The hunt for Bigfoot continues as sightings stay steady

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – We’re starting a special series of reports that take a look at mysterious creatures that could be lurking around Michigan. The creature, known as Bigfoot, has made a big impression all over the country and right here in Michigan. Phil Shaw says he’ll never forget when he came face to… Read more »

Watts Valley Wolf Ape

I want to thank Kurt for sending this to me. The YouTuber writes “From ParanormalInterests: Watts Valley Wolf Ape looks at supposed sightings of a werewolf like creature in Watts Valley in California.” There are stories of a strange creature prowling the foothills of Fresno County, of a strange creature with long grey mangy hair… Read more »

Bigfoot Attacks In Oklahoma

This is Bigfoot Outlaw Radio Ep17 Part 2: Bigfoot Attacks In Oklahoma. Matt writes “Dan, Vicki, and Kurt continue their conversation, picking up with a subject that might make your blood run cold! Bigfoot attacks on humans in Oklahoma. You thought our “Taboo Bigfoot” show was shocking, wait until you hear this!”

Strange lights in the woods

A listener writes “I am a long term listener, on a recent show you asked about Orb experiences in wooded areas and it brought back something that happened to me in my early 20’s. I had kind of shut this out for whatever reason but it all came back. I do think about it from… Read more »

Wood knocking sound by rapping it’s knuckles against a tree

John, who is a listener of the show writes “In episode #218 one of the guests mentioned he saw the animal produce the wood knocking sound by rapping it’s knuckles against a tree. The surprisingly heavy wood knocking sound produced by the fist is likely indicative of unusually high bone density combined with the force… Read more »

Ohio Bigfoot Conference

The YouTuber writes “Day 1 at the Ohio Bigfoot conference at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. After 7 hours of driving we finally made it to the park which is huge! We got checked in and found our room, unpacked everything and went exploring. The lodge is big and Lori got us lost looking… Read more »

SC EP:219 Squallies – Ape human hybrid

  Proclaimed as “America’s most credible cryptozoologist,” Scott Marlowe spends as much time in camos and boots as he does in a Lab coat and oxfords. A Fellow of the famed Pangea Institute and educational consultant to The American Primate Conservation Alliance, Marlowe is the first expert in the field to succeed in establishing an… Read more »

Playboy model has an encounter with a Sasquatch

I want to thank Buck for sending this to me. Anna-Marie Goddard was born Anna Marie Lampe on January 13, 1970 in Ysbrechtum, the Netherlands. Anna was raised in a small fishing village in the Netherlands.She discussed an encounter she had with a Sasquatch and the video they captured.

A very big creature about 9 foot tall, grayish blonde in color

Interesting report about seeing a creature and finding a deer kill, reminds me of Friday nights show. The report says “On January 9th, 2015 @ about 5:20-5:30 p.m. at Canyon Lake, Texas, my family and I were backing out of our drive way, and the weather was bad that day, kind of hazy, misty rain,… Read more »

WATCH: Rescued Bear Walks Like a Man

I stand corrected bears can walk on two legs. A video gone viral shows a rescued bear in Laos walking on two legs, but there’s a sad explanation for his unique behavior.

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference

COLUMBUS (WSYX) – The most recent “Bigfoot” report in Ohio was outside Zanesville last December. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, two hunters “experienced a likely week-long encounter.” In all of Ohio, there have been 266 “incidents” reported to the organization. This weekend, hundreds of believers will head to the Salt Fork State Park… Read more »

10 Most Convincing Bigfoot Recordings

There was a couple in here I have not scene before. The YouTuber writes “From the skunk ape in the swamps, to the Yeti in the snowy mountains, we countdown the 10 most convincing Bigfoot recordings.”  

SC EP:218 Snapped its neck, the body went limp

The show will be available in the podcast section shortly. I posted this last week to the blog, I spoke to the witness and he lived on a property that his family owned for many years. He said that every generation of his family has had an encounter with these things. He thought these creatures… Read more »

Hairy figure seen in a field

I found this report interesting, this is and area in Oregon that is notorious for sightings. January 20th, 2016 about 1100. I was driving towards hwy 126 on High Banks road. I saw a large animal covered in long hair in a field to the right of the road. It was a lot larger than… Read more »

Friday Night: “Snapped its neck, the body went limp”

I posted this last week to the blog, I spoke to the witness and he lived on a property that his family owned for many years. He said that every generation of his family has had an encounter with these things. He thought these creatures were passing through his property at certain times of the… Read more »

Bigfoot in Alabama

I thought this looked interesting, the YouTuber writes “A new documentary covering 3 new people that have had their lives changed by Bigfoot. New stories and locations.”

The Window Watcher

A investigation done by the Shadow Seekers of the Four Corners, of a local resident.

“Cannibal giants” Agenda Earth

Mark Zaskey has a new show out, he writes “Dr. Lester and Mark delve into the possibilities of where to begin their investigation of the real cannibal giants that once roamed the earth, from modern day reports, the book of Genesis, all the way back to where it all began. Part 1 of several to… Read more »

Paranthropus Boisei

Wikipedia says “Paranthropus boisei or Australopithecus boisei was an early hominin, described as the largest of the Paranthropus genus (robust australopithecines). It lived in Eastern Africa during the Pleistocene epoch from about 2.3 until about 1.2 million years ago.” Dan Baker writes “It’s said that Paranthropus Boisei had very powerful arms, but you can see… Read more »