The Confessionals Podcast: The Cloaking Bigfoot

Tony writes “On episode 204 we are joined by Mandi who shares with us some of the most bazaar experiences she’s had on her mothers property in Pennsylvania. When she moved back home from school she started seeing something come to the window at night and looking in. She had no idea who or what… Read more »

Something Missed in Ep. 622

Interesting take on the behavior. A listener writes “In your first interview in podcast 622, I think you and your guest missed something. This was when the puppies were taken into the woods. You both surmised that the animal was planning to eat the puppies. I am suggesting a more plausible and somewhat spookier possibility…. Read more »

International Bigfoot Conference 2020

Hope to see you guys and gals there! September 4-6 Admission tickets are good for all three days of fun and films with access to all speakers and vendor tables. Come on out and get in on the weekend of friends, filmmakers and serious researchers from all over. For those who will only be popping… Read more »

Paranormal Portal Podcast: It Was Kneeling Next to Her Bed…

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Annie from Washington back to the show. Annie appeared recently on the show but had so much more to share, so we brought her back for a 2nd appearance on the show. Annie and I had a great conversation that centered around spirits,… Read more »

SC EP:622 What Was That?

Tonight I will be speaking to three eyewitnesses my first guest Carl writes “Hello my name is Carl and I’m 51 years old married and have a son . I have taken black bear and moose from Canada and hunted all my life and spent a lot time in the woods and hunted birds and… Read more »

It Was Standing In The Creek

A listener writes “It was late summer 1991 in rural west central Michigan. There was a huge tract of undisturbed wilderness close to the house I grew up in. The locals called it the Austin gas fields, a large acreage uses for the storage and staging of natural gas to be piped downstate approximated several… Read more »

New Human Ancestor Discovered: Homo naledi

Within a deep and narrow cave in South Africa, paleoanthropologist Lee Berger and his team found fossil remains belonging to the newest member of our human family. The Homo naledi discovery adds another exciting chapter to the human evolution story by introducing an ancestor that was primitive but shared physical characteristics with modern humans. Because… Read more »

Mysterious Sightings & Wild Encounters

Rick & Bubba sit down with Alex Bobulinski, aka Bigfoot Bob. Alex is a fortean or paranormal investigator and is often found in remote and forgotten places, tracking mysterious beings in the wild. His field work includes Bigfoot, Dogman, lake monsters, Lizard Man, and various other monsters. Whether you know them as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, yeti,… Read more »

ThinkerThunker: Lettuce Lake Bigfoot

While canoeing in a swamp outside of Tampa, Florida, the witness spotted something “walking” and diving in a gator infested area. He starting filming what he thought was a bear. The only problem is that Lettuce Lake Park is a 240-acre Hillsborough County-run park where bears tend to stay clear from.   Skunkape Bigfoot Video… Read more »

Search For The Ancient Megalithic Stone Quarry Of Ollantaytambo

Ollantaytambo is a town and an Inca archaeological site in southern Peru some 72 km (45 mi) by road northwest of the city of Cusco. It is located at an altitude of 2,792 m (9,160 ft) above sea level in the district of Ollantaytambo, province of Urubamba, Cusco region. During the Inca Empire, Ollantaytambo was… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Orbs in the Bedroom

First, Timothy and Alison discuss something odd they saw crossing a field near Site 7. Then Tyler stops by to discuss several strange experiences he has had throughout his life: a shadow person, a UFO, orbs, a strange white entity, and more.

Hobbit Histories: The Origins Of Homo Floresiensis

The origins of the species known as ‘the hobbit’ – a human relative only a little over a metre tall – have been debated ever since its discovery in 2004. Now new fossils may reveal the ancestors of this strange species and help us to understand its history.  

Northern Michigan Encounters

The Lost Cryptids Conservatory writes “Bill talks about his experience with Bigfoot and collecting evidence.”

New Human Species Found In The Philippines

Scientists have found a few bones and seven teeth belonging to a previously unknown species of human. They’ve named the new species Homo luzonensis, after the island of Luzon in the Philippines where it was found. The bones are tiny, suggesting that Homo luzonensis was under 4 feet tall. That would make it the second… Read more »

Paranormal Portal Podcast: Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Paranormal Author, Al Tyas to the show. Al is a lifelong enthusiast of the Paranormal and a retired Paranormal Investigator who has written Two amazing books on the Paranormal, “Last Call on the Potomac” and his newest book, “Project Rabbit Hole”. In his… Read more »

I Became Very Aware That This Was No Child

I have reached out to a listener who wrote “This is my report on the BFRO:” Below is the encounter. The encounter takes place in Oklahoma during Winter in 1982: On this occasion, there had been a big snowstorm, and nothing was moving on the streets. There weren’t even any tire tracks. I was… Read more »

Bigfoot Quest: The Unknown

Bigfoot Quest writes “Our guest today is a Bigfoot Researcher, Cryptozoologist, Field Investigator, Radio Host and Producer. He traveled all over the country to various locations, events and conferences where he lectured about his 21 years of investigative work on mysterious events and sightings including paranormal and had been featured in multiple documentaries and television… Read more »

Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru

The 3,000-year old Paracas skulls, with elongated craniums, have long been held up by UFO hunters as evidence of ancient alien visitations due to their extraordinarily huge foreheads.   Brien Foerster – Non-Human Skulls in Peru

That Was The First And Last Time I Saw Anything

A listener writes “I grew up in rural Ohio close to Salt Fork State Park. My encounter took place in the fall of 1983 or 1984. Me and a friend were coming back from getting Pizza around 6:30 at night as you know in the fall the sun goes down early so it was quite… Read more »