Jul 30

Strange Familiars: The Hermit of Indian Echo Cavern

Alison and Timothy relate the story of William Amos Wilson, also known as The Pennsylvania Hermit. After his sister was tragically hanged, Wilson became a hermit and lived in a cave for 19 years. Chad, Alison, and Timothy visit Indian Echo Caverns – Wilson’s Cave – for an underground tour and a visit to Wilson’s former residence.

2 Responses to “Strange Familiars: The Hermit of Indian Echo Cavern”

  1. Richard W

    If you truly want a memorable experience in the cavern, take a professional geologist with you. I did on one of my trips, and I saw a ceiling collapse, the bottom of a sinkhole, rock fractures, etc. Very enlightening. Beautiful cavern.

  2. m99

    Well, lost my comment because I was inadvertently logged out. Must be billing time. I need to get back in the habit of using the notepad before entering a comment here anymore. Just sayin’…

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