Jul 28

The Confessionals Podcast: West Virginia Cryptids

Tony writes “On Episode 254: West Virginia’s Flying Panther, Hellhound, and Goatman, we speak with Vickie and her granddaughter Evie about their experiences together. When Evie was just a little girl, she was playing outside with Vickie when they both saw a black panther with huge wings fly through the sky. They share the details of what they witnessed, and also discuss a few times when a hellhound and “goatman” were spotted as well! West Virginia holds many mysteries, and Evie and Vickie cover several of them on this episode.”

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  1. Stephen T

    I’m from there and a native American friend told me that the natives used that land around WV as hunting ground only. He said they would never be there after dark. I guess people are finding out why?

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