Infant Sasquatch print found

Members of the ISRT bigfoot investigation group find and cast what they believe to be an infant sasquatch track. The track was found in the Green Swamp in Florida, an area rich with bigfoot history. During the process, another one of their members talks about a sighting he had when he was 12 in another… Read more »

Upcoming Shows: Friday Night

I will be speaking to three guests. My guests include Norman who had a very recent daytime encounter in Georgia with a Sasquatch that crossed the road as he drove towards it. I will also be speaking to Jason who grew up in a rural property in South Carolina and had a lot of strange… Read more »

Two men in Kentucky captured the images of a creature

Kirk Stokes, 44, told Cryptozoology News Wednesday that he was with his friend Parker Duvall checking out an area where they had previously noticed “activity” when they recorded the footage about 300 yards away from the alleged subject. “We noticed movement, it moved in the thickets on the hill we zoomed in on it,” said… Read more »

Sasquatch sounds after killing a dog

I just spoke to a witness who has agreed to come on the show, the witness reported a lot strange experiences around his home growing up. He said that something would slap the side of their home in the middle of the night. He says that his dog ended up dying from internal injuries. He… Read more »

SC Week Update

I will be updating you on the shows this week. I had a recent flood of people wanting to share their encounters. I am working on contacting the guests and putting the shows together for the week. Thanks for your patience.  

Sasquatch Drinking Water

One of my favorite researchers Trey sent this to me and I thought I would share it. He writes “Hey Wes its Trey. Had a question for you man. I followed up on a report last week where a fisherman came across what he at first thought was a guy dressed in a monkey suit… Read more »

Boy scout troop has encounter with a Sasquatch

I received this email and spoke to the witness last night. There is a little bit more to the story than what is below and the witness has agreed to come on the show. I think it is a great encounter and really speaks to the behavior of these creatures. “Hi Wes, One of my… Read more »

Watch: Encounters With Monsters

I want to thank Anthony for posting this It seems like an interesting documentary. Documentary on human encounters with monsters, creatures, and unexplained creatures such as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, and sea monsters like the Loch Ness Monster,  A scientific look at the most compelling and astonishing evidence for the existence of these beings. From video… Read more »

Creature charged my big rig on California freeway and was killed

I found this encounter interesting and will be following up with the witness. “Hi Wes, I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time about what happened in late March or early April of 2014, but my schedule is so busy it’s been difficult because I’m on the road all the time driving a big… Read more »

News Anchor Has Possible Bigfoot Encounter While Camping

Matt Knapp from recently posted this interesting story. Maria Neider of KY3 News in Missouri is an award winning, well respected news anchor. That’s why a lot of people were amazed when she posted a video describing a possible bigfoot encounter her family had recently while camping in the Ozarks. Credit:

Watch: Bigfoot Chases car in Colorado Send In Breakdown

The Youtuber writes “A woman sent me this video to review. She says her and her husband were driving late at night and they thought they hit a deer. They backed up to make sure it wasn’t a dog or a person when they captured what could be a bigfoot or a sasquatch on camera”… Read more »

Watch: Baby Bigfoot Sighting – Massachusetts

Baby Bigfoot Sighting (Massachusetts) This one is from Sept 6 2015 so still too recent to have much more info. Below are some still frames from the video         The YouTuber writes “I was testing out the depth of field on my new camera by filming a patch of leaves in the… Read more »

You never know what you might run into while in the woods

I was listening to a show the other day and these guys were going back and forth for about 15 min on why they do not carry weapons while out looking for Sasquatch. There are so many things that can get you while out in the woods. This is a perfect example. Skip ahead to… Read more »

The Story Of Muchalat Harry

I want to thank Anthony for sending this to me. I am not looking to tackle anymore classic encounters for a while but it is an interesting encounter. According to the Indians, there was once a large number of Bigfoot living on Vancouver Island, a large island, 12,408 square miles in area, off the west… Read more »

South Carolina Encounter

I grew up in the woods all the neighbors used each others land for hunting camping 4 wheeling or what ever so all the land combined was close to 40 -50 acres most of it is thick woods except down by the creek there’s a clearing wide enough for a truck to get through. The… Read more »