I thought it was some lunatic messing with us

A listener writes “I started listening to your show “Sasquatch Chronicles” today. After hearing a few of the speakers I felt compelled to share my story. I did not see bigfoot, but I think I possibly may have heard some bigfoot-behavior while in the woods. Although, in all probability, this story can likely be brushed… Read more »

Bermuda Triangle film crew discover piece of the space shuttle Challenger

NASA is confirming wreckage from an ill-fated Space Shuttle mission has been discovered by a film-making crew. The section of the spacecraft, which exploded and crashed into the ocean in 1986, was found in the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast, the agency said Thursday in a statement posted online. The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded… Read more »

Please don’t lick this psychedelic toad, National Park Service warns

6abc Philadelphia writes “As tasty as it might look, you should refrain from licking the Sonoran desert toad, the National Park Service has warned. But the toads, found across the American southwest, also boast another unique feature: They “have prominent parotid glands that secrete a potent toxin,” according to the NPS. The parotid glands are… Read more »

Imagining Bigfoot: Legend & Landscape in the Pacific Northwest

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Imagining Bigfoot: Legend & Landscape in the Pacific Northwest was a public forum held on October 28, 2004. It featured speakers Robert Michael Pyle and Molly Gloss. Here for your viewing and listening pleasure is Molly Gloss’ presentation followed by a Panel Discussion.”

UFOs & High Strangeness on the Ranch Lands

UAMN TV writes “Can we even begin to understand the true complexities and capabilities of the UFO phenomena, especially when you look at associated high strangeness accounts. Could UFOs have a deeper connection with paranormal and cryptid phenomena. Some of the weirdest incidents are outright profound, yet have an association with UFO activity. In this… Read more »

Tonight’ Show: It Was Just There

My first guest had an encounter in the Oil Creek State Park in PA. David is a Marine and was hiking alone when he came upon the creature. I will play an audio tonight that he close to what he heard. Justin said “It was huge, the shoulders where massive. It did a strange vocalization… Read more »

The Infographics Show: Hunting Bigfoot

The popular YouTube channel, The Infographics Show writes “Does Bigfoot really exist? Today we’re going to find out! Don’t miss The Infographics Show’s first-ever live-action challenge as we sent our favorite staff lab rat to the remote wilderness with a camera and a flashlight in search of one of the most mysterious creatures of all… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us

US defense expert Jay Tuck was news director of the daily news program ARD-Tagesthemen and combat correspondent for GermanTelevision in two Gulf Wars. He has produced over 500 segments for the network. His investigative reports on security policy, espionage activities and weapons technology appear in leading newspapers, television networks and magazines throughout Europe, including Cicero,… Read more »

The creature jumped over the fence

A listener writes “My sighting takes place in the early 80s and in the small city of Brunswick, Ohio. The city has since grown and the wooded area behind my childhood home has been built up. It was late in the night and I woke to see a large figure in front of my bedroom… Read more »

SC EP:903 The Kentucky Massacre

Tonight I will be speaking with investigator David Eller for a discussion of his findings in Tennessee. David looked into the Kentucky Massacre and what he found convinced him the attack was not done by a known predator.           Stream Player   https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/sasquatchchronicles/SCEP903_FINAL.mp3     Open New Player Window    … Read more »

Upcoming Show: It looked a like a little monkey

A listener writes “When I was a teenager my family moved to South Carolina. We lived outside of a small rural town in the northern central Savannah river area. The house were lived in was an old farm house on about 80 acres. It hadn’t been farmed in long time but you could still make… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Phantoms and Monsters

Strange Familiars writes “Lon Strickler, author, podcast/radio host, and creator of the Phantoms and Monsters blog joins us to tell some of his various encounters with The Other: a Gettysburg time-slip; a faceless man in Hex Hollow; bigfoot; a Mothman-like creature; and more.”

Big Fur Movie

Big Fur is a portrait of an artist immersed in his defining project. Taxidermist Ken Walker has an unshakable belief that he’ll find true love. Or the hairy, 800-lb validation of his life’s quest. Can he find both by building a recreation of Bigfoot? In Big Fur, Ken Walker is a World Champion taxidermist. Ken… Read more »

Three horses and dog attacked and killed in Monroe Co.

I want to thank a member, Timothy for posting a link. According to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, the animals’ wounds are inconsistent with a large predator attack. They say do not have conclusive answers as to what caused the attack at this time. Early Sunday morning Eddie Denton went outside to feed his miniature horses… Read more »

Bigfoot Sightings in Broken Bow, OK

Visit McCurtain County writes “Bigfoot sightings aren’t unusual in the dense forests around Hochatown, Oklahoma. Local Bigfoot investigator Troy Hudson believes that somewhere beyond the cabins, Beavers Bend State Park has been Bigfoot’s hidden home for generations. In this episode, Troy tells of the mysteries surrounding this strange creature.”  

I heard this loud, deep, guttural whoop

A listener writes “Back in July 2018, I had an encounter but not a sighting. Its a short story but interesting. My girlfriend and I were splitting up and she was cheating on me and felt down and a certain way that night. I decided to go for a drive down a heavily wooded road… Read more »

I was being watched

A listener writes “I’ve had some strange encounters myself in Oregon. I’m a Oregon native, I’ve fought fires on the coast, and the far eastern part of the state for the US Forest Service. I’ve lived on a farm outside of Ariel Washington for a whole year. I spent a lot of time hunting on… Read more »