Bluff charged in WV

Brenton says “Sue went hunting with her husband and had a Bigfoot watch and charge her. The Sasquatch watched for a few hours while she sat by herself getting a very eerie feeling. From tree knocks, breaks and things being thrown it matches the typical Bigfoot encounter.”

Bob Gimlin talks about Bigfoot

The YouTuber writes “This is a first of a series of speaker video footage of conference I’m up-loading on my SquatchIng doc’u film I’m making”” called Pacific North West Sasquatch Research Group”‘ Mike the editor Thompson who is helping me edit/cameraman we now have plenty of film to make it happen about three years of… Read more »

SC EP:322 A History of Wild-Men

I will be welcoming Kevin to the show who writes “I had an encounter that was exactly like one of your other guests. When I heard his story I almost fell off my chair.” I spoke to the witness yesterday and he said “I had the exact same encounter as one of your previous guests,… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: A History of Wild-Men

I will be also welcoming Timothy Renner to the show. Tim writes “I just published my second book which is called Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: A History of Wild-Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in the Keystone State. It is all historical accounts from the 1830s through the 1920s which I have compiled from old newspaper… Read more »

It sounded like an ape

Great report from a hunter in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma in 1983. “The night before opening day of bow season, I arrived in the camp at approximately 4:30 pm. I began clearing an area to set up base camp for a total of three hunters who were joining me. I had been clearing out the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Strange encounter and Sasquatch

The show is now available in the podcast section. I spoke to Tom last night and he is currently serving in the military over seas and he has agreed to come on the show. He wanted to share his Sasquatch encounters he has had in East Texas but Tom told me what really pushed him… Read more »

Lyle Blackburn at the Arkansas Bigfoot Conference

Lyle Blackburn is an author, musician, and cryptid researcher from Texas. His acclaimed books, such as “Beast of Boggy Creek,” “Beyond Boggy Creek,” and “Lizard Man,” reflect his life-long fascination with legends and sighting reports of unknown creatures.

The tone of the growl was so low that it vibrated in my chest cavity

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I recently found Sasquatch Chronicles…. and now, I’m hooked !!!! You seem to have the intellectual ability and compassion to connect with just about every personality you Encounter (no pun intended.) It’s a rare gift and you use it well, even if you’re cynical humor creeps out a bit. Its… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Being escorted out

A listener writes “I had an encounter that was exactly like one of your other guests. When I heard his story I almost fell off my chair.” I spoke to the witness yesterday and he said “I had the exact same encounter as one of your previous guests, it happened in the exact same location… Read more »

Paul Freeman Segment Plus Grover Krantz Interview

Two local TV segments feature Paul Freeman and Grover Krantz. Grover Sanders Krantz was an American anthropologist and cryptozoologist; he was one of few scientists not only to research Bigfoot, but also to express his belief in the being’s existence. Throughout his professional career, Krantz authored more than 60 academic articles and 10 books on… Read more »

Yowie Sighting: Followed by a creature

“In 1973, five boys on a School excursion to Middle Brother Mountain in New South Wales broke away from their group to fossick for stones in a nearby creek. Upon the walk to the creek, they were suddenly aware of being followed by a creature in the foliage they first believed to be other students.”

Fisherman sees tall figure with orange eyeshine

Interesting encounter from 2013 in Menominee County, Michigan “It was two years ago. In the summer on the volcan dam in Norway Michigan on the Menominee River in Marinette county. I was fishing for walleyes on the river. It was getting dark, so I decided to head back to the truck.I had a small head… Read more »

The Skyesville Monster

A Sasquatch creature is encountered, only to be covered up by local and federal law enforcement.

Possible Track Way Found

Grassman58 writes “Out on a family drive we stopped in an area to check out a closed road and we found a track way from something in the snow.”

Bigfoot encounter in North Florida

Two members of the Apalachicola skunk ape project have a close encounter with a skunk ape. The next morning the group discovers tracks, scat and hair believed to be left behind by the creature

Bob Gimlin at Willow Creek April 29th 2017

George F wrotes “Bob Gimlin took photos with fans and signed autographs as he walked around the Finding Bigfoot Festival in Willow Creek on Saturday. Gimlin is credited with being on of the filmmakers in the Patterson-Gimlin film which recorded footage of Bigfoot near Bluff Creek in Humboldt County. Bob Gimlin took photos with fans… Read more »

Author claims Bigfoot sightings in Texoma

Interesting article, to watch the video click here The legend of Bigfoot continues, and local author Jerry Hestand wants you to know that the legendary creatures are right here in Texoma. “How they live here, I don’t know,” he conceded, “but I’ve had some amazing experiences around here that I’m convinced they exist.” For… Read more »