SC Shorts: The Phantom Border Patrol Agent

This is from episode 142. Retired Border Patrol Agent Rocky Elmore. Rocky had experienced a lot of strange things on the top. One incident was with the death of Agent Santiago

Strange Familiars: The Curse of the Wolf-Thing

Tim writes “For our continuing High Strangeness in Hellam segment Dillon tells of a shadow being that transformed into an orb. Next, Seth shares his story of a glowing-eyed entity staring in his window, and another from a friend about a wolf creature which followed him home then appeared in his dreams. Finally, we welcome… Read more »

Bigfoot and Beyond: Q&A

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay answer your questions in this new Q&A episode”

Taken by The Wilderness: Two Disappearances in Siberia

Top Mysteries writes “In the previous we talked about the disappearance of Lyuda Kuzina in Siberia and today I’m going to present two more from the area. All three disappearances are very similar. Unlike Lyuda though, the two young people we’re going to be reporting on today both disappeared with a dog. I’ve seen some… Read more »

I First Heard Of Sasquatch From My Grandpa As A Child

A listener writes “I first heard of Sasquatch from my grandpa as a child. However, that’s not what grandpa called them, because it was a completely different era. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that my grandpa never saw one thing about Sasquatch on the TV or read about them in any article…. Read more »

Sawdustt BEAST: Turtleman

Turtleman joins the guys and talks about Sasquatch. If someone has a critter problem in Kentucky, they know Ernie Brown Jr. is the man to call. Nicknamed “Turtleman” for his uncanny ability to catch monster snapping turtles, Brown also handles raccoons, skunks, snakes, venomous spiders, possums and many other wild animal species.

Alien Life Documentary

Spark writes “With technology advancing faster than ever, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost here?”

The Confessionals: Bigfoot In England | Deborah Hatswell

Tony writes “In episode 375: Bigfoot In England we are joined by Deborah Hatswell from BBR Investigations. Deborah had a bigfoot encounter in the 80s in England and that set her life path on a new course of trying to understand the unknown and find people that have seen the strange and unusual like her…. Read more »

SC Shorts: The Murderers Creek Incident

This is from episode 679, The Murderers Creek Incident. Murderer’s Creek, Oregon was named in the 1860s, or so the story goes, after a party of eight prospectors who were exploring its banks were murdered. On tonight’s show a group of hunters have a couple of run ins with a creature who has been watching… Read more »

SC Shorts: Strange Hooded Snowmobilers

This is from episode 689, Strange Hooded Snowmobilers. Tonight Ethan shares an encounter he had in Minnesota while ice fishing. He describes two creatures staring at him. The creatures were so tall he thought they were standing on their snowmobiles behind the reeds that were six feet tall.  

SC Shorts: Manitoba Bigfoot Encounter

This is from episode 389, Manitoba Bigfoot Encounter. A listener writes “I have never told this story to anyone. At the time it happened I was coming to the end of a messy divorce after a more than 20 year marriage. I truly felt if I said anything, those that cared about me, they would… Read more »

SC Shorts: I Thought I Ran Into The Devil

This is from episode 524 I Thought I Ran Into The Devil. A listener writes “I am from Indiana. I grew up with these things being around my property. I have seen them twice but have had glimpses of them numerous times. I have so much to say. I purchased a home a few miles… Read more »

SC Shorts: I Shouldn’t Be Alive

This is from episode 515. Spoke to the eyewitness who is from the U.K. but she was in California for business. She shared some very interesting details about what she saw. She said “When the male rushed me the female stopped him and they were chattering back and forth, a very strange gibberish.” She has… Read more »

SC Shorts: I Shot It!

This is from episode 405. Clint writes “I put a 7mag round threw ones knee so it couldn’t get to me because I was afraid I couldn’t put enough rounds in it to get it down before it got to me, and there was another communicating so I knew if I killed it there would… Read more »

SC Shorts: Bigfoot Odyssey

This is from episode 597. Kerry Arnold of the YouTube show Bigfoot Odyssey tells his Sasquatch encounter he had back in 2006 Kerry was on a hunting property in Mississippi. This experience kept Kerry out of the woods for years.

SC Shorts: Sasquatch Saves Child

This is from episode 442, Sasquatch Saves Child. Read the full encounter here. Tommy writes “What I remember the most is the look on her face when she dropped me. she stood and looked at me for a couple seconds, she looked up the road where we both heard don’s car coming in the far… Read more »