Jul 27

Yowie Sighting At Grassy Head, New South Wales

Yowiehunters writes “Along with an amazing a frightening encounter with a GROUP of Yowies, here are also some wonderful local Indigenous insights. We thank our Witness for stepping forward and sharing her experiences with us.”

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  1. Dorothy S

    Hi Wes! I listened to a show with Kerry (forgot last name, but you know him, he’s been on your show) He and his wife do a show. He’s the guy who had a bigfoot experience near his home and afterwards sold all his hunting equipment. The show is #122, with a Dr. Matt Johnson, who is a psychiatrist. The woman who helps him with his shows is Daniella, she has a British accent. Hopefully you know who this is now! On this show, Matt tells Kerry that the balls of light are actually sasquatch! He explains that there are 3 different types of sasquatch. (I didn’t take notes so I may mess up with some information) The main sasquatch that Matt deals with are the “good” ones. They do not hurt people. The two other kinds are very bad and they are the ones that kill people. The good ones go into the trees during the day and get all the nutrients they need from the trees. They have no need to kill for food as they get all they need from the trees. When they come out of the trees, they make a “popping” sound, which is the noise you hear (tree slapping). The two bad types kill people and animals. Animals for food and people because they hate people. The good ones were on earth in the beginning. When Adam and Eve sinned, God put them out of the Garden. The good Sasquatch did not sin and so God did not give them the hardships he gave to humans.
    (There is a lot more to this which you can listen to on the site.) The bad ones did sin, so they have to toil like humans and that is why they kill animals to eat. I can’t remember what he said was the reason why they hate humans. It gets a little crazy here! Matt has people come and stay at his property, and some people have experienced healing for major problems. The sasquatch are from another planet. Their sun was dying out so they needed another planet to live on and they chose earth. I think Matt said that one third of the sasquatch population was on earth, but they needed help with the rest. Matt helped them get the rest of them here by going through a portal. (At this point, there were a few things I just didn’t understand ) I hope you will check out Kerry’s site and listen to this particular episode. It was almost 4 hours, and I can’t type all that! I can’t remember a lot of it too. If this is correct, it will answer a lot of questions you have been asking about! Thank you for reading this. Dorothy Stout, Cortland,NY (Upstate NY)

  2. Stephen W

    Wow! Now thats a story. Luv the Austrailian people. They are incredibly kind and will go out of their way to help you if you”re in trouble. Maybe their Yowies are as well or maybe not.

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