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SC EP:504 Mill Race Monster

Dave writes “I had an experience while canoeing. It happen from an area where an event happen 40 to 50 years earlier. You can google the Mill Race Monster in Columbus, Indiana. I knew nothing about big foot before my experience…..changed my life.”

Spoke to the witness and he was canoeing on the Flat Rock River when he got stuck in a wood jam in the river. He pulled the canoe out of the river. The witness said “I was dragging the canoe when I started smelling something terrible. It smelled like a dead animal and rotting garbage. It was so bad I almost started dry heaving. The forest erupted, it sounded like king kong was breaking trees and screaming at me. I had no clue what was going on. I grabbed the canoe and started dragging it back to the river. That is when all hell broke loose…..”

On November 1, 1974, the Columbus Police Department received a series of panicked reports from no less than two sets of eyewitnesses, all of whom claimed to have seen (and even been attacked by) a huge, bipedal, green-skinned monstrosity that took to skulking near the waterways inside Indiana’s 83-acre Mill Race Park.

These encounters would alarm locals and lead to what some consider to be the biggest “monster hunt” in the history of the United States.



My second guest tonight is Shane. Shane writes “when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old, I had my first encount with this creature. I was coon hunting with two older friends in Barrow County, Georgia. At this time I had been hunting on this 3,000 acre tract of land for about two months.

It was about 9 o’clock at night when the incident took place. It was a fairly cold night and very dark in those woods. We had smelt a terrible odor to which, at first, we had contributed to that of a skunk. After we passed through the area and out of the odor, we began to hear movement in the brush off of the trail behind us. We kept moving deeper into the woods some distance behind the hounds which had , by this time, was trailing a raccoon. The noises behind us kept getting closer and louder. We had first thought it was one of the dogs that had come back in to us for some reason. This was unusual to us as all of the hounds we had were champion coonhounds and would rather die than give up on running a raccoon.

We began to curse and swear as we thought it was one of our hounds. We soon discovered that it was not one of our dogs. We could plainly hear each dog’s voice in the front of us as they were bawling away in pursuit of the raccoon. My friend Hubert, jokingly said that it must be the “Werewolf” that was following us. He told Ray and myself to turn off our hunting lights and wait for a signal from him. At his signal we were to point our lights in the direction of the noise moving ever closer to us. Hubert had a .22 rifle that he carried that was for shooting the coon out of the tree after our dogs treed it. Hubert made the comment that if he didn’t like what he seen in the beams of our lights that he was going to start shooting. At the signal Ray and I turned our lights on high and shined the beams in the direction of the noise. There in the light was a tall dark figure that ran off as soon as the lights were upon it. It was huge and ran upright on two legs just like a man. This stunned all three of us and Hubert never fired a shot as he was not sure as to what we had just seen. This was not a man nor was it a bear. It was too large and bulky to be a man and was too large to be a black bear. Besides, a bear only walks on it’s hind legs a short distance and awkwardly at that.

This thing was sprinting away, leaning slightly forward as it moved. It was breaking branches and tree limbs as it ran away up a wooded hillside. It was soon out of hearing distance. We did not care to investigate it as we were too scared and shocked to do so. We then, after we calmed down, made our way to get the dogs and get back to the truck. Ater hurriedly putting the dogs in the dogbox and putting away our gear, we were soon on the old logging road getting out of there.

One the way home, Ray and Hubert began to talk about more experiences as well as footprints that they had seen on this tract of land. I continued to hunt here for many years afterwards. I never again saw or heard anything again. We did continue to smell that same odor that we smelt when we had the encounter. It always unnerved me a little everytime we hunted in that area. Was what we saw a Bigfoot? I think so and will continue to believe so till my dying day.”






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  1. John M

    Buuuuuahahaha! Great Lowe’s commercial Wes!
    Wishing all: Peace, health and a prosperous New Year!
    Thanks for all you do Wes!

  2. Doug K

    Thanks to all the guests tonight and thanks to Wes for all the hard work you do to bring us these great encounters each week.! YEEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!!!

  3. Jesse A

    Woohoo another great show. Can’t wait to listen tonight. Wes I have a question. Have you spoken to Brenda Harris lately? Has anything been goin on in the four corners area where she is from?

  4. Rick C

    The Mill Race BF sounds like a NASTY ONE. The Good Ole GA Boy encounter really hits home with me. Not far from my encounter and similar circumstance. BTW Wes, the sound quality is really good.

      • Kim S

        Hi James, I’m only on YouTube at this stage…. CINZ cryptids in New Zealand, the only reason why I started this channel is next to nobody knows the truly exist here.Heck I haven’t had time to put my own up yet.Thanks for asking James.

  5. jade W

    I love the excitement in your voice wes!! What a awesome show!! Wow,, i have no idea how id ever hold my composer! We recently drove past the place where we were screamed at along side the road. I remember it like yesterday although it has got to be over 3 yrs ago.. but when my husband said something about it as we drove by it instantly took me back to the time. I so feel for these folks having a visual encounter.. i can only amagine how they felt trying to convince themselves that it really happened let alone trying to explain to others… this is why you have a great thing going here!!

  6. Rita S

    Another good report! I’ve been catching up on all your reports, and what you say is so true! Only by studying ALL of the reports & evidence, can we get a more complete understanding of what these creatures are like. It only gets more interesting as we go along!
    Thank you for the professional quality of reporting and producing these high quality broadcasts! I really appreciate you all!

  7. Chewbacca Man

    Some of my favorite episodes are of Wes narrating a story! ”The music, ambiance, and sound effects bring the story to life! Thanks for doing what you do Wes! 😁✅

  8. Duke S

    Good show, i really enjoyed your narration of the encounter at the beginning, well done! Dig the sound effects, especially the people making the police report, Hhahaha.Thanks for another good show, it’s always interesting hearing from witnesses in hotspot areas.

    • m99

      Ditto. We loved the narration and replayed the “witnesses” speaking to the police… ’cause we liked it so much! Hahahaha…

  9. Tina A

    Loved this show Wes! The Mill Race Monster is in my neck of the woods, just north about 14 miles. We are hearing more and more sighting stories from So. Indiana. I had an experience in Jennings County, IN just southeast of Bartholomew County, IN…To top it off the 2nd story from the state I used to live during my youngster years, good ole GA! We used to run the woods all the time down there when we were kids!

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