Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle

The infamous area of Massachusetts known as the “Bridgewater Triangle” has long been a hub of strange paranormal activity, including sightings of a Bigfoot like creature deep within it’s swamps. Witness and researcher Joseph Deandrade recounts his encounters and some of the strange tales he has heard about people encountering Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle.

Sasquatch Terrorized Family At Ruby Creek

One of the most famous of Sasquatch/Human encounters in Bigfoot history occurred September 1941. The Chapman family of five living in rural area near Ruby Creek endured a week of terror. It started with the Chapmans nine year old son coming into their house from playing outside in a state of shock. The boy informed… Read more »

Bigfoot Documentary

Boggy Creek Documentary this story about people accounts of Bigfoot happening in Boggy Creek

World Bigfoot Radio: Part Two Randy “Caveman” Yazzie

Duke writes “This was actually the first part of the interview, but the audio file was corrupted and required 3 days to extract in pieces, once I figured out what the problem was. SO, 8 edited versions and 3 days later, here it is. This episode features the FUNNIEST BIGFOOT STORY I HAVE EVER HEARD!… Read more »

A hairy tall figure about 7 to 8 ft. tall

A report from Chelan County, Washington in 2016: “Driving in my car on the highway, my friend and I saw a dark figure ahead of us walking up on a bluff beside the road. He was walking towards us. As we got very near we saw him clearly. A hairy tall man like figure about… Read more »

Oregon Bigfoot Festival 2017

Saturday, August 19th 2017, come enjoy this “Whimsical Bigfoot” themed festival. Walk beautiful Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale Oregon. Visit the unique food and merchandise vendors. Enjoy carnival-style games and more! The fun starts at 9am-5pm. We ask a $5 suggested donation admission for Adults $2 donation for Kids 12 and under.

Tonight’s Show: Encounters from Alberta, Canada

I am broadcasting from a remote location and I hope my internet connection holds up. I will be posting the show later tonight for the members. It will be up a little later than normal. Thank you for your patience this week. A listener writes “Hi Wes. I recently found your show and I love… Read more »

Wildlife biologist discusses tracks in snow

John A. Bindernagel is a wildlife biologist who has sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published a book in 1998 entitled North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch. John discusses tracks in the snow.

A Hunting Trip Trailer

As soon as I get more information on this I will update you guys and gals. A Journalism student embarks on a journey to try and discover the truth surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon. He ends up in rural North Carolina where a group of local investigators lead him down the rabbit hole of their findings.

McCabe death remains a mystery

“We may not be able to tell you everything,” said Police Chief Jacobson. “We are not trying to hide anything… We still want to know what happened.” Eight weeks after late Minnesota Revenue auditor Henry McCabe’s body was found in Rush Lake waters, his family and African community leaders still wait for answers about the… Read more »

World Bigfoot Radio: Randy “Caveman” Yazzie

Duke writes “A part of the interview with Mr. Randy “Caveman” Yazzie, Navajo cryptid investigator. He recently appeared in the 4 corners episode of “FINDING BIGFOOT” this season, before that Sasquatch Chronicles and other podcasts, and has had many experiences with the local paranormal in that area.”

SC EP:323 One of them threw a rock at me

I am heading out of town to work on a project for the show, so I completed Sunday’s show early and I will be back on Friday or Saturday for the members. I apologize for the shows not being on the normal schedule. A listener writes “I had drawn an area in Fall Creek Falls… Read more »

Sunday’s Show: One of them threw a rock at me

I am heading out of town to work on a project for the show, so I completed Sunday’s show early and I will be back on Friday or Saturday for the members. I apologize for the shows not being on the normal schedule. I will be posting the show shortly.

1811 David Thompson Account

David Thompson, the great explorer of the western US and Canada: On January 7th, 1811, David Thompson, a surveyor and trader for the Northwest Company, attempted to cross the Rocky Mountains near the present day site of Jasper, Alberta. Thompson kept a daily journal, (see T.C. Elliott, “Journal of David Thompson,” Oregon Historical Quarterly, 15… Read more »

The outline was of a man but something was different

A listener writes “Let me first say this is uncomfortable and comforting to share. I had always, like hundreds of others, thought Bigfoot was in the Pacific Northwest. Tennessee was just not the sort of place to find something like that. Unexplained sound in the woods. The wind, deer or bear. Unexplained sighting in the… Read more »

Bigfoot Discovery Museum

This place was so cool and informative to those whom wish to learn more about our big buddies. The museum’s curator, Mike Rugg is an absolute wealth of both crypto and accepted Biologies. He was very heplful in giving me the local dish on the big guy and both recent activity and local sightings. He… Read more »

One of them threw a rock at me

A listener writes “I had drawn an area in Fall Creek Falls state park. Once again it was bow season. I knew a little about the area I was going to hunt. The deer in this area was massive and not accustom to being hunted. I got to my area before sunrise and was heading… Read more »

‘It was looking right at us’

Dozens of Yowie claims on South Coast. The merimbula news weekly writes “Eden residents are continuing to debate the possibility of a Yowie in the area. Following the report about the long history of the legend of Yowies, numerous people have contacted the Eden Magnet to speak out about their experiences. One of these people… Read more »

Was the technology available to fake it?

Unexplained on Gaia writes “Many claim this Bigfoot film is a hoax, but was the technology available to fake it?” The Patterson–Gimlin film (also known as the Patterson film or the PGF) is a famous short motion picture of an unidentified subject the filmmakers have said was a Bigfoot. The footage was shot in 1967,… Read more »