SC EP:763 Kryder Exploration

Tonight I sit down with Robert Kryder. Robert had an encounter when he was 14 years old. He spent most of his later years working in archaeology and treasure recovery. In 1995 while investigating an area he was looking to do a dig on he filmed a large black figure on a hill watching him…. Read more »

The 3rd Annual Fouke Monster Festival

The 3rd Annual Fouke Monster Festival will be held this year on Sat, June 19, 2021.   Confirmed Speakers: Jerry Hestand – Hunting Apes in America David Weatherly Rob Robinson – Legend Tripping Lyle Blackburn   Guests: Actors from The Legend of Boggy Creek Guided Bus Tours of Fouke and The Legend of Boggy Creek… Read more »

Tomorrow Night: Kryder Exploration

I will be speaking with Robert in an upcoming show. I played a clip of my interview with Robert for the members. Check out his work: Kryder Exploration This is from the webtsite “To research through adaptive, advanced scientific methods and technologies in an effort to explore and procure evidence of the major enigmatic histories,… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Be a Doll, Be a Baby Doll

Alison and Timothy discuss the lives of two reclusive women and their dolls. Hugette Clark, born into an incredibly wealthy family, collected dolls and dollhouses, and left some of her own homes empty as if they were life-sized doll houses. She spent the last decades of her life in a hospital room, by her own… Read more »

Missing in North America: Strange Disappearances

Top Mysteries writes “Recently, I’ve been having a look at some older newspapers from the United States and elsewhere and I’ve come across a number of unusual disappearances that I want to share with you, and there are some odd ones in here.”

Strange Encounter In Ontario

A listener writes “I appreciate the show and I thought I’d finally sit down and send an email about what me and my cousin saw in the end of June 2018 in northern Ontario. I’m from southern Ontario but have family from heart Ontario. It’s about an 11 or 12 hour drive from where i… Read more »

NZ Hunter Encounters With The Moehau

The Moehau is a New Zealand cryptid. Described as a large, hairy hominid cryptid in the Coromandel-Moehau ranges of New Zealand’s North Island.

Vocalizations: Kryder Exploration

Robert writes “Vocalizations as the male approaches the group from a few miles away. The male howls long with a specific drop and then is answered by the female in soft moaning howls and impact sounds. We also hear his long howl answered by a mountain lion. Throughout the cut we can hear all kinds… Read more »

Smoky Mountain Sasquatch Store

The Christmas Couple writes “On our search for BigFoot we found a fantastic store that only sold Sasquatch apparel. Make sure to stop at Smoky Mountain Sasquatch store in Townsend, TN.”

Surviving A Category 5 Hurricane In A Leaf Hut

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 343: Surviving a Category 5 Hurricane in a Leaf Hut, we talk with filmmaker Michael Lees, who set out on a journey to find himself and his place in this world back on his home island of Dominica. Michael had a plan to spend six months out in the rainforest,… Read more »

Lesser Known Alien Encounters From Brazil

Ben miller writes “Finally we are returning to our normal types of videos. Today we are taking a look at some of the alien and UFO encounters found in Brazil that are rarely talked about. With this research I actually had to utilize articles that were written in Portuguese.”

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to honor and mourn the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Concealing D-Day: The Deception That Won The War

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Memorial Day 2021 will occur on Monday, May 31. In honor of Memorial Day here is “The Deception That Won The War.” History writes “It was the greatest secret… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Maine Howler

I will be speaking with Owen who is from Ohio. Owen never thought about Sasquatch before and he was out hiking on a trail when a large black creature followed him. Owen was able to snap a picture of it. We will also be speaking to Jeff who is from Maine. He is going to… Read more »

The Monster of Lake Tota

Bob Gymlan writes “This video is about a creature that allegedly inhabits the largest lake in Colombia, Lake Tota. I’m skeptical of lake monster claims, but the creature’s origin, mythology, history, and context is certainly fascinating. A few notes. #1. I watched three docs on the Muisca, every expert pronounced it differently: Moose-ee-kuh, Mew-Skuh, Music-huh…. Read more »

New Mexicans For Scientific Reasoning

Robert Kryder writes “(Low volume in the beginning , gets louder after a few moments) This is a presentation to a skeptical scientific group called “New Mexicans for Scientific Reasoning”, held by invitation at Central New Mexico Community College, Alb, NM 01 2017. This was in response to false news put out by KRQE News,… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: Sarah Bignell Of Yowie Central

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal,we welcome Sarah Bignell of Yowie Central to the show! Sarah has long been speaking with witnesses to the Australian #Yowie and has worked tirelessly with the Australian Yowie Research (A.Y.R.) in documenting and cataloging Yowie research efforts, Sarah joins us tonight to discuss the Australian Yowie and so… Read more »

Vocalizations Captured On 01/09/13

Robert from Kryder Exploration writes “Vocalizations as the male approaches the group from a few miles away. The male howls long with a specific drop and then is answered by the female in soft moaning howls and impact sounds. We also hear mimics of a frog yet this is Jan and the temp is below… Read more »

Kryder Exploration: Video from 1994-1995

Robert writes “100% authentic encounter, shaky because we were jogging through the trees and this was before fancy image stab. Shot in 95′ but not released until 2008 as the result of requests from those who had seen the vid over time. This video is not fake and at the time we didn’t know what… Read more »

SC EP:761 The Creature Was Talking

Mike writes “I was hunting last year when encountered this thing. First off I’m from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Biloxi area, I was hunting the Leaf River Wildlife Management Area about 40 miles north of the coast. December 14th I was up in my tree stand about 30 ft up I was hunter a… Read more »