Nov 24

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

History writes “Turkey dinners, footballs and parades— these are the modern-day trappings of the holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. But Thanksgiving is more than just a day of food and festivity. This new 1-hour special traces the history of the holiday, from its origins in the early American colonies through the family feasts Americans enjoy today. The Real Story of Thanksgiving gives viewers a new understanding of how this much-loved holiday has changed over time.”


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  1. Joey B

    No Wes, the History Channel has it wrong. Two minutes into the vid some “expert” says it wasn’t about religion, when it was 100% about “Advancement of the Christian Faith”. That’s why they wrote the Mayflower Compact was written.
    Stop helping these folks dumb down our culture and history.

  2. Michael M

    Joey B, you’re absolutely right. Another fact that is little-known is that the Pilgrims initially tried what was essentially a form of socialism. They put all property into a common pool, and everyone was expected to work and share equally. Well not surprisingly, that didn’t work. They barely made it through the first year, many didn’t make it, and the rest nearly starved to death.

    Only after some much-needed assistance from the natives, and especially ditching the socialism and allowing each family to own and farm their own land, did they begin to thrive. The turnaround was so stunning that they gave thanks to God for bringing them through that rough time and blessing them as he did. Thus, the first Thanksgiving.

    The clear lesson was that no one will work as hard for someone else’s benefit as they will for their own. Capitalism harnesses that natural self-interest to the benefit of society in general.

    • Charles R

      Indeed Michael M. The initial year commune project was a disaster and Willaim Bradford wrote about how those in the best health and fitness did not put forth the effort that they could have. The next year when they were able to own their own land and reap the rewards, ( much of the food was sold back to Europe ) the Colony prospered and Willaim Bradford penned that this worked very well.

  3. Andrew P

    Bury your heart in giblets, feel the hangover, watch the stuffed pigskin being tossed…Do you realize what YOUR Ancestors did to the natives in Amerika? God punishes the wicked! Eat your GMO, drink your fluoride, feel the Barium above you. Take your shots, run your VISA up and send your children to Pedo Public School. Time is almost up! Give Thankfulness.

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