Tonight’s Show: Strange encounters while camping

I will be speaking to two guests, my first guest says “Back in the 70’s my friends and I were camping just outside of a campground in Arkansas. The strangest thing happened that night. In the middle of the night my friends and I were sleeping in a tent when we were awoken to the… Read more »

I saw four of them

Gary writes “I saw 4 of them in 2012. It took a full year before saying anything to anyone. It was then, after about a year that I reported my encounter to my local Bigfoot organization. I still hadn’t yet come to terms with the fact that there were 4 of them so at the… Read more »

Strange image captured

I do not have any information on this image, it was just sent to me. I am trying to find out where it came from. I am not claiming it is anything but I promised you the audience whenever I get something of interest I would share it. A listener writes “Hey Wes I don’t… Read more »

Strange day while hunting

A listener writes “Hi Wes, The main reason for this email is to thank you for your show. It helped me immensely after my encounter. I was very confused after the experience, and was grasping for some kind of information to validate what had happened. It completely turned my world upside down. I found your… Read more »

Trail Cam Image captured In Pennsylvania

James “Bobo” Fay of Finding Bigfoot tv show fame posted the above image of a possible bigfoot captured by a trail cam in Pennsylvania. Fay says the picture was taken in Clara County, PA, research shows that there is no Clara County but there is a Clara Township which is located in Potter County. The… Read more »

Intense and Up close Sasquatch Encounter

The members will remember when I had this witness on the show describing this situation. The YouTuber writes “While investigating an area with a history of Sasquatch we discover large human foot shaped impressions and decide to track them. They lead through a knocked down section of fence, through 30 yards of thorn covered blackberry… Read more »

Little People of the Pryor Mountains

The Little People of the Pryor Mountains (known as Nirumbee or Awwakkulé in the Crow language) are a race of ferocious dwarves in the folklore of the Crow Nation, a Native American tribe. The Little People were also seen as imparting spiritual wisdom, and played a major role in shaping the destiny of the Crow… Read more »

Sighting along Texas highway near Jacksboro

In July, 2016, I was driving to Wichita Falls Texas with my family. I was looking out the window and saw this big black figure running fast on two legs. It ran off a hill into a little valley. It was dark black, had long arms, running way too fast for a person, black fur,… Read more »

Interesting video captured by kids

Interesting video, I wish there was more information. The YouTuber only has one other video of them playing basketball. The YouTuber writes “We were recording a video of us doing dunks at about 4 oclock. when a really loud howl came from a forest nearby. The stench was terrible and we caught we believe was… Read more »

The Beast Of Bray Road

The Crypto Files write “In this episode we take a look at the Beast of Bray Road. The Beast of Bray Road is also sometimes called the Wisconsin Werewolf. It has been described in various way from bigfoot to a surviving prehistoric wolf of some sort.”  

There is something out there..

YouTuber Swamp Dweller writes “Time to time small towns have their share of unspeakable crimes. But, sometimes those crimes are being committed by an unknown creature lurking and preying on their homes citizens. Here is a 6 part series detailing a scary creature attack.”  

Creature observed by hunters

1999, King County, Washington: “We were walking (my hunting partner and I) down the road trying to spot a grouse that we had just seen fly from the area of the swamp to the timber across the road from it. We were standing on the north side of the road looking up in the trees… Read more »

Bigfoot Outlaw Radio: Bigfoot Killed My Hog!

The outlaws write “In this episode we talk about bigfoot the meat eater! What happens when bigfoot decides to kill something? What does one look for to determine sasquatch as the cause of death?”

The caves that proves Neanderthals were cannibals

Deep in the caves of Goyet in Belgium researchers have found the grisly evidence that the Neanderthals did not just feast on horses or reindeer, but also on each other. Human bones from a newborn, a child and four adults or teenagers who lived around 40,000 years ago show clear signs of cutting and of… Read more »

The Corpse of 1847

As famous as gorillas are today, there was a time in which they were no more tan a myth. Explorers would return from African jungles and tell stories about hairy, giant man-beasts of terrible strength and temper, with a nasty habit of abducting and raping women! Such stories were dismissed by scientists as nonsense, and… Read more »

“Ee wan chu. Ee wan chu. Keer. Keer.”

Interesting account, if nothing else it is a creepy story. I want to give credit to Wildredo Arias: “In 1990 Bill Russo lived in Raynham near Bridgewater, Massachusetts and worked the late shift. One night after midnight he took his dog for a walk near some high-tension power lines. As he walked through the deserted… Read more »

Vocalizations from tonight’s show

Here is the audio files I discussed at the beginning of the show. This audio was taken in the same general region where Tony resides. Tony said “I have been hearing this my whole life and never knew what it was…” Below: Recorded by Norma Trent on her property in Bruno, WV   Below you… Read more »

SC EP:286 Strange things going on at home

A listener writes “Back in 2013 at the house we use to live on more than one occasion I heard what sounded like huge rocks being slammed on the ground the last time I heard it I got my gun and a spotlight shined up on the hillside and it sounded like a bulldozer was… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Strange things going on at home

A listener writes “Back in 2013 at the house we use to live on more than one occasion I heard what sounded like huge rocks being slammed on the ground the last time I heard it I got my gun and a spotlight shined up on the hillside and it sounded like a bulldozer was… Read more »