Listen: Sightings Of Mysterious Beasts

I just spoke to Lyle the other day on the phone,really nice guy. Here is an interview with author, musician, cryptozoologist, and Texan, Lyle Blackburn talks about monsters, beasts, bigfoot, and all that scary stuff you find in the woods on those dark and scary nights.

Watch: Bigfoot In North Carolina

I am not sure about this one. It is a very short clip. The YouTube notes say “Tourist in North Carolina calls his dog heroic for chasing away what he believes to be Bigfoot.”  

SC EP:134 Encounters while camping – Sunday

On Sunday’s show I speak to, two guests. The first guest had a very close encounter. The witness reported “I walked up on this thing and it curled its lips back and had a look of disgust on its face then it walked off…” its a very interesting encounter of a creature watching children playing… Read more »

South Carolina swamp monster allegedly prowls again

I want to thank Steven J for sending this article to me> LEE COUNTY, S.C. — Lizard Man, South Carolina’s own rural legend, seems to have crawled back out of the murky waters of Scape Ore Swamp near Bishopville, where it first was spotted in 1988, after a man reportedly saw the scaly creature Saturday…. Read more »

Watch: ‘Dogman’ or ‘Bigfoot’ Captured on Video in Kentucky

Ky. — A man has released the images of a creature he believes could be either the “Dogman” or “Bigfoot”. Kentuckian Kirk Stokes has been looking for cryptids and uploading his findings to YouTube since 2012. “Most all my videos are uncut and unedited, that way people can see it as I saw it,” he… Read more »

Watch: Juvenile Bigfoot Filmed at Scape Ore Swamp?

Editors note> Whats the deal with the music? Bigfoot Evidence reader “Frank” writes: “My neighbor said you guys were the place for Bigfoot type videos. I took this video back in May. Though my wife believes me that it’s real, she said she would be embarrassed that everyone would think I was a loon. I… Read more »

The Giant Monster “Shampe”

Sometimes it is important to look at native tradition when trying to gather information about these creatures. I found this article written by Kyle Thompson  and wanted to share it. All of the evil spirits of the Choctaws have followed them on their long journey from the western part of North America. The witches, demons,… Read more »

Family documents a mile-long line of tracks

In 1991 in Florida, My family found a track of footprints on our hunting property. We were able to follow it for over a mile. We casted two prints (a right & left.) We followed the track and found a place where it had gone through a barb wire fence, taking out 5 or 6… Read more »

Toddler Plays With Gorilla

Toddler Plays With Gorilla: Caught on Tape, Father Discusses in Exclusive Interview. Damian Aspinall discusses a viral video of his daughter and a 300-pound gorilla.

Breakdown – The Piper Yowie Footage

The film is called the Piper film after Steve Piper, the person who filmed it, and in the yowie world of Australia, it is the equivalent to the Patterson film.

The Complete Patterson Gimlin Film Footage

YouTube stabilization and color balancing added. Bill Munns has confirmed this as an unedited film sequence, a copy of the full camera roll that was in Roger Patterson’s Kodak Cine K-100 camera that day of October 20th, 1967

SC EP:133 A gold miners encounter part 2

Part two of my encounter with Bob will be up shortly in the podcast section. In part two of my discussion with Bob we talk about some of the behaviors that he witnessed from the Sasquatch as well as some of the stranger things he experienced while out in the woods. Sometimes fact is stranger… Read more »

Watch: The Fouke Monster

FOUKE, AR — It’s a creature with many names, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and most notably known to people in Fouke, Arkansas, the Fouke Monster. For years, many of you have questioned the ape-like humanoid’s existence. Is Bigfoot really out there? FOX16’s Susanne Brunner explores just that following a report she covered in November. Her story about… Read more »

Watch: California On Sasquatch

For the first time in nearly eight months, Kassem Gharaibeh (known online as Kassem G) has released a new video on his YouTube channel. In a very special episode of his web series California On, Kassem heads to the woods to search for the legendary Sasquatch. The documentary is titled California On Sasquatch: A Not… Read more »

Searching for Sasquatch near Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

Thomas Steenburg The utility vehicle judders to a halt, and the soft sounds of the forest emerge in the sudden hush. My sister and I clamber out of the vehicle, brushing tent caterpillars out of our hair. The view from this ridge is a stunner. Harrison Lake spreads out below us, bright blue and glittering… Read more »

SC EP:132 A Gold Miner’s Encounter

  I was talking to Bob Garrett today on the phone for a few hours. Bob spent years living off of the land and in the mountains as a gold miner. We were chatting about a lot of things Sasquatch related, we were discussing past guests, I have had on the show to get his… Read more »

David Paulides upcoming interview: Missing 411

David Paulides has agreed to come on the show. We are scheduling a date for his interview, it will probably be towards the end of August. If you get a chance check out his upcoming movie. Missing 411. Here is the link to his kickstarter for the funding project on his movie. A National Park… Read more »