Screaming Bigfoot at the river in Texas

Brenton writes “This Sasquatch was running up and down the river bank screaming at Richard while he worked. He was scared this Bigfoot was going to attack him. The story of a Bigfoot he shot is brought up and spoke about too.”

A “Barefooted Visitor”

YouTuber Paranormal Junkie shares with us an encounter from the 19th Century. In 1870, various west coast newspapers in the United States ran a story concerning a claimed encounter with mysterious “gorillas” on the Orestimba Creek, California.

Cryptids and Monsters: Mannegishi

The Mannegishi (singular the same) are a race of trickster people in Cree folklore, similar in nature to the Memegwesi of the Ojibwa. They are described as semi-humanoid, being sexdactylous humans with very thin and lanky arms and legs and big heads minus a nose. According to one Cree schema of the mythology, there are… Read more »

Tim “Coonbo” Baker and Jim “Bear” King

YouTuber UPARS writes “Come and hear some of their personal hair-raising encounters with these sometimes fearsome, dangerous, and vengeful creatures. Hear how Bigfoot kill and seemingly dissect large animals. Learn about the different types of Bigfoot, their habitat, population, calls, and other vocalizations. Tim and Jim will share with you some of the physical evidence… Read more »

Mattsquatch Presents: What is Sasquatch?

Matt writes “Are bigfoot the Nephilim? Are they genetically part of the biblical fallen ones? This would explain a lot of the more super natural abilities they are sometimes described to have. Many others have have looked deep into this idea. There is lots of good information to be found in books, podcast and videos…. Read more »

Tonight’s Show: A night I will never forget

Here is a small portion of the encounter: I spoke to Bill and Bill said “This property has been in my family for a long time. I went up one night to start a burn line. We had a major fire in the area and I was setting up burn piles. I decided to sleep… Read more »

WoodwardTV: Cryptid Creatures

WoodwardTV says “Here I discuss the Dogman of North America and the world. We all know them as Werewolves and there seems to be an increasing number of sightings in the states. Check the links below to hear some crazy stories about these dogmen.” There are many species that we do not come in contact… Read more »

SC EP:378 Strange Property

I spoke to the witness today and it is probably one of the most fascinating conversation I have ever had. I know KW’s phone was not the best but I tried to clean up the audio the best I could. I think this witness is dealing with a lot of paranormal activity on his property… Read more »

Meldrum Describes his Bigfoot Sighting

At you can read the full transcript. The following is a transcript of Dr. Jeff Meldrum describing the sighting he had while conducting field research with Todd Standing, Dr. John Bindernagle, and Sonya Zohar. This was transcribed from comments Dr. Meldrum made during Todd Standing’s presentation. Parts of his description were given while seated… Read more »

Strange Vocalization Captured

I want to warn everyone of adult language. The YouTuber NvTv writes “Have a listen to this clip WOW!!…It will make your hair on the back of your neck stand up!!…Imagine yourself in the pitch dark in the middle of the woods and you hear this SCREAM!! Judge for yourself”

Tonight’s Show: Strange Property

I spoke to the witness today and it is probably one of the most fascinating conversation I have ever had. I think this witness is dealing with a lot of paranormal activity on his property and is seeing a lot of strange creatures including Sasquatch. I know this show might be beyond strange for most… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Florida Georgia Line Encounter

Arty writes “I’ve been listening to your show on YouTube all day at work for the past few weeks. Ive only told a few people my encounters and Never to anyone who have had their own. I’ve seen, heard, smelled, pretty much been asaulted by a bigger red eyed, foul smelling Skunkape around 7′ tall…. Read more »

A Southern Oregon Expedition to Bolan Lake

Dan writes “David Osborne and Dan Lindholm re-visit and share two Bigfoot Hot Spots in the Southern Oregon Border Country near the Oregon Caves. An interesting study with EMF meters intersects with both men sharing earlier Sasquatch experiences at Bolan Lake and SOHA. The scenery on this trip was spectacular, enjoy this video in HD.”

I am concerned that I may be in danger

Interesting report from a man living off of the grid. Hello I live off grid inside Goose Creek Lake north of Farmington, MO. Its actually French Village, MO. but inside Goose Creek Lake community. And I am on the north side of Goose Creek Lake, Stone Horse Lane. Last night 04/13/2017 I had just turned… Read more »

World Bigfoot Radio: Hunter helps orphan Bigfoot

The Glagg Saga, part 1, Kevin tells of his teenage Bigfoot encounters, and how he helped an orphan sasquatch survive until it could go it alone. This series of events happened in Idaho decades ago, and Kevin will be back to tell us more of the story.

Ancient Giants Found In Alaska

Strangeish writes “An article dating back to the turn of the 20th century details the discovery of the remains of an ancient race of giants in Alaska. Is this another instance of suppressed information involving giants in North America?”