Paranormal Portal: Aliens And Demons – Author Ron Felber

Paranormal Portal writes “Is there a connection between Alien Abduction and Demonic Possession? Could they, perhaps be the same thing? Author Ron Felber joins me on today’s show and we dive into two of his incredible books that detail incredible cases of Alien Abduction and Demonic Possession. The books, “The Mojave Incident” and “Unwelcomed –… Read more »

Possible Dogman Encounter

A listener writes “One night around 11 or 1130 pm my ex and I were returning home from a friend’s house that lived inside a place called Doe Valley. Doe Valley is a gated community beside a place called Otter Creek Park & Otter Creek Park runs along the Ohio River with just over two… Read more »

Bigfoot Documentary (2024)

Penford Media writes “Featuring Todd Standing, Dave McCollough and Erick Szilagyi. Is Bigfoot a hoax or an undiscovered species roaming the earth? In this new Bigfoot documentary we dive into this topic. Interviewers include Adam Malachuk and Mike Tinsley of Chaos Theater Productions. We hope you enjoy this new Bigfoot documentary, produced by Zack Snider.”… Read more »

SC EP:1071 Caught With Your Pants Down

Tonight I will be speaking to Jeremy. In 1984 he was on vacation with his family. The family stopped in Colorado to take a break from their road trip. Jeremy stepped out of the camper to pee and was face to face with a creature. I will also be speaking to Pete. Pete owns a… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Pine Ridge Shapeshifter

Strange Familiars writes “Lucinda, Jon, and Timothy talk about their trip to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. While driving through the back country, they saw a strange hiker who, seemingly, disappeared. Was he an unhuman? A shapeshifter? A shape-shifting bigfoot? … or just a normal dude?”

ThinkerThunker: Analysis Proves Patterson Bigfoot was 6’9″

ThinkerThunker writes “In this video I use a little common sense to give us possibly the most accurate measurement ever for Patty (the Patterson Bigfoot.) But it depends on two “measurable” pieces of evidence. You’re not gonna believe the results. For scoffers and haters …. Most anything can be measured with most anything, as long… Read more »

After Dark: Giants

Yesterday Merkel and I were going over some of the technical issues we were having as far as bringing people on and there was an issue with the stream. Its 90% fixed but we both decided to move the date of the first episode out one week to make sure all issues are resolved. The… Read more »

Upcoming Show: The Georgia Sasquatch

A listener writes “We live out in a very rural area of North GA. In between a couple of mtns. I walked out on the front porch where he was standing. I’ve heard howls before and one roar but this was closer than any other. A loud howl came from behind the house. This was… Read more »

Happy Independence Day America

The holiday celebrates the Second Continental Congress’ unanimous adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, a document announcing the colonies’ separation from Great Britain. One year later, according to the Library of Congress, a spontaneous celebration in Philadelphia marked the anniversary of American independence. How did fireworks become a part of the… Read more »

The Confessionals: Weird Wednesday Wake Up

The Confessionals writes “Kickstart your hump day with a delightful dose of the unexpected on “Weird Wednesday Wakeup.” Join us and let the good vibes flow!” Link to the video

Bob Gymlan: The Chilling Matter of Extraterrestrials in Bedrooms

Bob Gymlan writes “Usually I cover other people’s paranormal accounts, but one of the most common comments on my channel is if I personally have any paranormal encounters. Well, this is one of them. It very well could be nothing, but as is the case with most things, it could be a lot of other… Read more »

The Confessionals: Bloodlines of Monsters

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 665: Nathan Reynolds, shares his harrowing journey from being born into a secretive family with a dark legacy to his experiences as an elite operative. In this gripping interview, Nathan reveals the chilling realities of his upbringing, which involved encounters with otherworldly monsters and participation in covert military operations. He… Read more »

World UFO Day marks 77th anniversary of the Roswell incident

Intended to help raise awareness of “the undoubted existence of UFOs”, World UFO Day is a special event for UFO enthusiasts and researchers as well as for disclosure advocates who are attempting to encourage world governments to reveal what they know about UFOs. The day also commemorates what is perhaps the most famous UFO case… Read more »

It Wasn’t Shaped Like A Bear

A listener writes “When I was about 13 yrs old we lived in an old farm house at the end of a dirt road. It was surrounded by fields that were used for crops before we moved there and at the time mostly only for hay. There was also a gas pipeline that went along… Read more »

The Activity Seems To Be Focused On My Wife

A listener writes “I had an encounter about 6 years back with a friend of mine, not far from my home in Grafton New Hampshire. My friend and I had taken our daughters on a jeep excursion up an old class 6 logging road heading toward a defunct 19th century village called fowler town. We… Read more »

WoodwardTV: What you NEED to know about PRE-HISTORIC MAN

WoodwardTV writes “Today we’re going to take a brief look at why the existence of humans before humans is one of the greatest mysteries yet to be agreed upon and solved. And I am going to mainly focus on why no one has solved this puzzle and why no one ever will.” Link to the… Read more »

UAMN TV: What Can We Learn from Other-Worldly Visitors?

UAMN TV writes “George Noory CoastToCoast AM, Glynis McCants, Daniel Sheehan, Mathew James Bailey, Linda Moulton Howe, Riz Virk, Lisa Garr, Rick Levine and Sarah Breskman Cosme – Join George Noory, popular host of Coast-to-Coast AM, and his dynamic guest speakers at the 2024 Forum. Are we humans more powerful than we think? Can we… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: They Are Watching

Paranormal Portal writes “Are we alone in the cosmos? While there are many who have witnessed strange craft in our skies, there are a few whose experiences go much, much further. These are those rare individuals who report being abducted by these strange beings without their consent. The nature of these experiences vary. From benign… Read more »