Apr 9

SC EP:314 I thought it was going to kill me

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I’m Ryan from Indiana. I had an extremely close encounter a number of years ago with these creatures in the Monroe county forest.”

Ryan describes being out with his friends in the woods. I spoke to Ryan this afternoon. He had a very close encounter with a Sasquatch. Ryan said “It stepped out in front of me and was rocking from side to side. When we made eye contact its whole attitude changed. I thought this thing was going to kill me. I was so close to this thing when it huffed at me I could smell its breath.

When my friend called my name it seemed to interrupt whatever this thing was going to do.”

I will also be inviting Shane to the show who had a strange encounter with what he describes as a banshee screaming at him.



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56 Responses to “SC EP:314 I thought it was going to kill me”

  1. Greg V

    Hey Wes, where can we hear the account you mentioned about the 12 year old in Alaska? (Another great show BTW. Thanks!)

  2. Jay Carlsen

    You don’t NEED To Be Religious to pray ?
    Has anyone else made the Connection with Looking one of these Things in the Eye ? And the Bob Garett Technique ? Of Acting like there is Nothing There – But Avoiding Eye Contact ? ( That is always on my Mind …….. What If ? )

    • Martin Z

      Yeah you have one of these things in front of you and pretend like it’s not there. I don’t believe looking in the eyes of these things is going to matter. It all has to do with what it has planned for you. Sasquatch dominates the encounter not the other way around. Just my two cents.

  3. Doug K

    Holy Mackeral!!! The first encounter was absolutely terrifying!!! I would have wet myself too. Thank you to both of your guests, Wes. Thank you for bringing it to us……..outstanding show!!!

  4. Charles W

    I often think how awesome it would be to actually see one of these things, but then I hear stories like this and start thinking twice.” I think I’m cool with just hearing about bigfoot encounters”. Great job, Wes! Keep up the good work.

  5. Cindy W

    I can’t even imagine going through that. Bless your heart Ryan. I think it’s interesting that when Ryan’s friend called his name is when the BF ran off. It sounds like maybe the BF thought Ryan was now not alone and that the friend was coming back to help so maybe it scared the BF into running. Also how crazy that the BF hopped and I took it that the BF hopped onto a branch of a tree and maybe swung forward and then landed on the ground because Ryan said he heard a big thump. Maybe that’s why people don’t hear the BF’s in the woods because they are swinging from limb to limb and then land in front of you??? Just my thoughts. This was one scary encounter for sure. I don’t want that to ever happen to me!! Thank you Ryan for coming on and telling us your encounter.

  6. Tracy A

    Strange legends of Stepp Cemetery

    Elements of folklore and the supernatural also pervade the story of one of the most famous haunted cemeteries in the state of Indiana. Located off of Old State Highway 37 in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest is a small, abandoned cemetery around which a number of eerie legends have appeared.

    • Derek G

      I lived in Indiana for 3yrs, on W. State Rd. 48 west of Bloomington and i use to go hiking alone at McCormick’s Creek State Park all the time and even get back as sun was going down and never thought Bigfoot would be in Indiana. Im so glad I never encountered the creature or was aware that anything was following me or watching me. That is one scary thought!

  7. David V

    Hey Wes, I’m a new member, been trying to listen to all the old episodes from the very first one, just can’t get enough!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Shana K

    Wow-Awesome show once again! I could not even imagine the degree of fear Ryan must have felt in that moment-Holy moly. Hearing his encounter got me a bit emotional too.-thanks for sharing to both guests and Wes!

  9. Tammy S

    I try never to question these stories, but the first story seems a little off. When he “heard dripping” and had “wet himself”, there was a small red flag that popped up for me. Anyone else catch that or think something was a bit off? I trust Wes’ ability to screen out the fakes, and I’m sure it’s never easy to re-live one of these encounters, and I mean no disrespect, but this encounter was missing something.

    • m99

      That was interesting to me too. I’ve considered the fact he said he was in shock at the time. But, it was strange. You would think he may have noticed himself to be wet, first.

    • Teresa V

      No red flag for me, you could hear the emotion as he spoke. The dripping could have been it dripping off the end of his pant legs and hitting the top of his shoe. He gave enough information to that part of his encounter and I didn’t feel like anything was missing. It was an amazing encounter and I’m glad he survived it.

    • Sunny N

      When something like this happens sometimes people experience things differently. Hearing can be enhanced while vision tunnels. Vision can sharpen and hearing goes silent and muffled. He’s re telling it as it is his experience, plus the story is spliced to cut out things and make the story flow and fit the allotted time so it can sound jumpy orboff but in reality it isn’t. Please, do not start tearing down a guest who’s chosen to come on and tell thier story, or others will refuse to share theirs. It’s just best to respect them, Wes, and this environment.

  10. Janetta V

    Bless your heart Ryan and thank you so much for telling us what you went through. About the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. The all are, but you were so close to the creature. I hope telling telling this helps with the nightmares and just think to yourself that your safe now, and you can stay safe. j.v.

  11. michael n

    Thanks wes. Again another great show. I have been a member for a while now and love it.
    Thanks again and god bless.

  12. Pat T

    Wes, that first interview left the yard! Wow, terrifying. Takes me all the way back to Warren from BC. Thanks for sharing Ryan, has to be therapeutic. Hope you can overcome your nightmares. Hopefully your story may bring others forward. Keep up the good work Wes!, appreciate the effort.

  13. Alexander F

    Wes, hahah, love ya but you do need a little help with your terminology. Or, maybe just watch Inglorious Bastards again. A “Mexican Standoff” is a very specific version of a standoff–it involves three parties. Brad Pitt can again help us: If you recall the threeway standoff in The Mexican, you’ll get a good idea of what a true Mexican Standoff is allllll about.

    But, hey, who knows with these things….maybe another one was off in the woods with a .45 sighted right at Ryan’s head! 🙂

    (I know everyone hates editors b/c, well, we correct things … but, such is my calling and passion in life; so take it for what it is. “Acrossed” kills me. There is a “gambit” which you pull, and a “gamut” which you span, and a “gamble” which you take … there’s also a “gambol” in which you engage, and even a “gamete” which, well, we needn’t discuss herein.)

    • m99

      As Popeye said,’ I am’s what I am!’ But it’s in me too, but I just have to overlook things. T/Y for the word study though. 🤗

  14. ann s

    I spent a week there a couple of years ago, it was spring, not much water runs through that mountain range and I would imagine in the fall maybe less. There is a small pond at the back of Step Cemetery, maybe a spot for all the animals to drink.

    • Carol F

      There is a small pond behind the cemetery that always has water (spring) and is the home of lots of frogs.
      The left and right trails they attempted to take off the drive is an established trail for hikers.
      I know of 3 footprint castings taken at different times at the edge of the cemetery’s newest burials.
      AND, my husband and me saw a black, very tall, estimated 9-10′, Sasquatch standing in the drive next to the trail in July of 2016.
      I believe Ryan.

  15. mark T

    So glad Ryan lived to tell the tale, what an episode, up there with the best. Really feel for Ryan, I hope he recovers from such a frightening encounter.

  16. Martin Z

    Can someone please help me. I went on YouTube and Google but couldn’t find demon or banshee screams. I really want to know what Wes is comparing sasquatchs screams to. I didn’t even know someone has recorded a demon screaming. Maybe a link or something would help.

  17. Jan D

    Gratitude to Ryan for coming on the show, pushing through the terror and reliving it. Few could have come out of that one intact. Truly a nightmare. It is fortunate that he had the wherewithal to show submission and deference at the right time. Great interview, Wes.

  18. SantiamLady

    Wow! 😳God bless you, Ryan! What a terrifying ordeal! 😱I would have wet myself too!
    But you did everything right in responding to the brute the way you did. Awesome job, dude! 👏🏻
    I believe it’s the reason you survived. When it huffed at you, as you displayed submission, I have a feeling that was a dismissal. “Okay, fine. Go on and git! Just don’t ever do that again!”
    Thanks so much for sharing your ordeal with all of us. 💐😊It sounded like talking about it was hard for you, but you pushed thru it. You are strong & your instincts served you well.
    And Ryan, PTSD is NOT limited to Soldiers. Anyone who lives thru any kind of a severe trauma, i.e., in life or death situation, believing you may die, or witnessing something horrible…..that will leave the “scar” of PTSD on your mind and heart. I’m a retired Psych Nurse, and I could hear your PTSD oozing from every word you said. Keep talking about to supportive people.
    Dreams/Nightmares are how we process our trauma, as well as talking to others you trust.
    If you remember the Dream/Nightmare vividly upon waking, that means your subconscious mind isn’t finished trying to sort out what happened to you that night.
    Now this is gonna sound counter intuitive, but your mind must be allowed the time it needs to work thru the ordeal. Tell your wife NOT to wake you

  19. SantiamLady

    PART TWO……….
    When we dream, our subconscious minds are processing, and trying to make sense out of the trauma we suffered thru. Being able to successfully process those traumas, and file them away in some dusty corner of along Term Memory👍🏻😊, That can’t occur if someone wakes you during the dream. Subconscious mind just has to start all over again the next night. 😖
    So, ask your wife to let the nightmare roll on, unless she believes your going to injure either yourself or her. Tell her to just bail out of the bed if she has to, and wait for you to settle.
    After a few weeks of this “dream” management, you’ll begin to notice that it’s getting harder and harder for you to recall any details about your dream. Eventually, only the feelings of the dream will still be with you upon awakening, Feeling uneasy, unsafe, might persist, but won’t remember what it was in the non-remembered Dream that might have left you with that unease in the pit of your of your belly.
    As time goes by, provided you and the wife can both stick to your “Dream” Therapy routine, eventually, You won’t be able to remember a bad dream at all, and even the strange feeling of unease will disappear

    Just remember, nightmares are our amazing brains way of sorting and dealing with trauma in our lives. Help it along by allowing the person to go thru that hard work of sorting thru scary stuff, so they don’t have to keep reliving something horrible, to complete that hard work without interruption.

    Oh, and Wes? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Terrific Interview as always! You da man! 👍🏻😊

  20. Kerry D

    Thank you Ryan. Thank you Wes.
    Thanks to you too Santiamlady. That is interesting information.
    Poor Ryan he kept sighing over and over as he shared his story. It was hard for him. Almost like reliving it.

  21. Hesiquio C

    You hit the nail on the head! It observed u leading the group as the dominant one, the alpha. That puts things in perspective for me. I’ve most positive that i’ve experienced non visual encounters here in NM. October of 2016, my girlfriend and I were hunting and experienced some oddities. Some vocalizations, a very unusual smell, that i describe as an ammonia type smell. My girlfriend described it as a horse stable type smell, large impressions in the ground, X structures and glitching of my camera in a certain area that my girfriend was very uncomfortable in. On the last day of the hunt, at dusk, my girl was leading as we dedescended on a well used trail going back to the truck, she noticed something shaking a 25 foot tall aspen tree. By the time I stopped and turned to see it as pointed to it, upslope about 70 yards as of line of sight, i caught the last rebounds of tree till it stopped. Right at that moment, i was overcome with anxiety and haste and wanted to just get the hell out of there. Yet, my girfiend was as calm as could be. As she saw the expression on my face as i was telling her over and over that we needed to get the hell out of there, she realized I was serious. Till this day, i cant believe my reaction to whatever was there. Not like me at all to behave this way in the forest.

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