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SC EP:807 The Little Monkey

Tonight I will be speaking to Mark. Over the last 30 years Mark has had two sightings of the creature. Mark is from Nebraska and moved to Colorado. He spent most of his life as a hunter. One of the encounters that Mark had was with a smaller creature.

Mark writes “It was in the fall of about 1995 when I just really needed to get away from it all. My best solution was to hop on the Harley and take a trip up to Canada and back. I did not have any special plans set in mind, only to just head north through Yellowstone National Park and then up through Glacier National Park and across the border into Canada.

At that time, I had a 1979 FLH 80 Classic which is a fully dressed bagger with traditional Harley fairing, saddle bags and trunk. She was tan and cream in color and a very beautiful motorcycle. The engine was an 80 cubic inch Shovel Head and she sat very low, so the center of gravity was great and she really handled quite nicely.

Back in those days there were no cell phones with Google Maps and all the fancy stuff we have today so I headed north on my Harley with a tent, a sleeping bag, a tarp and my leathers. Along with all that I also packed my Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum Revolver, of course.

Yes, I had to check the gun in at the Canadian border and pick it up on my way back out but that was okay with me. Good thing I did too, because about an hour in front of me were a couple guys on big Hondas with trailers who tried to smuggle their pistols into Canada and they got caught. The officer told me that they lost their guns, their bikes, their trailers and everything on board. I am very glad I played by the law that day!

The trip up was rather uneventful. It basically amounted to drive all day, find a place to pull over and camp, then drive the rest of the next day and keep going. Just take in the road and all the scenery.

At some point along the road heading north away from Yellowstone, nature called and I pulled over to the side to take a leak. I wish now I had made notes and wrote down details because I do not know exactly where it was that I had this encounter.

I know I was heading north and I am fairly certain that I may have left the United States on Highway 95 North out of the top tip of Idaho or on Highway 93 North out of Montana. I suppose if I spent a few weeks driving all the roads from Yellowstone up through those two routes north I would probably be able to find the very spot where I encountered a very young Sasquatch.

In either case, the highway was good and there were tall trees lining the highway on both sides. This particular stretch of highway cut directly through dark timber forest and it seemed to be that way for many miles as I recall.

As I was heading north through Idaho I actually pulled over at a large graveled area on the west side of the highway, which was across the other lane to my left. I remember the spot remarkably well if I ever come across it again. As I pulled off the highway and on to the gravel I parked my bike pointing north and got off to stretch the legs a bit.

Right there behind me, where the gravel ended and the forest began, was a bit of a rise and a dirt bank before you enter into the forest. So I headed over that direction expecting to find some cover in the trees to do my business.

As I approached the dirt bank I noticed a well-worn trail going up the bank and into the woods. “Ah, this has been used as a designated pissing spot for a long time” I thought to myself as I hiked up the ten-foot or so embankment. The foot trail was beat down so I expected to find some trash up at the top but when I arrived, Holy Cow it was loaded with crap, and I do mean Crap!

This area was not only a designated pissing spot but it was also a pooping area as well. A pooping area for humans, that is. Well, I could have just taken a leak right there and been done with it but I was on vacation and I wanted to enjoy this a little. So, I decided to walk a bit farther back into the forest to get away from the remains of dead diapers, toilet paper, water bottles, condoms and all the rest.

While walking back into the forest heading directly south and exactly paralleling the highway, I noticed how deep and dark the trees were in this part of the state. Within 40 or 50 yards, it was as though I had been hiking in deep, dark wilderness for 20 or 30 miles. I surmised that about the only thing in this area was the highway that cut through the forest and that was about it.

Man, was I wrong! After about 40 or 50 yards or so I was well removed from the stench of human waste as the fresh fragrance of pine forest now surrounded me, but just then a different scent hit me and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had come across this smell before in the high mountains of southwestern Colorado.

It was like walking into a wall of animal musk with the potency of a skunk. Only it was not a skunk, no not at all. Nor was it the smell of dead, rotting flesh as so many witnesses describe with Sasquatch encounters. No, this was the smell of a very, very heavy musk, a heavy musk that I have smelled in the deep woods about four or five times before.

I never knew what the smell was in the past. I assumed it must have been some bull elk in the rut wallowing in a swamp or something. Or possibly that of an old bear of some sort but none of those logical explanations really fit the bill either. With all the elk I have skun, none of them had any sort of smell like this. This was different from any other smell in nature. Very different.
At that moment, as I walked into the haze of musk, I sniffed and inhaled the air. My nostrils flared and my sinuses cleared as the distinct, yet indistinguishable odor entered my brain. I just stood there, sniffing, looking and waiting. I knew something was out there but I didn’t know what.
For a long time, perhaps a few minutes, I sampled the air. It smelled good to me. I actually enjoyed the horrible odor. Why?…… Because I was a trapper back in Nebraska, and as a trapper I worked with all sorts of pungent concoctions to lure in animals in to my set.

I used everything from mulberry syrup and honey to bobcat chunks to skunk essence, fox piss and everything else you can imagine including chopped up carp placed in glass jars set out in the sun or buried in the dirt for a year or two.

Yes, I was very familiar with all sorts of smells and odors which were strange and repulsive to others around me. Some people, upon sniffing one of my jars of lure, would actually start to dry heave from the smell. As for me however, I liked it! I loved the smell and flavor of the contents inside. I liked it and so did the animals I trapped.

This, however was very, very different. It was not fox or skunk or coyote or human or dog or horse or anything else I have ever known to exist. This was a very special musky odor all to itself. One thing was for sure, I was not taking another step deeper into that forest.

At that point, I decided to just inhale, listen and observe…… all while I was taking a piss, of course. So that is exactly what I did. I began to relieve myself, just like all the animals do, but with caution.

As my urine hit the forest floor I could hear the volume of the small waterfall increase as it began to form a small puddle in front of me. I never looked down but kept my gaze to the forest in front of me and to my right, which was away from the highway and the most likely place a predator may be lurking.

Nearing the end of my stream of urine flow, I was looking directly forward when my peripheral vision picked up some movement to my left. Since this was the direction to the highway I did not expect a critter to be in that location because as I walked into the forest I paralleled the highway and I was only about 20 to 30 yards or so from the road bank itself.

Before looking in the direction of the movement, I casually shook-off my John Henry, reeled in my equipment and then quickly and directly snapped my head to the side toward the area of the movement which my peripheral vision had picked up.

There before me, peeking over a large log with terrified eyes, wide-open like black cue balls, was a tiny, little monkey!







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164 Responses to “SC EP:807 The Little Monkey”

    • Forrest M

      Primates and apes have extremely long hands and feet, although be it with opposable big toes on their feet like their thumbs and our thumbs, as compared to their length of leg bones. Monkeys tend to have narrow heels like ours. Sorry the Anthropologist in me comes out !! Love this account!

        • Mark H

          I’m not an anthropologist but wish now I had taken some of those courses.

          Please listen to the end of the interview. I go into your question there.

          I know that they have primate in them. That’s a fact. They also have certain human characteristics as well as human emotion. I know that they are huge, fast, intelligent in their own way, and that they are the absolute masters of the forest. I know for a fact that they are real and that they are reproducing.

          My opinion beyond that is that I suspect that they also have female human DNA as well as Demonic DNA. I believe that they have been created somehow by Satan and the fallen angels to build an army and to deceived mankind… taking our eyes away from God.

          No, I do not believe that they are the “missing link”. There is no missing link in my opinion. I do not believe in men from apes or evolution or the primordial soup or any of that. Darwin’s evolution is mathematically impossible anyway.

          I do not intend to offend but for me, The Bible and all of God’s creation makes perfect sense to me. The glowing eyes, the vanishing, the floating orbs (which I have seen), the UFOs (which I have not seen) are all explainable when working Demonic DNA into the equation.

          That’s what I think.

        • Mark H

          What I saw was primate with human features.
          It is my “belief” that the Sasquatch are of demonic origin on the male side…. either fallen angels or Nephilim or something down those lines.
          I suspect that the female side is 1/2 or less human female. The variance in descriptions are probably as wide as the variance in human females abducted…. African, European, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, etc.
          No, I do NOT believe that they are “the missing link” between man and ape. These creatures are something different… something more than that.

      • Mark H

        Yes. You are correct.

        What I saw in his feet (and I saw the bottoms of his feet very, very well) was a human type foot with human type toes, but large and shoe-box shaped. Very fat toes.

        No opposing “thumb toe”. No major narrowing down to a skinny heel.

        These feet were huge and very human like. I did not notice a mid-tarsal break, but I didn’t understand what I was actually looking at yet either.

      • Mark H

        Understood. I concentrated on his feet as he lifted them and walked… they were human shaped with 5 toes aligned like ours but HUGE! Absolutely no side toe sticking out.
        Likewise with the hands…. like ours but huge.

    • Timothy C

      LOL! That was awesome.. Top Nine all by yourself.. I especially think that was great because I really dislike the way people play this “First” game in the comments I just think it’s childish but that’s just me, no offense to the game players. Thanks for the smile LOL

      • Jay Carlsen

        Well OF COURSE it is Childish !
        …….. SO Childish the last Time I was ” FIRST ” I added ” Nan – nan – nanana ” And when I was ridiculed for being a Child.
        Which I was shocked ! As People are so damn Serious all the time , I figured a little levity was called for ? But when I was ridiculed for my Humor ? ( On a Show about an Imaginary Animal ? ) ( So Called ” Imaginary ” ) I believed I had found Someone’s Button !
        Maybe it is my 20 years in the Oilfield ? But when I find Someone’s Button – I can not help Myself to push it !
        And ever since evert time someone says ” FIRST ! ” on the First Comment ? I congratulate them.
        It is Childish , But as long as it Triggers Someone ? I will be a 50 yr old Child.

        GOOD LUCK ON THE LIONS GAME Timothy C ! You have better chance getting the First Comment than you do to leave a Casino with Money in Your Pocket ! )

    • Stephen W

      Thanks Wes.Hope that shoulder is on the mend.Shoulders are quite complex.All sorts of muscles, tendons and ligaments up there. You’re going to be just fine, heck you have no choice.You have a very big family out here….and they care about you and I believe genuinely. Good fortune and favor to you always.

  1. Kathy K

    Thanks Wes! Really appreciate all the help you gave me in order to get on and connected with your Wonderful encounters! ( I really do appreciate it) Hope your shoulder is getting better and wishing you a wonderful week!

    • Mark H

      You are so right!
      Wes let’s people tell their story with no interruptions but also helps the discussion flow into more questions and observations.
      Plus he’s genuinely humble. I really like the guy. He brings the best out of every interview.

    • Mark H

      You’re right. Wes is about as good as an interviewer can be. He never tries to push or lead… just asks questions and then listens.

      I felt very comfortable. I hope more people follow and come forward.

  2. Alan Y

    Wes, great episode. It’s funny how certain people see these BF several times. But Mark seems like a very. spiritual person. Maybe that’s got something to do with it. When these things are around, animals flip out and we feel unatural terror almost like a spiritual terror.Why do deer come right up to a hunter or hang right next to people when these things are around, they wouldn’t do that if it was a cougar or wolf or bear,they stay away from us. So I’m starting to believe Sasquatch puts the fear of God into every living thing….WHY!!!!. Maybe it is an abomination or not from our planet or realm naturally. maybe these Aliens messed with DNA and created them? Native Americans talk about them and star people. One of your episodes with that old lady that said the males when they get a certain age they have to go with the star people for awhile????? in that episode he also described that lady communicating with the big guy with hand signs, mouth pops….seems like tóo many things line up in quite a few episodes, UNLESS THESE PEOPLE ARE PRO STORY TELLERS…I DONT THINK THEY ARE HOAXING, I THINK THIS ALL MAY BE VALID. THESE ARE JUST MY THOUGHTS, NO I’M NOT WHACKED, JUST CRITICALLY THINK ABOUT THIS SUBJECT CUZ NO ONE REALLY KNOWS, AT LEAST THE PUBLIC. From what I experienced it was really weird and ,the only reason I think I didn’t get really terrified cuz I was right by my front door, but I did sense hair standing up evil I think, because the first thing I thought of was a demon???? why..I leave you with that….GREAT EPISODE

    • Mark H

      Thank you for enjoying the episode. I only tried to tell my experiences to the best of my memory.
      You make a good point about story telling. If I wanted to make up a story, I’d make up a story about The Dog Man. That would be one heck of a lot more exciting. Lol. And yes, I do believe there are Dog Men, although I have never seen one. Thank God!

      I am a Bible believing Christian but no better or worse than anyone else. I’m a sinner (although I try not to be) and that’s why I need Jesus. Only through the Blood of Christ can we be saved.

      If these things have Demonic DNA, and I believe that they do, then they may be drawn to Christians somehow. However, I don’t particularly believe that. Non-Christians have had multiple experiences too. Some even having these creatures terrorizing them for years. So it seems to be all over the board.

      When my 6th Sense stood the hair up on my neck, I usually backed out.


    • Mark H

      Yes! Michael did it all by asking questions. I never saw anything until the very end. The better you can describe, the better he can do of course.
      If you have had an experience with a good sighting, Michael will give you a sketch for free. I don’t know how long he’ll be able to do that but for me… a sketch along with an eye witness account is HUGE!

  3. m99

    Dyna-Mite! Good show. Thanks Wes. It means a lot to us that in spite of still not feeling well, you go on anyway. We appreciate you. And thanks Mark too. Great information. However, man, stay safe! ????

    • Mark H

      Yes. Advice well taken.
      . I want to see them again but not one of those scary Dog Man encounters.

      Next spring I’m buying a Garmin 66i with the personal locator and S.O.S. distress button. Not so much for Sasquatch but for injury.

      However, David Paulides says that no one seems to “disappear” if they have a personal locator beacon. This makes me wonder if these things (and UFOs) can sense the electronics of a locator device just like they appear to see Infrared.

      Just a thought…


    • Mark H

      Yes. The Cornhusker State!

      I grew up on a farm near Leigh and Creston Nebraska. Born in 1961 I had a great childhood. Our high school was small so we all knew each other. I grew up through the Devaney and Osborne / Solich years.

      I hunted, fished and trapped. It was great. Although I do NOT miss the humidity in both the summer and winter! Lol.

      I hope that one day I can come back and tell of a Sasquatch experience that I’m pretty sure my brother had in Nebraska. I regret not asking him about it the last time I saw him. He took the truth with him to the grave.

  4. William L

    Great show Wes and Mark! Mark, I am right there with you with respect to your theory that Sasquatch are somehow related to the fallen ones. There is another possibility that I have come upon in my research on the possible origins of these creatures. That is a portion of the men involved with the construction of the Tower of Babel were turned into strange creatures by GOD. I discovered this story in the Book of Jasher. I recently obtained and am reading Gary Wayne’s ( a brother in Christ as well) book “The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.” Wes has had Gary on his show, so I would really like to know his TRUE feelings on this. Thanks guys; I found this show very interesting and entertaining.

    • Mark H

      Hi William,

      That’s very interesting. Some would not give credit to Jasper, Enoch, etc. I avoided those non-canonical books myself until lately.

      I find The Book of Enoch fascinating and I cannot find any major contradiction with anything else in scripture.

      Can you please tell me the verses in Jasher which you are referring to so I can look them up?


  5. Melissa P

    Wes, in all the years of listening to you I believe I’ve only heard you mention that you were in pain once besides this time, that tells me that you don’t usually talk about it. It you do then it must be really bad. I hope it feels better soon.
    Thank you so much for your hard work, I appreciate all that you do. Take care of yourself Chief!!

  6. david b

    Great encounter, it is amazing how much detail you can glean from an encounter if you dont freak out! Lol. I believe he is also close in what he thinks these creatures are. I have said for years that it is the reason for the coverup!

    • Mark H

      Agreed. If it gets out that these creatures have Demonic DNA, then the Bible is true and that ends Darwinism, evolution and all the deceptions that have been taught to children and young people for decades.


    • Mark H

      Amen to that.

      Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean these things aren’t real… because they are real. Very real. We might as well accept that.

      In the End Times there will be signs and wonders in the sky… so powerful and convincing that even Believers will be tempted by the deception.

      So hang on! It’s gonna get crazy fast.


  7. Jesse K

    Thank You, Mark!!! Loved listening to you and I think you are spot on. Thank You, Wes for having Mark on Your show. I could sit down with Mark and talk with him for a good while. Wes, I hope the Shoulder is healing, I know how it feels I have had shoulder problems for several months now but I am getting better. Again, Thank You, both for such a very vivid and I opening discussion!!!! Good Night and God Bless!!!!

  8. Thomas A

    OMG !!! You Gotta See A Youtube Vid Called ” BABY ORANGUTAN AT COMO ZOO ”
    It Looks Half Werewolf and Half Sasquatch or Maybe It Had A Sasquatch Father and An Orangutan Mom ?
    Either Way It Really Goes With This Show ?

    I Like the Theory Of the Female Setting the Odor As A Disguise . A Smoke Screen Sorta .
    An Octopus Will Squirt Out A Cloud of Ink Then Dash Away From Danger In An Instance .

  9. pam

    Mark is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent- woods wise as a trapper and outdoorsman AND in general, guests you have had on,Wes. His descriptions and observations are extremely good! His answer to your ‘end of interview’ question is one that has some of my ideas too- the govt. could not ever admit to Satan, demons, angels etc, because they cannot quell a populace or make all the people feel safe- like they could control or even begin to fight them! If people knew for certain that is what is wandering the woods or earth in general there’d be anarchy. Also, the creatures ALL of the abomination types seem to be “held Back” in a way. They may be waiting for a CALL to attack.

  10. Fran S

    Great show! Thank you Wes and guest. He hit the nail on the head as to what he thinks the creatures are. My thoughts exactly. Thanks again. Be well and safe.

    • Mark H

      Satan’s army is a theory. If these things are part Demonic, then they are here for a reason.

      Satan is the great deceiver. Anything to keep our attention on anything other than God is his mission. This could be drugs, sex, money, fame, power, Sasquatch, UFOs, etc.

      So why else might they be here?……
      After seeing their strength, speed, power and cunning… I have to consider that they would make one heck of a killing machine.
      Plus, they are on every continent of the planet. The troops are already on the ground, so to speak.

      It’s just a theory. I’m not married to it but it seems to make sense.


  11. Tyler E

    Can some one help me find an episode with a government/military guy
    And he told a story about a team of people killing female male and smaller bigfoots then another story about military have to blow up dog men types becuase they were not able to kill them with guns

    He was a dieing vet if u remeber right if anyone know can u tell me please

  12. STEVE W

    Mark we think alot alike , One day a seal is broken 1/4 of humans will die , 1/4 of them by beasts in the wilderness , Man has around them, Animals have a natural fear for now ,, If things don’t. Change soon , Humanity won’t be alive in 100 years , Too many fake Christians, Mr Crowly drew a being he seen preforming rituals , Looks just like a alien gray , One day they will show up and say we created humans from ape and here is proof, That will open the last seals as humans no longer beleive in God

    • Mark H

      You must have been listening on YouTube to Chuck Missler or Trey Smith. Lol. I’ve learned a lot from them.

      This mandated, frantically forced Covid vaccine stinks to high Heaven. I do not believe the Covid shot is The Mark of the Beast yet, but it sure looks like a test run.

      Changing our mRNA, injecting nanotechnology, etc is right down Satan’s alley.

      With modern microchip technology, we now have the means to create a total cashless, paperless, world economy ripe for the coming Antichrist.

  13. Luis C

    Mark are you Indian of the Americans ? If you are me too , but even when we distant apart you still sounds like my people . One Ike when all the indigenous of America were suppose to me meet from the North and the South .

    • Mark H

      Hi Luis,

      No. I am not. My ancestry goes straight to Germany and Russia. However, I have always admired the native ways. Even as a child, most of my book reports were on the Souix, the Cheyenne, the Inca, the Aztec, the Maya, the Apache, etc.

      Also Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett and the fur trappers and traders. I would love to learn from the Aborigines if I could.

      I would jump at the opportunity to visit the far reaches of a reservation, but only with the permission of the elders and and an appointed giude(s).

      I would love to set and learn what the native people know about Sasquatch, etc. That would be very interesting.

      God bless you Sir.


  14. Luis C

    West. , it can get better than this . Mark blew it out of the park
    Almost like watching a movie . Great great Story for those that appreciate a good natural narrator . I don’t know Mark but I tell you us An Indian , or Indian decent like me . Awesome !

  15. Luis C

    I can’t stop posting about Mark , think he is right on the money : my thoughts just go along with him , Except for the spiritual and biblical theory . Wes , Why I am thinking that the whole dinosaur theory this anthropologists are wrong about the actual evolution of humans and apes .

  16. Luis C

    This my theory , This continent was beautiful before the first Europeans starting to come in : This Continent was choice by Nature to be survival garden for Continent Indians . Like Mark and Myself , And for the lost tribes to arrive ; but then the fallen Ángeles ( pilgrims expulse for racist inclinations)
    Ake things got contaminated for GOD , Europeans starting coming in killing destroying , wasting without even realizing how much land and what was in it : But like always they play like they know everything , now they can’t believe is posible for other species to coexist . They went sent to world without a natural concept of things /.

    • m99

      Luis, you’re so right about how beautiful the continent was before the Europeans showed up. The Ariquios nation cultivated the land and used controlled burn to keep the forests healthy and from becoming overgrown. Once all that ended the Maples took over. Now I agree, Maples are beautiful, and the syrup fantastic, but originally the white people found beautifully maintained forests. When I see the leaf peeping, I always think of the people before keeping the place like a cultivated paradise.

      I often wonder how we could have, would have, and should have learned from the First Nations people.

    • Mark H

      I’ll agree with a lot of that. I cannot feel nor will I pretend to totally understand the plight of the American Indian Tribes.

      All of your people suffered greatly, but then so have other cultures throughout history. It seems to be the way of the world.

      My grandmother, whom I knew for 20 years, was a white slave in Russia. Her family escaped during the Bolshevik Revolution.

      I was lucky enough to be born in the place and time I was. I’ve had struggles and bad times, sure… but NOTHING compared to my ancestors or your ancestors.

      I am blessed and thankful.


  17. Joe F

    What if it wasn’t anger on its face but fear? Especially if it didn’t expect you to be there. What if Humans are the monsters in the woods to them? Something to think about.

  18. Erin D

    I don’t think the “female stink theory” is accurate. Only because l was asleep one night with the windows open and it woke me out of sleep. It’s so pungent that it’s like a slap in the face. At a sleep inside my house, l don’t feel like l was any threat at all.

    • Mark H

      Thanks for sharing. It’s a great thought.
      No argument here.

      Maybe the females smell that way when they are in heat?

      Now there’s a thought I haven’t had yet…. Thank you!


  19. Jay Carlsen

    ……Christian ? THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE EPISODE ! ( Until next Episode anyway ) These Feral People are ” Esau ” as described in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah ! Because you can say it is Nephilim all day long and not get in any Trouble. But if You state the Sasquatch People are Esau on the YouTube – You get your Account tagged for Anti Semitic Hate Speech – And you will No Longer be able to Post Comments on the YouTube Video’s.
    AND PLEASE ASK THE NATIVE AMERICANS or First Nation People of Canada ! ( Because I already have ) they will tell you of this Nocturnal Nation of Feral People who are of a different MANNER than You , Me , or ANY Other Modern Human ; The Sasquatch People.

    – Who are NO QUESTION the Stronger than ANY Modern Human

    – Who does carry the Dominant Red Hair Gene in Their Population

    – Who is Covered ALL OVER like wearing an Hairy Garment

    – Who does eat Venison as the main Staple of Their Diet

    – Who is the Cunning Hunter ( NOT Because They Hunt / but HOW They Hunt ( W/ Cunning )

    – Who does live in the Field ( Because all Modern Humans live in Houses )

    – Who does eat Their meat raw ( Not since I was 10 years old , when my Mother warned me that I would have the Worms crawling out of my Ass if I ate that Raw Hamburger before Dinner. And NO THANK YOU ! I Prefer My Steaks WELL DONE Please. ( Hockey Puck Style ! ) Thank You. )

    – Who does have the Wrinkly Hide like Skin

    – Who does emit a Foul Odor ( just like Esau’s Housecoat )

    – Who does live off the Fat of the Land and Drinks from the Dew of the Heavens from above ( when was the last time You seen Bigfoot standing in Line at McDonalds ? )
    – Who does live & Die by the Sword ( as these Things are ULTRA AGGRESSIVE )

    – Who does hate our Modern Human Guts ( I think it is because of this ” Lords Blessing” Deal )

    – Who does have the DOMINANT Presence [ That ” Time To Go Feeling ” ] ( Because when Jacob Heard of His Brothers Approach ? He WAS SCARED ! )

    This is in Answer to everything it says Describing Esau in the Book of Genesis – which is exactly what the Native American & First Nation People of Canada ( And I am sure it is similar to what the Original People of Australia say about these things ) And Yes , I have taken my Proof to my Friends Father ( as they are Ojibwa ) and I asked Him. And He told Me that I am Right ON the Money !
    Then like 6 Years ago I found this Denomination of People who accused me of being of Esau’s Decent because of my European Heritage ( Danish ) Which is a Load of Horse Crap. And what a Brutal Coincidence that it was this same Denomination of People who first told me of the Book of Obadiah ! ( And I thank them for that much at least )
    Because YES ! Now I am CERTAIN that Esau is Indeed the Sasquatch People who are small in Population compared to the Great Nations of Modern Humans Today , but They are greatly despised ( Because the Sasquatch People are Cannibals )
    – Who do live in the High & Rocky Places ( For Tactical reasons )
    – Who are Very Proud – even Arrogant – who consider Themselves Royalty compared to Modern Humans because They are so Adapt to the Planet than we are.
    – And where do we hear the majority of encounters with the Sloping Forehead People taking Place ? But in the America’s of Course ! (Wouldn’t this be enough to say their Symbol is that of an Eagle ?) [ Even though these Things are on every Continent ]
    – And it is a Very Specific Characteristic of these Feral People , that They will Never Deplete a Food Source. Because They always leave a few Breeding Pairs to Repopulate the Food Stock for the next Time They are through the Area.
    – The Sasquatch People have NONE Understanding in Them. ( And this is why They are Mistaken for Animals – And also how They are of a Different MANNER than Us Modern Humans ) The Sloping Forehead Proves that They lack the Development in the Frontal Lobe compared to our Modern Human Brain.

    If you mention this on the YouTube ? They shut you down.
    You can call Them – Monkeys – Apes – WHAT EVER all you like. But when You tell it like it is they put the Kabosh on ya !
    Isn’t it a coincidence that James Faye ( Bobo ) told Joe Rogan that Native Americans from Northern California say the World will end , just after these Feral People are exposed to the Public ?
    Because doesn’t it say the same Thing about Esau in the Bible ?

    And now that we know Esau is the “Pre-Human” Sasquatch People , then doesn’t that mean Genesis 25:23 is stating that “Jacob” is ALL Modern Humans ?
    Does this change the Meaning of the Book ? ( As I have never read the Bible before )

    Now if these Feral People were recognized , would this take the wind out of Racism ( Bigotry ) ? ( As I admit that I am a Modern Human Racist – if You ain’t a Modern Human ? Then I do not like you. If you got to be a A – Hole & terrorize me walking down the Road at night ? Then I do not care for Your Company.

    Something that has thought of by Myself , would Their Larger Brain ( 27% ) Than our Own , make these Things easier to Posses and Remote Controlled by Something FOUL ? Would this have something to do with Their Direct Reaction to even the Thought of Jesus who is the Christ ?
    …. THIS is the Reason we have the 2nd Amendment. I am always leery of those who want to take away that Right to Protect myself.
    ( FLIP IT ! I am saying it ) More & More each day we are getting closure to the Recognition of these Feral People. When that happens – Watch OUT.
    What would these Things Reaction be to a Nuclear Event ? I shudder at the Thought. Would this be the reason these things are Hunted ? Do those who are in Power also know this ? Is this why these Things are wiped out before they are Recognized by the Public ?
    Who’s to say ?

    • m99

      Hey Jay C _ loved the bit about your mother warning you about what would happen if you are raw hamburger before dinner. Plus, thanks for praying for my brother. I didn’t comment there because grumpy guts is in there causing her grief again, but the champ is on it & handling it just fine. So, anyway friend, thank you.

      Man as I’m reading this entry you posted above I was thinking, Jay C, you need to do some writing. I was thinking, how about a notebook to give to your children when you’re no longer with us, if the Lord tarries. See, just because you know about the details, that’s not to say your children do exactly. You obviously have a gift if communication.

      Anyway Jay, take care. _m

      • m99

        Okay. correction in order: ate raw burger, not are. And to elaborate, he’s on it, and answering just fine. He has much better rebuttal skills than me, but I do read and watch, just in case.

        All we need is love _ respect, even in the forum. ???? ????️. ????

        • Esther L

          M99, very discreet. Are you assuming I don’t read the comments on the episodes so that is a safe place for you to insult me? I believe the general consensus of commenters on the episodes has been to keep the comments relevant to the episode.

    • Mark H

      Wow. That’s a lot to take in but I followed it pretty good. I’ve hear Esau talked about before.

      What I saw was definitely primate but I’ll look into it.


  20. James N

    Geez, this guy’s powers of observation are fantastic, great description!
    And if the size of the mouth is as big as we’ve heard in many of these encounters, then a loud, clear mouth pop is more than likely the sound everyone hears.

  21. Esther L

    This was an excellent episode! Wow. What a well spoken and observant witness. Thank you Mark! Thank you also Mr. Germer. I just love this show.

  22. mermaidmood

    Mark, you’re a magnificent artist! What a treasure, your story and your illustration.
    A plus for listeners: you also being a fantastic speaker.
    Maybe a book, or two, in your future?
    I do hope.

  23. Kelly S

    “90” by Pompea never gets old and triggers my brain to fall asleep. I love Fabrik, too. And, of course, The Master of Ceremony… “Wes!” 👣😊👍🏻

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