Bigfoot and Beyond: Tony Merkel

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay speak with fellow podcaster and investigator Tony Merkel! Tony is the creator and host of The Confessionals, a podcast that covers a wide variety of esoteric and mysterious subjects. The boys chat with Tony about chasing the dogman, chasing your dreams, and much more!”

The Varginha Incident

In 1996, the city of Varginha, Brazil became host to a series of bizarre events involving UFOs and alien creatures. What actually happened, and why is it known as the “Brazilian Roswell”?

Chupacabra Legacy: Full History, Lore, and Truth

Ben Miller “Today we are taking the long-awaited deep dive into the history and lore behind the chupacabra. Everything that was thought to be fact about this cryptid isn’t what it seems. As a teaser the first sighting wasn’t in 1995 as commonly stated.”


APP UPDATE: Hey guys! I want to apologize for the continued app issues. Unfortunately the problems we are running into were not brought to light during beta testing, and were only made apparent under the stress of the volume of having the app go live. I have been working with the developer and they believe… Read more »

It Felt Like Those Eyes Went Right Through Us

A listener writes “I am 59. I grew up in Ithaca and my folks owned a farmhouse way out on Rte13 near county line road. We had gorges in the area and our house was once a saw mill but when the State Hwy Dept moved the creek for the road in 1950s the house… Read more »

SC EP:821 Which One Did You See?

Robert writes “I had encounters in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the 90’s. I think it’s still a hotspot but most people won’t talk about it. Most of my encounters were brief except for one. I had a bear walking towards me and one came running down the mountain and actually chased the bear… Read more »

Most Paranormal Place On Earth

The Infographics Show writes “What makes Skinwalker Ranch the most paranormal place on Earth? Find out why this is the scariest place on the planet to visit in today’s new video.”

Tomorrow Night: Which One Did You See?

Robert said “My grandfather was a world war two veteran. He basically raised me and warned me not to go to a certain area of the property. Being a dumb kid when my grandfather left the house to go to an all day appointment, I decided to go into the area I promised I would… Read more »

Is the Yowie Out There? | Studio 10

Studio 10 writes “Stirling Slocock-Bennett and his mates never believed in the mythical creature the Yowie, until they saw a huge ape-like creature on their drive home from work. Could it be the renowned creature?”

Klamath Indian Bigfoot Sighting

Mac Savage writes “Klamath Tribal Elder Larry Baldwin shares with us his knowledge of Bigfoot which includes his first & second encounter with the legendary beast.”

Hunting Bigfoot At The Sasquatch Outpost

Wild Travels writes “Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti – whatever you call it, it’s a creature to be reckoned with, and at the Sasquatch Outpost you’ll meet some true believers who seem to have reckoned with it on a semi-regular basis. There’s a museum and a gift shop on the premises, and if you’re lucky (like we… Read more »

The Osbournes Want to Believe | Travel Channel

The Travel Channel writes “The Osbournes are borderline skeptics when it comes to the paranormal. Jack also pushes his parents to become believers in Big Foot They may be known as the first family of darkness, but legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon Osbourne, are borderline skeptics when it comes to the paranormal…. Read more »

Trying To Figure Out What We Saw

A listener writes “On Monday 12/20/21 I was deer hunting in Eastern Virginia with my Grandson. At exactly 4:40 in the evening I heard what sounded like two heavy sticks being hit together. It was coming toward us from the south. I told my Grandson (11 yrs. old) to get his gun ready, when we… Read more »

Bigfoot Hit Hair Sample Saved

CryptoWatch writes “This is a old news report about a clump of hair left on a trailer after the people driving hit what they think was a bigfoot. I wanted to preserve this news clips as it is similar to a story from my area.”

Upcoming Show: Which One Did You See?

A listener writes “I had encounters in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the 90’s. I think it’s still a hotspot but most people won’t talk about it. Most of my encounters were brief except for one. I had a bear walking towards me and one came running down the mountain and actually chased the… Read more »

1994 Harrison Hot Springs Sasquatch Forum Part 3

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Much appreciation goes out to Larry Lund for allowing these conference videos and related footage to be made public here. Thanks also to Gene Robinson for shipping the boxes full of VHS tapes to me. Thanks so much gentlemen! This upload is part 3 (of 3) of the first VHS tape… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: I Thought I Shot A Man

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “In 1981 I was in North Louisiana and I came across this creature. He came from around a tree that was about 6 feet from me and we stared at each other. I wasn’t sure what it was but I could tell by his facial expressions he was… Read more »

The creature had a face like a German Shepard

A listener writes “it was late September or early October 2020. I do not remember the exact time but it was warm enough for me to have the top off my Jeep but early enough in the fall that the corn fields have yet to be removed. I was headed home from work about 5:15… Read more »

The Confessionals: Paranormal Military Encounters

Tony writes “In Episode 405: Paranormal Military Encounters, we are joined by Nick from the Instagram account Tales From The Gridsquare! Using his Instagram account, Nick is archiving thousands of stories from military personnel who tell him about their bizarre encounters while out on deployment or stateside on military bases. Nick reached out to us… Read more »