May 15

SC EP:104 Throwback Part 1

My brother Woody returns and we sit down and catch up. We talk about how the show started, our feelings on certain topics in the Bigfoot world, and some of the shows we remember the most. This will be a fun night, so sit back and enjoy as we discuss our favorite guests and favorite shows.



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111 Responses to “SC EP:104 Throwback Part 1”

  1. Jay Carlsen

    That was a Comment from YouTube ! ( I forget wich one …..) Woody being the Oldest …….. I felt it Fit well . I also am the oldest of 3 sons . My younger brother is 4 years younger , & the Baby is 14 years younger than me . My Younger brother was My Anvil ! & I Hammered Him ! Broke his arm 3 times & Blamed the Dog that we owned each time. My Brother would be Balling , & I would tell him ‘ YOU Tell the Old Man The Dog did it …… Or I will Break your Other Arm !’
    He would go running to my Father , Clearly w/ a Broken Arm . My Dad would turn a shade of White ” Get Him In Th Car !” & off to the Hospital . Every Single Time , He would come back home & give that poor dog a $400.00 ass woopin ! Man , I would cringe ! & kick down that dog my Pork Chops from my Plate for Taking my Ass Whoopin for me . I loved that poor dog . He Saved My Ass !
    So Being the Older , of you Brothers , After seeing him called The Voice of Reason ! I Figured it was Good . I can Relate . HAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHA !

      • Jay Carlsen

        Well Thank You Very Much ! Though I always thought my Gift was Stupid . My younger Brother can talk sense to Anyone ( Even My Father , That had it’s advantage . I could never speak to the Man , I was HIS Anvil . And my Youngest Brother can spell ANY word in the English Language … which would also be Useful . My Spelling Sucks )
        My Name is Jason Carlsen on Facething . My Photo I have the Blue Mohawk ( just before I dyed my eye brows White & my Go T Fire Engine Red . For the Whiplash Bash at the Silver Dome in Pontiac Michigan 2000. That Hair cut got me onto MTV News . But that is Nothing to my Name Mentioned here !) If you can find me , send me a request & tag it w/ Sasquatch Chronicles. & I would be more that Happy to add you to my List .
        I always Knew I had the Knack for it . But Who wants to be an Author ? Plus then I would be Charging, & that would seem to me more like a Tool , Than a Gift . Thank you for your Comment ! You Are Great !

    • Jay Carlsen

      The Anvil & I are 4 years apart …… He is Tough now , But still could not Beat me down in a Fist Fight . I am the Oldest , & I know that CHARGE i used to get Beating his ass is still their . He wouldn’t have a Chance , ( even kicking me in the Shin , like he tried last time )
      We are 4 years Apart , I was wondering how many years are between the Gruesome Twosome ? Woody & Wes? Keep to the Sasquatch encounters though ….. It is what your Good At. You Do a Great Job !

    • Mike B

      I had a brother like you.i finely grew bigger than him and all those ass wippins tought me how to fight.wanna guess what happened? For the dog ida shot ya though.may you die a long death of manny dog bites.good day.

      • Jay Carlsen

        THAT IS HILARIOUS ! Well I am sure my plate is FULL ! And I am sure to pay for it one way or the other……………..
        My Brother is one tough Cookie…. And He has 60 lbs on me. So if it came Toe too Toe ? I think I would have a Handful !
        ( BUT DON’T TELL HIM THAT ! )

  2. tom b

    Great show! So glad you feel the same way I do about paranormal and bigfoot. You guys sound really good together, hope Woody can start doing more shows when possible. Maybe not every show or even every week. Have a great night.

  3. Joni

    COOL….A FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW TOO…LOVE N EVERY MINUTE OF IT ! WOW GUY’S You have the older shows that doesn’t have the squeaky feedback… downloaded … You should replace them 🙂 Sorry I know your so dam busy :/ was the squeaky feedback from blog talk radio?
    For not having a clue of what you we’re doing haha You did a dam good job!

    Thanks GUY’S =)

  4. Stacy F

    Correction, Wes…. Eyeshine has been talked about FOREVER, long before this show came on. Since there’s been an internet, there’s been discussion of eyeshine. 😉

    • Stacy F

      …and ambushing…Literally everything that’s talked about today was talked about (ad nauseum) ten years ago, and ten years before that. Guys gotta realize that although everything’s new to you and probably most listeners, there’s really nothing new to the community as a whole. 🙂

      • Derrick H

        It gives credence that the behaviors of Sasquatch are consistently reported. One of the criteria of imperical research is that what is being researched is repeatable. It’s not a big deal that it is new to somebody now, but is a big deal that the same behaviors are being reported and observed throughout the decades, centuries.

  5. brett s

    Great show Wes & Woody…it’s always fun to hear both of you on together. You two rib each other like only brothers ,or close friends can. Cant wait for part 2…do you hear from Shannon at all ….is she doing ok ?

  6. Lori J

    Great Show! It was really nice to have you and Woody back together if only for an two should do one episode a month together…Thanks Woody, thanks for making time for us…we miss you but I understand how much time a baby takes…can’t wait till he can cohost?…lol

  7. Jay Carlsen

    Mimicking , like Parrots do is one thing . But how many people have you seen that heard 2 Parrots having a conversation ? Like the one guy who did the Sierra Sounds ? The 2 Being speaking to each other ? How can that Be Animal ? I Think they are a People , just a Different Manner of People . Feral ? Sure . Would they be Opportunity Feeders ? Well of course they would .
    I do think you are Correct about them Eating each other . Spot On ! That tale of the guy who shot one on the sand bar & saw the Others come out & kill it . The One smashing it’s shoulders & head against a Tree & then eating it . That rung so True as w/ David Paulides ( 411 ) How people were found & seemed as the were through a Tree Chipper ? Could that have been from Smashing against the Tree ? Maybe as to Tenderize it ? Bravo ! Great Point ! I Totally Agree !
    I recall waiting for Episode 16 to come out on the YouTube , Way Back When . I been Hooked since then ! I was the Guy who claims to pay for his Subscription with the Soda Bottle Returns ( I quit drinking in 2000 – got sick of sitting in Jail ) I was that Guy who found the Sasquatch in the Bible ! ( His name is Esau : Comes out Red all over , as if wearing a Garment of Hair . What does that Mean ? ) ( Same as Native Peoples , who Believe it is a Big Brother Character ) & Anyone who doesn’t care for me mentioning my Thoughts on the Book ? Kiss my ass ! I do not care for your Opinion , Thank You anyhow , Believe what ever you will . But deal with it . it is a Public Forum , I pay for the Subscription as do you .
    I will quit commenting , Taking all the space up .
    Until Next Time , Episode 105 . You People are Great !

  8. Kay S

    I agree with Wes in regards to BF eating their dead. Logically, no wild animal is going to waste such a large source of calories and protein. Other large carnivores are canibals, i e. lions and hyenas will eat their dead young.
    Chimps are canibalistic too, they will actively hunt their own kind for food. It therefore follows that if BF is a primate they would exhibit the same behaviour.
    It was great to hear you guys back together again. You two compliment each other so well, it makes for great listening.

  9. Kris W

    Great show!! lost an hour and a half of sleep and was not disappointed. Thanks for the humor. Stacy T I never heard anyone say it like that mike Humphreys episode. Definately was special, and first hand experience!

  10. Kris W

    I agree on they eat they’re dead! And I think that kawani lapsaritis guy whom bill lee got obsessed with was communicating with demons not sasquatch. Probably having a good time immitating them. When u open your mind up to other entities u don’t know what the $$$$ is going to take over the computer.

  11. Kris W

    Found some big prints the other night I’m a size 11 and they were double it was in a marshy area near the pine barrens…. Squatches are still alive and well in nj. Prints were Headed towards a restraunt

  12. Brian R

    Excellent show. Woody…I know you are busy but man….the way you two bros interact and bounce ideas off of each other really is an X factor. (Like good musicians) I’d say the next level of the show is right there in front of both of you…you just need to find the time. Keep up the good work! Great show format and discussion. Thanks.

  13. Carol S

    Nice show! It’s great to hear Woody again! Looking forward to part two. Thank you Wes for fighting the good fight and sticking with it in spite of the jealous naysayers!

  14. Linda C

    I have never posted on this site before but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to tell you guys how much I enjoy your show. I live in southwest Oklahoma where I will probably never see a bigfoot. That fact is comforting to me since I am completely convinced that they do exist just by listening to witness encounters on your show. Makes me wonder about people who refuse to believe when one can hear the trauma in the people’s voices as they tell their experiences. I have listened to your show since almost the beginning and just want you guys to know there are many of us who never send you emails or gab much on the website who appreciate what you are doing. Thanks!

  15. Reed D

    Gotta throw a complement your way….
    Your interview with Ray the Spaceman was a classic. Your ability to calmly deal with him was great, and extremely professional. You’d make a really good Peace Officer; not everyone can do what you did in such a calm fashion. Wes, I love your sense of humor. You’d have made a great patrol partner!
    Great job Wes.

  16. Jim D

    I wanted to see if I could find a Rick Dyer episode since you mentioned him Wes, and I came across this rant of a post from KKDowning (a name I recognize from FB/FB). Here’s what he wrote about you guys here :
    “Wes Germer is far worse than Rick Dyer. 100X worse. He and Woody should be the sole focus of all wrath to follow. Its theirs. They own it. Reap it, reap it hard.” KK is being quite dickish there if you ask me, you guys mixing up a moon phase makes you “100 times worse” than Tighty Whitey Dyer himself, the biggest bigfoot hoaxer of all time. That’s not even mentioning a whole lot more of the bad and sometimes downright evil shit that he has pulled over the years. I’d love to hear some of the coked-up/drunken Dyer emails sometime Wes.

  17. pam

    Guys! This is my favorite episode now…

    You gracefully answered a few questions I (we) have had, (and I know the others here will agree) that time has had a of way revealing the truths in situations.
    Your statement that you returned to a burning house is so perfect! And in rebuilding from that fire , you have produced a castle!
    A note of caution though- remember what happened last time you were away and maybe be more cryptic about when “the cat is away”.

    Awesome work dudes!

    • Carol Germer

      Pam Purple Rose, would you please tell everyone how to post their picture next to their name? I never could have done it without your instructions. Now different ones are asking how to do it.mthank you.

  18. Michael L

    Great show, Wes and Woody, and thanks for the reflections and such. Much appreciated.
    The description of sasquatches as being able to disappear always seemed way out in left field, so the comment by the psychologist helps to put in perspective. That’s why this reunion tour is such a worthwhile retrospective, since you can summarize your findings.
    This setting worked so well maybe you guys should broadcast live from a bar next time. I’ll buy a round.
    Just don’t kick the mike.

  19. Debbie C

    How do I locate; “SC EP:51 Spottsville Monster Part 2”

    SC EP:51 Spottsville Monster Part 1

    “In 1975 in Spottsville, KY the Nunnelly family home was terrorized by mysterious 8ft tall creatures”…
    The first guess;
    “Miss Rosely” interview is horrifying information and
    extremely sad how they were terrorized,
    their animals slaughter by Sasquatch and
    how Sasquatch stalks children.
    I wish Sasquatch/Bigfoot were wiped away from
    the planet.
    The wilderness is no longer what it use to be.

    Towards the end of the interview…
    There’s a vocalization from people calling out
    to the night.
    But towards the end of those animal ape like yells
    became vicious screams from the Sasquatch.

  20. Jim D

    When you guys were talking about what happens after one of the Sasquatch are killed, and how the guy from Killing Bigfoot told us about what happened when THEY killed one, we started getting a glimpse of your brother Woody as a belligerent drunk who likes to argue for argument’s sake when he’s got his buzz on. The good news though is at least he isn’t a mean drunk LOL. Oh yea and he certainly isn’t a goofy one like Biscardi. I really enjoyed this . One question, was that a re-enactment of the Siege At Honobia because it was really well done if it was? Hearing the bigfoots talking back and forth was hair-raising.

  21. Kim

    Shannon has her own show now! Its called “Into the Frey”. In seems to be about all things paranormal. It comes out of Nevada. They havnt had their first show yet, I did join, so they will announce the show when it starts.

  22. Esther P

    Wes & Woody… you just had to go there on the Paranormal. LoL… But hey, I agree with Wes’s theory that Bigfoot,the Paranormal, orbs of light, etc, are separate subjects & that Bigfoot is flesh & blood. Here’s what has convinced me of this theory… Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz’s research into Psychic phenomena & UFO abductees that are with similar patterns (UFO Dynamics: Psychiatric & Psychic Aspects of the UFO Syndrome — by Dr Schwarz); And Paul E. Eno, on Coast to Coast – May 4, 2015 on the Bell Witch legend, the topic of the Occult, & Litchfield County, NJ… Mr Leno describes how a Poltergeist can manifest in a very real way making you think & believe what it wants you to believe… & They can appear to you in any form, & much more…. This is just a sample of the info that I have…but here are two sites if you are interested:

  23. Kim

    Great show guys. The back story is so fascinating. The things that created your belief system leads us into how your show developed. Its good to hear.

  24. Theodore G

    Welcome back Woody. Loved the show! Keep up the great work. I look forward to the shows each week. I have never been disappointed with any of the shows. Thanks.

  25. Sharon B

    One of the things I liked best about your show was the sound of your voices, your, Wes and Woody. You didn’t holler or bitch about other podcasts. You had a good show with humor and brotherly love. I really enjoy hearing the two of you and, frankly do not miss the others… what were their names? I don’t know why they left but I bet they’re sorry now. Don’t wear yourself out.

  26. Colum S

    I usually don’t post on the BLOG but….I usually enjoy the show…..Having said this, I have to add that I was deeply disappointed in this latest offering. I didn’t make it much past the banter about teenage menses in the back seat of your new Hummer. I have followed your shows from the beginning and have looked forward to listening to each one….repeatedly.

    I would like to see continued success for this format and for your team. When you began charging for membership I signed on immediately. I recommend the program to friends and associates as a source of reliable information and a unique perspective on the subject and culture of sasquatch.

    I listened quietly to your early shows as you berated and ridiculed other researchers. I continued to listen as you made derogatory comments about certain groups of people. I continued to listen (with some incredulity) to your reaction when you suddenly found yourself/selves the subject of similar negative focus. Now this…..? At the end of the day, I think that “Offensive” is not equal to “Edgy”….it’s just offensive.

    It is my hope that you will consider these comments as you produce upcoming episodes and believe that I intend no disrespect to you or anyone else involved with the show. You have my word that I will not post negative feedback beyond this point. If I had been able to find a less public means to relay this message to you I would gladly have done so….but I could not.

    Again, I wish you and the program nothing but the best of success.

  27. joann m

    Yea I had never considered that they were probably eating their dead. Interesting but not far fetched at all since they have been eating people. Meat is meat to them I guess. Hear that, flute players? Meat is meat. You guys were really funny tonight. I loved that you played a clip from the insane guy. He cracked me up. I wish I had a glass of wine while listening to the show. I would have been rotflmao. Went to bed tonight listening to episode 10.

  28. joann m

    Oh, Colum, I loved that comment about ” If I had been able to find a less public means to relay this message to you I would gladly have done so….but I could not.”. May I introduce you to a new internet feature? It’s called email.

  29. Leah G

    I was disappointed to hear Woody speak disparagingly about Tim ‘Coon Bo’ Baker. Ironically, after slamming a previous guest who sounded genuinely sincere and was kind enough to share his experiences, Woody never specifically stated what exactly he didn’t like about Baker. Baker didn’t deserve it.

    • Wes

      Leah, Woody had a hard time with Tim having so many encounters…believe me…Woody and I got into a huge fight over that show. I really like Coonbo and Bear and respect those guys. It just a difference of opinion. If you notice Woody was not on that show. It is not the first time we have disagreed on something and I am sure it will not be the last.

  30. Renee B

    Nice show and I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. I’ve missed Woody’s voice so it felt like the old days. I’m anti flute player and always appreciated how SC would call them out. Its like my daddy used to say “if your mind is too open your brains fall out”. Ray the space man personifies this. Please have Woody come on from time-to-time. It makes for a lively show. Oh and nice dig at bigfoot researchers. I got it.

  31. Penny F

    I know I am coming in a few years late to the fun, but I appreciate your hard work Wes & Woody! Thank you for all you do for the Community. Your integrity is admirable.

  32. John L

    “I know Will had a couple of questions for you. Will, go ahead.” I laughed so hard when Wes utterly threw Will under the bus with that comment.

  33. Lorraine W

    I really enjoy your show! I’m just now listening to them all in order from the beginning. My favorite was the show with the men who encountered a small group of Bigfoot on the Natchez Trace Parkway because I’m very familiar with that area. Fascinating encounters all!

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