Jul 29

UFO Emits Weird White Material Onto Small French Town

Angel hair or siliceous cotton is a sticky, fibrous substance reported in connection with UFO sightings, or manifestations of the Virgin Mary. It has been described as being like a cobweb or a jelly.

It is named for its similarity to fine hair, or spider webs, and in some cases the substance has been found to be the web threads of migrating spiders. Reports of angel hair say that it disintegrates or evaporates within a short time of forming. Angel hair is an important aspect of the UFO religion Raëlism, and one theory among ufologists is that it is created from “ionized air sleeting off an electromagnetic field” that surrounds a UFO.

Hear the accounts of a strange ufo sighting from residents of a small French town.

7 Responses to “UFO Emits Weird White Material Onto Small French Town”

  1. jennifer g

    Chemtrails too…. aka solar mitigation aka geoengineering.
    Self replicating nano particulate matter appearing as Wispy gauze…various places around the wold.
    Hmmm, any connection….

  2. Charles R

    I have heard of a whitish metal like material, kind of color of mercury, being emitted by a few UFOs over the years, but this is a new one. I seriously doubt a UFO is just a swarm of migrating spiders that fly.

  3. Amy H

    Hum, maybe the energy it gave off Attracted the spider webs in the vicinity? You’re never more than 5 feet from a spider. There are tons of web pieces floating around…. whose to say….

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