You could hear each step it took

A listener writes “Wes, First, I just want to say Great Broadcasts, enjoy every one of them. I really like the straight forward, no-nonsense approach and the outlet for people that have had experiences. Just wanted to tell you of a little experience that happened to me several years ago. At the time wasn’t sure… Read more »

The Watagan Forest is notorious with Yowie activity

The Watagan Forest is another of these areas which is notorious with Yowie activity. It’s a well known hot-spot in New South Wales. Two young men driving back along a lonely back road to the Pine Forest Picnic area late at night, rounded a bend and saw what they initially thought was a log in… Read more »

23 inch Tracks Caught on Video

This video is the first full release of the encounter with the giant Bigfoot (Homo Sapiens Cognatus), including the previous day’s first in 5 year finds of the 23″ tracks. And the subsequent follow-up investigation the day following the encounter with hair recovered as well as other trace evidence validating the encounter.  

Bigfoot Outlaw Radio: Bigfoot Raids Campsite

Over the years we have found several abandoned campsites that looked like a crime scene. It was clear to us that something had caused the campers to leave in an immediate hurry. So what can you do to make sure bigfoot doesn’t do this to you? We discuss this along with what makes a good… Read more »

National Geographic American Bigfoot

Interesting documentary on Sasquatch. The Patterson–Gimlin film is a famous short motion picture of an unidentified subject the filmmakers have said was a Bigfoot. The footage was shot in 1967, and has since been subjected to many attempts to authenticate or debunk it. The footage was filmed alongside Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath… Read more »

Unexplained Activity

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I wanted to fill you in on some activity that I had on some property that I previously owned. I came across your podcast after looking into some strange stuff happening on my property in north central Pennsylvania, I had several acres of land and a cabin. I purchased the… Read more »

Tonight: It was proportioned more like a human with long arms

I will be welcoming two guests to the show tonight, James writes “If you would ever like to talk about Bigfoot, I’ve available. I’ve been investigating since my wife and I had an encounter. In the Fall of 2003, my wife and I were driving on FM 1276 near the Big Sandy Creek unit of… Read more »

Nighttime sighting by homeowner

Interesting report from McHenry County, Illinois in 2013. Here is the report: “I woke up on the 18th as I did almost every a.m. at the same time. Except at that time I smoked, I quit since then. But at 3:30 a.m. I stepped outside on my back patio to have my morning smoke and… Read more »

Evidence of Sasquatch

YouTuber Grassman58 writes “These are just a few things we have found over the years searching for bigfoot here in Eastern Washington State. Because of these types of findings is what keeps us pushing forward with our search for answers.”

A big hairy arm came through the window

A listener writes “Hi Wes, when my mom and her sister were kids in the 1950’s living out in the country in a small one story house they shared a room with one window and one night they had the window open and a big hairy arm came through the window scaring them. When I… Read more »

SC EP:303 Trackway Near Sunnyslope, Washington

I will return on Sunday for the member show. Tonight, I am releasing Sunday’s Show and  Paul will be discussing the track way that was found. Paul will be sharing what he found during his investigation, there is more to the story. Paul will also be sharing with us encounters he has investigated and sharing… Read more »

It would of had to have been over 7 feet

Toby S. shared his encounter on the Facebook page and he writes “My first encounter with Bigfoot was in 1988 I was living on the eastern edge of Pinckneyville Illinois about 25 yards from the Beaucoup Creek. My back yard was right on the wood line that was a down slope to the creek. I… Read more »

World Bigfoot Radio: Jack Tessier

Duke writes “Interview with Jack Tessier, the founder of A.C.R.O., and the first cryptid conference in Australia! Jack shares some of his field expeditions, track casts, database stories both from A.C.R.O, but also from other Yowie researchers across the country! Jack mentions a trail cam photo from Nigel, (shot is included here, as well as… Read more »

Preview of Paul Grave’s audio

Paul will be discussing the trackway that was found. Paul will be sharing what he found during his investigation, there is more to the story. Here is a preview of the show where Paul shares some of his audio:

What do you think Sasquatch is?

A listener writes “Dear Wes, I have been listening to your program for a while, and couldn’t help notice that you have asked everyone you interview “What do you think Sasquatch is?” This is a question I also have been asking. I have never had an encounter, and so I simply have to trust the… Read more »