Bigfoot No Coming back

Linda Eastburn writes “Matt Pruitt, author of The Phenomenal Sasquatch, reveals all the information from his years of research and experience.”

Aaron Rodgers details UFO experience: ‘We just stood frozen’

Aaron Rodgers details UFO experience: ‘We just stood frozen.’ The New York Jets quarterback says he saw one in 2005 and has been interested in them ever since. A bit before that year’s NFL Draft, he was at a former teammate’s house in New Jersey – ironically, his place of residence now. Rodgers said he… Read more »

Unknown Figure Digging Revisited

A listener writes “Hello Wes, I just want to share this possible Dogman video. It was recorded near Akron, Oh by a couple of high school students. The Dogman looked to be digging up a grave. It made it down 21 inches before running off. The hole was dug with its bare hands.” This video… Read more »

My Brothers Experience

A listener writes “This is my brothers experience and he gave me permission to send you this since I’m the one who listens to you. We lived in a small community called Pollok, Texas. Just 15 minutes outside of Lufkin. It was 2013 or 2014. My brother was either 16 or 17, just got his… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Cloaking Bigfoot

Strange Familiars writes “First, Ken shares stories of bigfoot encounters including a cloaking bigfoot near Michaux Forest and large creatures seen near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Next, Alison reads an article about a cyclone which hit Reading, PA in 1889, causing a massive amount of destruction.”

Upcoming Show: My Brother And Uncle Pulled Their Firearms Out

A listener writes “I’m 23 years old and I’ve lived in Tucson Arizona all my life. I don’t want to make this long winded but there is a lot to my experience and history with my family cabin. My family cabin resides in Pinetop Arizona, very close to Show Low. We very often take quick… Read more »

1978 Bigfoot Lake of the Ozarks

A listener writes “I was a divorced 26 year old (71now) mother of 2 children ages 5 and 8 years old. My mother purchased approx 180 acres of wooded land 5 miles from Camdenton, Mo (Lake of the Ozarks )All dirt roads and only 1 house other than us at the end of our lake… Read more »

Documentary: The Cascades Encounter

Salish Sasquatch writes “This video is based on multiple encounters that happened on a night in August of 2020, in the Washington Cascades. We heard a “whoop” vocalization right before a tree comes down. We believe that tree was pushed over. Later on, 35 minutes later, Kirk Brandenburg recorded a vocalization a half mile away,… Read more »

Naked Science: The Cover Up Of The Unexplained ‘Phoenix Lights’

Naked Science writes “On 13th March 1997 in the night sky over the city of Phoenix, Arizona one of the most spectacular mass UFO sighting of all time took place. Thousands of people witnessed a series of bright orange orbs moving in formation silently overhead. Despite hours of video and photographic evidence this case remains… Read more »

PhenomeCon 2023

The PhenomeCon Paranormal Conference is being held at Uintah Conference Center in Vernal, UT. The event this year is from September 6-9, 2023. Check out more information here

It Ran On Two Legs, upright Like A Man

Hunter lives in Wisconsin and writes “I experienced something while leaving Devils lake here in Baraboo… I left the south shore on “south lake road” heading towards Merrimac or where highway 113 meets S lake rd at the bottom of the bluff. The “ice age trail” and “old sandstone trailhead” are both marked near or… Read more »

The Confessionals: Ascendant Alchemical Creations

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 578: Ascendant Alchemical Creations, Juan takes us into the fascinating world of homunculi, exploring their origins in alchemy, history, and their potential relevance in modern times. He unpacks the concept of homunculi, little magical beings created through alchemical processes, as first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century. Juan discusses… Read more »

UFO Over Portland, Oregon

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I finally located an 18 minute video that I took (September 27,2016) from a work phone while I was employed as the Evening Lead Supervisor for valet parking on the OHSU campus. There is a Google Drive link at the bottom of this email that you can click on to… Read more »

The Ape Canyon Venderwhite mine has been found

Marc Myrsell writes “APE CANYON!!! Let it be known that on THIS DAY!!! The Ape Canyon Venderwhite mine has been found! Jake, Braden and Jarod Mitchell are all great grandsons of the youngest of the original 1924 miners, Leroy Perry Smith. I helped them with detailed directions on how to get to the cabin site… Read more »

Large Dinosaur Tracks Unearthed In Dried-Up Texas River

CNN reports “A series of dinosaur tracks have been uncovered in a drought-stricken riverbed in the state of Texas. They were found in Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Paleontologists believe the tracks are from around 110 million years ago. They were likely to belong to an Acrocanthosaurus which weighed up to 7… Read more »

These Woods Are Haunted: House Surrounded By Sasquatch

Travel Channel writes “A quiet birthday celebration in Ohio forest turns terrifying after Matt hears a loud rustling in the distance. While initially believing it to be a prank, his family soon come to realize the horrifying situation they are in when they witness a large sasquatch-like creature approaching the home. Things only get worse… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Ciatko (See-ott-co)

Spoke to Dave who is a member of the Quinault Nation. He has agreed to come on the show and share his encounters with the Ciatko (See-ott-co), which roughly translates Stick Indians and Night People. Dave writes “I am a member of the Quinault nation. I’ve been a fan of your show for years, and… Read more »

Dogman Narratives: Michigan Melonhead

Dogman Narratives writes ” Based on True Story, The Melonhead legend, is based on a true story, that is part of Michigan’s urban legends and weird tales, has intrigued both Ohio and Michigan residents for years. Michigan, in particular, has its fair share of spine-tingling Melonhead encounters dating back to the 1970s. Also called the… Read more »

SC EP: 985 Creature Follows Farmer Home

Jacob writes “Last year in September in Minnesota I had a close interaction with a creature and have some video footage of it. Last year when this event took place I originally thought it was a dog man or wendigo or something of the sort. I recently my cousins talked to me and said I… Read more »

Owner of the Skinwalker Ranch Reveals UAP/UFO Encounters

Shawn Ryan Show writes “Our next guest Brandon Fugal is the owner and proprietor of Skinwalker Ranch. Initially, Brandon’s intention was to dispel the rumors and mystique surrounding Skinwalker Ranch. However, a meeting with an Area 51 specialist on the property led to a series of unexplained and peculiar phenomena. This encounter profoundly impacted him… Read more »