Paranormal Portal: Where The Wild Things Are

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we are embarking on another crazy journey into the Paranormal Portal! Bigfoot continues to occupy the minds of millions around the world as reports of this enormous being continue to come in from people of all walks of life. Could they all be wrong? Could they ALL be… Read more »

SC EP:793 Law Enforcement Officer Encounters Sasquatch

Tonight we will be speaking to Dan. Dan is a former law enforcement officer and back in 1995 he had an encounter with a creature while camping on the Oregon Coast.                                 Stream Player:   Open New Player… Read more »

Bigfoot Odyssey: Kerry Arnold’s Encounter

Kerry Arnold of the Bigfoot Odyssey documentaries and YouTube show joins me to talk Sasquatch. He tells in entirety, the extremely frightening Bigfoot encounter he had back in 2006, on a hunting property in Mississippi.

SC Shorts: What Was That?

This is from episode 622, What Was That? Tonight I will be speaking to three eyewitnesses. My first guest Carl writes “Hello my name is Carl and I’m 51 years old married and have a son . I have taken black bear and moose from Canada and hunted all my life and spent a lot… Read more »

SC Shorts: It Chased Our Truck

This is from episode 651, It Chased Our Truck. Jay writes “I grew up on a big cattle ranch in eastern Oregon where I hunted and farmed from a young age. I pride myself in saying that can track a cotton ball in a snow storm and guiding many hunts for people for bear, elk,… Read more »

SC Shorts: It Reminded Me Of A Man

This is from episode 658, It Reminded Me Of A Man. Spoke to the witness and had a brief conversation, he said “while driving in York, Pennsylvania I saw this huge creature. It was bent down next to a creek. I stopped to look at it and other drivers pulled over. The creature stood up… Read more »

SC Shorts: Terror On The Job Site

Per Stephen M request. This is from episode 593 Terror On The Job Site. Spoke to Doug and he had a scary encounter on a job site in the California mountains. Several creatures showed up and were very aggressive. Doug was bluff charged trying to leave the area. There was damage to his car from… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Nobody Should Be On The Property

A listener writes “In the Fall of 2017 my son and I moved onto my family’s property after an ugly separation with my son’s mother. Almost immediately I noticed things were a lot more lively at night around the house. In the decades of visiting the property no deer have ever made our patch of… Read more »

History: UFO Caught On Camera By USS Omaha

History writes “Off the coast of California, naval ship USS Omaha captures footage of a UFO diving into the ocean and then disappearing, in this clip from Season 2, UFOs Caught on Camera.”

SC Short: I Thought I Was A Dead Man

This is from episode 670. A listener writes “I was running my air boat on the upper St. Johns River, Florida doing what I like to do best frog jigging on a Friday night. It wasnt the first time I was out on the river at night,I use to run the north and south parts… Read more »

SC Shorts: This Thing Was Looking In My Deer Blind

This is from episode 620. This Thing Was Looking In My Deer Blind. Winston writes “I had an encounter in 2010 from central Texas. I saw this thing from head to toe…within 30 to 40 yards from me. No obstructions between us. I seen it all…muscles moving under the fur, the mid tarsal break halfway… Read more »

SC Shorts: When It Stood Up It Was Massive

This is from episode 281. My first guest writes “I was all night fishing by myself at the same lake as the other times. It is my first sighting and I don’t know, it has really shaken me up. It was about 10:30 pm on Friday night . Dead calm, light fog but only on… Read more »

SC Shorts: Hunter watches Sasquatch from ridge

This is from episode 176. This encounter took place in 2005 in Pennsylvania. I will be speaking to “D” and he writes “I was walking to my hunting spot late one afternoon and I saw a creature break a tree. This thing was wounded in the shoulder and it’s left arm hung limp. I don’t… Read more »

SC Shorts: I Chased This Creature Across A Walnut Orchard

This is from episode 616, I Chased This Creature Across A Walnut Orchard. Tonight we speak with Norm who is a retired California Highway Patrolman. Norm goes into great detail about what he saw back in 1958 on his father’s property. He said “We were doing work for my father on the property when this… Read more »

SC Shorts: She Was Feeding The Creatures Live Animals

This is from episode 584 She Was Feeding The Creatures Live Animals. Mike writes “I was born and raised in Natchez Mississippi and I had two encounters with what I know understand to be a sasquatch. One encounter happened when I was about 7 years old and another time when I was maybe 20 or… Read more »

Dogman Narratives: 1950’s Dogman Sighting

Dogman Narratives writes “A vintage tale from 1952 about an orphan that witnesses a dogman on a farm. This dogman is similar to the descriptions of the Michigan Dogman. Was this dogman all in his imagination? Or do werewolves exist?”

SC Short: The Story Of Robert

This is from episode 677. A listener writes “Hi Wes, I had an encounter in 1979-1980 in Goshen, Virginia. We were at the Boy Scout Camp and got up early to try and see deer. I lived outside of Washington, D.C. so catching sight of a deer would have been a highlight for a young… Read more »

SC Short: Deathbed Confession “I shot Sasquatch”

This is from episode 41. In this episode we will be speaking to a listener who tells a story about law enforcement and government officials killing Sasquatch from helicopters in the Dakotas. In this story he shares what he saw in the photos and the audio he heard from the kill site. This was a… Read more »

SC Short: It Was No Damn Bear

This is from Episode 511 A listener writes “I was a Deputy Sheriff in a rural county. Things were pretty quiet as cows outnumbered the people who lived there 5 to 1. In the late fall we had out of town hunters and campers, so we did get busy with bad checks, a few deer… Read more »