A Feeling Of Dread

A listener writes “In late December, 2020, we purchased about 6 acres of land in South Carolina. We did not know what we wanted to build on the land at first so didn’t start working on it till late February/ early March. Myself, my husband, and our sister had not walked the entire perimeter so… Read more »

The Beast Of Gévaudan Terrorized France For Years

Weird History writes “Thanks to an unknown beast seemingly roaming the countryside and tearing innocent people limb from limb, the years 1764-1767 were not a great time to be a citizen of rural France. The Beast of Gévaudan, named after the southern province of France it dominated, terrorized small farming villages and, eventually, the entirety… Read more »

Bigfoot Discovery Museum – Felton, CA

Bigfoot Discovery Museum is a museum in Felton, California devoted to Bigfoot (Sasquatch). The founder, Michael Rugg, graduated from Stanford University in 1968, worked in Silicon Valley until the dot-com bust, then opened the museum in 2004 or 2005.

The Confessionals: Abducted and Implanted

Tony writes “In Episode 452: Abducted and Implanted, we are joined by Ryan in the United Kingdom. Since he was a young child, Ryan has had experiences that seem to be paranormal – on the surface. But after hearing his story, you will be left wondering if his perceived abduction experiences are related to his… Read more »

“Valley of the Apes” with Michael Mayes

Bigfoot and Beyong writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay speak with NAWAC Chairman and author Michael Mayes! Michael has just published a new book about the NAWAC’s efforts titled Valley of the Apes: The Search for Sasquatch in Area X, and is here to discuss it!”

I Just Wanted To Get Out Of There

A listener writes “I was on a trail near Mt Hood right after the snow melts this spring. At one point in the trail there was an area where I could go about 50 yards down a steep bank to get to some nice rocks on the river. I went down to sit on the… Read more »

Speaking A Language I Could Not Understand

A listener writes “I was part way up a densely forested mountain in northern California near Mendocino. I was working at a friend’s farm and they had a trailer way up on the mountainside that they asked me to stay in to protect their garden that was in a little clearing up there. Around 2… Read more »

AREA 51: Former Counterintelligence Officer

I wanted to share this presentation in a podcast format. Sometimes when you are searching for answers it is important to look at other topics or genres. If this topic interests you, take a listen. Richard Doty’s presentation centers on his assignment as a counterintelligence officer at Area 51. He will disclose never before publicly… Read more »

Q & A with Mark Zaskey & Kerry Arnold

Mark Zaskey & Kerry Arnold from the Bigfoot Odyssey did a live stream where they shared their thoughts and theories and did a question and answer with the audience.

Dark Waters: Dogman Siege Of Locket Ranch Full Version

DW writes “Dogman Siege of Lockett Ranch Full Version is the combination of all three parts of this horror story. Dogman / werewolves attack a families ranch in the area of Taylor Mississippi in 1948 destroying everything. This True Horror Story is about the events surrounding those attacks, and how it effected the family. This… Read more »

SC EP:864 The Chewy Road Incident

Tonight I will be speaking with Miranda, Jeanette and Carol. The family is from Oklahoma and they will be sharing their encounters from their time on this property. Miranda writes “I will be speaking on behalf of mine and my families encounters together in this email and if you would like to know more, My… Read more »

Ancient Aliens: Aliens in Disguise Warn Researcher

Kind of creepy I did not know this is where the men in black come from. History writes “UFO researcher, Albert K. Bender, had to halt his studies after being visited by strange entities dressed in all black, in this clip from Season 18, The Shadow People.”

The Living Legend of Bigfoot

The Sasquatch Archives writes “The Living Legend of Bigfoot appears to be part of a series of news broadcasts on KIRO TV in the 1990s (likely around 1994). This segment features Ken Cooper (former Lummi Police Officer) and researcher Kevin Lindley.”

Strange Familiars: Crawling Black Bigfoot

Tim writes “Michael shares stories of encounters with bigfoot. Rather than having encounters in the deep wilderness, his sightings all happened around the town where he lives. After a particularly intense encounter, where Michael saw a huge black bigfoot crawling through a gully, the creatures started showing up around his house. He heard his name… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: It Attacked Our Car

Tonight I will be speaking with Holly who is from TN. She had an encounter back in the mid 90’s with a creature. Holly and her friend were driving the back roads when they stopped. Holly said “This thing was at the passenger window. We screamed and it started pounding the roof of the car…. Read more »

Remains Of Ancient Species: Little People

This is one of those good old fashioned, ripping yarns: a lost world, an ancient civilisation and the Holy Grail of archaeology that’s been billed as “the find of the century”. It’s set on a misty, mysterious Indonesian island called Flores and it began with the discovery of an amazing skeleton. The Australians who found… Read more »