Tonight Show Notes with Shannon

On this edition, I will be joined by Dax Rushlow, who researches primarily on the east coast, and even into Canada.  He has had two sightings of his own…one being admittedly, too close for comfort. Dax is currently heading up Mountain Devil Tours, which treks into remote areas of wilderness, looking for signs of Sasquatch. Show starts at 5pm… Read more »

Audio clip from Valliant, Oklahoma

What do you all think of these sounds? (Grab the headphones/earbuds if possible)   The original poster, Kayla Francis says this: I heard this on January 8 2015 at 8:00 p.m, in my backyard. I’ve been hearing these noises for about 5 years and they always happen in winter I live in Valliant Oklahoma, that’s… Read more »

Watch: My first day flying my drone

Drones are now being used as a tool to capture video of Sasquatch. This was an interesting video to watch how this guy saves his drove. This guy’s pretty lucky. Apparently, DJI Phantom 2 ran out of battery during mid-flight. Would you risk everything to save your drone if this were to happen to you?

Watch: Does Bigfoot Stalk Cattle in the Wiregrass Region?

The Wiregrass region consists of an area where Alabama, Georgia, and Florida meet. Saturated with dense Piney woods and tall grasses, it would be a great place for bigfoot to live. Some even believe they are responsible for local cattle killings. “Wiregrass residents Michael Sims and Michael Clark believe they’ve seen “Bigfoot” in the distance… Read more »

Down the rabbit hole part 2

I will be releasing Down the rabbit hole part 2 over the weekend. I spoke to Jack who was called off to a 911 call. It was a bogus call to an abandon house. The mayor was contacted by the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) and advised that Jack was not at his post and… Read more »

SC EP:70 Down the rabbit hole

Available in the podcast section. Tonight we are having a round table discussion with John who is a retired police officer, Jack who is a current police officer and Ken our insider. We will be discussing a government coverup regarding Sasquatch. This is an interesting discussion because one of the police officers has had direct… Read more »

Shannon’s Notes from Salt Fork State Park in Ohio

By: Shannon LeGro A weekend at Salt Fork State Park, Ohio Arrived on the morning of August 3rd, 2014 We set up camp (Primitive Campground-Bigfoot Ridge) and proceeded to take a long day hike, which included Hosak’s Cave…pictured below, right. This lasted for several hours, and was uneventful. By the time we got back, a… Read more »

Strange Sasquatch encounter

1983, 10:30 P.M. Witness Observed: This encounter did not happen to me personally, but was told to me by my sister-in-laws Father in 1983. Mr. XXXXX R. is a person that I consider to be of good character and a solid member of the community. He and I were working together on an Industrial Project… Read more »

The Snohomish County Goliath

Darrington, Washington, in the Cascade Range, 1989 On July 15th of 1989 I had intended to meet my parents near the town of Darrington, Washington for a simple day hike and some later blueberry picking. We were to meet at the corner monument of section 27, T32N, R9E, which lies on the roadway to the… Read more »

Bigfoot confirmed by the Government?

There has been many questions about bigfoot, is it real? is it all a hoax? It seems that back in the 70’s the u.s. government kind of confirmed that bigfoot was indeed a real creature. While some will always reject any info I could post or just say it’s all a hoax, this information should… Read more »

Watch: Ketchikan Alaska Bigfoot Sighting HD (Enhanced)

While I am skeptical of this I thought I would share it- “I was on a logging road in Ketchikan hiking with my friend when I saw it! Boy did my heart start racing!! It was about 40 yards from the road! Not sure if it knew I was there or not, because the noise… Read more »

Sasquatch Classics: The William Roe Encounter

There are several accepted definitions of the word classic. One widely used definition is “something of enduring interest, quality or style.” Another meaning is “something honored as definitive in its field.” Still another definition is “something noteworthy of its kind and worth remembering.” When it comes to encounters with large, hirsute bipedal animals, the sighting… Read more »

SC EP:69 Bigfoot chased ATV

We will be speaking to a listener who describes being chased on his ATV by a Sasquatch, and having a boulder size rock thrown at his head. We also have a surprise story for everyone. In the second half of the show we will be interviewing a police officer who has responded to several 911… Read more »