Close encounter scares hunters off their campsite

2012 Sweet Home, Oregon I would love to speak to this witness. The report is as follows “Camping out archery hunting with 19 year old son. Heard what sounded like non-descript mumbling outside tent. Thought I was hearing things, went to sleep. Woke to hear foot steps outside tent heading to truck, something rustled around… Read more »

Watch: Case For 7ft Tall Patterson-Gimlin Creature

ThinkerThunker writes “Do you believe in measuring? Here, using the width of two aspen trees, I do some size comparisons on the infamous Patterson Bigfoot, to determine his\her\it’s relative size. **UPDATE** I’ve since learned that Patty’s tree might be an alder and not an aspen. However; you can see the similarities; both are tall, slender… Read more »

Listen: Possible Sasquatch Yells

This audio was captured right after a tree knock. It was getting late and we were cooking dinner at base camp when we heard a tree knock. Two of our members went in the direction it came from to see if they could find anything. They saw some eye shine from what they assumed to… Read more »

Upright bipedal animal seen rapidly crossing a clear cut

2013, Sweet Home, Oregon My son, his best friend, and myself were driving on a short logging road that crests over a hill and dead ends at the bottom. We had just crested the hill when we saw a large, black hairy creature start running at the bottom of the clear cut towards the timber… Read more »

Watch: Tracks & Uprooted trees tossed

Daniel Benoit of the ECBRO posted this video of his research area, showing us tracks and some very disturbing signs of possible bigfoot activity. Credit:

SC EP:147 The Chewbacca Man

  I have a story in my past that I have never told except to my Dad and best friend, either of whom ever believed me until this week. My best childhood friend called me this week and said” Remember that weird story you told me about the Chewbacca Man? Well I believe you now… Read more »

Sundays Show: The Chewbacca Man

“I have a story in my past that I have never told except to my Dad and best friend, either of whom ever believed me until this week. My best childhood friend called me this week and said” Remember that weird story you told me about the Chewbacca Man? Well I believe you now buddy!”… Read more »

Bedford Co. Dispatch Gets Bigfoot Call

Bedford Co., VA – He’s a legend. Most say a myth. People hunt for him on reality television. But a Bedford County woman says her story is no joke. She called the Sheriff’s Office about Bigfoot. ABC 13 spoke to the woman by phone Thursday. She provided details on the condition of anonymity. The woman… Read more »

SC EP:146 Frightening encounters and Tribal Beliefs

It will be uploaded in the member section shortly. My guest tonight is Laura. I spoke to her sister in EP:58 and Laura gives us some background on what was going on around her parents property. Laura describes a large creature banging on the house and shares with us her own personal encounter. Laura shares… Read more »

Tonight’s show

Tonight’s show will be up this evening but it will not be up by 5pm PST. I’m sitting in traffic in Los Angeles making my way back to San Diego. I wanted to give you guys a heads up. Read More

Late Night Encounter Near Meadow Above the Infantry Training School

Year:1982 San Diego County, CA LOCATION DETAILS: Marine Corps Base,Camp Pendleton, California, south of the Cleveland National Forest. Closest town is San Clemente. If you’re familiar with the terrain there you’ll understand my story better. I’ve related this story only to very few people over the years for fear of ridicule by my peers and… Read more »

Listen: Sasquatch terrifies family on Oklahoma farm for years

The Youtuber writes “These Bigfoot encounters were scaring a family on a farm in Oklahoma. The Sasquatch or more than one terrorized the kids and almost killed the dog for several years. Later a friend reports seeing a huge Bigfoot on the bridge while in the car and they thought they were going to die… Read more »

Sasquatch Chronicles: Out on Foot with Rocky Elmore

I made a trip to Southern California and met with retired Border Patrol Agent Rocky Elmore. Rocky is the author of “Out on Foot: Nightly Patrols and Ghostly Tales of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.” I sat down with Rocky for a follow up interview that we did on Sasquatch Chronicles. Rocky was kind enough… Read more »

Watch: Eyeshine captured by Robert Dodson

The Youtuber writes “This is a follow up to the video I posted yesterday showing the eyeshine and peek-a-boo motions captured by Robert Dodson. On this version I played with the contrast and brightness to try and bring out some more detail in the subject. This does appear a bit better than the first cut… Read more »

Friday Night’s Show: Frightening encounters

Friday night I will be speaking to a member of tribe in South Dakota. She writes “One question that keeps coming up is the dichotomy between natives view that Sasquatch is a guardian and yet at the same time keeping our kids close ready to lock and load. Its the same as if a mountain… Read more »

Out on foot – Take 2

Yesterday Rocky and I went out to some of the areas in the book. I tried filming as much as I could but we had a severe rain storm all day yesterday and I was worried about my equipment. I am going to do interview Rocky this morning and head back out to the areas… Read more »

Out On Foot

I flew into San Diego last night and met up with Rocky Elmore. You guys remember him from the Border Patrol episode. Rocky and I are heading up to Otay Mountain this morning. I am going to film it and put it up on the website in the members section. I have asked Rocky to… Read more »