Jan 31

SC EP:729 Leave Or I Will Kill You

I welcome David and Jeff. While hunting in Oklahoma they were stalked and harassed by a creature. After one of the hunters shot at the creature he thought this encounter was over. Several creatures returned and circled the hunters camp. Read the full encounter here: https://sasquatchchronicles.com/terrifying-encounter-with-something/





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135 Responses to “SC EP:729 Leave Or I Will Kill You”

      • Timothy D

        Thanks, Melissa. A little brevity and lightness before such serious major story telling provides a bit of a context by helping keep the comments somewhat charitable, sane and grounded.
        At least, hope it brings a smile to Wes‘s face to know we’re grateful, Then can approach the subject and the show with an open and kind heart.
        Thanks for your note, Melissa.so. Wishing you a good week and good energy ahead.

  1. Sherry S

    Had numerous experience(s) in Broken Arrow OK – 2012 – jogged in the mornings by the golf course and spotted a huge fresh print (only one) in the turned up soil of a hay field -along with noises, large tree shakings (the entire tree) and ‘spooky feelings’ from the treeline by my apartment. Joined Oklahoma Bigfoot group that year. Couldn’t believe how many sightings occur in that region without the mountain ranges I grew up near and had always known the Sasquatch to be a product of…

    • Sherry S

      Interstingly, One of the members of that same FB Oklahoma Group also reported back on June 6th, 2013 that when he had previously been fishing on Lake Oolagah, big rocks were thrown at him from across the cove.

      • Jay T

        Sherry, I have skeptic friend that thought multiple tree breaks at 1am in forest near them drinking in hot tub was provided by Broken Arrow Tourism Committee or Chamber of Commerce to promote bigfoot idea. He even thought that the sounds were supported by electronics in the woods which were insulated by plastic to protect from the heavy rains two nights. He threatened the tree break culprit with his AR 15 which was made up before joining the the other two guys who ran to the cabin. What these skeptics come up with is amazing.

      • Angela P

        I’m in Oklahoma and had an encounter in 1983. This was in the middle of the day in Tulsa County just South of the Osage County line. I’ve been meaning to report it to a group that’s keeping track of sightings in OK. Do you still belong to a group or do you know who I should report this to?

  2. david b

    What A SHOW! i have been in the woods all my life and have never experienced anything like this. I hope that I never do. I dont take kindly to anything, person or animal, terrifying me. I am afraid if I encounter a aggressive me or him one will toted out.

    • Jeremiah S

      Awesome encounter David! I know it didn’t seem like it at the time. But the way you and Jeff went back and forth during your experience had me cracking up (not the subject matter). I was amazed how quick you thought on your toes (under pressure) to toss those “Green Weenies” to get them off yall. That cracked me up. I would of done the same thing when it came to me living. Thanks for sharing. I love it! One of the top episods.

  3. Nigel R

    Put them in a prison and stare at them, or kill them and hang their severed face on the wall.
    That’s what Jesus would do, almost certain.
    Humans, here’s an idea, just leave them alone eh?

  4. Miss Kendall S

    I meant to tell you I enjoyed your Billy the kid episode a lot you did a great job and I’ve always loved the movie
    Young Guns and Tony he also did a great job with the swap but I’m glad you’re back LOL..

  5. Lisa B

    Great show tonight Wes! Loved hearing David and Jeff’s encounters! An oak tree that big? Oaks usually don’t break like that, pine trees do tho, they snap. Oaks usually come up, roots and all. I believe what they experienced was demonic. The laughing is so creepy. Glad they got out of there ok. Thanks so much Wes, David and Jeff! And thanks again Wes for the great history lesson on Billy the Kid, enjoyed it very much! Now let’s all put the lights on and go bass fishing!! Woop! Woop! 😉

    psst…where’s M99 and Claire?

  6. Janice K

    Great show! I think these creatures are abominations, created by the Fallen. I was invited to a private property where these creatures visit. I was all in then. As back then I thought they were big apes, and then my gut went off. I was still going to go, but I had bought a silver cross to wear. Then my critical thinking mind and my gut said NO, don’t go. I did not. No regerts. Glad I listened to my gut. It never lies. Somethin
    g evil was and is there. I am very curious, love mystery, but not evil. I knew evil was at that place. Hence the silver cross. Too creepy.

  7. Joan h

    Reminds me of the earlier days of Sasquatch chronicles, some scary shit right there .
    I’m gonna remember that remedy…… 🤐

  8. Renee S

    Amazing! Thx Wes, David, & Jeff! If you 2 do decide to return to that property, bolo for the one who got the antifreeze hotdog, cause if it’s alive, it ain’t gonna be friendly, & you won’t hear it coming…

  9. Terry W W

    This was an Awesome encounter. It was scary and hilarious. Especially the antifreeze weenies, Bigfoot coughing up the a lung and one of you two saying, that was a man coughing. East side of Oklahoma is known as Green Country do have a lot of sightings in some areas. Thx Wes.

  10. Mary P

    David and Jeff should have there own podcast with Wes as the producer! Called sasquatch chronicles in Oklahoma!! You could do that in every state!! Just a thought! Great voices and story telling !! Congrats guys ,and get you a “bushmaster rifle “and you will be safe !! 🙏

  11. L. Oriana S

    I don’t often laugh while listening to this show, but there two guys are the Laurel and Hardy of cryptid encounters. Not to discount the fear factor of their experience, but I honestly had to laugh out loud several times while listening in bed at their good-natured pokes at themselves and each other while forgetting things, getting lost, falling out of trees and waving their kiddie flashlights around in the dark. Thanks Dave and Jeff – loved every minute.

  12. Jay Carlsen

    Native Americans from Northern California predict the end of the World when these Feral People are exposed to the Public.

    If you believe in the Good Book , This is Jacobs Older Brother as described in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah. Gen 25:23 is speaking of this “Pre-Human” Nation and Modern Human Nations of People
    Because these things are NO QUESTION Stronger than Any Modern Human
    Who does hate the Dominat Red Hair gene in Thier Population ( like the Orangutan )
    Who are covered all over , like wearing an Hairy Garment
    Who are the Cunning Hunter ( not because they Hunt – but HOW They Hunt ( W/ Cunning )
    Who do live in the Field
    Who do have the wrinkly Hide like Skin
    Who do emit a Foul Odor
    Who does live off the fat of the Land and drinks of the Dew of the Heavens from above
    Who does have the Dominant Presence ( Because when Jacob heard of His Brothers approach ? He was SCARED ! )
    And this is what it says in the Book of Genesis that tells us Jacobs older Brother is the Sasquatch People. Then 5 yrs ago I found this Denomination of People who told me of the Book of Obadiah ! And Now I am CERTAIN that Jacobs older Brother is Indeed the Sasquatch People.
    Because the Sasquatch People are small in number compared to the Great Nations of Modern Humans today. And They are very Despised ( Because They are Cannibals )
    They do live in the High & Rocky Places
    It is said the Males are required to leave with the Space Brothers ( Demons ) for a Time , And when They return ; They are Different (?)
    The Sasquatch People have NONE Understanding in them. ( Because they have Different Brains than we do. )

  13. Tom S

    Fantastic episode, one of my favs.

    Also since I joined with the membership here a few months back…..the honor people take here for being the first to post…..makes me laugh. That goes back to the BBS days when people would say “FIRST POST!” on the forums….and everyone joiked “NERD”……such a strange thing.

  14. michael b

    I work at the refinery in coffeyville ks but Ive been staying at the Rudd motel in nowata for over 5 years. Ive actually read a few reports from around this area. One was reported in watova back in the 80’s and theres a guy who built like a box on a trailer that he sits in and does research, and he is on Oolagah lake also. I’ve been mushroom hunting down in those bottoms and it is creepy down there. If you guys ever want to poison some sasquatch just stop by the Rudd , I drive an orange charger. I’ll bring the hot dogs lol

  15. Chamberlin

    I would love to listen to a FULL AUDIO Sasquatch Chronicles Blog session someday!

    “Luke Greeds”
    Your voice is perfect for the introduction of Sasquatch Chronicles!
    (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong).

  16. Josephine L

    This one got me!! Jeff’s retelling of the “voice” he heard…”David, David”…that freaked me out just listening to him tell it 😱…I woulda had a major accident if I’d been there in person….💩. And the genius idea for the antifreeze hot dog? Wow…maybe that freaky voice could be part of your next intro Wes. Have a great week everyone. ✌Peace & love ❣

    • David L

      Yea. Like the deer would have just stayed in perfect position for him to take his time and put it exactly where he wanted to?
      We make too many assumptions, when we were not there.

  17. James C

    This was a very good interview by Wes. As usual he gave them plenty of space to speak and tell their story, but he also jumped in at the right times to follow up with a bunch of great questions that the listener would like to know. (What were you thinking after this happened or when XYZ occurred, etc.) I appreciate when an interviewer does this so, I’m not left thinking, “Man, why didn’t he ask about…?”

    Also, there’s not too many podcasts were you’d hear someone say, “I’m all for you guys giving bigfoot antifreeze and hotdogs.” I’m 100% sure I’ll never hear that sentence spoken again in my lifetime. 😀

  18. m99

    Excellent episode Wes. We are so amazed at the way you interview, listen, interject and ask questions. You allow people to say what they believe. Both of these men were fantastic. I’m so glad they got out of there safe and sound. The intention? I agree they were in danger, and the troop were having some fun before the kill. Maybe the group was a bunch of juveniles. (Plus, I agree with this guy & believe the unnatural aspect of the species. I always think, giants are coming to fulfil my wrath says the Lord.) Anyway thanks ya’ll.

  19. Richard W

    Wes, keep doing your therapy with the people who encounter Sasquatch. Doesn’t matter if they have a close physical encounter, or just an interaction with noise and brief sightings. Jeff’s explanations of brief visual sightings brought back a number of incidents. Won’t go into detail, but thank you Jeff. I understand!

  20. Lesley V

    Excellent show, what a riveting account! I would be so creeped out hearing a voice like that saying a name. The Verdigris River was mentioned in the book “Little House on the Prairie”. The family lived close to that river in 1869-1870. In one of the chapters they heard what sounded like a woman screaming in the middle of the night. They assumed it was a panther, but who knows.

  21. Linda B

    When we get to the falling out of the tree part, please envision my five bow hunter brothers after Christmas dinner. I beg them to tell their falling out of their tree (blind) stories. Ofcourse, a must do is a visit to the privy to empty a bladder first unless you want to rush out on tiptoe mid story, because they are hilarious and you will laugh so hard you’ll cry and yeah that too……pee. you hear them say…when you are falling out of a 40 ft tree. Head first, you have tine. You wave your arms in a big circle hard enough you can straighten back up. I cannot wait until I tell them I’m now following suit and baiting squatches with antifreeze dipped weenies hanging in trees at mom’s.
    Thank you so much Wes! Too creepy hearing it say DA..VJD. when it sounded demonic, I’m thinking if squatches are demonic and the aliens are demonic…..man. I’ve gotten a witness lately that the demonic things have been reserved for the last days,like being restrained to be later released in the end times.

  22. Linda B

    David and Jeff, my hat is off to both of you guys. I always enjoy these stories but I woukd have been scared to death, so its like “easy for me to say its a great story”. I hope I never have to be put in the position like what you guys went through. I was really touched by your comments about being Christians and not thinking God made these things. Im with ya on that. I think these things are demonic and I also believe God was protecting you both. The hitnsig thing was a good ide. Not many of us would have thought of that but when your defenses are slim its cool what we come up with. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  23. George J

    West I have to say out of all the episodes I ever listen to this one made me laugh the hardest I’ve never laughed so hard I was Rollin good job keep it up. The way Jeff imitated his friend killed me lol lol lmao

  24. Catherine B

    WHOOOAAA…..!!!! What a great show Wes, Jeff and David….Thank you very much….Really enjoyed your friendship and experiences Jeff and David….!!! Blessings and be safe out there….!!!!!

  25. William H

    One of the best episodes ever. Your guests, David and Jeff, were great and completely believable. Your questions and follow up were seamless and insightful, leaving no stone unturned. I am going back to listen to this one again. Your show has helped me understand and cope with what I experienced. With encounters becoming more frequent, confused, anxious people will be looking for legitimate answers. Please, stay the course and continue to help them. There is nothing else out there that comes close to what you do.

  26. Stephen W

    The quality of David and Jeff’s testimony exemplifies why I joined SC in the first place.Thank you Wes Gerner for maintaining a high standard as you have all these years! Stay safe. As my pop used to say “take it easy but work like hell”

  27. Mike J

    The way Jeff says “I think they need to be wiped out” is a typical response for naive people. He basically is saying that nothing should be allowed to make him feel scared, but should be wiped out. What a ridiculous redneck response. Kill it if it’s different.

    • David L

      Not at all. No other animal on earth, made him be filled with dread and evil feelings, like these things did. Got to listen to it all. Red neck or not, the first gut instinct, is usually the correct one. You dont have to have to be educated, to know the fear these things put into you, is all together different than a wolf, bear, ect.
      Dont assume, what you dont know.
      Not trying to argue, just trying to show you a different point of view.

  28. schlad

    I don’t know about anyone else but this is my happy place haha a beautiful mystery in World that knows everything.
    Thanks man, when I get ill, or low, I jump in to the fascinating realm of real people reciting extradinary accounts…heaven!

  29. Timothy S

    Wes. This episode was great! I would have died if I was in the wood’s and heard those noises. Keep bringing us these great show’s! Sasquatch Chronicles is the best podcast ever!

  30. Alexandra H

    Great episode. Thanks so much everyone for sharing. Also Jeff, I could listen to your voice all night! Wow. Fantastic tone.

    Thanks again Wes. Also, I can tell you’re wanting to cover other topics. You do you mate. This is your baby no one else’s. No matter what you share I love it.

  31. Jan F

    Great show.
    Thank you all Wes David and Jeff.

    Hey David.i also bellive in the boble 100%
    But i bellive the sasquatch are not nephelim but left overs.
    As the bible says…the corupted all animals humans and plants.
    The Real nephelim are that story THE AFGANISTAN GIANT. Check it out on youtube.
    Thanks again.

  32. Jane S

    This was a great episode! Despite the terror expressed, these guys were kind of comical. I found myself laughing a couple of times. As nonbelievers, their story is even more compelling. I really enjoyed their banter back and forth!

  33. Mike B

    Grizzlies got their name because they have a grizzled coat. If a grizzly scares you, do you want to exterminate the whole species? People go missing all the time and you’re gonna blame that just on bigfoot because a bigfoot scared you? The didn’t hurt you even though a shot was taken at them at a range that you couldn’t miss? If you’d a killed that dude neither of you would have survived. That you can count on.

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