Deep, gruff sounding male voice

Andrea writes “Hello, everyone ! My husband and I have recently discovered we have visitors in our back yard every few nights. How we found out about them is a long story I will tell sometime. We set up a mike at an open back window, just inside the screen. We can hear what is… Read more »

Tomorrow Night: Dr. John A. Bindernagel – Questions?

Dr. John A. Bindernagel has agreed to return to the show. I love talking John and when he shares all of his insight. I know he is a fan favorite. Check out John’s Youtube channel here. John A. Bindernagel (born 1941) is a wildlife biologist who has sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published… Read more »

Tallapoosa County Dogman Sighting

Jim gives details on our first local Dogman report/sighting. Also another creature sighted in Wetumpka, Alabama that is similar.A look at a few old houses and shacks.

SC EP:360 I was skeptical

Is now available in the podcast section. I will see you guys and gals back on Sunday. I spoke with Richard last night and he said “Wes I never believed in Sasquatch before, I always thought it was a joke. I was hunting and my dog had grabbed a limb from the tree and was… Read more »

Jim Sherman’s Sasquatch Story

LordCryptid writes “This was one small part of the BFRO/UPBSRO Townhall Meeting and Second Annual UP Bigfoot Conference in August of 2017. The MC was Michigan BFRO investigator Jim Sherman and he told the story of how he was scared into searching for Bigfoot. The conference was less than 20 miles from where Jim had… Read more »

My family’s Bigfoot experiences

A listener writes “Hi Wes, Love your interviews. I have a few stories from my family that are in line with what your guests are saying. My father was born in Arkansas in 1915. He and his brothers were moonshiners. On several occasions they experienced a bigfoot coming into their camp where their still was… Read more »

1904 – (Thompson Flat Monster) Myrtle Point, Oregon

I am working on an upcoming show about the Thompson Flat Monster. In and around Coos County, Oregon there were many accounts documented from early1800’s into the 1900’s of a hairy, mean rock-throwing monster that harassed miners and prospectors near Myrtle Point and Thompson Flat. The creature was also termed the “Thompson Flat Monster.” Many… Read more »

My orb story: A strange light in the woods

Mattsquatch Presents says “This was back in April of 2013. It was night time probably around 10pm. I saw a strange orange/yellow light moving silently and smoothly through the trees. It was about 200 yards away and looked like a ball of light. It was the color of a dull fire. Like someone carrying a… Read more »

The Art of Claudio Bergamin

Artist Claudio Bergamin is offering a special Patterson Gimlin bigfoot 50th anniversary print. His artwork is amazing I was able to get one of his prints at the International Bigfoot Conference. The images online do not do the artwork justice, it is amazing to hold the actual print in hand.   Check out his online… Read more »

Upcoming Show: I was skeptical

I spoke with Richard last night and he said “Wes I never believed in Sasquatch before, I always thought it was a joke. I was hunting and my dog had grabbed a limb from the tree and was shaking it. I pulled my dog from the limb and happen to glance up and saw this… Read more »

This thing ran over to the wall

A listener writes “A little backstory. I grew up on my grandfathers farm in rural Tennessee. One hundred or so acres of land, mostly swampy woods. I’m not much of an outdoorsman, so I never spent much time out in the woods. They honestly creeped me out and I felt like I was being watched…. Read more »

“My Fathers Encounter”

Grassman58 writes “Sitting around the table after dinner and the subject matter of bigfoot came up. I had played some of the recordings that I have captured over the last few years for him and he started telling his story of an encounter up in Northern Califorina when he was a kid. I have been… Read more »

Dr. Jeff Meldrum on the different types of bigfoot

Mattsquatch Presents says “Different types of Sasquatch? Since i have talked about it on my youtube channel, I figured I would be a good question to ask. I asked Dr. Meldrum about what he thought about the different types of Bigfoot being seen in North America. It was interesting to say the least. Thank you… Read more »

Caught On Audio With Tony Merkel

Tony Merkel writes “In this video we review four different recorded roars that are suspected to be connected to bigfoot in Ohio!”

Sasquatch Island

Thomas Sewid writes “My partner with Wildwoman Productions Victoria Williams has directed me to release our trailer for our productions of SASQUATCH ISLAND. Enjoy and share away! We need more contacts for Canadian and American Natives Indians to interview and share their accounts, stories, dances, art and perspectives about the creatures found throughout Turtle Island/North… Read more »

SC EP:359 International Bigfoot Conference Overview

We will be wrapping up the broadcast with some of the speakers from the international bigfoot conference including Lyle Blackburn and Tom Sewid. We will also be speaking to some of the members and a special guest who will be sharing her experience at the conference and poker highlights! Most of the listeners know Tom… Read more »

SC EP:358 International Bigfoot Conference Interview

Tonight I speak to Q. I met Q at the International Bigfoot Conference where he told me about his encounter. Q was warned by his family not to hunt in a certain area on his families property. Being 17-18 years old the first place Q went to hunt was the area he was warned not… Read more »

Bigfoot Attacks Trapper

Theodore Roosevelt’s book The Wilderness Hunter is 600 pages about life on the frontier. In it, Roosevelt retells a story a he heard from the survivor of an aggressive creature.

International Bigfoot Conference 2017

Mattsquatch Presents says “Hey everyone, this is the first of a couple of videos on the IBC. I had a great time and I can’t wait to come back.”