Harrison Hot Springs Sasquatch Forum May 28, 1994 Part Two

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Much appreciation goes out to Larry Lund for allowing these conference videos and related footage to be made public here. Thanks also to Gene Robinson for shipping the boxes full of VHS tapes to me. Thanks so much gentlemen! This second upload of conferences is part 2 of the Harrison Hot… Read more »

Harrison Hot Springs Sasquatch Forum May 28, 1994

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Much appreciation goes out to Larry Lund for allowing these conference videos and related footage to be made public here. Thanks also to Gene Robinson for shipping the boxes full of VHS tapes to me. Thanks so much gentlemen! This first upload of conferences is part 1 of the Harrison Hot… Read more »

I Never Believed In Sasquatch Until…

A listener writes “I was never a believer of sasquatch but the small area that my wife grew up in where cows outnumber people, there has been sightings. My wife told me many years ago that sasquatch is real and I laughed at her. She never brought it up again until she was able to… Read more »

It Walked Past My Bedroom Window

A listener writes “I had an experience back in June of 2021. I’m 52 years old and grew up in north MS Hunting and fishing and we hunted to eat not just for sport. I have never been afraid of the dark, coon hunting was big deal growing up. Well my wife and I had… Read more »

A Massive Hairy Figure Ran Past The Car

I’ve had a couple experiences near Lake Tawakini in East Texas not far from the Sabine River. My first encounter was in 2018. I was on my way out to David’s (my future husband who has since passed) house for the 1st time. I was using the GPS on my phone to find my way… Read more »

I Wanted To Get An Opinion As To What It Could Be

A listener writes “Wes, The following is some recordings I got when coming home late one night (about 3:00am). I was going in the house and heard this really close to me. I hit record on my phone video because I didn’t have a voice recorder but wanted to get a opinion as to what… Read more »

Dogman On A Facebook Live Video

YouTuber Dark Waters posted this video. Dark Waters writes “Elusive Dogman: On Video Looks like someone accidental recorded the creature of nightmares what do you think. Look closely at the 1:22 Mark. Is that the Dogman? I tell you what the witness reaction in line with someone experiencing shock. For more of this video visit…. Read more »

It Looked Absolutely Terrifying

Just recently became a listener. I have never heard of Dogman before listening to your shows, but you’ve settled (somewhat) a long time confusing experience. Several years ago, 2015ish, I was returning from an EMS call. I had been out to the far end of Manila Creek Rd (in Poca, WV) which I had to… Read more »

A Non-Human Face Was Looking Directly At Me

A listener writes “I was probably 8 or 9 years old, we lived in an old house in a rural area north of Wichita KS near a town called Maize where I grew up. It was near the Arkansas river maybe just a 1/4 mile away from the river as the road we lived on… Read more »

It Turned Towards Me And Bluff Charged

A listener writes “Had multiple encounters in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the 90’s. I think it’s still a hotspot but most people won’t talk about it. Most of my encounters were brief except for one. I had a bear walking towards me and one came running down the mountain and actually chased the… Read more »

I Heard The Sierra Sounds

A listener writes “I live in south Texas and I had a weird encounter while hunting/camping. My Dad, brother, and I went hunting this past deer season and slept in a big tent during the night. We saw plenty of deer during the hunt and some decent bucks but heard something odd during the night… Read more »

Cryptid By State New Mexico

Ben Miller writes “Here we are the beginning of the New Year and a new entry in our Cryptid By State series. New Mexico was a little bit of a tough one since it is primarily known for its UFO activity. Although, I can proudly say that I think we managed to compile quite an… Read more »

I Made Eye Contact With It

A listener writes “Greetings Wes, I’ve had 2 sasquatch encounters in my life. The most recent was in July of 2019. I was tubing down the rainbow River near Ocala, Florida with 3 friends. This area is Florida cypress swamp which is rural teaming with wildlife, mostly birds, fish, many species of snake, alligators and… Read more »

Discoveries Made by Researcher Who Travelled To Antarctica

Ancient Secret Discoveries writes “Explorer and researcher Brad Olsen had heard all the stories and was left intrigued. What secrets was Antarctica hiding? The only true way to know was to secretly travel their and found out for himself.”

The Boggy Creek Monster

For more than a century, reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster have circulated among the locals in southern Arkansas. Described as a large, hairy man-like creature, it’s said to haunt the vast Sulphur River Bottoms as it travels the secluded waterway known as Boggy Creek. Over the years, the creature has… Read more »

Happy New Year!

It doesn’t matter where you came from, all that matters is where you are going. Like many beginnings, a new year brings hope and excitement. I wish you the best! Thank you for listening to the show.

Survivorman’s | Elk and Bear Encounter while filming

Les writes “Yep – the elk just happened this week and the bear was while filming season two of the series Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest as seen on PBS stations presented by WGCU in Florida and American Public Television – check your local listings or look up the episodes right here in the playlist on… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: Happy New Year

Brent writes “Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we’re going to do our VERY LAST SHOW of 2021 and YOU’RE INVITED! Happy New Year, everyone and thank you so much for being a part of our incredible journey as the Portal continues to grow and expand! Tonight, we walk out the #NewYearsEve with 2-fun filled hours!”

From The Shadows: Bigfoot Experience In Michigan

From The Shadows Podcast writes “On this week’s episode, we are proud to bring to you Joanna with a Bigfoot experience from South Bend Indiana. And after the episode, leave a comment on our discussion page called After the Shadows on Facebook. Make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel called From The Shadows… Read more »

It Turned Around And Looked Right At Me

A listener writes “This happened in East Texas near the Texas/Louisiana border so I was driving and my fiancé is laying down in the back seat resting and we were on interstate 7 I believe, middle of nowhere it’s a 2 lane highway on both sides of the median. As I was driving, I saw… Read more »