Aliens in Nibiru: The Story of the Original Planet X

Extreme Mysteries writes “In this video, we take a look at the possibility of aliens living on a planet called Nibiru. Join Jason Martell, regularly featured guest on the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens,” as he shares years of research into the Ancient Astronaut Theory and Ancient Technology from our distant past. Over 30 ancient cultures… Read more »

It Stepped Out Three feet In Front Of My Truck

A listener writes “This happened in 1976, I was 16 years old, I had went up to Ohio, from KY, and stay with my cousin. February of that year I quit school, another story there in itself, anyways the day I quit my old man told me I going get a job and go to… Read more »

What Lies Beyond the Solar System?

Kosmo writes “Compared to gigantic galaxies and star clusters, the Solar System is no more than just a speck of dust. There are thousands of stars within the radius of 100 light years from it. With some of them barely distinguishable against the dark abyss of space, others are so bright that they can be… Read more »

SC EP:1028 Bamboo Eating Sasquatch

Josh writes “My mom is a big fan of the podcast and suggested I share an encounter I had in Alabama back in 2012. At the time, we were living in Gadsden, Alabama right by Noccalula Falls. Noccalula Falls, Alabama Every day when I would get home from school, I would go to the backyard… Read more »

It Was 8 Maybe 9 Feet Tall

A listener writes “My family has lived in Colorado since the early 1800s mostly in Colorado Springs. We spent a lot of time fishing on the weekends at Green Mountain falls and going deep into the Rockies to camp in the summer and early fall. This wasn’t a normal tent and backpack camping. From as… Read more »

From The Shadows: Did A Bigfoot Milk The Cow?

From The Shadows writes “Mike Mullen, of the Facebook group Bigfoot Canada, joins us to share some of his own Bigfoot experiences growing up and living in Washington. We also discuss the possible origins of some of the cryptids being encountered.”   Link to video

Texas Encounter on Grandfathers Farm

A listener writes “I grew up in South Texas and this is where my encounter occurred when I was still a child.” Spoke to the witness and he said “Back in 1978, I was 13 years old. I caught sight of something by my grandfathers barn. This large, what I would describe as a monster… Read more »

Strange Familiars: In the Shadow of the Witch Diggers

Strange Familiars writes “Julie and John live on a property near the location of the Witch Diggers story from 1892. They were having strange activity around their land and, by coincidence, then found out about the Witch Diggers. Bigfoot creatures, possible apports, weird lights, bad smells, unknown howls and, shockingly, an elderly neighbor who reported… Read more »

Shawnee National Forest Bigfoot Vocalizations

AlienInformation writes “A Southern Illinois Film Student captured these sounds of two or three massive creatures howling in the night while recording sounds of the forest for a short documentary.” Link to video

Tracks Found: North Cascades Highway, Washington State

A listener writes “I live in Snohomish, Washington and am an avid hiker. Big fan of your podcast, I’ve been listening for years and have personally heard and seen enough weird things in the woods to be a firm believer of sasquatch. I wanted to share with you these very legit looking bigfoot tracks that… Read more »

Automated AI Restaurant Opens In California

ABC7 writes “PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) — If you’re wondering what the future of fast food is, a Pasadena-based company says it’s robots, and its installed several of them in a soon-to-open restaurant in Pasadena’s Old Town. “It’s not a Terminator, it’s not Transformers. It’s a very friendly, helpful robot,” said Alana Abbitt, Vice President of… Read more »

Large Growling Bigfoot Sets Off Security Camera

Squatch Watchers writes “This security camera footage was sent into us and shows what appears to be a large Bigfoot growling setting off motion lights in a rural neighborhood! Let us know what you think about this in the comments.”   Link to video

A Grey Alien Enters Cabin in Hinton WV (1967)

WV Cryptids And Strange Encounters writes “A Sixty-eight-year-old man recounts his terrifying encounter with a grey alien while at camp in Hinton, WV, when he was ten years old.”   Link to the interview

The Confessionals: The Coming Nephilim Wars

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 621: The Coming Nephilim Wars, Gary Wayne discusses his books on giants and their role in history and end-time prophecy. He explains the different types of giants, their divine right to rule, and their presence before and after the flood. He also talks about their fertility issues and interbreeding among… Read more »

Sasquatch Among Wildmen Documentary

Following the success of Darcy Weir’s explosively popular Bigfoot documentary, The Unwonted Sasquatch, he is back with a follow up feature to flesh out the history of this creature and it’s possible Relic Hominid cousins internationally. Link to video

Nevada Footprints In Snow

A listener writes “Hello Wes, I am a member and listen weekly. last week I came across these footprints on one of my hikes in northern Nevada. I found these where I hike weekly and have never seen anything like them. There were no other people tracks around, so I really don’t think anyone was… Read more »

Bigfoot and Beyond: Kelly Berdahl

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay speak with Montana-based friend and researcher Kelly Berdahl! Kelly has been ‘squatching with the boys for many years, and has some stories to tell!”

The Rise And Fall Of A Vulnerable Giant

King Kong might be relegated to the silver screen, but there is no denying the existence of its real-life prehistoric counterpart – a 10ft behemoth known as Gigantopithecus blacki. For millions of years, this enormous ape roamed what is today modern-day China, but then something happened around 600,000 years ago that eventually caused it to… Read more »