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SC EP:507 Stalked in the woods

I will be releasing the public show tonight. I am working on a special show for the members on Sunday. I really think you guys and gals are going to like it. Tonight we will be talking to Ned who is a retired law enforcement officer from New York. Ned’s encounter took place many years ago and it started when his car broke down. Ned struggled for many years on what he ran into that night. It is very interesting to hear the ambush behavior Ned describes.

Dylin who is from Louisiana will discuss his encounter while he was a truck driver for a logging company. Dylin had stopped his truck and trailer on the job site around 2 AM. As he was adjusting his straps on the side of the trailer he heard his driver door close. He felt something on the other side of the trailer messing with his straps. He thought a worker was messing with him or it was the wind until he looked up and saw the creature.

Dylin writes “I could definitely make out an elongated pointed head and the whole left side of its body was covered in what looked like matted wiry hair and the one arm and hand I can make out has sausage like fingers, a forearm that’s larger in proportion that it’s bicep and it’s all hairy there is a difference in fur and hair and this was definitely hair. It reminded me of the beginning stages of dreadlocked hair that’s been unwashed and starts to kink up. I’m standing here frozen in fear trying not to breath, scream and piss myself at the same time. You just don’t expect these things during the daylight much less at 2am on a high traffic road standing right next to your vehicle between you and the cab of your vehicle which is the only area of safety you have. I can feel it’s sizing me up it’s head is steadily moving up and down but at the same time I feel it’s more curious than it is aggressive.”





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148 Responses to “SC EP:507 Stalked in the woods”

      • F S

        She won’t do C2CAM either.
        If everyone knew what she has gone through behind the scenes, stuff that’s pretty private … she’s been throwing a lot.
        She really didn’t understand the whirlpool she was stepping into.

        • Cynthia W

          It is horrible how Dr. Melba was treated. From what I understand, she created a process to get DNA from BF hair. The mother was human, but the father’s DNA was unknown. Before that the labs were saying the samples had been contaminated with human DNA. I have heard from the military guy whom shot the Giant in Afghanistan or the men stationed there. That the government does not want to release anything that will validate the Bible? There is more than the government being worried about the lumbar or National Parks industrial money being effected by acknowledging BF. It goes deeper into the rabbit hole, so to speak. 😉

  1. Doug K

    Wes…..This is one of the best programs ever. Both guests were great. The tribute you did for member who passed last year was very beautiful. I’m still in tears. Beautiful song at the end. Thanks Wes…..You’re the best!

  2. Asheim

    A freezing cold night tonight in Norway. Just in bed and sure the show wouldn’t be up yet and wow what a nice surprise!! Can’t wait to hear it. Thanks to our guests and to Wes for all the good content we receive each day in addition to the shows. ☺️

  3. Brian R

    As usual great show. But I must say…It rarely takes me to a life moment.
    The last 4 minutes are why we listen. My most deepest and sincere condolences to you if you see this listener. Life is beautiful and alas horribly painful. We struggle to make sense of it all. All my best thoughts to you. Breath deep…breath easy. May the sun warm your face with amazing memories and hope.
    Wes…well done sir.. well done.
    If anyone knows the track name and band please let me know

  4. Brian M

    Great episode Wes try to get Melba Ketchum on the show it would be fascinating to hear what she has to say.beautiful tribute song in closing who’s the artist?

  5. LaVonne J

    For Barbara….
    Washington Irving said, “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.”
    I have a feeling there are quite a few of us who shed a few tears tonight for your loss, and who send you love and hope for comfort. I know I have, and do. Grief, though different for each of us, is the one emotion we all experience and can understand.
    Your letter to Wes is heartachingly beautiful. Thank you Wes for sharing it. Your big heart is why I personally enjoy SC.

    • awp1968

      LaVonne, where to start,
      I thank you for the quote , it is poignantly beautiful. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I was completely taken off guard that Wes did that. I have truly benefited from his kindness and that of the SC community.

      Sincerely, Barbara, wife of the amazing Aaron

    • awp1968


      Thank you for the quote, it is poignantly beautiful. Also, thank you for the love and comfort sent my way.
      I’ll keep your words very close to my heart

      Thanks again, Barbara

  6. Bob V


    To the lady who lost her husband, and to anyone who has lost a loved one. A reminder, you can’t change yesterday you can only make tomorrow better by making today better. My saying. We all morn differently, in different ways, and in different times. in my experience even the way I mourn different people that have passed away is different. I still miss my Grandmother every now and then and it’s been years since she passed away. There are things I wished I would have done differently with every single person that passed away. At the same time I was relieved when my mom passed away. Then I had to deal with the guilt for feeling relieved. When my Dad passed it away it was a shock. What I’m trying to say is death sucks, but time does heal if you let it, faith is a help, friends and loved ones might or might not be a help; this being said I think most people want to help.

    May God bless any one who has lost a loved one,

  7. Shelly S

    Best show tonight. I sincerely hope Dylan feels better talking about his encounter. You didn’t ask to see Squatch…we got your six here! Ned’s insight and his encounter were wonderful. God bless you Aaron’s wife and Wes. I will send a prayer each time I listen to a show for your comfort and for Wes’ big heart.

  8. Fran S

    Thank you Wes. Beautiful tribute for Barbaras husband. I understand and know too well, what it is like to lose your husband unexpectedly. Yesterday was the 14th yr. anniversary of my husbands accident. This made me.cry. God bless you Barbara. Peace and prayers..

  9. Renee S

    Dylin, just a thought, I wonder if the creature shut the truck door as a reaction to having been “burned” by the hot metal on the side of the truck. Were there exhaust pipes near, below, or behind the door? Was the engine still running? Also, Barbara, I extend my sincerest condolences to you. It’s good to hear that u can find comfort in listening to these shows.

    • awp1968

      Sangha K,
      That’s exactly what Aaron always said…that he believed that the soul is just energy, and energy can never die…so interesting that you said that too!

      Thanks again for taking the time, Barbara P

  10. rosalyn b

    Thanks to both witnesses. I was really intrigued by Ned’s point of view on what they are. I was shocked and concerned that his encounter took place so close to a populated area and apartments!

  11. Lisa B

    That was very kind of you Wes for reaching out to Barbara. And such a beautiful and powerful song at the end. She will never forget your kindness in her time of loss and grief. You’re a very kind soul…

  12. Zarin K

    Hey Ned! Dr. Ketchum has done some very detailed interviews with George Napp on Coast to Coast. A lot of her detractors are not educated on the evidence, processes she used, and what she’s actually said. People have read what a couple trolls wrote and jumped on a bandwagon. She always impressed me in her interviews. Glad to know you’re thinking for yourself. FYI my encounter was in the south western catskills.

    • Ned S

      Yes I heard the interview with Napp and the big buildup over probably two years where the project was being mentioned in process with big announcements coming. When it finally came out I heard the interview and was wowed. fast forward a bit. It’s funny how things weave together in a way outside of man’s control, but I was following the case studies of David Paulides completely separately regarding the park disappearances. I was surprised to find that his own research group NABS (North America Bigfoot Search) was the platform for the project. While seeking to order books I completely stumbled on the Sasquatch Genome Project page. Paulides and other trained law enforcement professionals collected the evidence samples with deliberately strict chain of custody procedures. They were commissioned by an unnamed benefactor who budgeted them up to 500k (if I remember correctly) to make sure it was done properly. The collectors were carefully selected as having service backgrounds in professional legal evidence collection and chain of custody procedures. Ketchum herself already had a thriving professional contract service business performing forensics processing for several law enforcement agencies. The methodology they applied was as thorough and careful as possible as to protect the obvious controversy that would assail any hard findings. Ketchum did in fact perform the mitochondrial DNA part herself and was well qualified to do so. To do this, she tested the hair and found it to be human on a cellular level yet not human-like in it’s physical properties. It mostly resembled horse hair in appearance but had no real match for documented animals. This in accordance with scientific animal hair experts who can act as professional witnesses in court. She sent the nuclear DNA test samples out to some of the most highly reputable labs at universities without disclosing the nature of the samples. They were multiple blood samples and a sizable chunk of flesh with hair on it. All labs found the same result but could not ascribe to any official conclusion due to its implications. They did all find a human female maternal origin and a completely undocumented male origin in the chromosomes. This was cross referenced against the entire known database of animal kingdom DNA. No match was found. That’s a big deal because even if it were an undocumented ape they would be able to tell that much. This is a completely undocumented species of male origin. The actual white paper research report they created as a result is posted on the NABS website at the following link:


      There was a YouTube video of an official conference and lecture including both Ketchum and Paulides and other members invited which included experts and scientists. I was going to post it also. The video has been taken down from YouTube. I just now discovered this. The page is so thoroughly blocked that even my video lists and side bars normally appearing on the page are blanked out. Not normal. When other videos have been removed, my entire page was not also blocked out like that – just the video box. This indicates that YouTube took it down rather than it being voluntary on the part of the poster – and with extreme prejudice..

      I just located another copy on her own YouTube channel here:


      There is another article here that cites the report and includes photos of some of the evidence specimens:


  13. Mauri G

    Wow what a great episode!! Really enjoyed listening to the guest, especially Ned he really made alot of sense with his theory of what they are. I wish Melba would come on as well.I know Wes would treat her with the upmost respect,as you do all your guest! My heart goes out to Barbara with her recent loss. The tribute Wes did for her husband Aaron shows what kind of soul Wes has.We are truly lucky to have you to listen to. ??✝️

  14. Terri C

    Really great show. Ned was a wonderful guest. His clear articulation and vocabulary in describing his experience were awesome to hear. I guessed at first that he possibly had a military background just from some of the descriptive words he used and was not at all surprised to hear at the interview’s end that he had law enforcement background with training in basic behavioral psychology. I wish that Ms. Ketchum would reconsider coming on your program. She could do no better and a lot more people might discover some of her findings and making sense of some of the mysteries. Science needs to keep moving forward on this. I can’t help but feel that in finding the details of this creature’s origins will fill some of the missing places in homo sapiens origins as well. condolences to Barbara.

  15. Tonya M

    Barbara, I’m so very sorry for your great loss. My heart and prayers are with you. May God give you comfort and peace during this journey of grief.

    Wes, You are a class act. Your kindness and compassion is why we all listen. Such a bright spot in this world! Thank you!

  16. Pat T

    Wes, another fantastic show!, you are special soul, who truely cares about people, tribute was very touching. I think of all the Aaron’s out there who look forward each week to hearing this show, myself included, and appreciate the hard work that’s put into making it compelling. Barbara, I hope your husband is in heaven with his Lord waiting for that day when you will join him.

  17. Pat T

    Sorry to post twice so fast but wanted to thank Dylan and Ned for coming on. Dylan, I can’t imagine the fear you must have felt standing there just looking at this beast wondering what its next move is going to be. Thank God it ended well, but sorry you had to put up with all the ridicule , especially when it comes from those closest to you.

  18. Cynthia W

    It is horrible how Dr. Melba was treated. From what I understand, she created a process to get DNA from BF hair. The mother was human, but the father’s DNA was unknown. Before that the labs were saying the samples had been contaminated with human DNA. I have heard from the military guy whom shot the Giant in Afghanistan or the men stationed there. That the government does not want to release anything that will validate the Bible? There is more than the government being worried about the lumbar or National Parks industrial money being effected by acknowledging BF. It goes deeper into the rabbit hole, so to speak. 😉

  19. Cynthia W

    Wes, I wonder if the “Men in Black” or a government agencies has threatened Melba or was part of all the negativity towards her. I personally, respect her and would be very interested in listening to a interview with her. The unknown male DNA, bothers me as well. I am not a expert or a “researcher” lol, I have listen to all or most of your interviews and other channels. There seems to me that there is more than just flesh and blood to BF??? I would love for you to do a video on what you personally think it could be. Unfortunately, I am sure the trolls and haters would use that to try and discredit you. God bless 😉

    • Ned S

      Hi Lisa! I did yell and holler at it loud enough for people to have heard me. No one could hear me who I could rely on. I was pretty loud at it. There was no hope of help from anyone in that apartment complex. And don’t forget they would not have seen it anyway. It stayed in the dark. I had to face it. Some people scream and run away and some people don’t. You just don’t run from a large predator that can run you down anyway because they will. It was after 4am and no lights on at all. Totally quiet. Everyone was in deep slumber. I had that fleeting thought process of escape and yelling for outsider help and trying to bang on a door – but no way. That idea wasn’t even real. I knew enough by then to know that it was impossibly fast and it could have taken several minutes before someone got out of bed to get to me. I was sure of that. Even 30 seconds would have been way too long. And then what were they going to do? Let a crazy person just walk inside their apartment at 4am? I could have ran away my fastest and in four steps it would have had me with my best head start. I went back much later and figured the distances and the speed. I’m being conservative when I say it ran 60 MPH. It covered easily over 200 yards in about 6 seconds and from a dead standstill. None of them could have possible helped me in time. What if I got someone out just in time for it to be there and it killed them too? I felt strongly that I had no choice but to face it with prayer and aggressive faith and courage. That was my only real choice, and guess what? It stopped short of attacking me. I have to thank Jesus Christ for protecting me really. That’s the honest truth. In any purely physical sense it would have had me no matter what I tried. Screaming and running would have only meant a dishonorable death. I was fully convinced of that right then. Sounding desperate might have set it off. How long til an observant vigilant person came to a window? How long would it take to pull me into the woods? So I faced it trusting God and served every ounce of disdain right back at it that I felt coming from it. It was evil OK. It had a palpable hatred and a tangible evil presence. I firmly believe many who have been taken away by these things were taken because they collapsed into a paralyzed terror state, lost all hope, and/or tried to flee from it with no real safety around. Screaming for help in any desperate sounding way might well have emboldened it to attack me. I had decisions to make and they had to be very fast. I was fully convinced in my inner faith that to turn my back on it meant it would just take me from behind. My last end would have been as some pathetic victim. No – to – that. I hope that answered your question.

  20. Brian L

    What a great show! Thank you for having the guest on, along with the thought provoking comments and ideas. The tribute at the end for Barbara’s husband, was first class. As are you, Wes. Thank you again.

  21. Copperhead120

    Beautiful tribute to Barbara and her husband Wes. Blessings and prayers dear lady. I miss my daddy every second of every day still.
    Great show Wes! What was the tribute song at the end? Anyone know? I sincerely hope Melba takes you up on your offer.

  22. Ulrike H

    One terrific show! This is one of the top pod casts out there regardless of the content.
    Wes is such a respectful interviewer!
    Loved the song chosen for the tribute.

  23. Charles R

    Ned, I really liked your opinions on what a Bigfoot may be. It parallels a lot of what I think and hopefully some day ( sooner than later ) we will finally know the truth. I am happy about the outpouring for support above from the many wonderful listeners on this program towards Dr. Ketchum, and do so wish she would make an appearance. I suppose she has just been so beat down over this relic hominid study, she may want no more part of it. George Knapp told her in Las Vegas, I believe, in 2010 ( two years before the release of her genetic study ) along with a biologist attending that this is what would happen. They would never let her succeed. No one to date that I know of has repudiated her work by another process, only verbally. The journal Nature was to publish her findings I understand, only to have the lawyers at Nature put the wammy on it. I did read of a geneticist who thought her blast sequences were in fact quite good. Now we could expect this of the scientist and academia’s tunnel vision to not accept as they do not accept that such creatures could possibly exist. However the real crime is the ridicule and abuse she took from the Bigfoot community itself, but maybe that too should have been expected.

    Barbara I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband I am sure was a wonderful man.

    • Amie S

      Wes, Thank you, thank you for being obedient to GOD. That’s my reply when I see people who are allowing GOD to use them! May you stay humble and kind always! GOD has given you much responsibility! YOU and your family are in my prayers!

      • Amie S

        I also wanted to ask Ned is it possible this Sasquatch was ushering you out of his troop or clan’s territory. IMO he could have very easily ambushed and abducted you or killed you… but no that doesn’t make it any less terrifying! Hope you have a good friend who would go back with you and check the area out once in a while.

        • Ned S

          Hi Amie! I think it was a lone displaced male but 100% sure. I’ve heard that the alpha males take all the females in a group and that besides these big groups you have displaced males also. You might get displaced females too if the other females fight for the male. I don’t think my encounter was a group effort. I only say that because there was no set up opportunity from behind due to the apartment complex and no flanking due to the road. Not likely anyway. In such a case the one that confronted me would have been the distraction. I also heard no other sources of any sounds around me or out in the forest. I was on the road walking, so unless I were entering the forest I don’t see how I would be interpreted that way. My sense is that it had it’s watch set up in the tree and was used to observing the people in the apartment complex and the traffic. I think I unexpectedly presented my self in an enticing way. People in the complex never walk out into that road only cars drive through there, and here I come along in the wee hours of the morning with no one around or awake. I think it saw a real opportunity and took it. I believe 100% it was my faith in the Lord that protected me. In the physical sense it could have likely succeeded in an ambush but I believe it was prevented. I tell you this too. If any way shape or form possible I was going to take an eye, a pinky finger, or a testicle. I was 100% positive to try my best to make it sorry if it touched me. I was definitely going to leave it with something to remember me by if I could muster it.

  24. Eric H

    Yes Sir Melba is right on !!!! Scientifica is full of shit …evolution is the most un scientific “science” on this plane of existence , deception is powerful especially when its all theoretical and thats all it is . Zetetical is demonstrating it ….philosophy has killed our thinking responsible as individuals ….everything observed is opposing to ” accepting scientifica”

  25. David J

    I sure wish Melinda would consent to an interview, Wes. Even if she is wrong, she gave her all in an attempt to explain what Sasquatch is. One has to, at the bare minimum, give berett credit for trying! I realize her work was not corroborated by others by I believe that is due to bias which claims all samples are contaminated. One day, we will know the truth and I believe Melba will be exonerated.

  26. Steven B

    Wes, thank you for your God-given compassion for people and what they are going through. More than a few times you have reached out to those who are hurting. Very touching tribute song.

    Barbara, may you receive all the comfort you need. So sorry that your husband passed.

  27. Cindy O

    Wes-i just read all if the comments from listeners. You’re one amazing man. May Barbara find peace in her community here on SC. As always you dropped a super fantastic show and tribute!!! Thank you, Wes for showing your compassion. I adore you ?

  28. James W

    Another great show Wes. Very touching at the end with one of your listeners who wrote to you. It’s strange how this crazy old show presented by an ex-bouncer from Washington State, effects so many peoples lives.

  29. David W

    To Barbara, I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband. I pray for peace and comfort for you. My heart goes out to you. <3 Wes, Thank you for being who you are. David and I love your program!! What a beautiful song to end with, it made me cry. much love and prayer for all .

    Barbara June.

  30. L. Oriana S

    Excellent guest, intelligent and credible. Kudos to both of you for doing this great interview. Love the knowledge of David Paulides and 411 missing people…I also believe there’s a strong correlation there.

  31. Gabriel H

    Wes, I have actually heard of mountain lions in California parks stalking people for miles. Someone told me several years ago that they were hiking in the mountains with a group of friends and they saw a cougar up on a ridge early in their hike. They kind of forgot about it, but a few hours later the same cougar was lying across their path ahead of them! That means it was following and watching them from a higher elevation the whole time! Maybe it didn’t attack because they were in a group(?) Maybe it was just curious and playful? Bored? Lonely? It was definitely demonstrating what it was capable of.
    Beautiful song dedicated to the listener that passed away at the young age of 50. I’m already 48 myself.
    -Gabe (I FINALLY subscribed!)

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