Sep 10

Sasquatch Encounter In The Pacific NW

In 1971 Mrs Baxter was interviewed by a local news station in Portland Oregon regarding her encounter with a strange creature. Mrs Baxter was returning home when she thought she had a flat tire around the Beacon Rock area. As she got out to check her tire she turned around to see this thing looking at her.




8 Responses to “Sasquatch Encounter In The Pacific NW”

  1. Darrell O

    Thanks for doing this Germer. I had seen this interview before and it amazed me how this 50 year old encounter has the same details you hear over and over again. This was 1971 so it is not like she Googled Sasquatch encounters and regurgitated details like feeling watched, glowing eyes and no neck. It just strikes a chord in me about her details.

    Thanks again, great video!

  2. Laura M

    Very believable. Oh how I remember he days our parents freely smoked around the kids. There would be such a haze in the car I’m amazed my dad could see out the window.

  3. Amy H

    Nice footage Wes. It’s always cool to see home from other angles!

    As for her sighting, it’s humorous in a sardonic way but one does hear them at night in the orchards to this day. I think people who live with them just accept it. What are you going to do about it anyways? They’re like weird neighbors who steal stuff and have odd senses of “humor” (it might be a stretch calling it humor). They’re unpredictable in a predictable way.

    I was just talking with a guy yesterday on a Columbia river beach who told me about his friend who saw one in Skamania county. She knows what she saw and it was near town. Another of my friends saw one mountain biking during the day on the Oregon side of the river but still in the vicinity. At least, until I hear otherwise, they seem a little more live and let live around here.

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