Strange Tracks Found In Lewis County Kentucky

A listener writes “My daughter and son in law ran across these tracks while riding their rzr. Two pics are of the same footprint (one with my daughters foot and one with my son in laws) and the other is on harder ground. There are many stories and loud screams associated with the area at… Read more »

Bob Gymlan: A Chilling Paranormal Experience

Bob Gymlan writes “This video is about a paranormal (or unexplained at least) experience that I tend to steer clear from. However, I received this account years ago, and I was fascinated by one single detail that I think is worth a thought. I’m still not sure precisely what to make of the inexplicable vanishings… Read more »

I Saw A Large Creature

A listener writes “I am originally from the north-west corner of Connecticut and all but one of my encounters happened there. I grew up hunting and fishing the mountains and streams around my home town. I am very comfortable in the woods and familiar with all the animals you would normally encounter in New England…. Read more »

Evidence Bigfoot Uses Tools

Linda Eastburn writes “here is evidence out there that Bigfoot may use tools. Ray Harwood tells what they are and how they use them.”

Scientists recover RNA from an extinct species for the first time

Officially thought to have gone extinct decades ago, the thylacine (or Tasmanian tiger) was a distinctive carnivorous marsupial native to Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. In more recent years, researchers have been attempting to find a way to effectively bring the species back to life using samples collected from carefully preserved museum specimens. Now it… Read more »

The Paranormal Review: Sighting in Switzerland

The Paranormal Review writes “I was sent this from someone in Switzerland. They were hesitant to even send it in. They didn’t really tell me much so I don’t have much of a backstory which is already suspicious, but in this video the person filming actually goes into the snow down into the creek to… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: The Paranormal Detective – Greg Lawson

Paranormal Portal writes “This was an interview that was conducted at the Phenomecon Conference. Every effort has been made to bring you the best recording possible On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Greg Lawson to the show. Greg is an amazing researcher and investigator into the paranormal and author of several… Read more »

From The Shadows: Bigfoot and Thunderbirds

From The Shadows writes “Author and paranormal researcher, Ben Tejada-Ingram, joins us to talk about his very ow Bigfoot encounter as a child. He also takes on his journey to becoming a researcher and author. Ben’s book “The Lands Forgotten by Time” is available on Amazon. You can also find him on Instagram @anomalyhunterx and… Read more »

Bigfoot Area X

Linda Eastburn writes “Area X is a high activity bigfoot research area where Michael Mayes, along with fellow researcher, use inovative ways to find bigfoot.”

It Stared At Us

A listener writes “In 2014 I had my first encounter it was in between Montrose GA aka “haunted montrose” and Cochran GA on a stretch of highway called highway 26. I lived a house with my mom who worked night shift at Lauren’s county 911 center and my ex stepdad worked for arrow and he… Read more »

The Confessionals: Hunting Dogman

The Confessionals writes “Join me, Tony Merkel, on a spine-tingling Dogman hunt during a supermoon night with my fearless partner-in-creepiness, Bryan Jeffrey from Black Mass Paranormal. We’re exploring the very same location where Scott Carpenter had a chilling encounter with the enigmatic Dogman! The area we’re venturing into is infamous for countless cryptid sightings, and… Read more »

Strange News: Phoenix Roof Mysteriously Damaged

PHOENIX (KPHO/Gray News) writes “A family in Arizona was left baffled after something mysteriously caused damage to the roof tiles on their house. Lisa Sikorski told KPHO she was working in her upstairs office last Friday afternoon when she heard and felt what sounded like a truck barreling toward her house. “It got really, really… Read more »

Strange Familiars: The Mournful History of Susanna Cox

Strange Familiars writes “Timothy reads a broadside ballad from 1809 which tells the sad story of Susanna Cox, a poor young woman from Berks County, Pennsylvania, who may or may not have killed her infant and was hanged for the crime. Alison adds commentary, telling us which parts of the ballad are true, and tries… Read more »

Merkle Media: The Shape of Shadows

Merkle Media writes “The Shape of Shadows challenges paranormal beliefs beyond a Utah ranch. Tony Merkel and his team’s unconventional road trip offers a fresh take on phenomena like Skinwalkers and UFOs, pushing boundaries and reshaping our understanding of the supernatural. Join their journey to explore the unexplained and question your perceptions of the extraordinary.”… Read more »

Linda Moulton Howe: The Tall Whites

UAMNTV writes “Dive deep into the realms of extraterrestrial encounters with the renowned Linda Moulton Howe, as she takes the stage at the 2023 Contact in the Desert Expo. In this captivating lecture, Linda explores the enigmatic world of Tall White ETs, offering unparalleled insights into their mysterious presence on our planet. This is an… Read more »

Video Of Something Taken in Massachusetts

A listener writes “Hey buddy, l came across some great footage of a sasquatch in Massachusetts that if you haven’t seen, you need to check out. Slow the video speed and zoom in on it–probably the best footage of a bigfoot moving quickly.” The person who took the footage goes by “Bilbo Swaggins” on YouTube… Read more »

Sasquatch Chronicles Will Return

As I told the members tonight I have surgery in the morning and I have been advised I will be down for the count till at least October 1st….but they don’t know who they are dealing with, don’t be surprised if you see me this weekend. Haha

Tonight’s Show: On My Back Porch

A listener writes “First and foremost, I’m a highly educated, professional who is scientifically minded and I’m not the kind of person who is easy to convince. Also, I’m an avid outdoorsman who has spent more than 40 years in these woods hunting deer, turkey, hogs and any other wildlife. I debated making this report… Read more »