I saw that human figure

A listener writes ” I have always been interested in unexplained stuff but only recently became more interested in Bigfoot. I believe I had an encounter about a year ago. My husband and I and one of our friends are gamblers so we frequent casinos in the area. We tend to gamble a lot of… Read more »

Yowie Sighting: New South Wales

Report from March 2000 from outside the New South Wales town of Yowrie. Witness returning on a trek via a remote trail near Queens Pound River, walks over a ridge to see a 6ft+ Yowie standing on the track ahead of her.

The Confessionals Podcast: Bigfoot Found Them

Tony writes “Episode 100 is finally here and we have a great one planned for you! On Episode 100, we speak with Jami and Jenny, who experienced bigfoot encounters in a very specific part of Pennsylvania. Ever since their encounters occurred, they’ve attempted to understand what transpired and what they experienced. From bigfoot sightings to… Read more »

News of the strange: Mission To Mars

NASA’s Insight lander hit the Martian atmosphere at 13,000 mph on Monday, slowing to just 5 mph when it touched down on the surface. It sent its first picture from the red planet soon after. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas reports.

Sasquatch Central: Moose hunter shoots creature

Sasquatch Central writes “Individuals claiming to have seen Bigfoot describe it as a large, hairy, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature, roughly 6 ft –9 ft tall, covered in hair described as black, dark brown, or dark reddish. Some descriptions include details such as large eyes, a pronounced brow ridge, and a large, low-set forehead. The top… Read more »

A semi hairy entity came out

A listener writes “I’m a retired police officer . I was working narcotics and I pulled into a a National Forest. I’d parked there a couple of times. I heard things I didn’t even know what animal it was . It was in the fall and I was waiting to intercept narcs. I heard a… Read more »

I froze in place as this thing stared me down

A listener writes “A few nights ago i was driving north on I65 in southern Indiana through endless farmland. I was contacted by my dispatch team and told to check my reefer unit on my trailer. They said it was giving them alerts that my cargo temp was too high. I pulled over next to… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: When Angels and Demons Visit

Tony writes “Today is a bonus episode provided by Hunt A Killer! We will be bringing on Adriel who has had demons and angels visiting him! This is not something new but rather something that started in his childhood and continues through his life!”  

SC EP:493 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles II

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Join me tonight with Best of Sasquatch Chronicles Part Two. As we take a look at five more shows. I know some of the audio quality isn’t the best on some of these older shows. I hope you enjoy the show tonight!         Older… Read more »

Little people of flores

In 2003 paleoanthropologists made a discovery on the Indonesian island of Flores that shook up the world of early human studies like no other in recent years. Inside a cave, under a thick blanket of sediments, they unearthed fossil bones of a three-foot-tall human. The fossil appeared for all the world not to have been… Read more »

I saw a Skunkape standing at my bedroom window

A listener writes “In 1970 I saw a Skunkape 10’ away from me standing at my bedroom window. In 1978 I was night fishing and walked into what I think was a bedding area and although I never saw anything I was ran out by growls and whooping sounds with massive tree breaks. I’ve been… Read more »

SC EP:492 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles

I know a lot of people are traveling this week for the holidays. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I know the holidays can be a rough time for some. Join me tonight as I play some of my best of shows. I have tried to include your feedback. Hope you enjoy!      … Read more »

Blue Ridge Bigfoot: Bigfoot’s Curiosity

Blue Ridge Bigfoot writes “To a father’s children, there’s nothing more fulfilling than guiding and shaping them into the adults they’ll eventually become and along the way safety is paramount and letting your guard down even for a split second could spell the worst kind of danger. Especially when one of his son’s encounters a… Read more »

Evidence Files: Sasquatch Footprint Casts

Sasquatch: Out Of The Shadows writes “A collection of alleged Sasquatch footprint casts as well as an unknown alleged Sasquatch handprint cast. Mostly historical casts from Northern California during the early days of the Bigfoot research field in the 1960’s. A small sampling of the many alleged tracks cast across the North American continent over… Read more »