Jul 27

News 12 Hudson Valley

Woman Attacked By Bigfoot in Hyde Park – News 12 reports from Hudson Valley

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  1. Charles R

    Does not sound like an attack, but I can certainly understand the woman being scared out of her wits and rightly so. I would guess this was a male in puberty and they can be the ones most dangerous to women.

  2. m99

    Yep. I believe in BF. (duh?) That was a scary encounter. Anything following from tree to tree is scary. I never ever considered the things getting in trees until SC. I saw that video of the young one swinging in the tree that was accidentally captured by campers in NY (2011, I think) I thought, that has to be a chimp. It acted like, looked like and climbed like a chimp. Then I thought, do chimp climb into trees? Huh?

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