Interesting photo posted by Tony B.

Tony B. posted this photo in the Facebook group “Appalachian Sasquatch And Bigfoot Research”. I sent him a message to see if I can get more information on it. I hate posting videos and pictures without the backstory but I found the photo’s interesting. I will get as much info as I can and report back to you guys… Read more »

Another roadside encounter

I just had this report sent to me. I will be contacting the witness to get some further details for you.     “I recently moved to Modesto the central valley. My family and I went on vacation back in July up to Burney falls in the town of Burney. We decided to go through Lassen… Read more »

The Trail To Bigfoot Team captured some strange vocalizations

The Trail To Bigfoot Team writes “We return to an area that has a history of activity. We think the howl was a response to slamming the vehicle doors. Checking for tracks along the river system.” Credit:

Paramedic’s Encounter: Artwork

A couple of shows back Bob Garrett and I spoke to a Paramedic who had an encounter with a Sasquatch. Andrew Benoit put together some artwork for that show and I had to share it. Thank you again Andrew.  

Road side crossing encounter with a Sasquatch

Jay was kind of enough to share his encounter he writes “Hey everybody, umm so i wanna post this sighting i had just this morning while on my way to work. I was driving down one of our old state routes, it pretty busy during the day but not at 430 in the morning. I… Read more »

Watch: Spokane River Bigfoot Video Stabilized

I want to thank Melvin J. for posting this. “Spokane River BigfootT his one is from 2011.Anyone have any more info on this one? Be Sure to clink to see the video.I added a few stills but they are pretty blurry.”  

SC EP:158 Face to face with a Sasquatch in British Columbia

  I will be speaking to Warren who is a tribal member from British Columbia. He was in the middle of nowhere on construction site and was working the night shift repairing the roads. He walked up to use the porta potty and thought one of his co-workers were walking up to scare him. He… Read more »

Watch: Bob Gimlin – Question and Answer

Everyone loves Bob here is some video from the 2010 Ohio Bigfoot Conference where Bob Gimlin does a question and answer with the audience.   Credit:

Bigfoot conference set for today in Hot Springs

MISSOULA, Mont. – Montana will get a peek into the world of cryptozoology on Oct. 24, when the first-ever Big Sky Bigfoot Conference is held at the Symes Hotel in Hot Springs. The conference includes a list of speakers from around the country, including one living in Missoula. Brian Sullivan runs the Montana Bigfoot Project… Read more »

Sundays Show

Just got off of the phone with a tribal member from British Columbia.He was in the middle of no where on construction site and was working the night shift repairing the roads.He walked up to use the porta potty and thought one of his co-workers were walking up to scare him. He stepped out of… Read more »

SC EP:157 Creature charged my big rig

Is now available in the podcast section for members I spent most of the morning speaking to a truck driver who says he hit one of these creatures.He talks about how he stopped at a rest stop and pulled flesh and hair he has never seen before off of his truck. He said that the… Read more »

Infant Sasquatch print found

Members of the ISRT bigfoot investigation group find and cast what they believe to be an infant sasquatch track. The track was found in the Green Swamp in Florida, an area rich with bigfoot history. During the process, another one of their members talks about a sighting he had when he was 12 in another… Read more »

Upcoming Shows: Friday Night

I will be speaking to three guests. My guests include Norman who had a very recent daytime encounter in Georgia with a Sasquatch that crossed the road as he drove towards it. I will also be speaking to Jason who grew up in a rural property in South Carolina and had a lot of strange… Read more »

Two men in Kentucky captured the images of a creature

Kirk Stokes, 44, told Cryptozoology News Wednesday that he was with his friend Parker Duvall checking out an area where they had previously noticed “activity” when they recorded the footage about 300 yards away from the alleged subject. “We noticed movement, it moved in the thickets on the hill we zoomed in on it,” said… Read more »