Sasquatch Behavior

  Most sasquatches are observed walking, and the observer almost invariably comments on their smooth, long and fluent stride (“like cross country skiing” or “like riding a bicycle”) with wide arm swings. This effect is produced by their so-called compliant gait, meaning that they do not lock their knees during a step but keep them… Read more »

Sasquatch Physiology

  The sasquatch is a predominantly nocturnal animal and its night vision exceeds that of man substantially. It is probable that this increase in night vision is a function of a larger eye and pupillary size rather than a reflecting layer. The animals walk with ease in seeming total darkness, but forage during the day…. Read more »

Article on Bigfoot Anatomy

  The sasquatch is a large, hairy, bipedal non-human primate (Fig. 1) that is distributed over the North American continent to varying degrees of concentration. Its massiveness, deviation from human bearing and different gait leave no doubt in the mind of observers that they have seen a creature different from man or known animals. Skin… Read more »

Panther Tracker Claims Bigfoot Sighting

  Author and naturalist Jim McMullen holds a plaster cast of what he claims is a footprint of a bigfoot that he took while in the Florida Everglades. Lisa Krantz/Staff A Golden Gate man who has spent almost 23 years tracking the Florida panther is stepping forward with claims of a bigfoot in the Everglades… Read more »

Verdict: ‘It wasn’t human’

GRANITE FALLS — Maybe it was Bigfoot, maybe not. But “it wasn’t human.” With magnifying glasses, notebooks and cameras in hand, like detectives after a case-breaking clue, Cliff Crook and Fred Bradshaw took to the woods Wednesday. They went in search of anything that might help them know if a Granite Falls high-tech worker actually… Read more »

Broward County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting

  Date: 11-05-00 Time: 3:50 pm Duration Of The Sighting: 2 to 3 minutes What the encounteree was feeling during the sighting: I was excited. I was scrambling to find a camera or something to get evidence. Location Details Location Name: Heron Bay Golf Course Location Description: Along the bank of Everglades on golf course… Read more »

Two creatures sighted from tree stand

  Estimated date: Nov 2011 Estimated time: 5:00pm Nearest city: Lawrenceburg, KY Nearest Road(s): Bondsmill Length of time the encounter lasted: 10- 20 seconds The encounter: While deer hunting I saw 2 creatures run (more like a fast jog) across an open field, looking behind them intermittently. One was larger and mostly black. The other… Read more »

Carter County, KY

  Estimated date? 10/12/14 Estimated time? 6am Nearest Road(s)? Sand Ridge Length of time the encounter lasted? 1 minute How many witnesses? 1 Please describe your encounter: “I was in my cabin and decided to sit on the back deck looking into a wooded area that I put salt blocks out for deer near my… Read more »

Possible sighting at a farm outside Victoria (Vancouver Island)

  YEAR: 2006-2007 SEASON: Fall MONTH: November PROVINCE: British Columbia COUNTRY: Canada NEAREST TOWN: Victoria OBSERVED: I am writing this to inform you (and to kind of hopefully eliminate some other posibilities) of some rather embarassing occurances on and around our property. When I say embarassing, it is because I actually do read quite a… Read more »

The Cowichan People gave him the name “Thumquas”

A Seven to Nine foot tall man ape has been sighted in North America for centuries. The mysterious ape-like creature; also known as Bigfoot, is said to inhabit remote regions of the Pacific Northwest. While most Canadians consider the Sasquatch a mythical creature, for the Cowichan People they are very real. Before the European invasion,… Read more »

Off duty police officer is confronted while hunting

Witness Observed: This witness sent in two reports, the reports have been combined. First report: Growl/howl heard today 16 Nov 2014 while hunting outside Winlock Washington at 2:42pm. While hunting, I heard yelling mixed with a growl/scream within 200 yards of my hunting location. This is the same area three of us heard the same… Read more »

Elk hunter has encounter with Sasquatch

I used to hunt Elk in an area of the Oregon Coast range known as God’s Valley. My best friends father introduced us to this area. It was a large farmstead in the middle of the Tillamook State Forest that had been abandoned to the state when the owner died in the 1940’s. All that… Read more »

A Close Encounter With Bigfoot

I had never really known much about Sasquatch growing up. I remember seeing the Patterson Gimlin film and hearing the term Bigfoot a few times but that was the extent of my knowledge. That would all change. My father was in the Army and after moving all over the world, we ended up at Ft…. Read more »

1950 Bigfoot Howling by the Moonlight

As a geologist working mostly in the western U.S., I’ve observed various unexplained phenomena over the years. Some of the strangest things I’ve heard of, second hand, of course, are tales told to me by my paternal grandmother – Aunt Bessie, as everyone called her. One such story she told me sometime around 1955 concerned… Read more »

Bigfoot in the Adirondacks

Back in the late 1970s, my parents purchased an old farmhouse that was built in 1880 in a town called South Kortright, NY. The house sat on seven acres of a beautiful valley in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains. The farmhouse was in disrepair when they purchased it, but over the years they fixed… Read more »