Jul 31

Tonight’s Show: The Incident On My Grandfathers Property

Spoke to the witness and he said “I was on my grandfathers property back in January and I was bow hunting in a tree stand.  I heard something walking around. I stood up and pointed my bow at the target and drew the bowstring straight back and thats when this head comes around the tree and looked at me. It was massive. It had to have been 8 feet tall. I am 20 feet up and it did not take much to look in this things eyes. It did this deep growl, I felt that growl….I was terrified. I put my bow down and this sounds dumb but I closed my eyes in hopes it would just go away. When I opened my eyes it was gone. I made a mad dash back to my 4 wheeler, I was so scared I think I flooded it trying to start it. I tried to tell my grandfather what happen but he was dismissive. He was mad I left the long bow he made me in my tree stand. I was just trying to get away from this thing and must have forgot it.

About three days later I was up late at night in my grandfathers cabin, I just could not sleep. This whole experience really bothered me. I was watching TV and in the living room and there is this window. The window is 9 feet up. A green light caught my eye and when I looked over it wasn’t a light it was two green/yellowish eyes looking in the window. The eye shine was from the TV. I could make out some details of the face and it was ugly. It just had a blank stare on its face, looking at me. I grabbed my grandfathers shotgun and put a shell in the chamber when I looked up it was gone.

My grandfather lives in rural Illinois. I have not returned to see him. He always complains that drunk campers make all kinds of noises in the woods behind his home. He said they scream and hit trees at night. He is convinced it is drunk campers. I do no think random drunk campers are showing up in the middle of the night…night after night beating on trees.”

8 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: The Incident On My Grandfathers Property”

    • Paul E

      Yea it is creepy when ya wake up from dozing on the couch and look out the huge front window and across the deck looking at you from between the slats is a strange pasty white face.

  1. Laura M

    Have Grandpa watch some bigfoot documentaries. I would hate to have him get fed up at the “campers” and walk out there in the middle of the night.

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