12th century BC, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, nearly every civilization was wiped from the… Read more »

I Immediately Became Scared

A listener writes “To begin with I was pretty much raised by my father’s parents when I was a small child. In the second grade at the time. They lived in Quitman Louisiana. A very small town in north central Louisiana. They had a large amount of land. Mostly woods and swamp. I spent most… Read more »

Encounter On The Oregon Coast

  I was with my dog at the North jetty, in Ft. Stevens State Park. It was a very stormy day and the surf was high, crashing over the rocks on the jetty and pounding the beach. From the viewing tower I saw a man-like figure walk down off the grassy area onto the beach…. Read more »

Strange Encounter From Indiana

A listener writes “I have a few encounters myself with something I can’t explain but my ex-girlfriend had a monkey thing try and drag her to the woods when she was about two years old. Her uncle came outside when she started screaming and it let go of her then it grabbed their dog and… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: Attacks From The Afterlife

On Episode 206: Attacks from the Afterlife, our guest Jeff, who is a blind musician, joins The Confessionals to share some of the truly terrifying things he has experienced – some of which he can even attribute to the onset of his blindness. Jeff has had a life filled with bizarre and frightening experiences, including… Read more »