Strange Morning Hunting

A listener writes “Wes, I am an avid hunter in Michigan. We hunt all over the lower peninsula of Michigan for everything from squirrels and grouse to whitetail deer. This encounter occurred the morning of November 20, 2020. The area we hunt is thick swamp, there isn’t much agricultural operations going on within several square… Read more »

Sasquatch: Out Of The Shadows – North American Bigfoot Center

Sasquatch: Out Of The Shadows writes “Tonight I am joined by Connor Anderson. Connor is a researcher who works at the North American Bigfoot Center outside of Boring, Oregon. This center was founded by researcher and star of Finding Bigfoot Cliff Barackman. Connor has spent a decade looking into the history and existence of these… Read more »

The Confessionals: Skinwalkers On The Reservation

Tony writes “Skinwalkers On The Reservation we are joined by Jamaal who was raised on a Native American reservation. He was always interested in the paranormal and when he was in high school he and his friend decided to pick up the hobby of investigating the paranormal. They’ve looked for everything and Jamaal has experiences… Read more »

Caddo County Sasquatch

On Sunday the first of March 1992 in Stecker Oklahoma a married couple were taking the wife’s sister back home. As the wife drove through the back roads of a thick wooded area the headlights illuminated a creature that darted across the road. The witnesses described the creature as being bigger than a football player… Read more »

D. B. Cooper Documentary

Dan Cooper is the pseudonym of an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in United States airspace between Portland and Seattle on the afternoon of November 24, 1971. The man purchased his airline ticket using the alias Dan Cooper but, because of a news miscommunication, became known in popular lore as D. B…. Read more »

Bob Gymlan: Bigfoot in Florida

Bob writes “This video is a hodgepodge of several aspects of the bigfoot phenomena, as well as a little bit about my time in Florida. The extended intro is a special thanks to Florida Man, and the rest of the video is stuff I often think about. This video will discuss everything from the bigfoot… Read more »

SC EP:735 ARK! ARK! Who Goes There

Jeff writes “Wes, I had an encounter back in 1989, I was 15 yrs old in MI. Left Detroit when I was 10 in 1984 to MI. The woods were new to me, which I spent every waking moment in the woods as a 80’s kid especially since coming from the city. It was myself,… Read more »

The Jersey Devil: The Curse of the 13th Child | Documentary

The Paranormal Scholar writes “The Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, also known as the Pinelands or simply the Pines, is the largest remaining example of the Atlantic coastal pine barrens ecosystem. They are also whispered to be home to a strange cryptid creature: the Jersey Devil. Also known as the Leeds Monster, the Jersey… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: “ARK! ARK! Who Goes There”

A listener writes “Wes, I had an encounter back in 1989, I was 15 yrs old in MI. Left Detroit when I was 10 in 1984 to MI. The woods were new to me, which I spent every waking moment in the woods as a 80’s kid especially since coming from the city. It was… Read more »

I Don’t Know What It Was

A listener writes “My encounter happened 3 summers ago. My younger friend Jon and I were coming home about an hour after dark from a late nite Pike fishing trip. I had turned onto my road which is a mile long private dead-end dirt road in the Hoodoo Valley of N. Idaho about 13 miles… Read more »

Upcoming Show Preview

I am working on an encounter that happen in 1971 in Washington State. The encounter took place in the general area where D.B. Cooper would have landed. Here is the show teaser.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Has Touched Down On Mars

On July 30th 2020, NASA launched the next generation of robotic explorers to the red planet, Mars. For around seven months, the Perseverance rover travelled through the cold darkness of space, until on the 18th of February 2021, it arrived and began its 7 minutes of terror. Striking the thin dusty martian atmosphere at nearly… Read more »

Sawdustt BEAST: Janice Carter

Janice Carter claims to have developed her ability to understand the creatures through what she describes as a lifetime spent among them. Now an adult, Carter Coy first encountered a Bigfoot when she was 7 years old. Playing on her grandfather’s farm in rural Tennessee, she literally ran into one of the creatures. Frozen in… Read more »

Missing Michigan Couple And Their 8 Month Old Baby Son Are Found Dead

A missing Michigan couple and their eight-month-old son have been found dead outside their pick-up truck after crashing it into a boulder in the woods and getting stuck, according to police. Amanda Pomeroy, Douglas Dougherty and their eight-month-old son Jacob were found dead outside the vehicle in Rose Township in northeast Michigan on Tuesday.  They… Read more »

Mountain Beast Mysteries: The Famous Tree Structures Of Nordegg

Mountain Beast Mysteries takes a look at tree structures in Nordegg. Nordegg is a hamlet in west-central Alberta, Canada within Clearwater County. It is located in the North Saskatchewan River valley in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, just east of the intersection of the David Thompson Highway and the Highway 734 spur of the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Nobody Would Believe Me If I Told Them

Tonight we will be speaking to Tyson. Tyson writes “I have been listening to your show for a while now and I have always been nervous to share my story with you, i have had two encounters that have left me awake at night thinking about what I saw.” Spoke to Tyson and he will… Read more »

Scientists clone the first US endangered species

(AP) — Scientists have cloned the first U.S. endangered species, a black-footed ferret duplicated from the genes of an animal that died over 30 years ago. The slinky predator named Elizabeth Ann was born in a Colorado facility Dec. 10 and announced Thursday.     Elizabeth Ann is a genetic copy of a ferret named… Read more »

The Feeling Of Doom

A listener writes “I am writing to tell you about an encounter My wife and I had this past summer near Jarbidge Nevada on July 9th. we live in Elko Nevada and have been in the area for about 40 years, I work for the office of the military Nevada national guard and have military… Read more »