Jul 26

SC EP:675 It Looked Like A Primitive Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Jack who had an encounter when he was young. Jack says “I lived in a rural area in Pennsylvania. I remember going down this road and I had this bike and the chain would always come off. I looked down at my chain and had a feeling I was being watched I looked up and saw this thing watching me. We will also be speaking to Will who is from Canada and he had a recent encounter. Will says “I thought it was a basketball player with a hoodie on. It had a small tree or branch in its hand and when it dropped what it had in its hand I noticed the deltoid muscle was the size of a basketball. It reminded me of a primitive man.”





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91 Responses to “SC EP:675 It Looked Like A Primitive Man”

    • Mark B

      Guys this was a very high-quality show. I loved this guest line up Wes. Thank you so much for bringing Canada into this more often and the guest was right up my alley. He had me in stitches with the trailer park boys and the Simpsons references. I have shared this encounter with my oil and gas buddies. Writing from Newfoundland with lots of love.
      PS I hope to hear Melba on your show someday, if not Scott Carpenter speaks eloquently of the DNA study. All stellar human beings

  1. Derek G

    Is there even such a thing as a primitive man? If we found a cave with drawing or art or written language or tools we find ourselves. Only I can’t draw as well as them.

      • Debbie A

        In my opinion only…Wes was very “young” in this subject when he made the statements about Dr. Ketchum. Since then he has learned a vast amount of information and done hundreds of shows that prove it.
        He deserves a break

  2. Thomas J

    The guests you have on tonight are very good. The proposal that the first guest gave a very insightful view of the possibility of what the big hairy scary really is. Great show thanks to Wes and the guests. Great way to end the weekend.

  3. m99

    Thanks Wesipoo! That was terrific. I especially enjoyed the fantasy of the stoned Sasquatch, until I thought, I don’t want an 8 feet stoned anything bumbling our house. Good show. Thanks again.

  4. Matthew W

    Cematary, sears free spirit bike, he is way lucky he was not et. I grew up in the city of Providence, RI during the sixties with lots of racial violence. So, if your chain came off, you lost the bike and got a serious fight with 5 or 6 guys. I had a Schwinn, the chain never came off. Thanks Mom!

  5. Richard W

    Jack is a very knowledgeable individual. Never expected his level of understanding, or scientific background. The best Explanation I’ve heard of the science behind the Bigfoot DNA. Very articulate! Accent is Western PA. The second gent was also very good. I enjoyed and learned from both. Wes, Jack was the best.

  6. Richard S

    Correction melba said it’s figure 16 closer to lemur group than ape not an ancient giant lemur Google melba lemur shell set you straight I agree she washed the DNA sasquatch ain’t no ape it’s us plus an animal near a lemur that’s extinct that’s why they can jump

    • Gabriel H

      I HOPE she didn’t say that! Sounds like pure science-fiction/fantasy BS. Chimps, orange, and gorillas are APES, THEY are apes, and WE are apes. If BF or their ancestors can interbreed with US, then they are genetically close hominins(=APES)

  7. david b

    Great, great interviews and guest. Jack said what I have said for years. The reason the govt is covering this up is because of what they are! I cant tell you what they are but that is the reason for the coverup in my opinion. I have worked in the timber and lumber industry for years, from the bottom to the top. I can tell you that bigfoot has never been, or is now, a concern to that industry. Thanks Wes for another great show!

  8. Doug K

    Great show tonight Wes!!! Big thanks to Jack and Will…..thank you both for sharing your awesome encounters with us. Thanks guys!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  9. Lisa B

    Loved that “Canadian Niceness”! I think America could use a dose of “American Niceness” right now. Both guest were great, and I really enjoyed Wills enthusiasm! And I’m going to Nova Scotia with Denise! We’ll send postcards! 😜 Thanks Wes and guests!

    • Gabriel H

      Though Will doesn’t think there are any Sasquatches in Nova Scotia, I disagree. If we can have them in Michigan (even near DETROIT!), they can be anywhere, especially anywhere in Canada. Nova Scotia is near Maine also, where there are BF reports. Will’s sighting was in ALBERTA FYI, and I doubt his wife would appreciate you gals visiting LOL!

  10. Jay Carlsen

    Always a Great Show !
    I LOVE hearing from Witnesses with a Scientific Background !
    So Jack , why does a Neanderthal Footprint found in a Cave in Italy in the 1600’s prove The Neanderthal Man also had a Midtarsal Break across the center of it’s Feet ( just like the Sasquatch )
    Wouldn’t a Sloping Forehead AND a Midtarsal Break across the center of its Feet qualify these things as the SAME ?

  11. Lisa B

    🎶Then you should know without you I’m gone
    Put the lights on 💡🔦 this is my home 🏡 place where I own
    Memories of you dear 🦧🦶🏻
    I saw a moon 🌝 as a human invader and it’s power grew wider
    Ooooo Oooooo Oooooo the way the way 🎶

  12. Matthew J

    Another very good podcast. I enjoyed the talk with Jack a lot. I went over Dr.Ketchum’s DNA study years ago and it looked legit to me. However, I have training in software development and electronics, not biology like Jack has. The one point that Jack made that I consider very valuable is that governments do hide what they know about these creatures. So many guests have shared encounters with a military presence on SC and many other shows. IMO, far too many to dismiss everyone of them.

    So, to me it is a fact that several governments are hiding the information. But why? I’m going to have to think on this for a few days and come up with a few likely possibilities. IMO, Jack is real close or dead on by supposing the cover-up is because these governments believe the info is just too much for the public to handle. Like the UFO’s. (But they handled it OK.) I hope we get to hear from a few more biologists soon.

  13. Cheryl M

    REALLY, WTF!!! I spent 7.5 years on active duty!!! A females word is one again questioned by a penis! Really, how about listening to “retarded non- penis”!?

  14. Selden L

    So I think I have a Sasquatch burial ground on my property we have had tons of activity in the last two years and here recently I have found some pretty huge mounds with some pretty huge rocks on top of the mounds it’s pretty clear by looking at the situation that these rocks were lifted up out of the ground and moved 10 or 15 feet and placed on top of a dirt mound. To put in perspective of the area I’m about 10 miles outside of Louisa Kentucky I live on 104 acres that’s in the middle of 700 acres that no one has ever lived in but me and my family we got here about five years ago it’s a very very vast area with absolutely no people. My closest neighbor is roughly 3 miles away where the pavement ends from there on it’s just deep into the woods to my house

  15. Tim N

    Great show Wes
    Wes have you ever thought about telling us in a narrative about what people who do not want to be on the show have told you? you dont have to use there names or location but there must be some very interesting stories you can share with us. you do a very good narrative. I would also be very interested in a narrative of ape canyon. i have heard it being referenced numerous times but i don’t know the full story. Im a mechanical engineer by trade and i love to have your show on or Black Sabbath cranked up as an audible distraction. No that isnt a slam on you or Sabbath but it helps me stay on track when trying to think through a project.

  16. Tracy L

    Finally, a true scientist who doesn’t just ignore the evidence that Sasquatch may be from another world or is connected to “the Star People” as that old lady, who babysits the young Sasquatch & let’s them watch SpongeBob on the TV in her backyard, told the man who kind of rescued a juvenile Sasquatch who had his foot stuck. So many stories, from the aforementioned episode of SC, to the chapter in WJ Sheehan’s book, Bigfoot Terror in the woods sightings and encounters (can’t remember the volume or chapter) where a group of hikers watch a UFO beam up a Sasquatch in suspended animation, have many of the same elements that they cannot simply be ignored. Even these “paranormal” incidents have a scientific explanation; we just haven’t figured out the science yet thanks to our government’s cover-up of what is really going on. I don’t believe the world or society would fall apart, including the financial markets; to the contrary, the markets would explode with growth in technology and environmental & energy innovations. It takes scientists brave enough to state that these things are real.

  17. Erica and Jeremy P

    Damn…..🙄…….I’m 55th yet AGAIN! I NEED to play those #’s! For sure! Great 👍🏻 👍🏻 episode, Wes! The PA dude was a breath of fresh as far as being open to the fact that Sasquatch might be something more than a relic hominid or a long, lost monkey running around the woods that we just haven’t caught up with yet. I’d venture to say & I’d go out on a limb & prostrate that he thinks they are “more” than an animal! I’d have to say I 110% agree!

  18. Milik S

    The first guest had THE VERY BEST answer to what these creatures might be. THANK YOU so much for that sir. Intelligence reigns! 🤙🍻🙌💯😎

  19. Dovie D

    I know as a child I was always told “you had a dream” or a “nightmare” but my husband and I both saw tracks and my adult children are aware of other things that happened.

  20. Chris Z

    Jack, it’s so refreshing to hear someone else who is trained as a scientist have a very rational view.
    I’m also trained as a scientist and would love to talk to you more or meetup for a beer sometime if you’re in the PNW.
    Contact me at Chriszemp@gmail.com


  21. Marc C

    Another funtastic show, Wes. TYVM.
    David R, I agree.
    Matthew W, if the Mayors and or Governors of those Cities/States would “Back the Blue”, and allow the police to do what they are trained to do, the Feds wouldn’t need to get involved. Those are NOT peaceful protesters. They are racist Marxist thugs. Look at it from the perspective of the Americans whose lives are being turned upside down as their businesses are destroyed, rather than from that of a lefty anarchist.
    Cheryl M, random penis comments. I don’t see a connection in the thread.
    Milik S, I agree!
    Have a great weekend EVERYBODY, and be well!

  22. Terry R

    Sasquatch drinking from a still??? Check out Jimmy Buffet’s “God’s Own Drunk.” It’s on the “Living and Dying in 3/4 Time” album. You’ll laugh your ass off thinking about the same scenario with a Sasquatch.

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