I heard them running through the tobacco field

A listener writes “So, I am not exactly sure the order of the events I am about to tell you about happened, but you let me know if you think this is strange or not. I neve realized what one of these encounters were until I started listening to your podcast years ago. I emailed… Read more »

Sasquatch Outpost: Quantum Bigfoot with Ron Morehead

Sasquatch Outpost writes “Ron Morehead is a veteran Bigfoot researcher, author, public speaker and explorer with 50 years of experience searching for Sasquatch. Ron has some unique perspectives on the Forest People, which you’re about to hear! Ron recorded the original 1970s Sierra Sounds.”

3,500-year-old bear found in Siberian permafrost dissected

An almost perfectly preserved 3,500-year-old brown bear was discovered by reindeer herders in the frozen wilds of eastern Siberia and has undergone a necropsy by a team of scientists. The bear, unearthed in 2020, was originally assumed to be an extinct cave bear that dated back at least 22,000 years. But a new necropsy reveals… Read more »

Pine Island Research: Tim and Dana Halloran

Pine Island Research writes “Join host Jeff Harding as he welcomes fellow UNTOLD Radio Hosts and Author Tim and Dana Halloran. They will discuss the Influencer interviews, where they see research going from here as well as the publishing process.”

Paranormal Portal: Aliens, Technology and More – Jack Cary

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Jack Cary to the show. Jack has been a long time host and guest on the Giaia Network, Published Author, Cryptozoological Paranormal Researcher. Jack is an incredibly dynamic individual with the ability to speak on a wide range of diverse subjects. We talk… Read more »

Linda Moulton Howe’s 2023 UFO Whistleblowers Files

UAMN TV writes “Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe will presents her whistleblower files about UFO/UAPs and E.T. sources ranging from civilian pilots to military and aerospace sources who know the U. S. government has been classifying Earth’s true reality that we are not alone in this universe since World War II – at 2023 Conscious… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Big Bay-Ty

Scott shares an encounter he had with his cousin in Louisiana. Scott said I was 8 or 9 years old and I was fishing with my cousin who was 20 years old. I saw what I thought was a large human until I really got a look at it. It was huge and I noticed… Read more »

Scariest Artificial Intelligence Moments

Microsoft has been forced to backtrack after a rather embarrassing artificially-intelligent robot went rogue and racist. The Tweeting “chatbot” called Tay was designed to respond to questions and conversations on Twitter with the personality of a teenage girl. At the most basic level, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Staring into the black abyss

Nick writes “One of my best friends and I went camping in December of 2005, in a vast wilderness area near Jack’s River Falls, in the Cohutta Wilderness area of northern Georgia. I was leaving for boot camp in 2 weeks, and he was going a couple of months later. This was a trip just… Read more »

These Cryptids will Make Your Hair Stand on End

UAMNTV writes “The world is full of fascinating stories in regards to strange creatures. Some are legends, some are just myths and folklore, but others seem factual and consist of numerous witnesses. Could there be strange and unusual beasts out there? Researcher Gary Opit takes us on a journey around the world, to locations where… Read more »

Wide Open Research: Katy Elizabeth – Lake Monsters

Hosts Dr Russ Jones and Brad Kennan talk with Katy Elizabeth from Champ Search an organization that is out to prove the existence of Champ, the lake monster in Lake Champlain. This unknown cryptid has been seen in the swamps around and also in the lake. See video and recorded echolocation from this mysterious cryptid.

Grassman58: Does A Sasquatch Scream Twice?

Grassman58 writes “Some say that a Sasquatch won’t vocalize more then once in one area. What do you think? Listen to the vocals we recorded in one night at a small lake.”

SC EP:933 My Grandfather’s Property

Tracey writes “As a young person I grew up in Northern Oklahoma, My Grandfather owned property that butted up against the Cow Creek water sheds. To provide location it was about 30 minutes from Ponca, 15 Minutes from Pawnee and 15 Minutes from Red Rock. Lake McMurty was about 30 minutes away in the opposite… Read more »

Cops issue warning over man dressed as Cookie Monster in California

New York Post reports “He’s tall, blue, fuzzy and he (presumably) likes to stuff his face with circular baked snacks, but this is one incarnation of Sesame Street’s iconic cookie-obsessed character that you are probably best steering well clear of. According to police, the life-sized Muppet has been spotted around Santa Cruz and is known… Read more »

Strange Familiars: It Killed the Neighbor’s Dog

Strange Familiars writes “Dorian tells about several encounters with The Other. UFOs; sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming; and encounters with bigfoot – including something in the woods that injured his neighbor’s dog to such an extent that it had to be put to sleep the following day.”