Sep 10

SC EP:790 We Ran For Our Lives

Mark writes “My first sighting was in October 1st I was out bow hunting with one of my buddies and 20 years later I ran into something else I didn’t know what the hell it was for sure what it was and I shot this deer and the tracking string went where it wasn’t supposed to go up in the trees and then I start finding part for the dear I don’t know man it was crazy.”

Spoke to Mark and he said “In 1989 my friend and I were walking along the train tracks and we ran into this thing. It wasn’t a bear and it was too big to be a man. It started walking towards us.”




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113 Responses to “SC EP:790 We Ran For Our Lives”

  1. Tracy L

    I think that the govt agents who were flying over or near his home after the Sasquatch or Dogman incident may have been trying to catch the creature and believed that the creature, for whatever reason, had followed him home after their last encounter and now was watching him. We know from many other guests that Sasquatch and/or Dogman have been known to follow people home with whom they had an encounter. Second, could it be that it was the Dogman who was protecting him from the Sasquatch and not the other way around? From what I’ve seen, the Dogman rarely attacks humans, and there are stories of encounters with Dogmen who tell the humans, telepathically, of course, that they are here to protect humans from an unnamed being.

  2. Tracy L

    The price of lumber is high because of all the forest fires. Sasquatch, Dogman, etc. .are covered up, just like Aliens & UFOs are, because of the stranglehold the Christian Church has on society and the belief they perpetuate that if Americans discovered that all these things are tur, we would fall apart and destroy each other because it goes against the teachings of the Church. I don’t believe this is true, especially now. I’m angry that a few people are able to hide the truth from us.

    • Don

      I would argue that it is the secular school curriculum in the area of “evolution” that keeps Sasquatch under the rug. This also inudes college. Who controls more of the scientific programs,institutions? Christian or secular organizations?
      As a Christian I can tell you that we simply see it as another of God’s creations.
      Ultimately, the systems that use a baseline of evolution have more to lose than any Christian sect.

    • Mark R

      I agree, I love the Michigan episodes. I work about a half hour from where Mark’s first encounter happened. I know he’s a Michigander because he correctly referred to the seasonal road as a two track! And his description of that railroad bed was spot on. And Wes accurately described him as an old school hunter. Recurve and a long bow, only in Western Michigan! I still have my Bear Super Kodiak. Still looks pretty and I’m pretty sure those limbs would take stringing up.

      Thanks Mark and Wes!

      • Charles R

        I made my own recurve bow from a kit sold by Herters which was famous for outdoor sporting goods back in 1973. I had a strange incident happen in late October while hunting on Dow Chemical property only about a half mile from my house in Midland, MI. It was just to dark to make out what was only 10 to 20 feet away from me, but the breathing sure did not sound like a deer.

  3. Clifford B

    Off topic , but very important for this time of the year :

    kids returning to school :
    *Another student struggling to make friends .
    *Another student being picked on.
    *A student who is new , shy
    *A student eating lunch alone .


    Say “hi “,smile at them ,ask “if you can sit with them “,include them !
    You never know what that person is facing inside or outside of school .
    ( parents ; please relay this to your little warriors)

  4. Tim M

    Around the 1740’s there was a 9.0+ earthquake and a huge chunk of the WA side slid into the gorge which completely plugged the river. The 1st nations people called it The Bridge of Gods. They passed down stories of walking across the great river. I learned this by taking a Geology 101 class on Youtube. The professor of the course is Nick Zentner. The researchers figured it took 6 months before the river built up enough to breech the bridge. The lake that built up behind was something like a 19,000 acres. He has 6 videos posted on this topic. I was hooked after that and learned so much from the class like there was an island off the coast of WA, OR and CA called Saletsia. It is now part of the coast and the backside of the Olympic Penn.
    Pt. 1
    Pt. 2

  5. david b

    I am not trying to an ass, I was and still am involved with, part of, the timber industry for 30 years. I can tell for a fact that bigfoot is not, or has never been a concern to the timber industry. This is not conjecture, it is fact. My opinion as to why they are being covered up is because of what they are. When you listen to the encounters as they are described, remove the hair part and what do you have? Look at the tracks, what do you have? Do I know for a fact that they are some type of human, no. Who has the evidence? Well according to many encounters the government has collected many specimens. They know what they are and I believe that is why they keep this under wraps. I am not looking for a debate or arguments I am only sharing my opinion as to what I think they are. I can tell you with all certainty that the lumber industry is not concerned with bigfoot.

  6. david b

    The reason lumber prices are so high is many of the mills shut down last year because of covid, supply of wood products fell, as inventory fell prices increased. Supply chain economics, lumber prices are already starting to fall because many of the mills are back up to production. When uncle sam decides to stop paying people to stay at home, the prices will drop even lower.

    • Matthew W

      David, perhaps you and Tracy are both correct. Supply chain economics, Covid closing mills and forest fires could both limit production. If you add to that Tracy’s point about the government using quantities of the scarce lumber to cover up bigfoot, dog men, ufo’s, etc, that’s gotta be a pile of lumber, right? How many 2×4’s and sheets of plywood does it take to cover up one ufo?

    • Charles R

      No doubt, this is the main reason, David. A lot of mills were deemed non essential. What a huge mistake this was. I put 2 projects on hold this year including building a small pole barn, until the prices come back to reason, which they are drifting towards. Very interesting what you stated about the timber industry. However I feel that if the Sasquatch was disclosed there would be a huge outcry to protect them, and this could affect the timber industry. I tend to think this cover up originates by a small cabal inside of The Dept. of the Interior.

  7. Daniel M

    This is not a place for political statements. This is called Sasquatch Chronicles for a reason. Wes, I’m sorry someone stained your comments section with such drivel. I look forward to listening to Sunday’s episode whilst smoking a victory cigar and a glass of scotch. Go Browns!

  8. Nigel R

    Why it’s covered up? We loose faith in what we are taught to believe. Historically:
    – Undermines the authority of religious leaders, their version of reality and our place in the world.
    – Undermines the authority of the media, our schooling and makes the related scientific experts look like fools.
    If they admit it now, people are going to ask “well what else have they been hiding from us, what else is a lie?”.
    Next thing you know people will start thinking for themselves. People in charge wouldn’t want that, they want people afraid and confused and looking to them for answers.

  9. Jeremiah S

    This is probably one of the craziest unreal yet at the same time convincingly believable episodes I have heard yet. Dare I say Epic. Mark does such a great job conveying his encounter. The details you just can’t make up.

    How can so many people tell what seems to be the same story or scenario in so many different ways with descriptions as unique as the individual and it not be real or made up. And none of these witnesses know each other….well you know, I’m just preaching to the choir.

    Thank you Wes, Sasquatch Chronicles, and all the Brave Witnesses that step forward to share their personal stories. You make the unseen seen and the unheard heard. That’s what brought me here and why I enjoy the genuine, like minded and plain ol’ good company. Because you know…… There Ain’t No Party Like A Sasquatch Party! So Booger-Down Y’all! ???? Cuz We like Staying Alive

  10. STEVE W

    Like this guy, The hands stood out big time,, I too refuse to be forced out of the woods, They can share, But It is a mental battle to go,
    I just went Sept 2, Almost 1 year to the day, If is set my gun down, Or if I bent down too tie trees over for a shooting lane , I did not feel safe, I had to leave after 30 minutes, I got into my truck pissed off at myself, I will be back to set my stand Monday, And will force myself to go opening day, Ill be in the same stand and same tree opening day of Ohio deer season, I just hope over time I wont have my head on a swivel

  11. schlad

    Wow that is crazy ..I Lived in Michigan..he’s right that lake is massive…it’s fresh water, so it freezes in Winter, frozen waves..amazing. Tha battle sounds awesome, but horrendous to Live through I bet.
    I can’t put my finger on why your show is so brilliant Wes, there’s an entourage effect, but I feel that it’s just good to hear events reported honestly, first person, no spin or filter, and it’s so beautiful to hear good, honest people speaking Truth. Truth is making a Comeback!
    Thank you
    Love and Peace for everyone, everywhere, always!

    • Charles R

      First time I saw Lake Michigan was on top of the Sleeping Bear Dunes as a youth, maybe 5 or 6 years old. At that time around 1961 or 62. They had these converted dune buggys ( Maybe extended Internationals trucks ) that could hold a dozen people or more. Awesome experience. Those were outlawed many years ago, probably for good reason, it was a bit dangerous. Fished Lake Michigan many times for Salmon and Trout. My Father and myself got in on the initial run of Salmon, I think it was 1967 out of Mark’s home in Ludington, MI.

  12. Jay T

    I agree sclad. SC and Wes are grass roots and focus on everyday peoples’ encounters that are much more informative in learning about these creatures than info provided by public researchers. The researchers are mostly well meaning and knowledgeable; but, these SC episodes have arguably brought a reality to these creatures that are as integral as the PG and Freeman videos.

  13. RickyV

    That ongoing description of the hands, and what they’re capable of is petrifying! The fear delivered with his encounter is overwhelming; what nightmares are made of!! ???????????? ????‍♂️

  14. Charles R

    Awesome episode Mark. I too am a native Michigander living in SW, OH but still get up their several times per year. That Manistee National Forest area has it going on with Sasquatch. Although my experiences happen more in the Huron National Forest. I imagine that battle was 2 Bigfoots, either 2 males in same clan or husband and wife, they do this type of thing. I would never shoot one, but if you intend to set up a plan in advance, I bet you already have. You will need to keep it in cold storage for a few days with someone you can trust. Do not call any authorities, that should be self evident. Get ahold of people in this field that can be trusted and hold a press conference. Arrange the press conference a good distance from where the Bigfoot is stored, and then drive to it as a group. Make sure to take several viles of blood stored away from everything along with great pictures, videos, etc and get a weight and height measurement.

    I too have a good friend that will not go into the woods after a very close sighting in 2000 over in Iosco County, MI. He gave up hunting when it happened, and 11 years later when telling me about it and a few other Bigfoot faithful he could trust not to ridicule him, his voice still cracked with emotion from that incident.

  15. John G

    Loved Mark’s graphic accounts especially conce ning the Sasquatch Assasins (SA’s) report. Wes, just a hunch: These SA’s more than likely are avid listeners to your program. My guess is that they are not the grifters that don’t pay. So here’s my pitch, knowing a bit about merchant services, you have all your members name addresses and credit card numbers. If these players are using a government issued credit card, those numbers can be identified. Create a hard copy of that data, and you might be surprised in the next 30 days the number of dropouts. You can then go back and search their Facebook pages and see if they are truly the military types that would be required to do these assignments. Then you’ll know who these people are.

  16. Leah C

    Squatch is the productive of amalgamation. The Fallen mated with the human women and created the Nephilim. Because the Fallen have incredible intellect, the Nephilim got most of that. The Nephilim then created their own horrors, Squatch being one of them, the Dogman, etc. The Nephilim are the DIRECT product of the intermingling of the Fallen and the human women, ie, Goliath, Og, the Greek ‘gods’, etc. Everything else is the product of amalgamation. Because they have that fallen DNA in them, that’s where all the lights and more spiritual aspects come in. The lights are just them in spirit form versus the physical manifestations. My two cents.


    We camp right in that area. Our camp is on private property and we enjoy it so much that we are there from spring until fall every other weekend. Great area, we kayak down the PM river, bow and riffle hunt. My daughter and I were sitting in our camper and my daughter heard what sounded like bigfoot howl.

  18. Kevin f

    this mark guy…. where do I start? ok I’ll say this, I think he did see something.i just want to know why how this guy got lucky enough to see one in a fight not once, but twice? he seems a little…um… yeah…. far fetched?

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