Encounter in Connecticut

A listener writes “December 26th of 2017 was both my birthday and a day where I laid eyes on a 6 foot tall creature who moved with a mythodical swagger. My friend and I set out to dudleytown, an abandoned town within the northwest corner of Connecticut. When the sighting occurred, we were around 5… Read more »

Alfred’s Mantid and other Criptids

Brenton writes “We mostly hear about Bigfoot or Sasquatch in the woods but what else is out there. This monsters in the woods episode will talk about the other creatures out there. Hope you enjoy and look for Alfred’s next episode on Bigfoot and maybe Dogman plus other interesting stories too.”

Theories: What is Sasquatch?

YouTuber Zohar StarGate TV writes “Over the years several different Bigfoot theories have been offered. Some of the more common theories are the primative theory, the lost tribe, the neanderthal theory, the Cain theory, paranormal / UFO-related, the Bigfoot-Giganto hypothesis. Bigfoots are typically sighted in or near remote wooded, mountainous, or swampy areas. They are… Read more »

Hairy Giants That Anthropologists Have a Hard Time Explaining

This is full of never heard before accounts of this mysterious beast in the most remote parts of the world. Takes us on a journey through the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet, unearthing very old encounters with the elusive Bigfoot type creatures, in places that the world has never heard of. Includes recent discoveries in the… Read more »

Sasquatch Tracks Found

Christopher Noël writes “On August 23, 2014, our expedition came across clear tracks on a riverbank in Upstate New York. Representing three individuals, the tracks measured six inches, eight inches, and thirteen inches in length.”

Sasquatch Summit Loren Coleman Presentation

Sasquatch Summit Loren Coleman Presentation. Loren Coleman (born July 12, 1947) is an American cryptozoologist who has written over 40 books on a number of topics, including cryptozoology.

Strange sounds from Texas

I have posted this before but I wanted to take a second look at it. Russell Miller wrote “We got it in the Sam Houston National Forest last year”     He also captured these. He writes “We got this in Caddo Lake back in 2015”   He was able to cast this from the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Encountering the strange

I will be welcoming two witnesses to the show. It will be a real eye opener for anyone into the dogman. A listener witness “I wanted to reach out to a couple of your guests-a girl named Alex and especially a U.S. Marine named Tom who seemed somewhat still distressed over what he witnessed, concerning… Read more »

JC Johnson Passed Away

Below is a quick bio of JC but I want to say I spoke to JC twice and I was taken back by his knowledge and love for the subject. He was very kind and we exchanged information for two brief conversations. JC Johnson, considered by some to be the “Indiana Jones of Cryptozoology,” founded… Read more »

Montana Bigfoot Project: Tree Peekers?

Duke writes “I take a closer look at one piece of video El Jeffe shot during our afternoon visit to the Squatchlets playground and the “Train Track” last September, in Pattee Canyon, Montana. El Jeffe may have caught several tree peekers there watching us while we documented their tree structures!”

Bigfoot Tony: White Bigfoot

Scott Herriot says he was within 40 feet of the creature in 1992. I have watched this video over the years and I could never see anything. Scott’s reaction seemed to be very real. Take a look:     Here is the original:

Bigfoot and High Strangeness: Scientific Explanations

Mattsquatch Presents writes “There have been reports of Bigfoot having some supernatural abilities over the years. Things that wouldn’t be possible for a flesh and blood creature. Lets take a look at some of the scientific explanations that have been proposed.”

The Legend of Bigfoot

My friend Bob Gimlin is finishing up his movie and he is going to try to get Netflix to buy it. If you guys and gals can do me a HUGE favor can you go and “like” his page. I told Bob I would ask the fans to go and like the page. https://www.facebook.com/thebigfootmovie/

Unsolved State Park Disappearances

Swamp Dweller writes “It is seemingly impossible to keep track of how people are going missing in our state and national parks. All over the country, people seem to be just up and vanishing, Today me and my good friend elders vault share 3 true unsolved state park disappearances”

Strange image captured

Trey writes “Been talking to a witness close to me about some strange noises and stuff he’s been finding and he sent me this. He seems legit so I may be going to meet up with him sometimes soon just wondering what you thought of this photo. Any input from you is definitely worth it…. Read more »

SC EP:402 Giant chimpanzee on all fours chasing the deer

I am in the process of working on the member show and I thought I would go ahead a release the public show early for you guys and gals. It should be available later today. A listener writes “I had several encounters 20 years ago on and around some property that’s in the family. My… Read more »

At first I thought this was a man

A great report from 2016 in Reynolds County, Missouri. Here is the report “I have to apologize about not posting my sighting sooner simply because most folks just laugh and look at you as a fruit cake or something. However, this makes my second sighting of a Big Foot. My son and I was bow… Read more »

Sasquatch lawsuit filed in California

Duke writes “A mother and her children encounter a Bigfoot, take video and pics and report it, but are ignored by the Forestry officials, so the eyewitness has filed a lawsuit against the state of California for dereliction of duty! Video and pictures by Claudia Ackley and her daughters, cropped arctic blue versions also from… Read more »