Nov 25

The App is available in the Apple Store

The App is currently available in the Apple store. I am checking Google Play for Android. Do any members have an Android that could look for me? Being that it is Thanksgiving there is no one to call.


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  1. Rick L

    Awesome! I’ve installed it but I’m having trouble logging in. It says “Login Failed Username or password is wrong”. I’m using the same login and password as the website, and just to be sure, I’ve changed the password but still not able to login. This is on an iPhone.

  2. Tom S

    Got the app but forgot my password (I thought I had it saved in my password save but apparently its only saved in Chrome’s password safe)….don’t wanna mess up listening to the website tonight. But tomorrow after work I’ll have time to reset the passwored and try the app, but that’s not the real reason I commented here.

    I wonder if this app will work with Apple Car play? (Or android auto)? That would be awesome if it did/does.

  3. Douglas s

    Downloaded the ios version for my
    iPhone 12 Pro /update 15.1.1.
    It stated that my password or username was wrong.
    I directly copied and pasted my user name and password so I know it was entered correctly.
    Things like that are expected I suppose.
    We’ll get there eventually.
    Thanks Wes for making the app available and Happy Thanksgiving ????

  4. Chris K

    Tried on iPhone 11 and getting same as described above with other iPhone users… Using same credentials as website and getting error.

    Guessing we are all overloading their servers lol.

    Design is killer though!!! Can’t wait until it gets sorted out.

  5. Paula B

    Hi everyone. So excited about the app! I was unable to sign in on the app with my user name on this site, but used my email address and password for this site and got in with no problem. iPhone user here – hope that helps if you were unable to get logged in before. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. ????????
    Wes – enjoy your time off! It is well deserved. ????????????????

  6. Michael M

    Downloaded it for iOS (at about 5:30am Friday, Mountain Time). No problems logging in.

    Wes, it’s fantastic! Being a first version, I can of course see areas that can grow and improve over time, but the star of the show is definitely the search function. It blew me away. I expected it to just search show titles, which would be terrific all by itself, but my jaw dropped when I discovered that it will search any text in the description of the show as well. As a quick test, I searched for “Colorado”, since that’s where I live. Every show it found had a Colorado sighting mentioned in the description. That will be amazingly helpful in looking for certain shows where someone remembers the details but not the show number, or like I did just looking for shows with a common theme.

    Well done! I can’t wait to explore further. (P.S.: Love the store, too. I didn’t know you had all that stuff available. Everyone should take a look.)

  7. Patrick M

    I installed the app last night, and after repeated attempts to sign in it worked! The app is beautiful, and was able to get a nice overview, Well done Wes!
    However, I seem to have been signed off from the app today, and I have tried several times to sign back in and keep getting “sign in name and password are wrong.”
    Last night repeating the sign in attempts over and over eventually worked, so I’ll keep trying that.. later..
    It is a slick app thoug!

  8. Chris K

    So on iPhone, I went in on website, selected update on my info page at the very top, and at the bottom it allows you to change password. Did that, and went to my email confirmation of doing that, clicked the link in there too go back to the site… Then tried the app again… Using email and new password, and by the grace of God…. It worked. Hope this helps someone.

    Love the sort options of high or low, and that as you roll down the episodes populate instead of hitting next page over and over and over.

    Good stuff!

    • m99

      Thanks for telling everyone. Hope they do what you said. I was coming in here to see what’s up because folks are saying the same buggy things in the forum. 🙁 I think you got it right. Thanks again. _m 🙂

  9. Heidi B

    Hello! I have the android version and it seems to work pretty well. Is there any way to know which episodes we have already listened to? I may simply be overlooking it, so figured I’d ask. If there isn’t, will that be added at some point? My memory isn’t what it used to be! Please help an old girl out. ????

  10. aaron g

    Hi all. I just downloaded the app for android. I’m getting a message that says my account has been suspended…but on the web that isn’t the case at all. Since I couldn’t login using my login information, reading over the recommendations, I tried changing my password and relogging in but receive the same error. So, if anyone has encountered this issue and has a resolution I’d be grateful.

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