Jul 25

Retired Navy pilot who spotted ‘Tic Tac’ UFO: There’s something out there

The Pentagon’s UFO unit is expected to release some of its classified findings; reaction from Commander David Fravor, retired Navy aviator.

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  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) The Year: 2020.. On his show, Tucker Carlson “reveals” that our Government has proof of ET spacecraft….. Really? No Kidding… Stunning… Incredible….Amazing!

  2. Charles R

    Thanks Wes. I missed Tucker’s Friday show although I did see his show earlier in the week for maybe 40 seconds he talked about the military saying they are off world vehicles. Tucker has talked about UFOs on his show from time to time and immediately talked about the AATIP program and interviewed Commander David Fravor back in Dec. of 2017 when the Navy released the Tic Tac radar images. Senator Mark Rubio is all about the Pentagon coming forward with what they know and something is going to happen I believe and soon. About a month ago Pres. Trump who was( briefed on this matter some months ago) and his son Donald went back and forth on Twitter about this UFO matter, but it was hard to understand if they were just having some fun or were they serious. I know John Podesta would like this matter to come clean with the Military as does ex Senator Harry Reid who actually was the impetus along with ex Skin Walker Ranch owner Bob Bigelow to fund the AATIP program. We are in the middle of the great History channel series, 2nd season, of Unidentified in which many ex military personal are coming forward with their stories. I just saw the one on the large Triangle craft, in which they seem to think these craft may be mapping the earth either ground or below ground or both. Kudos to Lue Elisondo, former head of the AATIP program and Chris Mellon, former deputy secretary of the Defense Dept. under both Pres. Clinton and Bush 2 for and former Blink 182 drummer and front man Tom Delonge for presenting this program Unidentified, and hopefully your work will be rewarded, and but soon. Maybe just maybe something good will come out of 2020 .

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