Sep 9

She Said He Looked Pissed

A listener from New Hampshire writes “So it was probably 2001, around June. My wife and I had just gotten a jeep cherokee. It was our first four wheel drive. Even though we had been together for ten years at that point I still liked showing off for her. On the way home from my parents I brought her down this class five road that is really no more than a snowmobile trail and was very muddy. It was wet that year. I shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I’m driving down the class five. it is muddy and slipping and sliding so I am looking maybe ten yards ahead most of the time. pretty much crawling. I look further ahead and there is a big ass stump very close to the road/snowmobile trail. I thought “Why the hell would the snowmobile club leave that there like that, It is dangerous.” I drove around it. like a few feet from the passenger door. the road quickly gets worse. I couldn’t get stuck out there with her and the boys, I turned around and went back. left without incident. I didn’t realize for weeks that the stump wasn’t there on the way out.

Melissa’s encounter,
I am driving down this road and she sees something big close to the road. as we got closer she could see eyes. As I drive past it is looking her right in the eye. (she said he looked pissed.) So I keep driving and she looks in her mirror. She said it stood up took to steps and she couldn’t see it after that. I turn around we leave.

Wes Melissa was and at times still is terrified. She said nothing for two weeks to tell me. that is when I realized the stump wasn’t there on the way out.”

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  1. Tyler S

    5 Extreme trail
    These trails are for the extreme four-wheeler only. These trails require highly modified vehicles, including lift, excellent articulation, lockers front and rear, large tires (38”+) with aggressive tread, winches, high lift jacks. A High level of Off-Road driving skill is required. Paint damage is virtually guaranteed, body and/or mechanical damage is very likely. Rollovers will be more common on these trails and winches will most likely be used.

    So this is a description of a class 5 trail and you did this in your wife’s jeep Cherokee…

  2. Samantha P

    Hi all!

    Can anyone direct me to the episode of the man (i believe he was a trucker) that was about to hike the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. There were two women hiking ahead of him and he saw a Bigfoot like creature and a dog man like creature in the trees next to them. There was photographs along with the episode, too!

    It’s one of my favorite SC episodes. I want to send it to a friend. Thanks!

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