May 15

Native American Elder Witnesses a Deer Being Chased by a Sasquatch

BFRO investigators Ron Boles and Larry Newman interview a Native American Elder regarding a sighting involving a possible Sasquatch running down a deer. The witness was 75 yards from the incident.


12 Responses to “Native American Elder Witnesses a Deer Being Chased by a Sasquatch”

    • david s

      Debbie, I think Wes should put together a team of volunteers to go out on BF expeditions. We could get out own videos, audios etc. I’m game! I hope Wes can get more Native Americans on his show because they have lived with these creatures for hundreds of years.

        • david s

          I’m thinking Tim from Bob Garrett’s team, Wes, a big game hunter and a Native American would be a good start…and me of course:) I think I can run faster than Wes 🙂

          • Karen C

            David, your so funny about out running Wes. I like the light heartness that all of us give to the program. Love our Sasquatch Chronicles.

  1. Tyler D

    Hey guys, that’s amazing to hear that Wes is having that much of a positive effect on the SC community, that people wanna get out there n get some research goin. I’m actually goin to New Mexico the Valles Caldera National Preserve for the summer to see what turns up. N I would like to think SC had a huge part to play in me finally getting active about it. But back to this encounter, I think it’s pretty damn impressive that he could run down a deer down on two legs, what a beast

  2. Kay S

    I got the strong impression that this guy didn’t want to be interviewed, either that or he was very reserved. His story however struck me as being very genuine.

  3. Roy B

    Not sure about this interview, one minute he says he only saw it for a second or two but then after some coaching he went into more detail after only seeing it for a second.????

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