The Genes We Lost Along the Way

Our DNA holds thousands of dead genes and we’ve only just begun to unravel their stories. But one thing is already clear: we’re not just defined by the genes that we’ve gained over the course of our evolution, but also by the genes that we’ve lost along the way.

SC EP:737 I Quit Hunting After That Day

Sorry for the late post everyone. I ran into technical issues. Tonight we speak with Ted who comes to us from Idaho, he had several strange incidents happen to him over the years. In 2003 Ted and his hunting partner were in between this creature who was in the valley below them. As the two… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: I Quit Hunting After That Day

The show will be posted tonight by 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time. I will be speaking with Ted who comes to us from Idaho, he had several strange incidents happen to him over the years. In 2003 Ted and his hunting partner were in between this creature who was in the valley below them. As the… Read more »

Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival 2021

Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC writes “The First Annual Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival is happening this year! June 19 & 20, 2021 in Washington State. A weekend all about Bigfoot! Enjoy presentations by scientists, field research experts, TV personalities, and special guests! Mingle with the presenters at the public book signing in between presentations! Over six… Read more »

Giants in America: Ancient Giant Tribes

Phenomenon Report writes “There is proof that the giant tribes of the Levant traveled to America. Massive skeletons and skulls have been exhumed over the last couple centuries in burial mounds scattered throughout the country that prove that giants, far larger than people of today, competed for resources. This includes Native American oral histories and… Read more »

Sasquatch Theory: Does Sasquatch Mimic Other Animals

Sasquatch Theory writes “In this episode I will be discussing bigfoot’s mimicking other animals. I will be particularly talking about the owl vocalizations that have been mentioned briefly by many other people experiencing the bigfoot phenomenon! I know this may be controversial as it could just simply be an owl. The point of the video… Read more »

Bigfoot Odyssey: Catskill Appalachian Research Collective

Bigfoot Odyssey invites the group Catskill Appalachian Research Collective. They discuss their encounters and their investigations. The Catskill Appalachian Research Collective (CARC) is a group set up to research and advance serious study of various fringe science, and paranormal topics, most notably Bigfoot.

I Watched This Creature

A listener writes “I am with my father in law, he witnessed a bigfoot in Dagget County brownie lake in flaming gorge Utah side… clear view, watched him for about 5 minutes walking across a clearing. He was hunting elk in the morning with his own father in law in the truck. In his rifle… Read more »

Finding Bigfoot Crew Switching Networks

CBS 8 San Diego writes “Cliff Barackman joined Morning Extra to talk about the new show and what viewers can expect. The new show can be watched on Discovery+”

Sasquatch Comments Corner

Modern Explorer writes “Join me as we read some awesome comments, ideas and encounters that have come across Modern Explorer. Let’s recognize and retell highlights that have been shared through comments on this channel.”

Bigfoot Documentary 2021

Sasquatch Theory writes “In this video I will be traveling to an area a couple of miles away from the current river in Missouri! I received a message from David. He explained to me the activity that had taken place and if I would be interested in coming down! A few day later I was… Read more »

Tonight Show: Hippie In A Fur Coat?

Spoke to Jessie and he had two encounters in California. He said “The first encounter something or someone was pacing us out of the woods. When we would stop it would stop. I had no idea what was going on. During the second encounter I saw the creature. This thing reminded me of a huge… Read more »

Grassman58: Northport, WA Recordings

Grassman58 writes “So I have been going back and listening to audio recordings we captured years back. Now with the software I have now I can go back and really clean up and boost those early recordings. The audio was recorded back in the late fall of 2013 while we were camping for several days… Read more »

Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio: Cliff Barackman

Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio writes “Cliff Barackman has been a bigfoot field researcher since 1994. His expeditions have taken him to 46 states and five continents in search of undiscovered hominoids worldwide. As the evidence analyst on Animal Planet’s hit television show, Finding Bigfoot, Cliff has applied his skill and expertise to a variety of… Read more »

Strange Familiars: He Just Stood There

Tim writes “Cate discusses her encounters with The Other. We hear about two Flannel Man accounts, ghosts, shadow people, weird lights, and more.”

In Search of the Evidence of Bigfoot

Investigators meet with residents of Pend Orielle County to hear reports of BigFoot in the area. March 7, 2020 Event put on by Stephen T. Major of Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC., and organized by William Bisson; a Metaline resident and Gold Enthusiast. Guest speakers: Dr. J. Robert Alley, and Adam Davies. The event was held… Read more »

Mysterious Lightning Orbs

A listener writes “Hello Wes, After listening to your show for over a year, I wanted to share an experience my wife and I had one summer night during a thunderstorm. You’ll have to forgive me for not remembering the exact year as I once had the account written down, but have since lost it…. Read more »

Sasquatch Hunting Season & Weird Mysteries in the Woods

Rep. Justin Humphrey introduced the bill to the Oklahoma legislature earlier this month. The bill reads that the hunting season would be regulated by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission, which would set annual dates along with specific hunting licenses and fees. “A lot of people don’t believe in Bigfoot, but a lot of people do,”… Read more »

Yowie Sightings Near Lake Tinaroo, Queensland

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports writes “Yet another Yowie Report emerges from the Cairns/FNQ area. This physical description is very similar to our Report #130​ on the other side of the mountain range.