The Weirdest Weather On The Planet!

We Are IF writes “It’s all around us, sometimes it’s good, other times its bad, being British it a little of an obsession and usually the starting topic for small talk. Weather! The climate is a “hot topic” pun intended, at the moment. There are those that say we are heading down the road of… Read more »

CRYPTIDS 101: Sasquatch

Here is an interesting video on Sasquatch. “Sasquatch is a large, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature, roughly 6–9 feet (1.8–2.7 m) tall, covered in hair described as black, dark brown, or dark reddish.”  

Bob Gymlan: The Shipton Yeti Prints

Bob writes “This video is about some unusual tracks photographed and documented by mountaineer and explorer Eric Shipton in 1951 on his quest to reach the yet untouched summit of Mount Everest. Critics say they are simply tracks left behind by a common animal that have been dramatically taken out of proportion. But Shipton wasn’t… Read more »

Strange Flights In The Bermuda Triangle

Here is part of the information we were discussing on the show. Interview with a pilot that says he was caught in a mysterious cloud that pushed his plane into the future.

SC EP:665 Eerie Florida

My guest tonight is Mark Muncy. Mark has written numerous books regarding everything strange in Florida. Most know Florida as the land of endless sunny beaches, but the state is home to numerous eerie legends and mysterious creatures. The Everglades is home to the elusive Skunk Ape, a strange bipedal creature recognized by its odor…. Read more »

CRYPTIDS 101: Rougarou

In the Cajun legends, the creature is said to prowl the swamps around Acadiana and Greater New Orleans, and the sugar cane fields and woodlands of the regions. The rougarou most often is described as a creature with a human body and the head of a wolf or dog, similar to the werewolf legend.

Sasquatch And The Swallows

Modern Explorer writes”Join Glenn as he explores a 14 mile stretch of the Arkansas River where numerous sightings and interactions with Sasquatch have been reported for decades by locals hunting and fishing this area. Glenn finds strange breaks that has everyone stumped as to who or what created them. I went to see them myself… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: In The Land Of Giants

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we welcome Ra Castaldo, host of TFRLive’s “Eye of Ra”, founder of Spiral Radio. Ra joins us tonight to discuss GIANTS. From ancient history to folklore to religious accounts, Giants have been a part of the fabric of our world and history. Cultures around the world have stories… Read more »

The Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is a creature sighted in the town of Dover, Massachusetts on April 21 and April 22, 1977. 17-year-old William “Bill” Bartlett claimed that while driving on April 21, 1977, he saw a large-eyed creature “with tendril-like fingers” and glowing eyes on top of a broken stone wall on Farm Street in Dover,… Read more »

Massachusetts: The Cobble Mountain Critter

The Critter fits most descriptions of your typical Bigfoot type creature. He’s said to be about 7.5 feet tall, and built like the kind of linebacker. Most reports say that he is covered with shaggy brown, or red-brown hair. You’ll occasionally find a report that says he has black hair. A few reports note a… Read more »

Did Modern Man Wipe Out All Other Hominids

We Are IF writes “There have been many human type cryptid creatures from elves and fairies to orcs and trolls. In story and legends, these entities are often in conflict with man and man is often the victor. Could these myths and legends have a grounding, in reality, did modern homo-sapiens eradicate other types of… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: Strange Things in the Wilds

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we’re off on another fantastic journey into the Paranormal, once again, exploring the Portal. From cryptids to UFO to ghosts and everything in between, we’ll take you on a safari of the mind into the depths of the Paranormal Portal.”

Strange Familiars: Through the Haunted Forest

Chad and Timothy meet Ken in Michaux Forest at the scene of his bigfoot encounters. First Ken describes a group of creatures uttering what seemed to be some sort of strange, gurgling unknown speech. Then Ken leads us to Hairy Springs, where he relates some more experiences. Chad gets bluff-charged. Weird lights appear.

Upcoming Show: Something Else Is Hunting On My Property

I will be welcoming two guests to the show one of the listeners writes “I live in northeast Pennsylvania it was 2012 and me and a buddy were hunting together in a double stand. There was no deer moving because it was very cold so I told my buddy I was going to go drive… Read more »

Yowie Sighting In Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria

In 1970 and at the age of just 18, our Witness slept out in the Sherbrooke Forest which is located in the Dandenong’s of Victoria. At early dawn a loud crashing is heard coming through the forest, followed by screeching. The Witnesses is tailed back through the forest to his house. When he turns back… Read more »

The World Before Plate Tectonics

PBS Eons writes “There was a time in Earth’s history that was so stable, geologists once called it the Boring Billion. But the fact is, this period was anything but boring. In fact, it set the stage for our modern version of plate tectonics – and probably for the rise of life as we know… Read more »

Alaska Sea Monster Sightings

We are IF writes “The Alaskan wilderness is home to many dangers, harsh weather, and creatures that will happily turn you into a snack. The Inuit people have been living in the wilds of Alaska for thousands of years. Over that time, they have built a close relationship to land and a rich culture that… Read more »

Cell Tower Worker Has Encounter

A listener writes “I am a cell tower worker and have had two Sasquatch encounters in Northern California out in the field.” Spoke to the witness and he said “I never really thought about Sasquatch before. We work in the these remote sites at night when less people on are on the network. This night… Read more »

What We Need To Know About Extraterrestrial Life

Matrix Wisdom writes “Are we alone in the universe? This is a question most people have pondered at one time or another. If extraterrestrials have left behind some hidden but decipherable proof of their existence, to test our intelligence and level of scientific advancement.”