SC EP:121 Sasquatch Research

The podcast is now available in the podcast section. Tonight I speak to Bob Garrett. Bob shares with us a recent and unexpected encounter he had with a Sasquatch. Bob and his group were up retrieving gamecams when he was about 10 feet away from a Sasquatch screaming at him from the wood line. I… Read more »

The Diary of Elkanah Walker

Diary of Elkanah Walker, pioneer American missionary in Washington State to the Spokane Indians, he wrote: “Bear with me if I trouble you with a little of their superstitions. They believe in a race of giants, which inhabit a certain mountain off to the west of us. This mountain is covered with perpetual snow. They… Read more »

Dreamland: Interview with Ron Morehead

Ron Morehead is the father of the “Sierra Sounds”. Morehead gave this hair-raising interview with Dreamland not too long ago. “When the other hunters and I first encountered a family of these creatures in 1971, although we had guns, we were still concerned. Their aggressive, intimidating vocalizations were huge and extremely disrupting.”  

Man and wife in car see a Sasquatch eating frogs on the road

In 1960 near Shelton Washington, we were driving at fifty mph and had been dodging frogs that were on the wet sunny highway. While going around a curve in the highway we came within 50′ of a Sasquatch that was stooping in the middle of the road eating frogs. When he saw the car he… Read more »

Tomorrow night

Tomorrow night Bob Garrett stops by to give us an update from East Texas. Bob will be sharing with us a recent encounter they had along with an update from the trail cam project. We also have a witness who had a dogman encounter. The witness saw the creature approach her back porch and take… Read more »

SC EP:120 Sasquatch at my window replay

  Happy 4th of the July everyone! Tomorrow night I speak with Bob Garrett and he will be sharing an update from East Texas. Also a witness will be coming on and sharing with us her Dogman encounter. Tonight is a replay of my Bobby Hamilton interview. Bobby Hamilton grew up in Garrison and Jacksonville… Read more »

American folklore: The Hidebehind

I want to thank Shane C for sending this to me. Wikipedia says”A hidebehind is a nocturnal fearsome critter from American folklore that preys upon humans that wander the woods, and was credited for the disappearances of early loggers when they failed to return to camp. As its name suggests, the hidebehind is noted for… Read more »

Lakewood Lycan Investigation posted this recent article and I wanted to give credit to JC Johnson. See link below. The details: I was at a friend’s house in the Lakewood suburb of Denver on Saturday 3/14/15. This house is surrounded by typical Denver suburbs but does butt up right next to an area of open space. She… Read more »

Visit to the property

Happy 4th of July everyone. Myself and Shane Corson went out to Kims property today. Kim is the guest I had on EP:119. I saw some interesting impressions on and around her property. The ground out there is hard and not really conducive for leaving tracks but they appeared to be tracks. We found some… Read more »

Killing Sasquatch In Washington State

Even those of us who are pro-kill, deep down no one really wants to kill a living animal for science but most of us feel it needs to be done. I came across this article from and while most of us are aware of this I think it is important to post from time… Read more »

Washington State Sasquatch

Imagine moving into a property and while out enjoying the country air, sitting on your porch you see a large ape-like creature running on two legs, crossing right in front of you. Being in shock at what you are seeing, here is a creature that is not suppose to exist right in front of you…. Read more »

Sasquatch and tool use

As you listen to tonight’s show take note of the apparent tool use that was reported by the witness. Jay who reported seeing a Sasquatch for almost 45min from his hunting blind, witnessed Sasquatch using a rock to bang on trees and listening for small animals. He also watched the creature use a stick to… Read more »

Forum Update

I spoke to the web developers today and they are adding all of the updates I have asked for on the forums. They are telling me the forums will be back up by next week. I have my moderators in place, so we will continue to have this be a safe place for people to… Read more »

What the heck was that?

I have removed the persons name and exact location from this report. I just spoke to this witness and I know the area well. In fact over the last 6 months I have received several reports from this location here in Washington. “My name is XXXXX. Last night I heard and saw 4-5 creatures on… Read more »

Listen: Michigan Sasquatch Vocals?

This is the second installment of suspected sasquatch vocals from Michigan recorded by BFRO researcher Jim Sherman. Featured here is a Four Moan Howl segment along with some of the tactics used to capture these vocals.  

SC Update: This Week

This week has been crazy trying to line up guests and get the web developers to update the forums and bring them back online before the 4th of July. I should have an update on the forums later today. As far as shows go here is what I have coming up this week. Friday night:… Read more »

Animal Intelligence

I want to thank Gabriel H for sending this to me. We talk a lot on the show about how intelligent Sasquatch seem to be and how witnesses have reported hearing them mimic different portions of speech. I thought the video below was one of the most amazing things I have seen along with one… Read more »