Retired USA Forest Ranger Knows Sasquatch is real

“…we’ve studied them for years and know their habits pretty well; it’s human like you know; one of their signs is to walk through the woods and break a sapling off about six or seven feet tall for their area.  They do kind of like what deer do, like elk do, they are territorial.  And… Read more »

Gorilla Pranks Zoo Workers

Editors note> This is typical behavior of most primates including the Sasquatch. It has been reported that the Sasquatch throw “things” which I have taken many reports of rocks, dirt, branches being thrown at unsuspecting people. If the video below does not play click here   .

The Spottsville Monster appears to be alive and well

I have been going over my archives and several shows stood out. I wanted to share or “reshare” them with you. In 1975 in Spottsville, KY the Nunnelly family home was terrorized by mysterious 8ft tall creatures. Their nightmare was written about in newspapers, broadcast on TV shows but the mystery as to what was… Read more »

SC EP:95 Killing An Aggressive Sasquatch

Tonight my guest is Jim Lansdale. Jim as the co-founder of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) and one of the star’s of the new TV series “Killing Bigfoot” seen on Destination America. In Destination America’s all-new special “Killing Bigfoot”, GCBRO is on a mission to prove once and for all that Bigfoot exists by… Read more »

The Forest Of Disappearing Children

Just beyond the San Gabriel Valley lies the Angeles National Forest. A place of beauty and recreation for most Angelenos, the forest also holds its own dark secrets. Eleven-year-old Brenda Howell, from North Carolina, was visiting her sister for the summer and had found a new friend in neighbor, thirteen-year-old Donald Baker. On August 5,… Read more »

The “Speedway Monster”

Fontana (San Bernardino County), California Big Foot Rampages through old Fontana Drag Strip area A short-order cook who lived in the Fontana area since the 1940s, said over the years friends of his shared stories about the “Speedway Monster.” He couldn’t elaborate but said “some old-timers” told him that back in 1951-52, a crowd of… Read more »

Listen: Crazy, Intense Vocalizations Recorded In N. Carolina

Some of these vocalizations in the beginning remind me of Texas, you kind of get that Jurassic Park feel. Some of the vocalizations towards the end sound more like a person. I would like to know more about who created this video and why they chose that location. If the video below does not play click here.

Redheaded Warrior Giants Reported in Peru

Lima, Peru May 22, 1976— A one-eyed Indian tale of battling a band of red-haired hunchback giants has caused speculation that a tribe of stone-age aborigines may inhabit the jungles of northern Peru. The men were described as olive-skinned, barefooted, hunched-back, more than 6 feet 6 inches tall with feet twice the normal size. One… Read more »

Two Boys Find Decomposed Foot Thought to be Bigfoot’s

>Editors Note: I am having a problem finding any sort of follow up to this story< A mysterious and horrific find by two young boys at Quincy, Massachusetts, has left police and residents baffled. The young boys found a decomposed big foot. Police officials are trying their best to determine whether the big foot unearthed… Read more »

Watch: Investigating Bigfoot | Killing Bigfoot

Editors Note: I have spoken to several witnesses as of late that are having issues on their property with aggressive creatures and do not know where to turn for help. Local law enforcement is unable to help these people and most of the people I have spoken too are very honest, sincere people just asking… Read more »

Watch: Mysterious Bigfoot Encounter Of California

>>Editors Note: “Cigar” discusses that in 1967, he found rifles broken in half, missing people, a torn up camp and Sasquatch tracks where the people went missing yet does not think Sasquatch is the cause of the people going missing. Am I missing something here? The YouTuber writes “Mysterious “Bigfoot Encounter” Of California a old… Read more »

Wednesday nights show

I will be speaking to Jim Lansdale. With a background in management in several different businesses across the U.S., Jim Lansdale has been hunting Bigfoot for the last 20 years. He is one of the co-founders of Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. At the GCBRO, he is head of investigations and has spent months on… Read more »

Watch: Sasquatch Summit – panel debating the population size of bigfoot

>Editors note: Derek Randles brings up some of the best points in this video< At the 2014 Sasquatch Summit in Grays Harbor, Todd Standing, Derek Randles, Les Stroud, Jeff Meldrum, Ron Morehead & Other Bigfoot Researchers Debate Bigfoot Population.   Credit:

The ‘Siege’ at Honobia

Editors note> After speaking to the witnesses in Texas this morning I thought it was important to post this story. The facts presented are the BFRO’s facts not the brothers who lived through this nightmare with the creatures. I interviewed one of the brothers and gave his account in SC EP:11. There are always two… Read more »

Harassing Sasquatch Report

I am looking into a report from a couple who recently moved into a rental property. The husband and wife did not believe in Sasquatch. They assumed their house was haunted because at night something was banging on the side of the house. They would hear odd screams and strange “gibber” type noises around their… Read more »

SC EP:94 Strange Bigfoot Encounters In The Woods

  Tonight I speak to several witnesses that have had strange encounters with Sasquatch in the woods. Randy talks about an encounter he had where a 300 pound rock was thrown off of a cliff at him along with strange vocalizations. I also speak to Kevin, a former police officer, who had an encounter which… Read more »

ParaBreakdown: Bigfoot With Baby

A video of a strange looking creature has been circulating the Internet recently, labeled as a possible bigfoot with baby. The video captured the attention of Phil Poling who released a Breakdown of the video.  

Watch: Survivorman Bigfoot: Legend Of Klemtu Hill

Klemtu Hill is a volcano in British Columbia where Bigfoot reports are in the hundreds. Whatever is out there, it leaves tracks and even kills people. Les braves the dangers of this Bigfoot hotspot to find the truth behind these strange reports.

Bigfoots VS Drones

I saw this on Bigfoot Evidence and thought it was interesting. There has been so much talk about using drones to capture an image of a Sasquatch, how would you react to an object floating in midair and approaching you? Would you react like this chimp? I wonder how Sasquatch would react?