103 Responses to “Happy Holidays From Sasquatch Chronicles”

  1. Rick P

    Happy thanksgiving to you and everyone in the United States. Canada’s thanksgiving is in October but we wish you a happy thanksgiving with your family’s and loved ones.

  2. Fran S

    Happy Thanksgiving Wes!! You deserve time off. You work so hard for SC. I appreciate all your dedication to SC. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Bless you Wes.

  3. Joseph K

    Thank you for your warm wishes Wes. It’s great to hear that you’re taking your own advice and enjoying the long weekend with family.
    Happy holidays to all of the SC family.

  4. Janetta V

    Very nice Wes, such a beautiful cozy setting. You deserve the time off and should do it more often. I hope you and the family have a happy Thanksgiving as well. You look so young without your beard.

  5. Susan H

    Happy Holidays to you and your family Wes. Glad you’re taking some time off. You work hard for us and deserve to take some time. I’ve been with you since the beginning and still get excited when there’s a new show posted. Thank you for what you do.

  6. Gail S

    While I was watching your thoughtful message, I actually thought “Nobody better give him shit in the comments about taking time off!” I should have known better. Your listeners are as kind as you are Wes! Happy Thanksgiving from Tennessee everyone!!🦃🍁🦃🍁🦌

  7. Jake K

    you know I almost said to myself “no new episode?” and I have to apologize. I’m off work for 4 days why shouldn’t Wes be. You regularly produce 2 shows a week which is A LOT considering how much you have to do behind the scenes to even make one show. This thanksgiving I’m grateful for a podcast host that cares this much about his listeners.

  8. Melissa P

    Wes, can I please just say that I am so proud of you for finally taking some time off! If anyone deserves it, its you! I hope that your Thanksgiving was great, that you ate too much, and that you were surrounded by your loved ones.

  9. Lynn F

    Hey Wes Sasquatch’s take no time off, R and R for him is a bowl of rice and some rat meat, lol hope you get the reference! Just kidding, Happy Thanksgiving pal.

  10. wolfheathen

    Thanks, brother. Nice greenscreen btw…haha. for a second I was about to say pick up that acoustic axe! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! and uh…eating too much? Challenge accepted.

  11. Marilyn E

    Enjoy your time off! You deserve it! Thanks for getting me through the pandemic. I have something to look forward to everyday. Just started during 2021 so going back to listen up old shows. Love your program!

  12. m99

    Sweet message boss. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are getting some needed rest. Thanks for the heads up.

    Now, let’s see, outta the already 800 plus episodes what will I be choosing to listen to…

  13. Nathen C

    Been listening since day 1 and made it a point to avoid seeing what Wes looks like… I liked the image in my head. What has been seen cannot be unseen. He’s actually kind like I pictured but with less hair. Not throwing shade I also have no hair, but in the theatre of my mind he had short black hair ha ha. Happy Holidays yall! Really hoping for a great Christmas special like back in the day!


    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, I enjoyed two family Thanksgiving dinners, ate as much as I could and decided to not work Friday and Sunday…work will still be there Monday, family may not…I choose family and battery recharge this year, no regrets 🙂

  15. Bonnie I

    Thanks Wes for all the time and effort you faithfully contribute to this podcast. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation and look forward to this week’s intriguing new episode.😊

  16. Kevin P

    You can rest when you’re dead!… At least that’s what I tell my employees… you think that may have something to do with all of them walking of the job? Enjoy recharging your batteries and family time.

  17. Grace L C

    Hello Wes. Thank you for the kind wishes. I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break filled with family and friends, and rest and relaxation. Well deserved. Thanks for all you do! — Grace in western Pennsylvania 🙂

  18. Laura K

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I was traveling to NC to see family. 1st Tday with them in decades. Looking forward to a blessed Holiday season for you and yours and mine!

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